Message 233 – 25 December 1988



Christmas Day – Birthday of Our Lord

This is the greatest of the Feast Days of Holy Mother Church, because became Man; the Word became Flesh – My Divine Son desires that all children of the Earth live lives of purity and holiness – Remember the Sacrifice which was given: the Sacrifice of My Divine Son for each one of you.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the beginning of the second decade of the Rosary a beautiful, brilliant, White Cross has stretched from the Tabernacle into the sky and the Holy Family have come down from the Blessed Cross, through the centre of the beams. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are only about two metres above the Tabernacle. Our Lady holds the Infant Jesus in Her Arms – a tiny Baby Who looks to be only a few hours old! When He arrived, though – despite His age – His Eyes were already open and He made the Sign of the Cross!! This is hard to comprehend, but is understandable, considering that He is God!

The Baby Jesus is now asleep in Our Lady’s Arms and Saint Joseph stands to the right of Her, wearing a richly-brown cloak over a white tunic. Our Lady is dressed in a beautiful white gown over which is a blue cape made from a heavy-looking material. The little Infant is covered by a cream-coloured wrap. As She looks about Her Our Lady smiles, seeming to be very happy today. Saint Joseph stands holding something which resembles a shepherd’s staff, upon which I can see there are some beautiful lilies, wrapped around it. It looks very pretty. Our Lady whispers something to Saint Joseph and he nods. Our Lady steps – glides – a little closer on a luminous cloud which is fluffy, yet looks quite solid. She comes closer to me and takes something from within Her garment – a Holy Rosary – takes-up the Crucifix and kisses the Form of Jesus upon It, then kisses the Baby Jesus Who is in Her Arms.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and Our Beloved children, here present and throughout the whole world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“The Peace of My Divine Son, Jesus – the Redeemer and Saviour of the World – remain always with you, dear children, especially on this great Feast Day of the Birth of the Son of God into the world. This, My sweet children, is the greatest of the Feast Days of Holy Mother Church, because your God and My God became man. The Word became Flesh and it is on this day, sweet children, that Christ – the Messiah – came Forth into the world to bring forth birth to all My children of the Light. It is a day to be remembered, My sweet children – not only in memories but, rather, to be loved and relived each moment of your life!”

“As My Divine Son told you yesterday and this evening to come – My Divine Son desires that all of Our children of the Earth lead lives of purity and holiness; to lead lives that are examples of the Truth. You, My sweet children, must be living fires of love – representing My Divine Son – wherever you travel; wherever you go in your life! Always live your lives as through each moment was your last. Forget about the past; live in the present – and live for My Divine Son. Although the past, at times, were moments of learning and suffering, each served a purpose for the sanctification of your souls.”

“The Birth of My Divine Son into this world of sin, is to show the world the great Love the Eternal Father has for mankind and this Love which the Eternal Father has, has never diminished, for He Loves you now as He did in the past and as He will in the future! For this reason the Eternal Father sent His only Begotten Son into the world, to take upon Himself the burdens of mankind; to make Reparation for the sins of all My children.”

“As you celebrate this Feast, My sweet children, remember the Sacrifice which was given: the Sacrifice of My Divine Son, for each one of you!! As you celebrate Christmas – the Birth of My Divine Son – you also celebrate Easter, because the two are of the same parallel: for the salvation of humanity!”

“Christ must Reign in each heart – and you, My sweet children, must give birth to Him, too, in your spirit and in your life – so all may see that you have sent by My Divine Son into the world to bring all souls to the Eternal Father. Be ye the ‘light’! Walk in this light and let love be the strength of your action, for Christmas is a time of love; it is a time for self-giving, just as My Divine Son has Given Himself to you. So you must give yourself for your brothers and sisters, that all may believe in Jesus Christ, the Messiah – the King of all hearts!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I give to you My Divine Son on this day, that He may remain forever within your hearts and that He may not be just a mere memory, but a true, Living, Love. I Bless you, My sweet children, with a Sign of Peace – for peace is the symbol of My Divine Son, especially on this day!”

“I Bless the whole Mystical Body – from its Head to the lowly: from Our beloved Vicar, John Paul II, to the ‘little’ ones. May you all be as one heart and one soul in My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. The Peace of Christ be with you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Share the Love of My Divine Son on this day with each other, for this is Christmas, sweet children. Love one another as My Divine Son Loves you.”

“Peace, joy and hope is the message of Christmas to mankind and I, as your Heavenly Mother, proclaim this peace to you; this joy; this hope in My Divine Son – in His Holy Birth – on this day. I Bless you all, sweet children – from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Own Immaculate Heart; and the Heart of My Beloved Spouse, Saint Joseph. We greet you with Our Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for this will delight the Hearts of My Divine Son and I – especially in this time of great need by Our children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady will remain here for a little while.