Message 262 – 31 December 1989



My Second Coming will soon be at hand; I will be visible to all of you – Satan has won a great victory because of the foolishness of the shepherds and weakness of the sheep; he has set foot in My House upon Earth – Many Nations, including Australia, shall be heavily chastised and many lives lost – Consecration to the Immaculate Heart has not been done yet. When it has been done, know that many of the Great Chastisements will befall mankind.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the beginning of the second decade of the Rosary the Angels began preparing the area for the coming of the ‘Personages’ from Heaven. Saint Michael has been standing very far in the distance for some time. Four great Angels are there too, each with sword in hand. Saint Michael is very angry and he has been using a sling-shot to hurl balls of fire towards the Earth; where they fell there was a great disturbance of Nature! However, as we sang and prayed a blue shield appeared from nowhere and deflected these fiery balls away from us. I can only assume that it was the powerful Intercession of Our Holy Mother, protecting the Earth from Divine Justice.

Saint Michael has now stopped doing this – and comes forward, without the sling-shot; it has been replaced by a brilliant, two-edged sword. He bellows in a resounding voice:

ST. MICHAEL: “This is the ‘Sword of Justice’! Woe, woe, woe, to the world for the ingratitude of man. They have forsaken the Truth for idle worship; for pleasures of the flesh and uncleanliness. They have cast away the Word of God and trampled upon Holy things!”

“Woe, woe, woe to the world, for the moment has come for mankind to be Judged and Chastised for its wicked deeds!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The four great Angels now come down towards us, with their swords elevated. I can see the world, beneath them; it is spinning very rapidly – and I see the numerals denoting the years 1990, 1991 and 1992 as they speed past. Saint Michael’s voice is still booming-out in the background. Seven more Angels have appeared behind the four armed Angels; the new arrivals each have an enormous alpine horn. They rest them on the ground and begin to blow them; it’s a very eerie sound!

The spinning Earth begins to slow-down and a Chalice has appeared, suspended in mid-air, above the world. It tips-over and what looks like Blood falls on Europe. Saint Michael seems to be directing all this simply by pointing a finger at the Chalice, which now tilts upright once more, but as the Earth turns slowly It tips-over again and Blood falls onto the Middle East, then It comes upright – just as though someone is pouring, then lifting. South Africa is now in sight and the process is repeated.

As the Blood reaches these nations It causes much commotion and disruption among the people in these areas; much anguish. The Earth continues to turn; Australia appears. The Cup pours once more and the words, “Death to many”, are written on the eastern seaboard of Australia. AsiaJapan, Korea and part of Borneo – is also splashed with Blood; so, too, the part of the Russian States where the so-called White Russians are – Georgia. Coming into view is the west coast of the United States and again the Cup tilts over to deposit Blood on the Earth; It also runs down onto islands in the Gulf of Mexico, onto South America – to Chile.

The Chalice now disappears and Saint Michael speaks again.

St. MICHAEL: “Woe to the Nations of the Earth! They have eaten of the ‘forbidden’ fruits. Many of the people of the world are casting themselves into hell-fire because they refused to listen to the ‘Queen of Heaven’.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael steps back; the seven Angels who blew the alpine horns have also moved deeper into the sky with the four Angels of Justice, who seem to be poised at the four corners of the Earth, if there were such things!

In the distance – in a flash of egg-shaped Light – a beautiful Figure appears. A great beam of brilliant Light is directed to the Tabernacle here and in the egg-shaped object, or vehicle, which begins descending down the beam of Light, I can see Our Lord. He is dressed in beautiful, white, clothing. Around His Shoulders is a Priestly stole, with gold embroidery. This is the first time that I have seen Our Lord wear a skull-cap – a white one with a golden point on the top. He also wears brown sandals – consequently, I can see the Wounds in Our Lord’s Feet. I like to explain such details because it is always so beautiful to see; I wish you could see them, too!

He holds His Arms outstretched and I can see the Wounds in His Hands. Our Lord is very beautiful to behold as He looks about, quietly and serenely at all the people here – as though He is looking into each soul. He is smiling, beautifully, a smile which makes one feel at peace – perhaps for all time. Jesus stands on top of the Altar now – very tall – in a Light which shimmers. Behind Him there is a Light which is similar in colour to that of a sunset, a golden red, going all over the place. It has brightened-up the whole area.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My sweet child, Our blessed son, and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

“Greetings, My sweet children of the Light and all My children throughout the world. The sight that I have given you to see, My little son, is not pleasing to your eyes – nor to anyone else’s hearts – because, My sweet children, I and My Most Holy Mother have come to the Earth, many times, to herald the Words of salvation and good news to mankind.”

