Message 254 – 4 November 1989



My Words have not been listened to but rather, placed aside and trampled upon – The Angels of Justice will shortly open up the Sixth Seal; great sorrows will strike the world – When you hear the walls crumble in Berlin, know that the Government in Italy shall be toppled – Great Trial for Our Holy Vicar – The Great City of San Francisco shall fall because that city is the ‘harlot of harlots’ – Great plagues which once were upon the land of Egypt shall soon descend upon all countries; many shall die through pestilence, disease and hunger.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the end of the third decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries a brilliant Light came out of the Tabernacle and spun towards me. Then there was a flash of Light and a beautiful little White Cross had replaced the Tabernacle. It began to grow larger and moved upwards into the sky. It remains there, shining Its Light onto the Chapel – like the Star of Bethlehem! Saint Michael stands behind this Cross, with sword held aloft. Behind him is an array of Angels in an inverted `V-shape, with the peak high in the sky. They too, have swords in hand and are dressed in armour, with a purple robe draped across one shoulder. Rose bushes are growing, all the way down from in front of these Angels to the Chapel and purple roses grow upon the bushes – thousands of them!

In the far distance there is a beautiful ball of pure-white Light, travelling like a comet towards the Chapel, accompanied by many tiny Angels – little Cherubs. Within the ball of Light I can see the figure of Our Holy Mother, Who is dressed in a magnificent red gown, with a purple cape around the Shoulders. There is a hood attached to the cape, so Our Lady does not have a veil this time – but there is a wreath upon Her Head; it is formed from a vine which has purple leaves. I do not yet know the significance of this.

Our Holy Mother steps out of the ball of Light; it remains suspended as the tiny baby-like Cherubs accompany Our Lady, fluttering around Her – about thirty of them. Our Lady seems to be down-hearted as She glides close to the Crucifix, near the flowers to the right of it and is now standing on a misty cloud which seems to sparkle. Our Lady makes me to understand that the Angels behind Her are Angels of God’s Justice and She now brings Rosary beads from under Her cape, lifts-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: I Bless you, My sweet child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved and holy son: I have called you here this evening, even though I know you are very tired and weary from your journey of recent weeks. It is a matter of great urgency, My child, that I speak to Our children around the world. This Message which I give this evening is to be given-out, as soon as possible, to all Our children throughout the world, as this Message, My child and dear children, is one of the final warnings that I will give from this Holy Ground to the world, even though I will give many more Messages – but not of this nature! The world, My sweet children, is going further and further towards the abyss!! The great sorrow of sorrows is soon to begin. The Angels of Justice are now standing ready for the Command from the Eternal Father to execute His Holy Will upon an unrepentant generation.”

“Dear children of the world and especially My children – those who have the Faith of Catholicism – listen to Me well!! I am your Mother of great Love; Mother of Mercy and ‘Refuge of Sinners’. I come in this final hour for humanity to appeal to you to turn away from your sinfulness. Repent and turn back to God, for the road which you walk upon leads to a great crevice and many of Our children of the Catholic Faith – and those of other faiths – shall cast themselves down forever, to be lost in the eternal flames prepared for them and the devils who will be cast back into this pit very shortly – forever!”

“You, My sweet children, are in the final ‘battle of the Spirits’, and time is marching on. I have pleaded from one corner of the Earth to the other, every day, asking Our children to change their lives and to become holy. My Words have not been listened to but, rather, have been placed aside and trampled upon by ungrateful children. This saddens My Heart greatly, as My children do not realize what they are doing! Many centuries ago the children of the world Crucified My Divine Son and they, too, did not know what they were doing – but My Divine Son asked His Eternal Father to forgive them. Again and again My Divine Son is being Crucified by His very Own! Abominations upon abominations in the Temple of God!! They have cast My Divine Son upon the ground and trampled upon His Sacred Body. How long, My sweet children, will the Eternal Father hold-back His Arm? It is true: My Divine Son begs of His Father to Forgive you, but now, My sweet children, there is time for Justice. The signs are all around you, My sweet children; look and see! Do not become complacent in your ways. Many of Our children have become lethargic – are not praying enough to continue on the path of Light and Love.”

“My sweet children: You must now take-up your cross, with My Divine Son, and persevere in His Love. Be not afraid, My sweet children, of what I am about to tell you, for fear should never rule your hearts. You have nothing to fear, but only trust in the Divine Providence of the Eternal Father. The Angels of Justice will shortly open-up the Sixth Seal and great sorrows will strike the world!! Preparations are being made now, My sweet children, for the Western World to be enslaved. All are crying “Peace”; even those who are the enemies of God are calling-out “Peace; peace”, to the Western World and, My children of the free nations are believing, with ‘itching’ ears – believing that the enemy has now been converted. And yet in a very short time – to their great surprise – these very people who are proclaiming this ‘peace’ will attack the free nations and overrun the people who have believed in this ‘freedom’.”

