Message 787 – 13 June 2019

OUR LADY: “I ask all of Our children to pray the Most Holy Rosary and to keep faith strong, because, My dear children, you are all being tested, therefore you must remain strong, because the times that you are living in are not only the End Times, but also the moments of your salvation. I’ve shown you today three major Crosses: one coming from the Holy Grounds and the other two Crosses coming from the parts of Australia that will cause many problems for this Nation. Most of the children of Australia are not aware of the many plans that are being drawn up to take over this Land of the Holy Ghost, because Our children have become lazy in their faith, not comprehending what is being planned in this country and the countries throughout the world – that is the complete take-over of the free world. I beg of you, My dear children, to listen very attentively and pray My Most Holy Rosary in this hour, because Australia will be captured, like many Nations in the world and will be subdued by the Evil One through various countries designed to rule the world, because mankind have forgotten their God and placed their own egotism in their lives.”

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