“The ‘year’ has now begun, My sweet children – the ‘year’ that many have awaited and the last decade of this century and the final decade for the world as you know it! My Second Coming will soon be at hand and I will be visible to all of you as My sweet son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – sees Me now. I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who comes to Me will never be lost! I plead with you, My sweet children – as the Son of God – to repent now for truly, I say unto you: Time is short for man!! My Warnings go unheeded!!”

“My children of the Light re-Crucify Me! They forget Me and cast My Words aside. My sweet children, turn from your wicked ways. Now is the time of salvation and repentance – a renewal of heart – a dedication to the cause of holiness and love. The evil-one’s time is very short; for this reason he goes about, like a lion, to devour all My little lambs. Satan has won a great victory over mankind because of the foolishness of the shepherds and the weakness of the sheep. Satan has set foot in My House upon Earth; he has nearly destroyed this House because of the wickedness and sinfulness of man. But I say unto him – as I say to all those who follow him willingly; and even unto those who follow him unwillingly: Your time is short!! Do what you must, for soon My Justice will come upon the nations and upon Satan himself and the cohorts who work with him. My Justice shall crush all and Judgement shall be placed upon the whole world!!”

“All those who have ears: listen to My Voice and hearken to It! Be obedient to My call – the call of the shepherd who seeks His sheep. I have come for the ones who are lost and are in darkness, for the ‘ninety-nine sheep’ who are already with Me will remain there, under My Sacred Heart. But you who are in darkness: I Command you – out of obedience, for My Love – to repent and come with Me, while you have the time. The Earth will soon feel the Arm of My Justice to this unrepentant generation.”

“How foolish you are, My sweet children, to place aside My Words and the Words of My Most Holy Mother. Have you not read how I will Come to the world with the Great Army of Hosts – of the Heavenly Hosts – to vanquish the evil-ones and vanquish evil in this world. You still have the time!”

“However, My Justice will now fall upon every nation and this will continue, My sweet children, until you bend your knee before Me, your God and ask for forgiveness. So, hearken to what I say. O, children of little faith – even those of the Light: you must strengthen your faith, through your sacrifices; through your prayers – to do atonement for your sins. Be strong, now, in the faith and fight for the Truth and the Justice – because, My sweet children of the Light, the ‘time of times’ is here!!”

“Many of Our children – even those of the Light – will be Chastised, to purify them and to strengthen them before My Second Coming to the world. Many nations – including this nation, Australia – shall be heavily Chastised in this coming year! Many lives will be lost; not only physically, but also spiritually, for many shall be cast into Hell because they did not listen to My Most Holy Mother’s Words of Love and Mercy. You, My sweet children of this nation, have been given much time to change your lives. This time is now over, because My Hand shall fall! So I am calling you now to repent!!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Out Lord has placed His right Hand out in front of Him and I can see a tiny brown stone in It. The stone becomes a brilliant white and begins to grow larger – to be bigger than Our Lord’s Hand. It has become a rock, from which a pencil-thin Cross forms. It is very unusual.

OUR LORD: “This is the ‘corner-stone’ that I will use to re-build My Church upon this Earth! It was the ‘corner-stone’ which was rejected by the builders and by many souls upon this Earth – especially the Hierarchy. It is this very stone, My dear child, that I will use.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now the Holy Spirit is emerging, as a Dove, from Our Lord’s Chest. It is really beautiful to see! I don’t know how, but It just came out of His Chest and is standing over the stone. Brilliant rays of extraordinary and different-coloured Lights enter the stone, increasing its beauty. And it now begins to reduce back to its original size.

OUR LORD: “This is the ‘Stone of David’ – from the House of David – and I shall use this stone to destroy all that is evil in this world, for this stone, My dear child, is yourself. It was through David that I killed the ‘beast of evil’ in the Book of Daniel and it is the same stone that I will use, My child, to crush the enemies of My Church upon Earth. In time, My sweet child, the world will understand the ‘Mysteries’ contained in Holy Writ. It is the same stone that is used in the ‘Apocalypse’ to crush Satan, because it is the ‘Queen of All Hearts’ Who has this stone embedded in Her Crown!!”

