Message 289A – 26 May 1987



Great Events for Holy Mother Church – My Little Pebble of Love: Today, dear child, you will be Consecrated as a Bishop of My Church upon Earth – You will be given again, the Keys of the Kingdom, which I gave you a few years ago.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There are many, many Saints behind the Throne of Jesus and Mary before the Eternal Father. There are countless numbers of Saints and around the back there are Angels of different sizes. It is really beautiful. Now, the Blessed Virgin Mary holds in Her right hand a Sceptre, as Queen and Mother. On Her belt I can see, falling down near Her leg – on the chair – a beautiful Rosary. I can now see some of the Seers who are united with us. I can see Sister Guadalupe, Marietta and Teresa. I can see them well behind the Apostles, amongst the Saints. I can see them standing there in robes of different colours. They are very, very beautiful.

Our Lord is where the cross-beam is. He is very, very close and I can see into the Eyes of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady is looking at Brother Joseph Francis and She is smiling. Saint Michael is now saying something:

SAINT MICHAEL: “My dear children, you have been brought here to bear witness to a Great Event for Holy Mother Church. You are to keep what you see and what you hear in your hearts, for one day you will have to give testimony of this fact for Holy Mother Church. You are chosen by The Eternal Father to be the ‘witnesses’ of this Gift that God, The Eternal Father, is going to give to the Church – The Church of the Divine Son and Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will come upon you today to give you the courage, the wisdom and the strength to give acknowledgment to this Truth”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael holds up in his right hand a Cross. It is not very big. It would be about a foot long and he says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “You are being witness to the Crucified One and His Word. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see Our Lord, and he is standing up. He looks really beautiful. He is very regal and is coming forward. Now suddenly, I can see Pope John Paul II. He has been brought here by Saint Michael. Pope John Paul II is to the left of Our Lord and Our Holy Father is also dressed in white. He has a similar type of stole – some type of stole – around his shoulders. It is also in red – has a golden trim around it and is decorated beautifully. Our Holy Father is looking down to us and he is wearing a hat – The Bishop’s Hat – a Mitre. Our Lord is smiling. I can’t describe it very well but he is wearing a Mitre, and in his right hand He is carrying a Staff. It is not the Staff that He usually carries when He is in Saint Peter’s with Our Lord – it is a golden staff; a Shepherd’s Staff with a circle around it. Our Holy Father is looking at us and he is very, very happy. He is in his full Priestly garb.

Saint Peter has now moved from behind the Blessed Mother and He is coming to the right of Our Lord. Our Blessed Mother is stepping down and is coming forward here. She is to Our Lord’s right and to my left, just standing here. Our Lady looks extremely beautiful and She is very, very, happy. Our Lady shows me Her left Hand and on that Hand I can see a ring. It is the same as My own. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “See, My Son, We are One in heart”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can also see another ring – just above it – and Our Lady is looking at Brother Joseph Francis:

OUR LADY: “See, My child:- you may remember twelve months ago – you are both deeply in My Heart, and united with My Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother is now moving over here and She is actually kneeling down. Coming behind Jesus is Saint Peter, and Pope John Paul II and several other Popes are standing behind them. There is Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, Pope Pius XII and Pope John XXIII. Saint Pius X is there, standing behind Our Lord. The Twelve Apostles are coming closer and they have on Priestly Vestments. It is absolutely magnificent.

The Eternal Father is coming closer. He seems to be very tall. He is right above and there are Rays of Light coming from the Holy Spirit. Jesus is now coming closer.

OUR LORD: “My dear son, My Little Pebble of Love: today, My dear child, you will be Consecrated as a Bishop of My Church upon Earth. This, My child, will prepare you for your future role as My Vicar for My House on Earth. As Peter I was the ‘Rock’ on which I built My Church – you are to be the last Peter, My Little ‘Rock’, through whom I will save and renew My Church upon Earth and this great event, when you shall ascend the Throne of Peter, will be in Fatima next year, My child.”

