Message 769 – 5 August 2018

ETERNAL FATHER: “Do not be troubled in heart, for I would not allow anything harmful to come to those who truly love me – and as for those souls who I also love, who have gone astray, I will need to bring chastisements down, so that they will awaken from their slumber, because, if I do not, their souls - and many more whom they care for - may be lost to Me. ... The Four Great Angels stand at the corners of the world waiting on My Command, to empty their bowls upon the Earth – for even the elements of the Earth, Heaven and Sea and the outer Regions of your atmosphere, will chastise man, for disease will strike mankind, until he comes to his senses and turns back to Me, their Loving Father, who awaits them like the Prodigal Son ... I will show the Power of My Hand, for shortly, a major conflict will begin in the Middle East against My people, Israel – where the enemies of Israel will launch a major offensive – and many will be lost. Blood will flow in Jerusalem and in Tehran ...”

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