Message 255 – 13 November 1989



As I held My Divine Son in My Arms when he was taken from the Cross, so do I now hold the Church in My Arms, which is you – The evil one is very astute and cunning; he sometimes seems to be good to deceive Our children, only to ensnare them further into his clutches – The evil one now resides in the world amongst Our children, even in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth in the midst of the Cardinals – Every day I see souls cast themselves into Hell because they did not listen to Our Words – Only those who are harboured in My Immaculate Heart will triumph with Me over Lucifer and his cohorts.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Shrine has been filled with roses. Something that looks like a ‘staircase’ of them goes right up to the roof – the Angels are placing special blooms there and a gap is visible. I expect that the Mother of God will come through it. A lot of Angels hover over the Shrine, incensing it and many more are outside, all over the place.

Our Holy Mother is visible, coming along a great Light – but I don’t see the White Cross this time, just the beautiful Light which begins very far away in the sky; a great shaft of bright Light, similar to that thrown by anti-aircraft searchlights during the second World War – and Our Lady glides smoothly upon the Light, as though on an escalator, coming down swiftly. The Shrine seems to open-up along the roof-line; roses and others flowers spill out everywhere.

Our Lady stands on a pale-pink cloud, dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’ – it is a long time since I have seen Her under this Title and is holding the Infant Jesus on Her left Arm and in Her right hand is the little boat, which seems to have a sparkle to it this time. The Infant holds a Scapular and Rosary beads in His Hands. One of the Angels has approached the Blessed Mother and has taken the boat into his arms; he now moves to one side again. Our Blessed Mother stands, low down, in middle of the Shrine and is so pretty. The Infant Jesus is very, very, happy and I have just noticed that there is a star above His Head – it has a blue circle around it, just as you may see in a framed picture. Above the Crown upon Our Lady’s Head is a globe of beautiful and brilliant Light. The Infant Jesus hands Our Lady the Holy Rosary. She first, kisses Him on the Head, then kisses the Crucifix of the Rosary. Our Lady raises a Hand:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child and My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I come to you today to encourage you, My sweet children, on this long road that you are all travelling upon – the children of Light on this narrow road which leads to My Divine Son on the Cross. As I told you, My dear child and dear children, only a few days ago: The times that you are now living in are very serious!”

“The road for Our children of the Light is going to be very difficult for now, My sweet children. You will not only carry the cross of My Divine Son, but you – each one of you who bear the Name of My Divine Son – will be ‘nailed on the Cross’ with My Divine Son and I, as your Heavenly Mother will stand by the Cross, by your side, as I did when My Divine Son was Crucified!”

“These symbolic gestures, My sweet children, are very important for you to understand. As My Divine Son was Crucified and Died on the Cross, so must you, for you are His Mystical Body. As I held My Divine Son in My Arms when He was taken from the Cross, so do I now hold the Church in My Arms – which is you!! This is the time spoken of in the Book of Daniel, My sweet children. As the days progress you will witness great wonders and great signs in the Heavens and on the Earth. Many of these signs will come from the Eternal Father – but many will come from the evil one, for he has a great plan set upon the world and the Church, to deceive Our children of the elect; but you, My sweet children, must recognize the true signs! The true sign, My sweet children, comes through My Divine Son, Jesus Christ and through My Immaculate Heart. You will recognize these signs by the essence of Our Presence; by the odour of Holiness; by the Presence of the Triune God.”

“The evil one can only ape God, My sweet children, for he copies all the things of the Heavenly Nature and brings them to a level of the human nature and of worldly assent! The only way that you, My sweet children of the Light, will be able to distinguish one from the other is through your prayerfulness. It is by a constant vigilance of prayer going through your homes, throughout the Churches and throughout the world, that you will be able to discern between good and evil. You must understand, My sweet children, that the evil one is very astute and very cunning. He sometimes brings what may seem to be good, to deceive Our children, but it’s only to ensnare them further into his clutches.”

“You have been told by the Saints of old – by the Saints in the past two thousand years and, in recent times, by My Visitations to the Earth – that you now live in those final days spoken of by the Prophets! You are now fighting a ‘battle of the Spirits’, My sweet children, which is far greater than any warfare of a physical nature,. The ‘weapons’ which you have are My Eucharistic Son and the Holy Rosary; the Sacramentals and the Word of God in Holy Writ. These are your ‘weapons’! Acquaint yourselves well with these gifts that We have given to you, My sweet children, otherwise you will be swept away the same as the world is today.”

“For this reason, My sweet children, I have begged the Church and the world for prayer. It is only through this – by means of prayer – that you will understand what We have given you; that your minds will be illuminated by the Spirit of God.”

“As in the time when Saint Michael, the great warrior of Heaven and the good Angels, had to fight with the renegade Angels – it was by the intellect, My sweet children. Today the battle, once again, is through the intellect – by the knowledge that God is giving to you through His Wisdom, so you will understand and have the understanding of, the Spirit of God in your hearts.”

