Message 823 – 13 January 2021

OUR LADY: “My children! My children! I have come to you for many, many years, proclaiming to the world that My Divine Son, Jesus, will return soon – but before He returns, many things must happen – and one of those things is happening now in the United States of America, where mankind must choose between good and evil. The Evil One believes that he has triumphed by causing an insurrection, and causing division amongst My children and the elite are orchestrating all of this. Pray, My sweet children, that My son, Donald Trump, will sustain the great attacks upon him and the free world. In a few days the enemy will try to usurp the Leader of My people and unless My children pray, the Evil One will succeed. Pray for Donald Trump, because the enemy is trying to remove him. But I tell you most solemnly that if this succeeds, America will walk in great darkness ...”

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