“Be not afraid, My dear child, for I wish to reveal this at this time, for the enemies are working around the clock, My sweet child, to destroy the ‘mission’ which I have given you through My Most Holy Mother. However, this ‘mission’ will triumph even further in the coming year and many will come to believe in the Words of My Most Holy Mother.”

“Many of the Church leaders throughout the world – even those of other denominations – shall come to recognize the great mission entrusted in this land for the restoration of my House upon this world!!”

Yes, dear child, We of Heaven have many Plans yet to be unfolded before Our children. You will be given sufficient Graces, My dear child, to lead Our children through the dark times which are soon to befall mankind.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord has picked-up the little stone, and He kisses it. The Dove – the Holy Spirit – has returned to the Chest of Our Lord; It picks-up the stone in Its Beak and takes it inside Our Lord. This looks most unusual!

OUR LORD: “All will be revealed, My sweet child, in due time. For now, continue to pray much and strengthen yourself with prayers, for the evil-one will attack from all directions. So pray hard, for you have nothing to fear from him. I Bless you, My sweet children, as I Bless this little stone: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet children of the Earth: I have come this evening to call all the children to pray – pray for My most Holy Vicar, beloved of My Heart; to pray for the conversion of Russia and the Consecration, that has still not been completed. There is much talk about this subject, however, be assured, My sweet children, the Consecration to My Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart has not been done yet. When it has been done, know that many of the Great Chastisements will befall mankind!!”

“Soon the government of Italy will fall and a Communist government will take over. This will be a sign to you all, My sweet children, that the time for the Great Papacy and the Mysteries thereof – will be fulfilled and the warning shall not be long in waiting, when this event has occurred. In the meantime, My sweet children, you must pray, do penance and be prepared at all times – especially in this Nation so beloved of My Heart – Australia!”

“Soon, My sweet children, many shall die due to the natural disturbances. You must be an aid to all souls who come to you for refuge in this time. Many souls will come to the Holy Grounds to seek comfort from My Most Holy Mother, for many shall see that the Words which I and My Most Holy Mother have given here, will have come to pass and very sadly so! The nineteen-nineties, My sweet children, will not be a time of great joy in the beginning; however, in the end a great Victory shall resound throughout the entire world, for the Triumph of My Most Holy Mother will be evident and I will then Return to the world, to restore it, as it was meant to be; for the Garden of Eden in the time of peace will be handed to mankind and joy will flood the souls of all Our children! So pray hard and be at peace.”

“My Most Holy Mother will shortly come, My dear child, to speak with you and Our children. Continue now with your prayers until My Beloved Mother comes. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
(The third Glorious Mystery is recited.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has arrived. Our Lord still stands there, with Our Holy Mother next to Him – to His right. Our Lady is also dressed in white and there is gold trimming around the cloak and Her veil. On Her Head is an unusual Crown; it is a simple band, upon which there is a cross at the front. On the cross is a brilliant white stone. It seems as though a Light is coming from Our Lord’s Sacred Heart – a beam of Light which shoots into Our Lady’s Soul, then into the little stone. If only you could see this – it is really wonderful! There is a lot of Light!!

Our Lady has a Holy Rosary in Her right Hand – a pearl Rosary with a golden Crucifix this time. Our Lady looks at Jesus with so much Love. If you could see this you would die from intense joy, were it not by the Grace of Our Lord that you didn’t!! Our Lady takes-up the beautiful Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved and blessed child – pleasing to My Immaculate Heart – and all My children, here present and throughout the world: I greet you all in this coming New Year – a year of great sadness, which My son has told you of. However, My sweet children, it will also be a year of wonderful triumphs and beautiful Graces for mankind, for there shall be many conversions; many cures of body and soul – because, as the Chastisements come to the world, many of Our children will return to Our God! The Eternal Father must send Chastisements to the world to save what He can, because it is only through suffering that children will listen to Our Hearts.”

“It is a sad fact, My sweet children, that God and His Divine Son are forgotten when all things are well; when children have plenty to eat; have plenty of amusements; have abundance in all things. It is in this time that many of Our children forget Who sent these gifts to them. For this reason the Eternal Father sends sicknesses, chastisements – both physical and spiritual – to many souls, to re-awaken them from their slumber, because many of Our children are engulfed in all sorts of pleasures. If only My children would take-up My Most Holy Rosary, the Holy Spirit would enlighten them; would give them the Graces necessary to understand their sinful ways, and they would learn the pleasures of the Heavenly Dew: the joy of living peacefully in this world with My Divine Son in their hearts.”

