Message 125 – 4 November and 22 December 1986



Feast of Saint Charles Borromeo

Kibeho Apparition: Tell Priest they are all true and genuine; none of them have fallen. Many need counselling as they are also involved in the spiritual world – Each Seer in the world has a role to play; each in accordance with the Will of the Divine King of Heaven – At 3 pm reflect upon the Passion of My Divine Son and say the Holy Wounds Chaplet. This would be a great joy to Me.

LITTLE PEBBLE: When we began to pray the first decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries two Angels appeared, standing together, each holding a big rich brown stone plaque on which are the Ten Commandments. The gold lettering is in Roman style. The Angels now move apart to allow Our Lady to come forward, as She has arrived behind them with Saint Joseph, who is over to my left, holding a large wooden Cross which does not have a corpus upon it. Saint Joseph is holding the hammer and nails of the Crucifixion and the Crown of Thorns – not the encircling thorns which are shown in pictures of Our Lord, but the full cap, for that is how Our Lord was Crowned. Saint Charbel is here, dressed in the black habit of his Order with a white cross on the chest.

High – very high – in the sky is a brilliant, plain White Cross. Our Lord is not on it. Our Lady came from the centre of this Cross, travelling in a beam of pure light on a little cloud. She is still standing on the white cloud, just above us, near the corner of the ceiling. Our Lady has on a brilliant white mantle over Her Shoulders and another over Her Head. Under them is a long, dark blue, dress with a white cross on the chest, and in Her Hand is a Rosary – the usual Rosary made of pearl with the gold ‘Our Father’ beads and Cross – a Crucifix with Our Lord on It. Our Lady looks gently at each of us here. Our Lady has been here for only a short while, arriving as we sang the last hymn.

Behind Our Blessed Mother are several Saints, some of whom I do not recognize. Our Lady says: “Saint Borromeo”. I have never met – or even seen – Saint Borromeo before. Saint Gerard is another Saint whom I can see – and, also, Saint Francis and Saint Padre Pió. There are other Saints behind Our Lady, all wearing black with a white cross on the chest. Our Lady nods to me, indicating that I should listen.

OUR LADY: “My dear child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet little children here present in this atmosphere of anticipation and love: I bring greetings to you from My Divine Son, Jesus and from His Most Sacred Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet child and My dear children: I come today to give Counsel for I know, My dear child, that there are many questions which people have given you that need answering. I will place the answers to most of these questions into your heart; as you write the answers will come out. However, do not be concerned at the number of questions which come to you for I know that your time is so limited; all questions will be answered, according to the Will of the Eternal Father, for the good of souls.”

“Concerning the matter of the Apparition site in Africa – at Kibeho: tell the Priest concerned that they are all true and genuine; none of them have fallen – however, many of them need counselling and guidance from a good Priest because they are also involved in the spiritual world. Many of the directives given by Heaven are not understood by the Seers – nor by the people concerned. Therefore, the children and Seers must be guided. You, My little son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – are to help guide those Seers. I will continue to come to some of them – but not all – in the future. Each has a role to play; each Seer in the world has a role to play, My dear child and dear children. Some will receive Messages continually, while others only a few – each in accordance with the Will of the Divine King of Heaven: the Eternal Father. Each Message given by My Divine Son – and through My Immaculate Heart – is to be given to all the children of the world so that they may understand the importance of the mission that Heaven has given them and for all Our children. All Our Seers must take courage to present the Messages as they are given out by Heaven and not to fear the authorities of the Church, nor the civil authorities – but to proceed, in obedience, to the Eternal Father. This, My dear child, you can deliver to the Seers of Kibeho from My Immaculate Heart: obedience to Heaven first! I Bless them, as I Bless you, My child, on your road to save souls: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child; My sweet children: at this hour – at 3 pm each day – Our children should reflect, at least for a moment, on the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus. Great Grace and merit is gained for this small devotion. My dear child and children here within this office: it would be a great joy for Me if, every day at three o’clock, the children, when they work here, reflect upon the Passion of My Divine Son and say the Holy Wounds Chaplet. I ask this also of all workers throughout the world: that, when they work for My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus, they stop work at three o’clock for a moment to reflect upon the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus. Abundant Graces will be given to all and also to the world. Remember the promises given to Sister Faustina about the hour of three pm; it is called the ‘Hour of Mercy’ for the world. Ask and you shall receive, My children. I Bless you, sweet children of love, from My Immaculate Heart – and ask that you continue with the good work that you are doing for My Immaculate Heart and the spreading of the Words of My Divine Son throughout the world. Through this work and the many missions throughout the world, the world will be saved, even though there will be only few in number in the final count! However, these few will be like diamonds in Our Crowns of Glory. I Bless you, My son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet children here and the children of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Goodbye for now, My dear child. Know that I am always with you; call on Me any time and I will come to your aid. I truly Love you, My dear child – for I know that you do the Will of God in all that you do. Go in the Peace of Christ, My son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady goes further back, into the into the sky; back towards the big White Cross and Saint Charbel and Saint Joseph are following Our Blessed Mother. The two Angels with the plaques are still there, but the other Angels have gone. Saint Joseph and Saint Charbel are making the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” As they make the sign, tremendous Light comes from their hands. That is how it is in Heaven. All the different lights and colours are unusual; they are not the same as we have here on earth – but they are very beautiful.

