Message 756 – 1 September 2017

OUR LADY: “How can I not cry, My son, as I know what will befall man, as mankind are now within the Great Tribulation and these sorrows, as have happened with Hurricane Harvey, are only small in comparison to what is coming. The world is pointing the finger at other Nations and saying I am glad this is not happening in my country. But, My children, this is not so and will not be so, as far worse will come to your Nations, even to this country, Australia. All of this, My son, is because men are disobedient to God. They have forsaken their God, My Divine Son Jesus. I call on My children to take up their cross and follow My Divine Son; follow Me, your Heavenly Mother, who will help you in these trying moments for the struggle of your souls ... I Love you, My son William, My Envoy Angel of Divine love for humanity. I send My Blessing to Pope Benedict – the True Vicar of My Divine Son ...”

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