Message 203 – 20 October 1986



Visit of Brother Joseph Francis and His Community

Our children must pray more for Our Victim Souls, Seers, Voice-Boxes and their Spiritual Directors – These Roses that you see are little souls who will enter the Ark. Their Guardian Angels will protect these Roses and nourish them, from My Immaculate Heart – Many of Our children will be privileged to live during the Reign of Our Hearts.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Blessed Mother is standing as usual on a little cloud and behind Our Blessed Mother is a diamond – a brilliant, brilliant, diamond of Light. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “This is My travelling vehicle that has been witnessed in the photographs yesterday and today. It is the Light of God, My child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is looking over towards our Francis, and asks for his Rosary beads, please. Underneath the cloud on which Our Lady stands is a tinge of blue and pink, which is the colour of Our Lord and the colour of the Blessed Mother. Our Lady is dressed in white. She often comes dressed in white because it is a very beautiful and pure colour.

Near Her Feet, which are resting on the cloud, are three little birds – little white doves. One of the doves is fluttering over here behind me and has landed on Father’s head. Our Lady says it represents something to do with the spiritual world, but it is not to be revealed at this time.

Another of the doves has, what appears to be a little shining gold circle on its head and it is starting to fly behind me and is going onto Albert’s head. It has just landed. The third dove is going towards Brother Joseph Francis.

OUR LADY: “My dear child, the meaning of this will be explained later to Brother Joseph Francis, for the benefit of those concerned. There are many Mysteries in Heaven that Our children cannot comprehend at this stage. However, in time to come, We of Heaven will explain this to Our children for the benefit of their souls.”

“At times, My dear children, We have to keep Secrets in Heaven because these Secrets – many of them – are reserved for when you go to Heaven in the Beatific Vision. Sometimes We reveal some of these Secrets to mankind, to encourage them on their way to the Divine Kingdom of Love and Light of the Eternal Father. I Bless you, My sweet children, from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Above the Blessed Virgin Mary now is the Heart of Our Lord and it is all aglow with beautiful, beautiful, Light coming from It. It is really beautiful.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Thank you, My sweet child and dear children, for coming here to pray with Me, to offer your prayers to the Eternal Father for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II and for the salvation of many souls throughout the world; and also to help your little brother, My son, Brother Joseph Francis, who undergoes the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus, so many times. He is truly a very special son of Ours – one of the holiest of Our children on this Earth. You are very graced, My dear children, to know him. It is through his suffering that some of you have been privileged to come here.”

“Our children of the world must pray more for Our Victim Souls, for Our Seers and Voice-boxes, for their Spiritual Directors – so the Mission of Love will be completed in this world – the Mission of saving souls – as time is getting very short to complete this work of redemption and salvation of Our children. So go in haste, My sweet children, to gather the lost sheep; to bring them into My Ark – the Ark of My Heart – so I can carry you all in this Ark of Love to the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Coming out of Heaven I can see a beautiful Ark. It is a wooden Ark, beautifully carved. It is really beautiful and really huge. Now it is shrinking and the Angels are picking [it up]. Now it is actually only about a metre in size. They are bringing it to Our Lady and kneel before Her. Our Lady holds the Ark in both Hands. One of the Angels takes Our Lady’s Rosary beads from Her right Hand and places them around the Ark. It is really beautiful; Our Lady is smiling. It is the first time I have seen `Our Lady of Fatima’ holding the Ark; it is usually under the title of `Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’. Our Lady is showing me something now.

Above the Ark is Her Immaculate Heart and I can now see what Our Lady means – it is the Unity of the three Titles that will save the world, united with all the Missions on this Earth. It is really beautiful. I can see a red rose coming out of nowhere – it just appeared – though I think one of the Angels must have brought it. It is a beautiful red rose – opened up – and is a beautiful deep blood-red. It is just hovering a little to Our Lady’s right – near Her Shoulder; just hovering there.

Now I can see what appears to be a drop of red liquid coming out of the centre of the rose, and it drops onto the Ark. Our Lady says it is Blood and that the rose represents Her Immaculate Heart. It is really beautiful. There are many Angels now coming, holding a rose of many different colours – like the rose that Our Lady is holding here on the statue. It is not quite open. They are beautiful colours and there are thousands and thousands and thousands of Angels; they all go straight out, straight out to Heaven. If you could see it you would be amazed because the whole sky – going back hundreds of miles – is full of Angels. Their little wings: some are big and some are small. They are all dressed differently and are holding a rose of these many different colours. It is absolutely magnificent!

OUR LADY: “My dear child: these roses that you see are the little souls that will enter this Ark. These Angels that you see are their Guardian Angels who will protect these roses and nourish them, from My Immaculate Heart. These little roses will be placed in this Ark that I have shown you, My child, for I am the Mother of all these children who will be saved. Is this not a great joy, My child and dear children, to know that if you believe and have faith and trust in the Divine Plan of the Eternal Father – and listen to My Immaculate Heart – that all of you dear children will be placed in this Ark of Love?”

“So once again I come to this Earth with the Holy Rosary, to beg of Our children to unite their hearts with the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus, and My Immaculate Heart, so We can gather Our children and bring them to the restful place of Our Immaculate Hearts for all time.”

“Many of Our children will be privileged to live during the Reign of Our Hearts. All we need is your dedication, your sacrifices and your love to Our Hearts and great Graces will be given to you. We Love you so very much, My dear children; Our Hearts are so often broken because the children of the world do not listen to Us. They go about their merry way thinking that the Prophesies will never be fulfilled, that the Return of My Divine Son, Jesus, will never occur! How sad this is for Our Hearts, for We know that time is very short for mankind; therefore, We send Our Prophets throughout the world to prepare the children to come into Our Hearts of Love.”

“So go forward, dear children of the Light and spread the Good Word of My Divine son, Jesus, and tell them how much He Loves them and how much My Immaculate Heart Loves them. I Bless you now, My sweet children, to give you courage and strength: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

(A Private Message omitted here)

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, and I will take these prayers to My Divine Son, Jesus and place the Rosary around His Most Sacred Heart and this will be like a balm on a wound. I thank you all for your prayers and for your love. Be assured, dear children, that I am always with you. Come to Me and call on Me and I will come to your aid. I Bless you, once again, from the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus, and I Bless all of your Sacramentals; many Graces and Cures will be wrought through them. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I see, once again, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, just above Our Lady and I can see little beads wrapped around Our Lord’s Heart. Our Lady says that these beads are the prayers that you now say. The Angels are still there.