Message 201 – 22 October 1986



Visit of Brother Joseph Francis and His Community

Many of you will be tested in the coming months to see how much you love the Immaculate Heart to see whether they truly believe in the Missions entrusted to these special children here present today – Hold on to My Rosary Beads, cast the evil one out for the test will be great; persecution heavy – I want 100% from your hearts, it is only in this way you will survive the Great Persecution.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is standing, with two Great Angels on each side, only about a metre from me at the head of the statue, which is not very high. She wears a pure white mantle and is looking about Her. She is very happy. On Her Chest Her Immaculate Heart is visible. A brilliant, brilliant Light comes from Her Heart. In Her right Hand I can see four roses and, also, Her Rosary Beads. Her Rosary Beads are always beautiful white pearl, with the `Our Father’ Beads and the Crucifix in gold. As Our Lady moves you can see the Light flickering and shimmering – it is really beautiful. Behind Our Blessed Mother there is a semi-circle of Angels. There are a lot of Angels this evening and I notice that the wind has died down a lot.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My child, My `Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet children here present. I welcome you, My sweet son, My `Little Pebble’ of Love; My dear son, Brother Joseph Francis; My dear daughter Teresa; My `Little Rose’ and the `Pilgrim Soul’ and all of My dear children here present. I welcome you on behalf of My Divine son, Jesus.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Behind Our Blessed Mother, on a beautiful cloud, I can see Jesus coming – and just behind Our Lord is a row of Angels, accompanying Him. The other Angels are making way – making a `pathway’ for Our Lord to come down. Our Lord is now on the right side of Our Blessed Mother. He is very, very, beautiful and has extremely beautiful hair. His hair does not look like ours – although it is human hair – perhaps because it is so splendidly treated; each hair is in its proper place. Our Lord has a short beard – which is also very well groomed and beautiful. His beautiful Eyes penetrate right through to your soul. He is smiling; just looking about Him, at all of you. He opens-up His Arms; greets you with Love and Affection. On His Chest I can see His Most Sacred Heart. Our Lord and Our Lady’s Hearts come from their Chests and are resting now above the statue; two Hearts combined together. I can see four rays of Light coming from the Hearts – one each to myself, Brother Joseph, Teresa, and the `Pilgrim Soul’ – and there are other streams of beautiful Light penetrating all of you. It is the Light of Life. Jesus nods and says: “Yes” – Our Lady wishes to continue.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: I come this evening to give you My Love and the Love of My Divine Son, to gather you into the Ark of Our Hearts, for you are Our little children – the children of the Light. Many of you, sweet children, will be tested in the coming months to see how much you love the Immaculate Heart; to see whether you truly believe in the cause of the Mission given to these special children here present today. This test will go also throughout the world to the many Seers and Voice-boxes and their many followers, to see whether they truly believe in the Mission that I have entrusted to them – each and every one of them. However, sweet children, there is nothing to fear if you have confidence and trust in My Divine Son, Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.”

“The conflict will be raging, for the Evil One is furious that the unity between the Voice-boxes is near complete and the Victory of My Immaculate Heart will soon come. Therefore, he now rages throughout the world to try to carry away the children of the Light from My Immaculate Heart. However, sweet children, remember My Words to you through the Messages of so many Seers: with your Rosaries in your hands and the Scapular on your heart, you have nothing to fear. I tell you most solemnly: all the children who are faithful to the devotion of My Rosary; to the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus and, most of all, to My Eucharistic Son, Jesus in the Holy Mass, will have nothing to fear. Your hearts are secure in Our Immaculate Hearts.”

“Go forward with your ….. (beads?) of love, and trust. I shall grant many Graces of conversions, of cures of the body and cures of the soul, throughout the world on My Holy Grounds of My Apparitions and the Apparitions of My Divine Son, Jesus. Stand firm in the Love of My Divine Son; hold on to My `apron’ – My Rosary beads – and be firm and cast the evil one out, for the test will be great, the persecution shall be heavy – for the evil one knows that his time is short. Also, it is time, My sweet children, to prepare for some of the Chastisements that will come to the nations of the world.”

