Message 256 – 17 November 1989



Great Mystery – that of the dignity and role of the Mother of God in the Plan of Redemption.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the elevation of the Host I began to see Our Lord on the Cross; Our Holy Mother was kneeling to Our Lord’s right. Saint Michael stood behind Our Lord and another great Angel, all in white, knelt in front, but a fraction to the left, of Our Lord. Our Lord began to speak to me. He said: “My son: today I am going to reveal to you a great Mystery which has still not been understood by man – that of the great dignity and role the Mother of God has in the Plan of Redemption”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus drew my attention to the way His Mother was there beneath the Cross, always in supplication for Her children; how she is co-Redeemer at every Mass. Our Lord explained that Our Holy Mother was at every Mass as part of the oblation of the Cross; that Our Holy Mother is present at every Mass all over the world; that all offerings of the Mass are placed through Her Virginal Heart and whatever is lacking in the offering made by the Priest is purified and added to by the Merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Holy Mother offers all this to the Eternal Father – through Herself, with Herself and in Herself – in Christ Jesus.

Our Lord also explained that whenever a Priest says a Mass unworthily, Our Holy Mother purifies the offering in Her Immaculate Heart and – with Her Merits – offers it to the Eternal Father. All offerings and prayers during Mass pass through the Mother of God. She is the Altar upon which Christ is offered to the Eternal Father. Our Lord said that petitions presented by the people during Mass were taken by Our Holy Mother into Her Immaculate Heart and purified before being included in the sacrifice of the Mass to the Eternal Father. I was told that Our Holy Mother always comes to each Holy Mass just before the Canon begins; that Saint Michael also comes to every Mass, as does a special Angel – a Eucharistic Angel – who is dressed in pure white garments, with a Host imprinted upon the chest, and upon the Host is a white Cross. Our Lord showed me these Angels, saying that they are at every Mass with Our Holy Mother, helping Her to collect the petitions to be presented to the Eternal Father.

Then I was shown the Holy Souls from Purgatory who are under the Altar during each Mass, having been released from below. They are permitted to attend a Mass so as to receive Graces from the Holy Sacrifice. At the conclusion they are escorted to Heaven by Saint Michael. It was explained to me how deep the Mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is and how the Blessed Virgin Mary co-Redeemed the human race at each Mass.

Finally, Our Lord explained that the offering of Jesus through Mary was exemplified at Calvary, when the Body of Jesus was laid in the Arms of Mary.