Message 263 – 6 January 1990



Soon the Seal of the Apocalypse, the Sixth Seal, will be opened – A Great Light will shine in the hearts of men; they will understand their sins and what they have done to the Crucified One – The Three Kings came in great humility before the King of Kings; pray to these great men of God who are the custodians of all holy things in Holy Mother Church – Soon the world will hear of terrible news, similar to that of Chernobyl – The Church is in great danger and many souls will be lost unless My Most Holy Mother intervenes in man’s affairs – I am going to reduce again, this Communion Novena.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the final part of that decade of the Rosary a lot of reddish-white-coloured cloud formed behind the Altar; Angels are blowing it, making it tumble, as in a storm. The sound of thunder can be heard. A stone tablet has come out of the clouds – on it the Ten Commandments are inscribed. Now it breaks into two sections.

Saint Michael stands well behind these clouds, holding-up a sword in his right hand; he calls out in a bellowing voice: “Woe to this generation” – then adds: “Woe to this unfaithful generation”! The clouds still move very rapidly in front of him and the tablets carrying the Ten Commandments have broken-up into small pieces. Saint Michael says: “They have trodden on the words of God”! Now he lowers his sword, thrusting it through the clouds and they vanish very quickly, revealing the blue sky.

There is a man dressed in a black habit; he comes forward, through a blue mist, to be quite close – and I recognize him! It is Saint John, the Apostle and Evangelist. He holds in his arms a book, and shows me the cover. On it, in gold lettering, is the word “Tomb”. One of the Angels comes from behind Saint John and he is handed the book. Saint John produces a scroll from beneath his cloak, saying: “This is the scroll that I had to eat”! He opens the scroll to show me that there is much writing contained there, but I cannot understand what it says for I recognize neither Greek nor Hebrew.

SAINT JOHN: “My beloved child: these words written on the scroll are words of Prophesy for these days. I will come again soon, to Prophesy to the nations, with the two great Prophets. You, my dear child, are also prophesying from this scroll which was handed to me by the great Angel, through the Son of God the Most High. When I come back upon the world to give Testimony to the Truth you, too, will accompany me and the two Prophets, to give Testimony to the Mother of God. When this time comes, my dear child, know that the ‘end of time’ has arrived for mankind. Already now, the time for the world is counted in the ‘Heavenly days’ of time. Soon the Seal of the Apocalypse – the Sixth Seal – will be opened and man’s mind will be opened unto the Light of the Lord; and mankind will know that God is God and that He sent His only Begotten Son to the world to save the people!”

“No matter what religion or faith man possesses at this time, when the Sixth Seal is opened a great Light will shine in the hearts of men and they will understand their sins; they will understand what they have done against the Crucified One!”

“I, Saint John – the Apostle and Evangelist – have been told by Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, when He Walked upon the Earth, that I was to Prophesy at the ‘end of time’. Already there are many Prophets around the world giving-out the Word of God, asking mankind to repent and turn away from their sinful lives and come back to righteousness. You will hear of many more Prophesies going throughout the world, my sweet children of the Earth. Know that the Prophets sent in these times are the Prophets of the Immaculate Heart – Mary, the Mother of God. She is the ‘Queen of all Prophets’; the Prophets of today are Her Apostles. I, too, am Her Apostle for the ‘latter days’. Soon I will be sent to Earth to preach the Good News once again. The children of the Light must pray for this and [also] pray for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth.”

“I bless you all, my dear children – the faithful ones who follow Jesus to the ends of the Earth. I bless you, my dear child, who have possessed the Gift of Prophesy from the Holy Spirit: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint John goes back into the blue mist, just as though he has gone through a barrier of some kind. Saint Michael is standing here still.

