Message 779 – 14 February 2019

OUR LADY: “My children, take up My Beads [Rosary] – these Beads that I hold in My Hand – because the world goes further and further into darkness where My Divine Son laments, because mankind refuse to take up these Beads, to save humanity. What can I say to you, My son and to My children? I continue to ask for prayer, because mankind is in great need, because evil has gone throughout the world causing great disunity amongst Our children ... Many countries on Earth are wavering, because they do not listen to the Word of God. Pray, dear children. It is important now to pray that the Antichrist does not get full power for a little while longer, to give mankind a chance to redeem themselves, because mankind are in great darkness. They must turn to My Most Holy Rosary, to receive Light ...”

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