“I, as your Lord and God, with My Most Holy Mother being the Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix of All Graces, through Saint Peter, the First Apostle, and through My Beloved Vicar, Pope John Paul II and the other Apostles here present, and many of the past Vicars, will bestow upon you the Grace of Holy Orders from this day forward. And you, My dear child, will be given again the “Keys of the Kingdom” which I gave you a few years ago”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see Saint Peter now. He is holding some keys. Not one key, but two. They are golden and there seems to be some inscription on them. I cannot understand it. Our Lord says:

OUR LORD: “You will know later, child”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Peter comes forward and he hands me the Keys. Saint Peter steps back and Our Blessed Mother is still kneeling down. I do not know why. Our Lord is given a big golden book by Pope John Paul II. It is a beautiful book. I can see only the cover. And Our Lord says:

OUR LORD: “This is the Holy Bible, My child:- The Word of God”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Saint Peter is moving over here. He is just here and Jesus is coming straight towards me and is also standing here. John Paul II is coming forward and the Angels behind me (I don’t know how, but I am able to see behind me because all of Heaven is here) are bringing a beautiful gown – a Priestly gown. Now the Angels have put this pure, white, gown upon me (I don’t know how, but they have). I find myself in this room, but yet not in it. I find myself already in another place. I also find that this gown has gold trimming around it. I can see another gown; it is red. It is like a cloak, which the Angels are showing me and on the back of it is the Emblem of the next Pope. The Angels come and place it around my shoulders.

Our Lord is lifting up His Eyes in prayer and so is the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother is praying all the time. Our Lord has asked me to give Him my right hand. The people here are not aware of it but Our Lord and Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, gave me a ring, which is on my right hand. It is a golden ring with a Cross and the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary on it, which was given in Australia when Brother Joseph Francis was there.

Jesus is now bending down and is kissing the ring. Saint Peter and John Paul II are also coming to kiss the ring. Saint Peter takes the ring off my finger and gives it to Our Blessed Mother. Our Blessed Mother now takes the ring, places it in Her Immaculate Heart and then kisses it. There is some inscription on the ring in another language. I do not know what it is. Saint Peter has taken back the ring and he is placing it on my finger. Jesus has a cord that is like a stole of some sort. It is gold in colour; and He places the stole around the hands in a type of cross formation. Jesus is praying; praying in another language. I think it is Latin, but I am not sure.

Our Lady is still praying; and Jesus comes before me now and places the Holy Bible upon my head. Saint Peter is placing his hand on the Bible and so too is John Paul II. Jesus is now praying to The Eternal Father. The Eternal Father also comes and He is way above me. The Holy Spirit is descending upon Our Lord now and there are Graces. I do not know what it is but it is some sort of oil. I do not understand, but it is coming from the Sacred Heart; also from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Father. I can see it is also coming from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I can’t understand what is happening. All I know is that I am on fire. The Holy Spirit says:

HOLY SPIRIT: “It is the Oil of Consecration”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord, Saint Peter and John Paul II are praying in a language I do not understand and the Mother of God is interceding. Now they stand up. Our Lord is straightening himself up.

Jesus now places a cross on my hand with some sort of oil; also on my forehead, upon my lips, upon my chest. Our Lady stands up and is coming towards us. Our Lord’s Stole is now placed on my hand, and also the hands of Saint Peter and John Paul II. The Blessed Mother takes out Her Rosary and places the Beads around my hands. It is an extraordinary thing, but the Heart of Our Lady, somehow, is standing above my hands and there are lights coming from Our Lord’s Heart to Our Lady’s Heart. There is some sort of aura right around the hands.

I can see one of the Apostles behind Our Lord – bringing forth the Mitre and it is a golden colour. I have placed it upon my head. Our Lord steps back. Our Blessed Mother is holding a staff now. It is a beautiful gold Staff with beautiful inscriptions on it and I can see roses on the Staff. I do not understand. It is really beautiful. Our Lady is handing the Staff to Our Lord. Our Lord now comes over and hands me the Staff. “In Nomini Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

Saint Peter is taking the Staff now. John Paul II is now looking at the table – on the altar here. He is smiling. I can see all the Angels. They seem to be in jubilation and everyone in Heaven is singing. There seems to be some activity up there and they all seem to be excited. Saint Peter comes over now to Brother Joseph Francis and I can see Pope John Paul II. He is moving over to the Trumpeter. I do not know what they are saying. Now Jesus and Mary turn around, and they go towards their Thrones. I can now see the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. They are now combined in front of the Throne, with the Holy spirit resting on top. The Eternal Father is also on the Throne – higher up. He says:

ETERNAL FATHER: “It is completed. I Bless you all, dear children. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”.

(The “Ave Maria” Hymn is now sung …..) Jesus and Mary are now going further into the sky. Also all the Angels and Saints are gone.