In the distance I can see a brilliant and beautiful egg-shaped Light coming towards us, very quickly and in it is the Figure of Our Holy Mother. It’s very easy to recognize Her when She appears because of Her intense beauty as She radiates a Light of Peace. Our Holy Mother is dressed in a white gown, and has a blue mantilla which reaches down to Her Feet. Upon Her Head is a small Crown which has three layers to it, each of a different colour; on top there is a little Cross. I have not seen Her wear such a Crown before. Our Lady opens-up Her mantle and inside it, on the right, in gold letters, there is Latin writing.

OUR LADY: “These Words are the Wisdom of God for this generation and, in time, it will be explained what these Words mean. They are for the Prophets, to be given-out to mankind in time to come.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is some Mystery within this; I do not know what it is.

Three Kings are coming, behind Our Lady – very sturdy looking men, with olive complexions, wearing clothing of the time of Our Lady.”

OUR LADY: “These are the ‘Three Wise Men’.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Kings do not bear gifts in their hands, though they look very serene and hold a cradle with the Infant Jesus therein. It’s a beautiful sight. Our Lady raises Her Hands.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved child and sweet children here present and around the world: I come this evening to give you My Counsel of Love. Today I have brought with Me Three Great Kings who came to Me when I was in a Manger with My Divine Son and Saint Joseph. These Great Kings came in great humility before the King of Kings.”
“My children of the world do not pray to them often. They should, because these three great men of God are the Custodians and Protectors of all the Holy Things in Holy Mother Church. As they gave gifts to the Son of God, the Eternal Father, in turn, gave the Church to them – all the gifts and treasures of the Church – that they would protect them, especially for future times that will come.”

“It is good for Our children to remember that whatever state in life you are, to be humble is the greatest of gifts that God bestows upon man, because in humility is love of the highest degree. Humility, My sweet children, is self-giving, and sacrificial; and if you offer yourselves as a sacrifice of humility to God, many Graces will be bestowed upon you and many of Our children.”

“Let the ‘Wise Men of the East’ be an inspiration to you all and pray to them, My sweet children, for the gift of humility, for this is treasured by My Divine Son in a special way. Lucifer fell through lack of humility; because he had pride – pride of the intellect – pride of knowledge and power. All those who bear the Name of My Divine Son must be a symbol of great meekness and humility and from this stems the ‘Gift of Love’, for it is with love that you conquer all. And you will conquer not only yourselves, but Lucifer and the world!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The three Kings place the Infant, who is still in the wooden crib, in front of Our Lady. Then they take-off their crowns and place them before the Little Infant, bowing right to the floor. It is really wonderful to see. The Infant Jesus smiles at this; He is not like an ‘ordinary’ baby because He is full of Wisdom – apart from the fact that He is God!! He seems to acknowledge the Three Wise Men, who now arise, bow their heads to Our Lady, then walk – or glide – backwards towards the blue mist. Now the Infant Jesus, and the crib, disappear.

Saint Joseph is coming; I have not seen him in a long time. He is a very tall man, very gentle – he smiles at this and he stands next to Our Lady, on Her right, wearing rich-brown clothing. I do not usually see him in any other colour. In his right hand is a shepherd’s staff; it could indicate that he is protecting Our Blessed Mother! Saint Joseph raises the staff and blesses us with it.

SAINT JOSEPH: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved child and sweet children: It has been some time since I have spoken to the world, however, on this day, I wish to encourage all the children who love the Virgin Mary to love Her even more, so that you, too, become protectors of the Mother of God, in your hearts. Protect Her Dignity; protect Her Womanhood and Queenship – for She is the Queen of all Queens – the Mother of all Mothers. There is no-one like the Mother of God, my sweet children. You should cherish Her with all your strength, with all your minds, with all your hearts – especially in these coming years, because the evil-one is determined to degrade the Mother of God before mankind – even more now than before, because his time is short.”

“Pray to me too, my sweet children. It is through your prayers that I receive Power to vanquish the evil-one from Holy Mother Church and from your lives. I am the Protector of the Church – therefore, as its Protector, I must protect all who are in the Church – but I need your prayers to give me the strength to chase away all that is evil.”

