Message 764 – 18 March 2018

OUR LORD: “My beloved son: Peace be with you! I come today, to ask you to tell My children the world is in great danger. The time of the Great Tribulation is near. Let May be the signpost to the steps that will be taken to bring about many changes. Rome will fall and bring forth the Schism. The Royal House of England will have a Great Tragedy and men will see how the seven (7) years of Tribulation will be unleashed, as My Words through the Prophets of Old and New, will now unfold fully. I told My daughter, M.D.M. how things were to unfold from December 2012. Count then the years - of seven (7) years of Mercy then seven (7) years of Tribulation. Consider well what I mean, dear children. My Adversary will soon enter centre stage, as the Nations will collapse in their economies, which will bring forward what I told My daughter M.D.M. on the 16th May 2012 and all My many Prophets and Seers of the world ...”

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