Message 101 – 2 August 1986



Jesus is Re-Crucified through profanation, abomination, abortions, homosexuality and all the sins of the world – Pray that Our Holy Vicar will soon Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart in the coming Synod in Rome – Little Pebble shown the coming Chastisements: when the Hand of God strikes, there will be no time for repentance.

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will sing ‘O Purest of Creatures’ in honour of Our Lady’s Appearance here, for She is already just above the ceiling – very close. She is very beautiful, dressed in white; She is so Pure. On Her Feet are two little gold roses – one on each foot. Our Lady is standing on a puffy cloud – not like the clouds that we normally see in the skies, but much more beautiful. In Her right Hand is a Rosary.

She came very quickly this evening. Next to Her are several Angels whom I do not know. Our Lady says that they are Her Guardian Angels. Behind Our Blessed Mother are many other Angels – some of them are dressed in white and some in many different colours; they are various sizes, too. They now surround Our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady has a gold sash around Her Waist and upon Her Head is a beautiful Crown. It is not the Fatima Crown; it is pointed – very much like a Bishop’s hat, not as large but very, very, beautiful – is gold, and has many emeralds and different stones in it. The Angels are lifting Our Lady’s Mantle. There are many Angels holding Her Mantle, walking back into the sky, lifting it up. It is very beautiful. Our Lady says: “Queen of the Holy Angels”, that is what the appearance is this evening. (‘O Purest of Creatures’ is sung.)

Now, coming to Our Lady’s right, is Our Beloved Saint Joseph. He is very tall, well over six feet – a very handsome man, and he is smiling. To the left of Our Blessed Mother now comes Saint Charbel. He, too, is a very, very, strong looking man – tall, and also very handsome, with his beautiful white beard. He, too, is smiling. Our Lady looks very happy this evening.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My child and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My dear child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet children: I give you greetings from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now, behind the Blessed Virgin and all the Angels, is Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart, suspended in mid-air, and I can see a lot of rays of Love coming from the Heart. It is coming to all of us down here.

OUR LADY: “See, My child and dear children, the Love of My Divine Son, Jesus – how much Love He has for His children upon earth. O, dear children: what are you doing to My Divine Son, Jesus? Why do you place the Crown of Thorns around His Heart?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now, I can see around the Heart of Jesus – behind Our Lady and the Angels – the Crown of Thorns on His most Sacred Heart and I can see drops of Blood coming from the Heart, falling upon us and the world.

OUR LADY: “See, My dear children, what you do to My Divine Son, Jesus, through your sins; through your profanation; through your abomination, abortions, homosexuality – and all the sins of the world. You crucify My Divine Son, Jesus, over and over again. Why, O sweet children, do you do this? Has not My Divine Son, Jesus, given you all? Did He not die on the Cross for you all? Has He not suffered enough? Must He suffer more? How many of Our children console My Divine Son?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Sacred Heart has gone and Jesus is now on the Cross. He looks so dejected – and rejected by men. He looks towards me, in supplication, and says:

OUR LORD: “Won’t you help Me, My child, to gather the sheep before it is too late?”

LITTLE PEBBLE:  You know, My dear Lord, that everything I have is Yours; my life, my spirit – all that I have is Yours.

OUR LORD: “I know, My child. Through you, many souls will come to Me. You are a victim soul for sinners.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now, Our Lord Jesus moves His Heart and His Head towards Teresa.

OUR LORD: “Greetings, My little ‘rose’, My little ‘flower’. You, too, are a victim soul for My Sacred Heart. Know this: that, through you, too, many souls will come to My Heart; will come to love Me. I thank you, My ‘Little Pebble’ and My sweet ‘rose’ for your sacrifices. I will ask even more of you, because many souls have rejected the Cross throughout the world and have gone off the path of righteousness and love. Therefore, I seek souls to atone and do penance for these souls, to draw them back onto the road of Love and of Mercy; the road of hope.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see two rays – gold and yellow rays – coming from the Heart of Jesus, piercing my heart and that of Teresa. Now there are other rays coming from the Heart of Our Lord, going right into all of you.

OUR LORD: “These hearts, My child, which have received these rays, are receiving great Graces from my Sacred Heart. I Bless you all, sweet children:”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Somehow, Jesus Blesses us, even though He is on the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” Our sweet Mother is looking now as though pleading with us to heed Her requests and Her Messages which She has given throughout the world. She looks very much dejected at the moment. Before, She was very much happier, but now looks sad.

OUR LADY: “My dear child and dear children: the Consecration that I asked for the 22nd of August will not be now because, dear children, there was not enough prayer. However, I ask you, My dear children, to pray that Our Holy Vicar, People John Paul II – Our Beloved Son – will soon Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, in the coming Synod in Rome. Time is so short. Mankind must pray now for, soon, the Great Chastisements will come upon the world, as I have warned mankind so many times. I am so tired and weary, going from one nation to the next to give the Message of Love and Mercy to mankind. But it saddens My Heart that so few of Our children will heed these Messages that come from the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and My Immaculate Heart. O, dear children of the world, won’t you take pity on the Sufferings of My Immaculate Heart?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: On the Chest of Our Blessed Mother I can see Her Heart, encircled with Thorns.

OUR LADY: “My child, won’t you console My Heart? So few console My Heart.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Dear Mother, do with me as You wish.