“I tell you, most solemnly, as your Most Holy Mother – Ordered By Her Divine Son, Jesus Christ – to be ready, My sweet children, for the ‘hour’ has now struck and the Hand of God will come down upon mankind! The signs have been given to you – Prophesied at Fatima so long ago. These signs in the Heavens, My sweet children, are a warning to mankind that the great war that has been awaiting you, will come upon you swiftly and many will die in its path.”

“My sweet child: I am repeating the words of your Holy Angel [spoken] this morning, because these words must resound throughout the whole Church that all My children of the Light will be prepared. My sweet child and dear children: As I have told you, the time is nigh! When you hear the walls crumble in Berlin know, My sweet children, that the time has come. It is very sad. The government in Italy shall be toppled and the Communists shall reign in the Western nation. Know then that the time of great trial for Our Holy Vicar will be at hand!”

“You shall see great disasters, multiplying as never before. In recent weeks, My sweet children, one of these disasters has been given to the world: great earthquake!! Yet, My sweet children, this is but small in comparison to what is to come, for the great city of San Francisco shall fall – because that city is the `harlot of harlots’. Abomination; sodomy – and all sorts of hypocrisy and sinful pleasures of the flesh! This is not the only city which will fall, My sweet children! I and My Divine Son shall give a fair warning to the souls who are to be saved, to leave these cities before they are destroyed. This should comfort Our children, to know that We will guide them.”

“Follow the instructions, My dear child, that the Angel, Saint Menoloutis gave you this morning. Write to the Presidents; write to the Holy Vicar; write to the Bishops and advise them of the impending punishments that will come upon the Church and the world! Here in your great nation of Australia a great punishment awaits wherein many people will perish! Soon a great dam will burst, and many people shall perish in its path. Watch, pray and listen! Warn those in authority, dear child, that they may be prepared for these times. Let all the people know that God the Eternal Father is angry with mankind, and that the great plagues which once went upon the land of Egypt, shall soon descend upon the countries of the world and many shall die through the pestilence; through diseases; through hunger!!”

“Yes, My children, this is not news of joy. This is news that is hard to hear and digest. However, the Eternal Father has been very patient with this generation. You have been given several reprieves; but, My children, unless you repent now, and do as I ask of you, no more reprieves shall be given and all the Chastisements will fall. Watch and see the movement of the Earth, for there shall be great signs in the Heavens and on the Earth to proclaim the Coming of My Divine Son to the world, once again. But before My Son Enters this world in Great Power and Majesty, the world must be cleansed and purified! Do you know, sweet children, what I am telling you, or have you closed your ears, as before? Have these Words been repeated so often that you care not for what I say?”

“To the Bishops of the Church: Listen to the voice of My Holy Son – John Paul II! Do not silence him with derision. You are to help My child to fulfill his mission as the shepherd of the flock. The time for the fulfilment of My Words given to the children at Fatima is now at hand, where nations will be annihilated and kingdom will be against kingdom – and many children will perish. But, as My Divine Son has promised you, My child, all those under the age of reasoning shall be protected and taken from the Earth before these Chastisements come; and many of the children under the age of fifteen shall be taken from the Earth to be protected from the cataclysm which shall come upon the world. I have spoken to you, many times, sweet children, asking you to prepare yourselves. Prepare your food now – and your water and your candles and your blankets! Prepare your clothing, for the ‘times of times’ is near!!”

“Sweet children of the world: I am your Mother of Divine Love; I care for each child individually, as if that child were My very Own. Be not afraid of the coming trials that will envelop the world, but trust in Me, for I will place My mantle over you and you will have nothing to fear. Soon, My sweet children, you shall see devastation upon devastation in the lands of Africa, Asia and America; in every land there shall be sorrows! Will you then listen to My Words? I say not!! Only the ‘little ones’ with pure hearts will listen to what I have to say and these souls will be lifted-up into the Bosom of the Eternal Father.”

“Write, My son, and warn all the authorities of the coming Chastisements upon the nations, as Saint Menoloutis has instructed you. You know what you must write. Write to your Bishop. Give him this sign and warning from Me that he is to call and gather this investigation. Should he not do this after the fall of Berlin, he shall pass away! Tell him this, My child, for the Eternal Father has waited for a long time that he change his heart. I ask Our children to pray for this, because much depends upon the approval of this Apparition place.”

“As I told you, dear child, before you left for the great journey throughout Africa and Europe: Victory was Mine! This Victory, My child, has begun because of the many trials and sufferings of Our children. The Church will come to your aid and the Works and My Words will be approved and accepted by many of Our children.”

“Continue to go forward in the directions which I and My Divine Son have given you; be not afraid, for your Community and many of the other Communities will be protected during the trials. However, Our children must be docile and obedient to My Words by following the instructions explicitly and all will be well!!”