“You see, my dear children, the Eternal Father has placed many conditions upon the power of prayer. For this reason the Virgin Mary and Her Divine Son, Jesus Christ the Son of God, come upon the world begging for prayers! Prayers have a power before the Triune God. Prayer disarms the Eternal Father from Chastising the world and opens-up His Heart to give you Mercy, Forgiveness, Graces, abundance of Love and fruit and peace and joy! It is because the world does not pray that the Eternal Father Chastises those whom He Loves! It is not because He desires to do this, it is because He desires to save you from yourselves!!”
“I too, have been commissioned by the Eternal Father to protect Holy Mother Church and, more so, the Mother of God from the powers of Hell and the powers of evil throughout the world. Therefore, my sweet children, I am asking you to help me to protect the Church from its own devastation and destruction, for the road that many are travelling upon now is the wide road, which leads to damnation and hell-fire! You can turn the tide, my sweet children, through your prayers.”

“In these days that are coming upon mankind are days of great spiritual trials and anguish, not only for good souls who love us, but also for those souls who have lost the path – because Lucifer wishes to take all to Hell if he could!! In the few short years which Lucifer has left to him to gather his own, he will desire to crush the ‘elect’ – the ‘elect’ of God; those marked with the Sign of the Victory of the Cross and also those who have the Sign of the Immaculate Heart placed in their hearts. These are the ones whom Lucifer desires to entangle, ensnare and cast away, if possible, from the Truth. Therefore, my sweet children, take-up the Holy Rosary which the Queen of Heaven has given to you. It is with these beads of Love that you will conquer the world, the devil and the flesh and it is with these prayers that you will mitigate the punishment that is now due for the world.”

“Shortly, my sweet children, in this country of yours, Australia, many punishments shall come down upon you – punishment of the ‘great waters’, heavy rain – where once again many will be swept away. There will also be great heat that will ‘crush’ many souls; many deaths will come from this! The earth will tremble and many will die.”

“Soon, my sweet children, the world will hear of terrible news similar to that of Chernobyl! Yes, My sweet children, these are not pleasing things! Many sad things are coming upon the world to bring mankind back to its senses, upon the road of Truth and Light and Love and until mankind bends their knees before their God, and listens to the Queen of Heaven, the Eternal Father will place His Hand upon the world and Chastise every nation which exists!!”

“I have come to the world on behalf of the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the Queen of Heaven – to tell Our children of Holy Mother Church to be faithful to the end, for Christ has promised: “He that believeth …. will be saved”. He who has ears to hear, let him hear and change his ways, while you still have the time.”

“My dear child and dear children: I will not continue any further now, as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and the underworld! wishes to speak to you. I bless all the souls, especially those who are devoted to me here in this congregation. Be assured that I will be there, always, to protect you and to assist you. Do not forget the Mother of God, for She is the Queen of all Hearts – the most powerful of all creatures in Heaven, on Earth and in the underworld! There is no power greater than the Mother of God, other than God Himself!!”

“I bless you all, sweet children of the Light and embrace you with my heart – a Pure Heart that Christ gave me, for you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Joseph bows, then glides backwards. It is really wonderful to see; I wish you could see it. They seem to be on a little cloud which moves like a flying vehicle. Saint Joseph is a beautiful soul; each time he comes there is a marvellous serenity which is so obvious; a great silence, which is of peace. It is hard to explain this beauty of Saint Joseph, from whom we can learn a lot. Our Blessed Mother smiles.