OUR LADY: “You do console Me, My child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady takes Her Heart out of Her Chest – do not ask me how – and is coming closer – very close. Our Lady’s little cloud is just near me and She is standing close by.

OUR LADY: “Won’t you take My Heart, My child.”


OUR LADY: “Place it in your chest, My dear child. I Love you and your heart loves Me. One day you will understand what I have asked of you. Thank you, My child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes back – not walking, but gliding. She is most beautiful, even though She is sad.

OUR LADY: “My dear child, you will always reign in My Heart, as I will reign in yours. When I speak to the world through your mouth, the Words come from My Heart to the world – that is why My children must understand and take these Words, because they are important. They must be heeded. Take these Words in your hearts, O children of the world – the Words that I give through My little son, the ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and through all the Seers throughout the world.”

“I am the Ambassador of My Divine Son, Jesus, to the world – and yet, you cast Me aside, O children of the world. I am the Mother of My Divine Son, Jesus – and yet, you will not listen to Me; and yet, many of you will listen to the scoffers and the mockers. What has become of this generation? My dear child, watch now and see what I show you. You have seen this before, dear child, but the world must know what will happen very soon.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has stepped aside and I now see the world; find myself outside – in space somewhere – and Our Lady takes me closer to the world; to South America; to Chile. Our Lady takes me closer and closer – and I come to a very large city. The earth now is trembling – a massive earthquake. It is trembling so much that the whole country looks as though it has been torn apart. The city is almost entirely levelled and there are many dead. Now, Our Lady takes me further, to other parts of the world. Dearest Mother, it is so hard seeing so many people die.

OUR LADY: “You must watch, My son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see ItalyRome. An earthquake occurring there, too. I see the Vatican, which seems to be on fire – and the stones on the beautiful Basilica are falling. I see a lot of carnage amongst the people, in the streets. There are so many Priests and Nuns lying dead in Vatican Square. I see the Holy Father now. He seems to be guided by Our Lady. She is taking him from the Vatican and he is running over many dead bodies. I do not know to where he is fleeing, but I know that he is safe. Above the Vatican is the word “SOON”.

Our Lady takes me to another land. I find myself in Holland, near the beach and I can see tremendous waves. They are so huge and seem to be sweeping right over the nation. The water seems to be rising to such a great height; I can see the people – the city of Amsterdam is mentioned – and Amsterdam just disappears under the water. The water seems to go hundreds of kilometres inland. I can see people floating on the water – dead; many children, many people!

Our Lady takes me across the sea to the city of New York. I have been there myself. There are very, very, high buildings and I can see a tremendous explosion – so big, it seems to wipe out half of New York city. The buildings have gone. Many of the buildings which surround the city are tumbling. People are screaming, everywhere – running into the streets. It is as though the whole nation is being really disturbed by this explosion. The whole nation, right over to California, seems to be moving.

Now, Our Lady takes me to an island – somewhere in Asia. The words “Hong Kong” are seen. There is a tremendous explosion in the city. I see the earth rumbling, so very violently, and the whole city just disappears – and the word “SOON” is shown. Now, everything is disappearing and Our Lady is coming forward again.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: I know it is difficult to watch these scenes, but, My child, the world must know that time is short. Soon, the Messages throughout the world will stop and the Chastisements will follow. That is why, My child, that I must come to you so frequently – and to many of the other Seers – to awaken the dead souls throughout the world. When the Hand of God strikes there will be no time for repentance. Many of you will then scream to God and beg for mercy – but it will be too late. Many of you will be cast into damnation – and why? – because you did not listen to Us!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is raising Her Voice because She is very upset, because no one wants to listen to Her.

OUR LADY: “How many signs must I give to mankind before they believe? O, children of the world: I give you this warning now, as I have given you many times before. Take heed of what I say or, before this year ends, you will know the Wrath of God! O, sweet children of the earth: do you not know that We Love you? Why do you think We, of Heaven, come to you so often? It is because We Love you. Pray the Rosary, often, My dear children, because this is the only cure for mankind. Is this too much to ask?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Oh, Mother. Our Lady is waiting for you Steve (to turn over the tape).

OUR LADY: “Yes, My child, I know the human limitations. O, children of the world: I open My Mantle to gather you all and yet I know that many will be lost to the evil one. So, therefore, I ask the children of the Light to go forward in the Light and gather those who are in darkness; to give them the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus. Spread the Messages throughout the world before it is too late. There is still time, dear children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now opens up Her Mantle to gather all Her children.

OUR LADY: “Am I not a Mother that loves Her children? I Love you so much, dear children. I do not want to see any souls lost. From here, My child, I will go to see your beloved brother, Brother Joseph Francis, who suffers so very much for the world. My children must pray more often for Our Seers, who go under the great trial for the salvation of many souls. They are the true victims for the salvation of souls. I Bless you all, sweet children, especially those here present. Know that I Love you so very much. I give you My Immaculate Heart as a sign of My Love for you. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


OUR LADY: “You are to place the Sign of the Cross upon Our children when the prayers are finished. This Blessing will come from My Divine Son, Jesus, once again, to help each one here to carry the cross that will soon come upon them. Pray, My dear children – all of you, My dear children of the world – for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II; for all the Cardinals, the Priests and the Bishops – that they may all receive the Light of God and heed His Warnings: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Thank you, My sweet children, for always obeying My requests.”