wk4-175x175The Mother of God

Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians — is the title that Our Lady identifies Herself most often in the Apparitions given to the Little Pebble.

The Messages

The Little Pebble is a Roman Catholic Seer / Mystic / Visionary who has been receiving Messages from Jesus and Mary since he was about 18 years old. Most of these were private. In 1983 he began to receive public Messages from Jesus and Mary giving guidance and direction to the Catholic Church, the world in general and to all souls of good-will. The Messages often took the form of warnings and the threat of more chastisements because of so much sin and the rejection of God. The Messages give comfort God’s children and give hope to so many who live in fear and anxiety. Finally, the Messages speak for themselves.

Short Videos about the Little Pebble and his Mission

Video 1: The Mission Begins

Video 2: The Unity of the Seers

Video 3: The Holy Grounds

Video 4: Part 1 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 5: Part 2 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 6: Part 3 – Interview with the Little Pebble (Final)

4 thoughts on “About

  1. when I was young my father told me to remember this words ‘if you find the little pebble, you found everything ‘ Dear sir I bealive I am at the good adress today and I am facing great difficuties help help

    • Hi Kamden Simo, the messages are all about trust in God’s Love like a good child loves his father and mother. Pray your rosary with Our Lady, the Mother of God. She will help Her children to Love Her Jesus — our Saviour. Continue to read and think about the Messages and try to do what God is telling us these days. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

  2. Dear Kamdem simo peace and blessings to you my friend, I have sent you an email
    What can I help you with? I will pray for you and ask Jesus to help you as He loves you very much. Trust in Him. God bless. William Costellia

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