Message 387 – 3 April 1993

ETERNAL FATHER: “I Am Who Am!! I know all; I see all. No-one can hide from Me! Soon, My Wrath shall be felt upon the Earth and not only on the Earth but in the underworld and in the universe, for mankind will learn Who their God Is! I am a God of Mercy and Compassion. I have been patient for many centuries now, waiting for Our children to repent and turn to Me - but you turn your back on Me; you blaspheme against My Holy Name; you ridicule the Prophets whom I have sent!! And these Words are said for many of the shepherds and leaders throughout the world! Do not cast My Words aside, for I can no longer hold My Anger!! My Justice will soon fall, because I hear the cry of the just and innocent ones. Mercy will soon come to an end. My Church upon Earth will be divided ..."

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