Message 451 – 13 October 1994


NO. 451

This Sign will be revealed in time to come for the Church to understand the Mysteries of My Maternity – Jesus came into the world through My Womb; He will return through the Divine Maternity of My Immaculate Heart – The time of Justice is now upon you – Be wary of the tyrant in the Middle East; soon war will break out again, Jerusalem will be hit and many will die – You will receive many more burdens, but I will be your strength.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael has been with us for just a short while; he placed three swords into the Altar. Saint Sentimintarious, the Angel of the Order, is standing to the right of the Altar, near the chair and Saint Barachiel is to the left. There is a lot of Light coming through the Crucifix on the wall from deep in the sky; there is also a fan-shape of Light to be seen. Very high in the sky there is the beautiful White Cross – but this time it is larger than usual. It seems to go very deep into space – not just where the blue ends – but even beyond. Now, coming through the Cross, there is a beautiful stream of Light which is very brilliant – a narrow ‘path’ of Light, reaching towards us. A section of the Cross opens-up like a door and through it I can see, very far in the distance, the Blessed Mother, coming along the ‘path’ of Light which stretches before Her, in an egg-shaped Light which seems to be a travel-vehicle of some kind. It moves very swiftly now, towards the Chapel.

I can see the bottom part of the White Cross where it enters the Holy Grounds, and a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is between the Shrine here and the centered beams of the Cross. Our Lady is coming much closer; many Angels are with Her. She has entered the Chapel and stands over the Tabernacle, dressed in beautiful white garments and, from Her Head down to Her Toes, there is a large, light-blue coloured veil, like a mantilla, which covers Her Shoulders and half of Her Body. I can see Her beautiful Hair as it comes over Her forehead. Our Lady looks as though She is with child – about six months pregnant. I have never seen Our Lady this way. She looks very pleased. On Her Head She has a Crown of flowers; not the usual roses, but little white flowers which are covering a goodly portion of Her Head. It is like a full Crown. At the front of the flowers there is a cross made of smaller flowers which are purple in colour. I can see on Our Lady’s Chest a white Host which is very, very, brilliant – and a golden Cross is now forming in It. The Light coming from the Blessed Eucharist is fanning-out towards us in a yellow stream and it enters our souls.

Our Lady is in prayer; Her Eyes are upraised towards Heaven. She opens Her Arms wide and in Her Hands I can see small flowers, which were not there before – white flowers with small stems. Some of them have one or two petals that look like daisies. In each of these flowers there are one or two petals which are different in colour and the rest remain white. I can see something inscribed upon the flowers but cannot read it. There seem to be more and more flowers coming out of the Hands of Our Holy Mother – I do not know how. A Light also emerges from Her Hands, Her Forehead and Chest, forming a triangle. I can now see the Holy Ghost above Our Lady’s Head, in a circle of Light. He is in the form of a ‘Dove’ and is very brilliant. The Holy Ghost moves within the Chapel and brings many different Graces, in the form of Lights, which seem to be falling down upon the people.

Our Lady now takes all the flowers and gives them to Saint Sentimintarious, the Holy Angel. The Holy Ghost has returned to the Mother of God, but this time on Her Chest, where the Blessed Eucharist is shining very brightly … Multiple Visions are now occurring. Our Lady says that I am not to describe them; there are many things developing behind Her. She has indicated that She is the Maternal Mother – the Divine Maternity … Our Lady withdraws Rosary from beneath Her mantilla, takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord. At the same time She bows Her Head, because Our Lord is on Her Chest:

OUR LADY:“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our ‘Little Abraham’, ‘Rock’ of the Church, My sweet children gathered here before Me and all My children throughout the world: I greet you today as a Mother of Pure Love. I come to bring Divine Graces to Our children, especially those who are called to be special followers of My Divine Son, Jesus, whose special missions [are] handed to them by My Divine Son. My little son has witnessed a great sign today. This sign will be revealed in time to come for Holy Mother Church to understand the ‘Mysteries’ of My Maternity as Mother of God and Mother of Men, … through the Power of the Triune God.”

“Over many months now, My sweet children, My Divine Son and I have been preparing you for the future; for the time to come, when the world will have no more sin. It is time for Our children to prepare their lives – not only for the Second Coming of My Divine Son upon Earth, but also for the new life that will be given to mankind. Just as Jesus came into the world through My Womb so will My Divine Son return – but not through the physical womb – rather, through the Divine Maternity of My Immaculate Heart. As you can see, My sweet children, the world grows cold as they take away My Divine Son – The Word! As time progresses the Tabernacles of My Son’s House upon Earth will close and the Love of God – though it will be seen in the hearts of our children – will not be seen in many places of the Earth, because mankind do not covet the Love of their God, for they have cast Him out of their lives; the souls have become dark! And this is what I mean when I say “the world has grown cold”, My sweet children.”

“Many times I have spoken to you about the many chastisements upon the world. Already now you feel the Wrath of God upon mankind, but this is only in a small way, for God Loves His children and Desires their salvation. How many more Visitations will be upon the world from Heaven, sweet children, before the world recognizes the Mercy and Love of a Wounded God? Even the children of the Light, who have been given many Graces, still do not believe and [will not] follow the path that has been laid out for them! Many have had signs and proof to show the Love of God for them, yet many of My children deny this and deny their God – for they, rather, seek the pleasures of the world – the temptations of the flesh. Seek, rather, those things that bring you closer to My Divine Son.”

