Message to Luz de Maria – 21 May 2018

OUR LADY: “The human ego has been the cause of discord in the history of Humanity and this is the case now. Therefore, My children should examine each day and surrender their ego to My Immaculate Heart, so that they do not give in may freely correct themselves. Not everyone who believes that he does what is right complies with the Divine Law. Therefore, it is necessary that you confess your sins because it is the duty of each one of My children to subject the personal ego to the Divine Will ... Beloved children, the technology will be affected soon, believe it or not, and the Word of My Son that you share through technology, you will stop transmitting it through technology, because it will not be able to be used by man. My children, as humanity is in chaos, the sun will change and it will turn against man and everything that man has built to communicate, all this technology cannot be used again for any purpose ...”

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