Our Lady has gone into the Cross – into the whiteness of the Cross, which is very bright. The two plaque-carrying Angels bow their heads towards us and the plaques are suspended in mid-air because they were pushed aside so they could bend forward right to the ground. A curtain of what seems to be cloud has come across the scene – but it is more substantial than cloud.


LITTLE PEBBLE: Two Angels have been here since the beginning of prayers. The little Infant Jesus is present as the Infant of Prague and holds a Cross in His right Hand.

INFANT JESUS: “Greetings and Blessings be to you, My little son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet children present. I come this afternoon to give a short Counsel on behalf of My Mother – Queen of All Hearts – because certain questions need to be answered.”

“First and foremost: I and My Most Holy Mother wish to Approve and Bless the details you have written down through the Inspiration of Our Hearts – in particular, the living of the Saint Charbel Third Branch. As time progresses we will inspire more details. I and My Most Holy Mother Bless these directives for the benefit of all the children around the world. These same directives are to be used in the sister Order – the Order of the Pillars and Servants of Mary the Immaculate. I Bless these directives and these two Orders, by the Heart of My Most Holy Mother and My Sacred Heart. My dear child: I will place into your subconscious the many directions you seek. These directions will come to you as you begin to write.”

“Concerning the Hawthorn bush: it can be used in any form that has been made. This, too, goes with ginger and garlic to combat the influence of influenza, which will be deadly for many.” * (see below.)

“The last item I wish to speak of is a special directive from My Holy Mother – Mary the Immaculate. This is to Our dear son in Chile, Miguel, and you, My little child, are to write to him. He is to obey the Blessed Virgin completely – for, at present, he is falling into pride; he is to be more humble; he to write to the ‘Little Pebble’, or he will fall!”

“I Bless you, My little child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – and My sweet children here present. Know that I Love each and every one of you and I send My Love and the Love of My Most Holy Mother, to you all and to all the children of the Inner Circle. May Christ Jesus, the Living God, be in your Christmas. I Bless you now from the Heart of My Immaculate Mother. Continue now with your work of saving souls. I truly Love you, My little children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The little Infant is going – back into the sky. The Angels pull a curtain across the sky, and we are asked to say the Saint Michael prayer, three times.

* (Our Blessed Mother told Brother Joseph Francis in October, 1986, that Our Lord would soon send a ‘flu-like illness’ which will cause many, many, deaths. This illness will affect the lungs and the heart. Our Loving Mother gave this advice:

In a cup, crush half a large, fresh, garlic clove and several slices of fresh ginger root. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. Pour boiling water into the cup and let the mixture stand for at least five minutes. DO NOT RE-BOIL IT! Drink such a preparation every day – about an hour before bed-time. If the symptoms are already apparent, have it three times a day. A garlic tablet or capsule from a health food store may be substituted if one cannot take fresh garlic. If garlic is apparent on the breath one should eat a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

This Counsel is from the Mother of the Divine Physician. May Our Lord Bless you; and may Our Lady – Health of the Sick – protect you. (Please let others know of this advice.)