A Rosary has appeared in Her Hands – I don’t know where It came from; perhaps Saint Joseph gave It to Her. Our Lady nods, then lifts-up the Crucifix and Kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you My child and dear children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My sweet child and dear children: I will not speak to you for very long as the Saints have spoken for the Eternal Father this evening. However, I wish to tell you this – not to frighten you, but to tell you that shortly, a great Light will be seen – an unusual phenomenon. It will frighten many of Our children, but you are not to be frightened! Something will come to the Earth and through this, mankind will be brought to his senses for but a moment in time! This Light, My children, is not the Warning; it is a sign before the Warning! This sign will be given to make mankind think of eternity. The Eternal Father has many Plans to outwit and outsmart Lucifer, because Lucifer believes that he has won the battle already. Even so, he has captured most of mankind!! However, in the blink of an eye, the Eternal Father will change all things! This sign, My sweet children, is a minor sign to the world However, it will awaken mankind for but a short moment to recognize that he is a creature of God, Created by God – not by man!!”

“This, My sweet children, is all I am going to say to you this evening. You are to pray unceasingly through this coming year and the few years that will follow, because you are living in the end of time – the time of the ‘final pages of the Apocalypse’. Remember well that I am your Heavenly Mother and I will always come to your aid. You need only to call on Me and I will be there. Love one another, sweet children. Let Christ Live in your hearts. Be a ‘light’ to the world and to each other. Judge not anyone, but pray for them, love them, serve them, honour them. In this way, My sweet children, you will reach perfection very swiftly. Be like the Wise Men; be like the holy men who have died in past generations. Follow their example. Their example, sweet children, is simple: love! Love, unceasingly!!”

“Love is not merely a word, My sweet children – it must be acted-upon! As you love Me, so must you love your fellow man. As you serve Me, so must you serve each other – then you will learn to know the great Love which I have for you. I Love you, sweet children and My Heart is open like a great ocean, to engulf all Our children, for there is room for each and every one of you. I Bless you all and embrace you with My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady moves back a little and says to recite the ‘Baptism of Love’, because She wishes to take back to Heaven the souls who are with Her at this time.

(`Baptism of Love’ is offered.)

Our Lady is still here and there are, what looks to be, two or three thousand tiny babies all around Her, like little chickens. This is really beautiful and so sweet. I wish you could see them. Our Lady looks so excited as She gathers them and places them under Her mantle. It is most unusual, but very beautiful. The Guardian Angels of these babies are present as well. They, too, look exceedingly happy as the babies are being taken towards the blue mist. Our Lady turns to me and smiles as She nods Her Head.

OUR LADY: “Thank you, My child and dear children. These children are coming with Me to the Kingdom of Paradise. Soon, dear child, you will understand many things; Saint John, the Evangelist, will come into your dreams and teach you, My child. Many visions will be given to you in the night.”

“Continue now, sweet children, for you have made Me very happy this evening.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The little children are peeping around Our Lady’s mantle, waving their tiny hands – it looks very sweet and a little comical – as they go up to Heaven. Our Lady has disappeared from view.

(Prayers continued.)

The Angels had told me that Our Lord is to Come at this time and a large, six feet in diameter, Host has appeared upon the Altar. Kneeling, suspended, in front of the Altar are two great Angels who have long, pink-coloured, wings which reach the floor. In front of the kneelers are other Angels, bowing in adoration of Our Lord in the Eucharist. The gold Tabernacle itself has become much larger, the size of a house, and is behind the Eucharist. Higher up – above the Tabernacle and the Eucharist – are many Cherubim; the beautiful baby Angels.

Our Lord emerges from the Eucharist, firstly looking transparent, then becoming fully and solidly formed. This is stunningly beautiful to behold!! He is dressed in a blindingly white tunic, with a burgundy-coloured mantle around His Shoulders. He wears a golden Crown which has many gems upon It. Our Lord is not only handsome, but is very beautiful as well. He smiles as He stands upon the altar, extending His Arms towards us as though to embrace all who are here, and looking about Him. All the Angels are just dazzled by Our Lord’s beauty.

Jesus now places one Hand into His Chest – seemingly without any pain or inconvenience – and withdraws four splendid roses – each a different colour.

