Message 108 – 6 September 1986



Take up your Rosaries and offer them as atonement for the sins of mankind, to save it from eventual destruction – The Apparition in Australia to you, My Little Pebble of Love, is the Mission of Unity for all, as this is the centre of unity for the world – When Jesus returns in His Second Coming the New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven – Soon, My child, you will travel by bilocation to many Apparition Sites.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord and Our Lady have arrived: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” Both Jesus and Mary look around the room, looking at each heart. Our Lady is nodding to acknowledge what I am saying. Our Lady, as if opening up a book – which is each heart – I see Angels encircling Jesus and Mary. Behind Jesus and Mary a very, very, large Cross appears. It is not brown, but a brilliant white. A little higher above the Cross, I see Crowns of Thorns – three of them – and above the Crown of Thorns names are written. In the middle is ‘The Little Pebble’; on the right is ‘Brother Joseph Francis’ (Seer of the Weeping Madonna of Canada), and on my left is ‘Teresa’ (Visionary of Sydney); they are the names written above the Crown of Thorns. Both Jesus and Mary are smiling and acknowledging this.

Heaven is very beautiful this evening. Behind the Angels I see many, many, Angels, because the ones that are encircling Our Lady are Our Lady’s Angels – Her own Guardian Angels – which number one thousand. Our Lord is opening up His Arms and I can see the Wounds in His Hands. From these Wounds come an extraordinary white Light, which is penetrating my heart -with Rays of Light dashing towards me and also towards Teresa. The Light is now coming towards each one present. Jesus says that these are Graces from His Heart, through His Mother.

As I was explaining to you: behind Our Lady’s Angels are the Nine Choirs. There are millions and millions and millions of Angels – all different sizes; all different colours; all dressed differently. Some have roses – a Crown of Roses – on their heads; some have a Crown of other flowers; some have gold Crowns. It is very extraordinary. The Angels are very beautiful; are human-like. Their wings are also very, very, large; very fluffy. Behind all the Angels is beautiful Saint Michael, taking up the whole area in which all the Angels are standing – and this is very, very, far into the sky. I see a huge Light behind Saint Michael which looks to me like a Throne and on the Throne is a Lamb. Before the Throne is an Altar and inscribed in the Altar are the words ‘Alpha, and Omega’ – beginning and end.

Sitting on the Throne is God the Father and on His Lap is the Lamb that I was shown a moment ago. God the Father is smiling at us. He is very, very, beautiful. It is a shame that you cannot see Him, He is so beautiful. He has a very, very, long white beard and you would think that He is an Old Man, but He is not. He looks like Jesus – very beautiful. Above God the Father is a brilliant circle of Light – the Dove – and the Dove is glowing, shedding great streams of Light towards us. Of course, He is the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of God. Our Lady now motions me to listen and She has something very important to say this evening.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet children here present and all the children of the world – from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My sweet child and My sweet children: I come this evening to give you Counsel of Love and Blessings from the Divine Heart – the Heart that Loves mankind and suffers so very much.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Heart of Jesus is now Bleeding Blood as Our Lady points over to the Heart.

OUR LADY: “See, My children, how My Son’s Heart is broken and Weeps Blood because of the sins of the world. I have come this evening to beg of Our children to console the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. He suffers so, sweet children of the world; even though His body is Resurrected from the dead, He still suffers a physical pain just as you do, sweet children, when you are ill. However, My Divine Son’s suffering is much more than this for He suffers this because He Sees His children – so many of them – lost and He knows that, even if He Died on the Cross again, He could not save them – because, dear children of the world, you have free will! You are not forced into Heaven! We help you and encourage you through the Gospel of My Divine Son, Jesus; through the Teachings of Holy Mother Church and through the current Apparitions throughout the world – to draw you to the Kingdom of Paradise. We give you all the means from Heaven to reach Heaven. However, many of Our children reject these Graces that come from My Divine Son, Jesus. Many of Our children cast themselves into Hell. Why, O children, are you so foolish? Listen to My Immaculate Heart that also Weeps and Bleeds for you, O children of the earth. When I see My Son suffer I, too, suffer, for I am His Mother; His Physical Mother. Have you forgotten this, O children of the earth?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is also Weeping. She is Weeping very heavily. O, sweet Mother, You know it hurts me to see You like this; it places a wound in my own heart. Help me to console you, O sweetest Mother of Love.