“Pray much, dear children, and you have nothing to fear, for We have promised to place Our mantles over all Our children who love Us and who trust in Us; and I will send to you My Angels. All you need to do is call on them, for they shall come to your aid in the coming months of trial for Our children. You, My sweet child, My `Little Pebble’ of Love: you have undergone great persecutions, more so than all the Seers in the world and you shall persevere My child, as I promised you in the past and likewise I give this promise to your little brother, Brother Joseph Francis and your two little sisters, `Little Rose’ and the `Pilgrim Soul’. Be assured, dear children, that you will be protected; you will persevere. However, never let your guard down; continue to pray and We will be there.”

“To the children of the Inner Circle: I give this clear warning from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus; take heed of what I say! You must now give all that you have, from your hearts; do all you can to fulfill the Will of My Divine Son, Jesus. As I have said many times before: I do not want 50, 80 or 90% of your efforts – I want 100% from your hearts, because it is only [in] this way that you will survive the great persecution that is nearby for Our children. If you are not firm in your belief; if you are not firm in your love and dedication to My Mission that I gave My `Little Pebble’ of love, you will, in turn, become weaker and you will fall away. So I ask each member to examine yourselves; think carefully of what I ask each member. It is not much that I ask of you: I ask for your love and for your dedication and these same instructions are to be given to My little children in Canada – in the Order of My Immaculate Heart.”

“Always pray and dedicate your heart to the cause that I have offered you. This great cause, O children, is the renewal of Holy Mother Church; the complete condemnation of the evil one, to cast him back to Hell; the restoration of Holy Mother Church with the one Vicar and one flock – and the Victory of My Immaculate Heart! Is this not worth fighting for? Is this not worth dying for? O children of My Heart: I Love you so much My Heart Bleeds when I see so much un-charitableness between Our children who should know better. Division is caused by the evil one. Cast out your doubts, your confusion, your dislikes – these do not come from Our Hearts. Only love, love, love is the key to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus – nothing else!! Love bears much fruit in the hearts of Our children if it is directed to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. Love conquers all; it destroys all vices; it casts away all evil and it demolishes all sin. Come to the Heart which Loves you so much!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Hearts have gone back to the Chests of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady is pointing to the Heart of Our Lord – and Jesus, He looks so meek; so beautiful. His Heart is throbbing. I can’t explain it, but it is pounding and out of the Heart comes many little hearts. They are [on] fire and are coming towards us – like a shower. It must hurt Jesus and Mary when all of us who are truly the followers of Jesus and Mary can’t get along; we must hurt them very much. We must work together, truly, as brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary and remember: if Jesus Lives in our hearts, all we must do is listen and obey. Jesus smiles and says:

OUR LORD: “Yes, My child, what you say is true. We seek not the condemnation of any soul, for We Love you so very much. We Give Our Hearts to you; even now We even nail Our Hearts on the Cross for the sake of Our children, to save them.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now raises His Hand – and wants to Bless us with His Love.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is smiling so very much and Her Love comes out of Her Heart. It would melt you into the floorboards if you could only see it – it is so beautiful – and it is only really by Grace that we are able to still kneel and to see the things that we see. We are so privileged – there are no words that can explain it. Our Lady has four roses in Her Hand, and they (Our Lady is indicating to me) belong to myself, Brother Joseph Francis, Teresa and the `Pilgrim Soul’. An Angel comes from behind Our Lady; comes before Her and bows right to the ground. He stands up now and takes the roses from Our Lady’s Hand and She points over to us. The Angel comes before us and hands a rose to each one of us.

OUR LADY: “These roses, My dear children, are a sign of My Love for you. Let these roses be a symbol – always – in your heart of the precious Love that I have for each one of you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels behind Our Lady suddenly have big roses and are throwing them to all of you. They are all different colours and have a beautiful perfume; as a matter of fact, all of Heaven smells like roses at the moment – it’s a very powerful smell; very beautiful.

OUR LADY: “See, My dear children, how much We Love you. We watch every day to see what you do, because We Love you so much. We never leave your side – only when you cast Us aside do We leave. However, We are always nearby to hear your plea of Forgiveness, of Mercy and of Love and We open Our Hearts to grant you these gifts; these fruits of Love have come from Our Hearts. I Bless you, sweet children, from the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My dear child: the directions that I have given you this evening concerning Father …… are to be carried out when you get home. They are very important. Continue now, sweet children, with your Rosary of love. I will pray with you as We offer each bead as a `rose’ to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son. Jesus will be with you in the coming day – and many more Messages will be given to you from Our Hearts.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary now raise Their Hands to give us Their Blessing

JESUS AND MARY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (`Ave’ is sung)