OUR LORD: “My dear child: These are roses from My Sacred Heart [and they are given], as a special Gift, for certain souls; to Give special Graces at this time. This first rose, My dear child, is for your wife, [Name Withheld]. It is a Gift from My Sacred Heart.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The first Rose is red, tinged with gold. The second is yellow and white.

OUR LORD: “This is for My daughter, [Name Withheld].”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The third rose is white and is also tinted with gold.

OUR LORD: “This is for My beloved son, [Name Withheld].”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The fourth rose is also red, but on this one there is a silver lining on the edge of each petal – and on each petal there is a cross. Not only is it very pretty but it is also very unusual!

OUR LORD: “This is for My beloved son, [Name Withheld]. I have a rose for each soul here present this evening – but I wish to show you only the four. I have reason for this, My children – but each person here has a selected rose and one day I will show you your rose which comes from My Sacred Heart as a sign of My Love for you.”

“My beloved child, so pleasing to My Sacred Heart – My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’, the ‘rock’ of the Church: I have come this evening to give a special Blessing to you all and also, to offer the Church and the world a Signal Grace at this time, knowing that the Church is in great danger and that many souls will be lost to Us, unless I and My Most Holy Mother intervene in man’s affairs. Through the Bounty of My Heart of Mercy and through the Love of the Queen of Heaven, I have Come to the Earth on this special day, to give more Graces to mankind and opportunities to save Our children from themselves.”

“Many years ago I gave great Promises for the salvation of children: The ‘Ninety-day Communion Novena’. Many years later I reduced this to thirty days. Because of the shortness of time for mankind, I am going to reduce again this Communion Novena, so many more souls will be saved. For each time Our children come to Holy Communion on the first Thursdays, first Fridays and first Saturdays of each month, for three consecutive months, I will grant the salvation of one soul – the soul that you will name yourself!”

“In the ocean of My Merciful Heart I offer this to mankind to ransom sinners from damnation. I Plead with Our children: Avail yourselves of such great gifts for I am the Alpha and Omega – the Beginning and the End. All things are possible through the Blood that I Shed Upon the Cross and through the co-Redemptrix – My Most Holy Mother – Who Shared this Crucifixion with Me!! My Heart is overflowing with Mercy and Love for the Human Race. I have offered the world, the Church and mankind many ways to come to Me. Become ‘living stones’ of prayer, My sweet children – ‘temples’ of My Spirit – that you may be likened to my Most Holy Mother; a ‘house’ of prayer in your hearts; a ‘temple’ of prayer and sacrifice and penance. Let Me build upon your souls and your hearts the ‘New Jerusalem’, for you shall be ‘living fires’ in the world. The world will find Me once again in My ‘living stones’ upon the Earth and the `New Temple’ of My Heart, in your souls, will be built upon the Earth.”

“For this reason I came to you this evening, My children, to communicate to you the Love that I have for My creatures. Earlier this evening My Most Holy Mother and the Beloved Saint Joseph and Saint John, communicated to you the necessity to pray unceasingly for this time. Prayers must go now throughout the world, day and night, for the salvation of sinners.”

“The Triumph is near – My Return is near! The Church will be victorious and renewed once again; it will be glorious, sweet children. Victory will be Heaven’s and joy will flood your souls. Join with My Most Holy Mother now in prayer and supplication for sinners, for We seek the salvation of all souls. I Love you, My children; see this Heart of Mine.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord somehow brings His Heart out of His Chest! It is in front of Him – burning like fire!!

OUR LORD: “See the Heart that Loves mankind – the Heart that is scorned and spurned and Nailed to the Cross! See the Heart that has Shed Blood for the world. It is this Heart that Loves mankind. Give Me your hearts; I Thirst for your love!!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: From the Heart there emerges many rays of red, gold and white Lights – flashes and beams – which come towards us.

OUR LORD: “O, how ungrateful My children are. However, My sweet children, I, your Heavenly God and Father of Love, send-out My Spirit upon you, to strengthen you in this time. The Peace of My Father and Our Spirit be with you, always: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers.”