OUR LADY: “My dear son: I know you console Me many times. You, My dear child, are one of the very few who offer up consolation to My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. I call to all the children of the world to console Our Hearts. My dear child and dear children: I beg of you all to take up your Rosaries and offer them as atonement for the sins of mankind, to save mankind from its eventual destruction. My dear child: it is important for you to know now that I will be coming to you more frequently as the days progress, and I will be going less and less to the other Apparitions throughout the world. I have, My dear child, good reason for this, for the world must know that the Apparition in Australia – to you, My son, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – is the Mission of Unity for all, as this is the centre of unity for the world.”

“I Bless you, My child and My sweet children from My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Greetings to you, My sweet daughter, Teresa – My Little Rose!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Stephen, there is a pink rose in the middle of the vase. Please give it to me.

OUR LADY: “Thank you, My child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is coming very close now. Our Lady is bending over and She Kisses the rose.

OUR LADY: “I Kiss this rose, My child, to give to My Little Rose as a gift from My Immaculate Heart. This is a symbol of My Love for you, Teresa.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Thank you Mother.

OUR LADY: “I thank you, My child. Watch now, My child and see – see in great wonderment the Mission that I have placed you on, united with all the Seers throughout the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Behind Our Blessed Mother now (all the other things that I saw have all disappeared) – coming on a very, very, huge cloud – is a city. It is absolutely magnificent; a beautiful city. It is all gold, and is coming very close. It is very, very, huge – it takes up the whole sky – and it is very, very, beautiful. Above the city I can see the Blessed Trinity, sitting on a cloud, giving Light to the city – and Our Lady now has moved over next to the Blessed Trinity. I can see Light passing through the Blessed Trinity, then through Our Lady, onto the city. Above the city, in gold, are the words: ‘THE NEW JERUSALEM’.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: this city that you see: you, My child – united with the Seers of the world – are the builders of this new city that will come down from Heaven – and each pillar that is in the city, My child, represents one of the Seers. And, as you go forward – day by day, month by month, year by year – you, My child, will lead Our children of the earth towards building this City of God that will come out of Heaven. When My Divine Son, Jesus, returns back to the world, in His Second Coming, this City will come down from Heaven, complete – for this City represents your souls, My dear children and in this City will dwell the Living God, for all time, in the Reign of Peace and Love for mankind. So go forward, My child – with all the children of the earth – and build this City of God, for the Glory of the Triune God. And know, My dear child, that you and the Seers that are united – and will unite – with you, shall have their names inscribed within the walls of this City of Love for all time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see Our Blessed Mother move a little over to the left and She spreads out Her Mantle, very wide. It is a blue – a very deep blue mantle; very beautiful and it somehow (I do not know how) seems to cover the whole City. Our Lady is the Mother: the Mystical City of God. I can see a great connection between the City and the Blessed Mother.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: you have gained many Graces because of your humility. Others have lost many Graces because of their pride. Let this be a warning to all the children of the earth that I and My Divine Son, Jesus, come to the meek and humble of heart. We, of Heaven, exalt the humble and cast down the prideful. So always take care, O children of the world. I Bless you, My sweet child and My dear children here present and the children of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My dear child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has now come very close again. She is only about four feet above here – I wish that I could hold Her – just a little higher here, standing on a cloud, which is white and pink. It is really beautiful. She has a very beautiful mantle over Her Shoulders, coming down from Her Head. It is a long, long, veil – quite beautiful – and Our Lady holds out Her Heart.

