Message 266 – 14 January 1990



Anniversary of Grant Duffy’s Death

Soon a Cross made of dark wood will be found on Mt Ararat from the Ark of Noah – The Ark will also be found – God made a Promise that if one desires to obtain Graces through Grant Duffy’s intercession – Bishop of Wollongong will eventually order Grant’s coffin examined and brought to the Holy Grounds and placed under the Shrine – Children of Light to adopt AIDS children.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Near midnight, Grant Duffy appeared to me at the side of my bed, dressed in a white gown; on his forehead was a gold cross. In his hand he held a wooden Cross made of dark wood. Grant explained to me that this cross will be found soon on Mt. Ararat, as it comes from the Ark of Noah; that the Ark will be found soon, too.

Grant told me some private things, for his family and others.

He explained to me that he had been given permission from the Eternal Father to enter the portals of Heaven so he could offer God petitions which souls had made through him and God had made a promise that if one desires to obtain Graces through the intercession of Grant Duffy, to say three `Hail Mary’s’, it would be granted, if it were in His Holy Will.

Grant advised me to prepare for the Papacy, as certain events were near. He also advised that the Bishop of Wollongong would eventually order his coffin to be examined, brought to the Holy Grounds and placed under the Shrine so his body may be venerated, as it will be found to be incorrupt. This was the end of the vision.

Sometime last year, 1989, I was asked by a very devout soul whether children who have AIDS may be safely adopted. During one of the Apparitions of Our Lady I asked her about this. Our Lady replied:

OUR LADY: “Yes these little souls can be taken into one’s home with no effect to themselves or their children – and because of this great act of faith on the part of good souls, many of these children will be cured.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady said further that She encourages the children of the Light to adopt these little ones who have been abandoned and give them love, which is all they need and God will Bless them and reward their faith.

There are many children who are left abandoned in hospitals and other institutions, because of the indifference of their parents. Won’t you help save these little ones and bring happiness into their lives?

On another charitable topic, dear fellow friends of Jesus and Mary: Once again I look to your charity; over the years you have been so generous.

Rev. Father A.S. Avockiadoss of the Parish of St. Joseph’s Church, Brian Square, Bangalore 560002, INDIA, needs your help. Any clothing, religious articles – or whatever you can help with – would be very much appreciated.

May Jesus bless you.

Little Pebble