The punishments of God will continue, dear children, until mankind waken from their slumber! In the coming months and coming years the world will know that there is a God. The time of justice is now upon you – so, remember well what is written in the ‘Apocalypse’ and in the Scriptures – about this time. The world will receive three major warnings, My dear children. In a short while the Eternal Father’s Hand will fall; this will be your first warning, My sweet children! And if mankind do not return to the way of holiness and goodness, then the Eternal Father will send a major sign to mankind, for time is very short for the world. A new world is coming upon you, My sweet children. It is for this reason [that] I have come to the world to prepare you; to help you to do penance and reparation to God for your sins; to purify your souls and sanctify your hearts. Therefore, pray often My Most Holy Rosary – the Rosary that I carry with Me wherever I go. Go to the Sacraments, My sweet children – especially the Sacrament of Penance – to cleanse your souls. Strengthen your hearts with the reception of My Divine Son, often, for He is your shield and salvation.”

“The Media speaks much of peace, My sweet children – especially now! However, there will be no peace, for this peace that they speak of is without God. Be wary, My sweet children, of the ‘tyrant’; the one in the Middle East! He is playing a game, My sweet children. Soon the war will break out again as I have told you before. Jerusalem will be hit and many will die!! Let this be a sign to you that the time of times is here! Therefore, pray; pray to My Divine Son to bring peace in the hearts of Our children, through conversion of heart; pray for the leaders of the Churches – for the leaders of the nations – that their minds will be enlightened to understand what is happening now throughout the world. However, My sweet children, you must understand that all must be fulfilled according to the Word – but have hope in your hearts, because victory will be with Heaven in a very short time.”

“At this present time, My sweet children, the game that is being played with souls – between good and evil – is like a chess game; it is played by God and Lucifer! Prayer is what changes all; sacrifice – giving of self – and fulfilling the Will of My Divine Son with a true “Yes”! of a determined heart, without counting the cost. The reward is great, My sweet children – more than a hundred-fold – for God can never be outdone by His children. Remember to pray for My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, for he has much to do before his martyrdom comes.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and bring you many Graces from the Triune God to help you to carry your crosses; to bear the burdens that have been placed upon your shoulders. Today, I have brought with Me many signal Graces – signified by these flowers that have come from My Immaculate Heart. These will be given to you, today, throughout the world. Remember: love My Jesus, My Son, Who is your God and mine! I Bless you all, My sweet children: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The ‘pregnancy’ of Our Lady has disappeared and there are … little stars with a circle around them – they hover around Our Blessed Mother’s Head – forming a halo; there are many of them. Our Lady is just smiling. The Holy Eucharist on Her Chest now comes forward and there is a wonderful explosion in front of Her. The Eucharist now turns into the Baby Jesus, clad in a golden tunic. He just floats in front of Our Holy Mother and nestles himself in Her left Arm. The little stars also revolve around Our Lord and the Holy Ghost is now hovering over Jesus and Our Lady.

I can see the Eternal Father now; He appears, suddenly, behind Our Blessed Mother, dressed in pure white; His Beard is about eighteen inches long and His Hair is really beautifully fluffy and long – like Our Lord’s when he is fully-grown. His Eyes are like diamonds and are very, very, bright. He looks quite beautiful; the triangular Light is over His Head … it is like watching Christmas with all of these beautiful things.

The Eternal Father now lifts up His right Hand and makes the Sign of the Cross:

THE ETERNAL FATHER:“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved creation: Today I, your God – the ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’; the Eternal Truth – bring to you a Blessing from Our Undivided Hearts, to strengthen you in this time of trial, for many of Our chosen children – especially you, My dear child, My ‘Rock’. Though you are overburdened with many responsibilities at this time, I can only say that you will receive many more burdens! – but I will be your strength, for this is to be a sign to My Church and to My children! Take courage, for you are the ‘rock’ embedded in the Immaculate Heart of My Daughter for My Church upon Earth. I Bless you, My son, and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world, in the Heavens, and throughout all places Created by My Hand: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Trinity has disappeared in a flash and they have gone inside Our Holy Mother, as a triangle. Our Lady is just smiling.

OUR LADY:“My dear child and dear children: continue now with your prayers, for I seek to speak to My little one and be assured that I have heard your prayers. I will take these petitions to the Triune God. Remain at peace. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The flowers are being distributed by the Angels; there are many of them. Our Lady has given a Special Blessing upon the Rosaries which are here: that one soul will be released out of Purgatory each time you pray upon the beads! The flowers here have also been Blessed by Our Lady. She Blesses us all:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael also makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE:Saint Sentimintarious makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT SENTINIMTARIOUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT BARACHIEL: “Inthe Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady blows us a kiss and now moves very swiftly with the Angels to the big White Cross in the sky. Most of them go with Her, except Saint Sentimintarious and Saint Barachiel. Saint Michael also guides Our Blessed Mother. He usually goes with Her to Heaven, to protect her on the journey. There are many Angels still here of course. We will sing a Hymn to Our Lady – “O, Sanctissima”. (The Hymn is sung).