OUR LADY: “See, My child, My Immaculate Heart. This Heart that Loves you so very much. I come this evening, too, to give you great power and a great Grace from My Divine Son, Jesus. It is the power of prayer, My child. Through your prayers, many requests will be granted throughout the world, because I unite My prayers with yours and this gives the prayer great strength before God – so remember this, My child. Soon, My child, as a special Blessing for many souls throughout the world, you will travel by bi-location to many Apparitions Sites. Soon, I will allow you to appear with Me at Olawa in Poland; at Bayside; in New York; at Medjugorje in Yugoslavia and Escorial in Spain and at the White Cross in Spain – and many other places, My child – for the benefit of unity, and the salvation of mankind.”

“This, My dear child, will shock many. However, it is needed to bring strength and unity amongst Our children to strengthen Holy Mother Church in this last hour, in the final battle between good and evil. The evil one believes he has triumphed – but, I say this: soon he will be crushed and cast into the pit of damnation forever and Hell will be closed for all time. See, My child, what Heaven does to accelerate the love that is needed from all Our children? Time is so short for mankind. Will you listen, O mankind, in this final hour before judgement? I send to you many Prophets. You have cast them aside, as you have cast all previous Prophets aside. When will you listen?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus is now coming over to the right of Our Blessed Mother and says:

OUR LORD: “My dear child and dear children of the world: I, your Divine King and Master and Ruler of all Hearts, command and demand that the children of the world listen to the Words of My Mother, otherwise I will strike your names off the Book of Life and cast you down into Hell-fire for all time. How dare you cast My Mother aside! Who do you believe you are? Do you think that you can fool Me – your God? How many times you use My Mother’s Name in vain. I give fair warning to the world and, soon, it will be the last warning that I will give as your God, for time is short. Dear children who love My Mother: you have nothing to fear. Do you not know that My Mother has placed Her mantle over each and every one of you? You have also been placed in My Sacred Heart. These warnings that I and My Immaculate Mother give to mankind are for those who are on the road to perdition. They are not for you.”

“My children who love Us: We give you Words of Consolation and Love from Our Hearts, to let you know that you are in Our Hearts and that We Love you. Be assured that you will be protected even when the world is totally destroyed. Our children will be protected by Our Hearts; by the Angels and the Saints. I Bless you all, My dear and sweet children – especially you, My Little Son of Love – My little ‘rock’; you who will lead My Church in the times of trial and tribulation. I give you My Sacred Heart to be your strength, your consolation and your victory. No man or force will ever overcome you, My child, for I live in you at all times for the Glory of the Eternal Father. I Bless you, My son, from My Heart, the Eternal Father and the Spirit of Love and Light – and Mary, My Sweet Mother: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My dear child and sweet children, with your prayers so, with your prayers united to Mine and to My Sweet Mother, in union with the Holy Ghost – the Saints and the Angels will take these prayers to the Eternal Father to console Him and to save many souls in this hour. And I tell you this, My sweet children: through this evening’s prayer, over a million souls from Purgatory will be released, and tens of thousands of souls will be saved. Can you now see, sweet children, how powerful prayers is, if united with Our Immaculate Hearts. I Love you, sweet children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: From the Sacred Heart of Jesus come beautiful streams of Love. I do not know how to explain it, but there are Lights coming out of His Heart – flowing over to us – as if from a waterfall. It is absolutely magnificent; really beautiful. Thank you, Jesus and Mary.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My dear daughter – Teresa – and know that this Heart of Mine Loves you. I Bless you: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady thanks you all for your prayers – and She Loves you. Jesus and Mary go back further into the sky and Our Lady said that She will remain with us for a little while longer as we pray the Rosary. Jesus says that He must go to visit Brother Joseph Francis (Seer of the Weeping Madonna of Canada). (“Please give him my love, O Sweet Lord,”)