“Let this New Year, My sweet children, be an acknowledgment to your God. Thank Him for all the gifts which you have received. To all Our children – even those of the Light: Go home, sit down and think about all the wonderful gifts that God, in His Mercy and Love for you, has given to you. If you should count all the Graces and all the physical gifts that the Eternal Father has handed to you, you would never grumble again. There are many children throughout the world who have nothing; who are poor; who are lonely; who are sick! There are many who are sick in soul, My sweet children and in darkness – millions upon millions who have left the path of righteousness. O, My sweet children: be thankful [for] what you have. Be not ungrateful, children. Live the Words of the Gospel! Live it [Them] in your hearts. Let this coming year and the years that follow – make you apostles of My Divine Son, in the real sense of the word – not merely by your lips, but by your hearts. Each day should be a day of thanksgiving to your God.”

“Pray for all souls – especially those who are in great need of prayer. Pray for those who are in darkness. Let not fear rule your hearts, but love, mercy and forgiveness. Be a prayerful people; it is through prayer that the Holy Spirit will give you peace; will give you His Fruits and His Gifts.”

“I am the ‘Queen of All Souls’. I have pleaded your cause before the Throne of God for many years now. The Eternal Father looks and says: “I must now Chastise these children of Mine because they are wayward, and far from My Heart”. I, too – as the ‘Queen of Heaven’ – must be obedient to the Triune God. I will continue to plead for your cause, even during the time of the Chastisements that will come upon you – and especially upon this Nation – in the coming years.”

“Pray for your brothers and sisters, that they will listen to Our Voices; that they will listen to the Words which My Divine Son has given over many years to the world. These Words are not new, My sweet children, but rather, they are a continuation of the Words which My Divine Son gave two thousand years ago and especially [when he was] upon the Cross.”

“Be a grateful people. Pray earnestly for the salvation of souls. Pray for your leaders – especially the leaders of My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth – that they will be enlightened with the Spirit of God to bring back the Church to its original Gifts and Graces, for mankind. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, that he be strengthened to fulfill all that We have asked of him. Pray for Our Voice-boxes who are throughout the whole world, that they unite and be strong, to lead Our children out of this darkness into the ‘Light’.”

“Yes, My sweet children, this is truly a time of great pondering; a time when one must meditate, seriously, upon one’s life and upon the events which are to come. I Love you, My sweet children, and I place My mantle over all of you – especially My Priest-sons who are faithful to their Priestly vocations; and most especially to this Order, which will go throughout the world to bring back My children to the Feet of My Divine Son.”

“All may seem impossible, My sweet children, at this time – but all is possible for God. There are many wonderful things to come for Our children. Have faith; have trust and have confidence and love one another and be faithful children of the ‘Light’, that all may come to love and serve My Divine Son.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children, with My Immaculate Heart, to give you strength and courage for the coming year: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. And I Bless several special souls of My Immaculate Heart: My beloved son, Clive – victim for sinners. Take courage My child, for My mantle is always over you. Continue with this fight against Satan; have confidence in My Immaculate Heart, for you will triumph for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls.”

“I give special Blessings to [name withheld], My daughter of ‘light’. Your ‘mission’, My dear child, will increase as time progresses, for I have much work for you. And, to My little ‘doves’ – the three ‘doves’ of My Immaculate Heart: Continue to carry your cross and follow My Divine Son to Calvary. You have nothing to fear, for I and My Divine Son are always with you.”

“And to all my children here present: You are My special ‘children of love’. Stand strong and firm for My Divine Son. The trials will be many, My sweet children, but the victory will be yours and joy will fill your souls as time goes on towards the Second Coming of My Divine Son. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see – for the first time in my life – that Our Lady is holding a little, white, unicorn!! She says that it is a great Mystery which will be revealed at a later time and gives the unicorn a special Blessing:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother approaches Our Lord and kisses Him on the Chest; Our Lord places His Arms around Our Lady. This looks really beautiful! To the left of Our Lord I can see my good friend Grant, whom I haven’t seen for such a long time. His appearance is the same; he smiles – and there is something held in his hands. I do not know what it is. He doesn’t tell me what it is, but his smile tells me that there is a mystery or some secret in what he holds. He simply says that his time is soon! He has now gone.

Our Lady and Jesus move backwards in some way into a cloud – I don’t know how – and both give Their Blessings again:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue now, My sweet children, with the prayers – they are sorely needed for this coming year – and offer this last decade for Our Holy Vicar, My sweet child and dear children. We Love you very dearly.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary move far back into the sky.