“I Love you, My sweet child and dear children. Take courage, for the time is now here for all events to take place swiftly – and soon! My Divine Son will be amongst all of you to give you strength and great courage. A great sign will soon be given to Our children throughout the world. This is [to be] a sign before the great warning that will soon come. This sign will help all of Our children to understand that time is near!”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and encourage you to pray often My Holy Rosary, for this is the chain which will strangle the evil one and cast him back into Hell. Go often to My Divine Son in the Eucharist; spend some time with Him daily, My sweet children. It is important now that you nurture yourselves with the Holy Eucharist and, also, by being in His Presence, for now is the time to work hard; to pray hard; to persevere in prayer and to be patient with one another. For the evil one now lurks in all parts of the world, especially in the places where they worship My Divine Son and here, even in your Community and all Communities that are desiring to Love My Divine Son and I. Be watchful and pray that the evil one does not tempt you to weaknesses of the flesh and weaknesses of your minds, for the evil one wishes to destroy all that is good! You can overcome him, My sweet children, with prayer and perseverance.”

“Read good books, My sweet children, more often. This will give you fruit and love and understanding. Pray to the Holy Ghost to inspire you; to guide your hearts; to help you to understand God’s Holy Will and through the Power of the same Spirit you will be strengthened in these days of trial and tribulation.”

“I Bless you now, My sweet children and I ask My dear child that you bring-out this Message with the instructions [which] Saint Menoloutis gave you; and the Message of September is to be given-out to the whole world, so My children will know and understand that the time is now here. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet child and dear children, with your prayers. Offer-up these prayers for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, that he may be strengthened in his mission to bring home all the children who have gone astray. Pray for your Bishops, that they may receive the Light of My Divine Son and act upon this Light, which is the Wisdom of God. Pray for the leaders of the world, that they will truly seek peace, not war – for this is a time of great danger for the stability of the world. And pray, too, for your Bishop of this diocese, that he will be infused with the Light of My Divine Son, to act quickly upon this mission, for he shall be removed should he not act upon these words. And pray for the Seers, My sweet children, that they be strengthened to persevere in the Mission that Jesus, My Divine Son and I, have given them, for they are persecuted greatly – not only from the evil one but, also, by those whom he incites to work against the Seers. Pray in your Communities for peace and harmony and Christian charity, above all, for have you not heard the words of Saint Paul and what does he say there, My sweet children? “Pray. Work in harmony, in peace and love and charity”!

“I Bless you all, My sweet children and thank you for coming here this evening to pray with Me to My Divine Son, for the security of the world. All is left in your hands, My sweet children; you now have the capability of saving this world from its own destruction; it is left in your hands, the destiny of this world as it is!! I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen” 


LITTLE PEBBLE: My Guardian Angel came early in the morning to advise me that Our Holy Mother would come in the evening; that I should be prepared. He said that he came at the order of the ‘Queen of Heaven’; that I should print what he had said and that Our Lady would reiterate some of what he had said.

I had to write again to the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, and his Defense Minister, about re-introducing conscription, as Australia was in danger of an attack from Indonesia, in the North-east; to say that Papua New Guinea would be attacked first and Australia would be involved.

I was to write to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, telling him to build-up his forces and mobilize them in preparation for this attack; and the Prime Minister of New Zealand was to be informed that he was to build-up his armed forces, as his country could be involved in war. The N.S.W. Minister for the Environment was to be advised that an inspection should be made of the Warragamba dam – and that the cracks in it should be repaired. If this was not done a major earth-tremor would come and cause the wall to break, resulting in the loss of many lives.

Another major earthquake would occur in California, affecting both San Francisco and Los Angeles. The people were not to leave their homes until an Angel told them to do so; Heaven would protect all the faithful children. Our Lady has also promised that all those who have Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer would be protected in a special way and even their water supply will be protected during the freeze and warnings; that all children under the age of reason would be protected by removal from the world during the major Chastisements and that even some between the ages of seven and fifteen would be removed to save them from the coming Chastisements.

Saint Menoloutis explained that the time for the great warning was near and that all faithful children should be prepared.

I was asked to write to President Bush regarding the danger signs due to the fall of the Berlin wall: the onset of a world war. I was to advise NATO to build-up its forces in Alaska and also along the Mexican border and in the Gulf of Mexico, as the initial attacks will be in those areas, launched through Cuba; to advise that naval strength in the Pacific Ocean should be increased, too. President Bush was not to be drawn into conflict in the Central and South American region as it would weaken his defenses and that is the time when the U.S.A. would be attacked. Saint Menoloutis also advised that the Italian Government would soon collapse, making way for the Communist Party to rule. This would then facilitate an invasion of the Vatican.

He advised that many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would occur soon around the world; that money systems would collapse in the Stock Exchanges within one year. We were to know that this was the beginning of the end.

Saint Menoloutis spoke about many private things for me, and the Mission, advising that my journeys around the world were to be delayed for some time due to the coming events; that I would be informed when they were to resume.