“Though you are ‘lowly’ and ‘little’ in the eyes of the Church and the world, you have been given great Graces, Graces that many of the greatest of Saints had received during their time; but even more so today, because you live in the final days of the Apocalypse – the Book of Light and Revelation to the Gentiles. For this reason, My sweet children, I have asked you over and over again to re-read the Messages, which My Divine Son and I have given to you over many, many, decades. These Messages will ‘come to light’ and you will understand them fully, as to why My children must be prepared – spiritually first, then physically – for the needs of your times!”

“The world, My sweet children, is going further and further into darkness because the spirit of darkness – the evil one – now resides in the world, amongst Our children; even in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth! He – the evil one – has placed himself there in the midst of the Cardinals; in the midst of the Bishops, Priests and Religious. You were warned about this! Listen to the Vicar of Christ as he speaks the Words of My Divine Son. Take heed of what he says for he, too, knows that you live in the ‘final moments’ of the history of this world as you know it. The fulfilment of My Words will come to pass swiftly – as a thief in the night – and will you be prepared, My sweet children?”

“Many of you have discarded My Words and placed them aside. Pick them up again, My sweet children – do not delay. Study these words well and pray often to the Holy Ghost, that you will be enlightened, for when you are enlightened you will know what you must do.”

“O, children of the world: How your Heavenly Mother is in anguish, as She sees so many of Her children throw themselves into the burning pit of damnation. Every day I see souls cast themselves into Hell – and why? – because they did not listen to Our Words. The warnings of the Eternal Father and His Divine Son, in the spirit of the Light, have gone unheeded by most of the Hierarchy; by most of Our children throughout the Catholic world and by many other children of the Christian Faith. How sad it will be, My sweet children, when the Day of Judgement shall be upon you and Jesus will say to you that He does not know you!!”

“Now, My sweet children, you have the time – you still have some time left to do good. Let the Sermon on the Mount which Christ, My Divine Son, gave two thousand years ago and has been re-echoed throughout the whole Church, generation after generation, be a Light to the hearts of Our children. Merely to say that you love Me is not enough, My sweet children. Do as I ask – as My Divine Son has asked – then I [will] know that you love Me!”

“Let the signs which are now prevailing throughout the world be a witness to My Words that I have given to you over many years, for now you know, My sweet children, that My Divine Son and I have come down to this world in seriousness, because We Love you. Be not afraid, but have confidence in Our Immaculate Hearts – the Hearts Which Love mankind so very much, to the point of Death on the Cross, which My Divine Son gave to you – and I, too, united with Him, gave all of you.”

“Soon, My dear child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, the Church will triumph in this land, through this Apparition and many Graces will flow to all the people of this nation and throughout the world. As I promised you, My child, the Church will come to your aid – but still more trials are yet to come. Do not be concerned! The evil one, My sweet child, is trying his hardest, even using Authorities to try to destroy this Mission; even to place your own life in danger. However, the evil one will never triumph over you or over this Mission, My child, because I – the Mother of God – and Saint Michael – the Protector of the children of God – are always here by your side. Even though the evil one, in his wickedness, is conniving with many methods and ways to deceive Our children and to take even the good away from Us. He will not succeed in regards to this Mission which I have given to you, My child, because this will be a sign to the Church, in coming days, of the Victory of My Immaculate Heart and the Truth of My Words to the Church, through you.”

“Continue to carry the cross and know that I Love you, as I Love all My children of the Earth and seek their salvation and to bring many to the Throne of the Eternal Father. See this boat – this ship that I have before Me, My sweet children? This ship represents My Immaculate Heart, for I am the ‘Refuge of all Sinners’; Mediatrix between My Divine Son and all mankind; ‘Mediatrix of all Graces’ for the Church and for the world. I have been sent here by My Divine Son to ransom sinners; to bring them to ‘safe harbour’. For this reason I come to the world so often. I am the Immaculate Conception; the Mother of God; the ‘Queen of all Hearts’, Who Loves you. I have come as ‘Ambassador of the Triune God’ for the salvation of the Church. Therefore, My sweet children, I plead with you, through My Divine Son, to listen to the Words that I am saying to you, at this moment and in the past. Take heed and know that the time of salvation is near, and the Second Coming of My Divine Son to the Earth will soon take place – but before this comes, the world and the Church will be purified!”

“Know this well, dear children, that only those who are harboured in My Immaculate Heart will triumph with Me over Lucifer and his cohorts and over all that is evil – and the world shall be purified to receive My Divine Son once again.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children; I Bless all those children who are not able to come to these Holy Grounds and to other places of Divine worship. I Bless all the children who have sicknesses, that they be cured – and especially for a cure for illness of the soul. I Bless all the Sacramentals which are here and throughout the world, for those who come in faith: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue, My dear child and dear children, with your Holy Rosary, for I wish to offer this Rosary to the Eternal Father for the salvation of many souls because, before this year ends, there will be many more tears in the hearts of many children. Therefore we must pray much now, My sweet children, for the salvation of many. Continue now. I will speak to you privately now, My child.”