Message 365 – 16 January 1990




(NOTE: This Message of Our Holy Mother was given through Her Beloved Archangel, St. Barachiel, on the occasion of the visit of overseas members of the St. Charbel Order. The directives were mainly for their Community, however they can also be applied to other Communities. Certain words of the Message have been omitted to protect the community concerned.

On the 13th January, 1990, Our Lady told the `Little Pebble’ that She would advise him as to what to say to the Community during the week. On the 14th – 15th Jesus spoke to the `Little Pebble’ on some points of Community living. On the 16th, at 12:00 noon, the Archangel St. Barachiel came and stood in front of the `Little Pebble’, who was at his desk, telling him to light a candle and pray three `Hail Mary’s’ to Grant Duffy, the young man who died some years ago and is to be resurrected. St. Barachiel gave a blessing with a white cross which he was holding in front of his chest.

Before St. Barachiel came, the `Little Pebble’ had been advised during the morning by his Guardian Angel that he would receive a visitor from Heaven during the day.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: As he spoke light came from the White Cross.

ST. BARACHIEL: “My beloved son: I, St. Barachiel, Guardian of the Blessed Virgin Mary and protector of Her Communities, have been sent today on the Queen’s command to counsel you for the directives of the Community of The …. My child – the ‘Little Pebble’ of Mary the Immaculate: the Queen of Heaven desires that you communicate these directives to the children who have come from …. , and for them to convey these words to the members back home. “

“Dear children of My Immaculate Heart: I, the Queen of the Most High, wish that these directives which I have inspired to My Little son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ – be followed implicitly, so that the Community may bear fruit and yield a good harvest, for it has saddened Me that after so many instructions My children still do not fulfill the most basic principle of Christian Living and that is to love one another, truly, in trust. If there is no trust in the hearts of My children, how will you be able to fulfill the plan of Heaven? I, your Heavenly Mother, have watched over you as My very own, never leaving your side; however, you have placed your sight on other things. You must learn to truly trust each other, just like your trust in Me and My Divine Son. Christian living, My children, is not so difficult if you place your sight on God and His Holy Mother. Would I, as Your Mother, abandon you if you gave your very all?”

“And what is this trust? Is it total self-giving, unreservedly, into the Hand of your God and your fellow-man. The Community, at times, wants to do this – but then comes the tempter who sows seeds of discord and this seed grows into mistrust. If you truly give all from the heart, would God – Who has given you all – give you a stone if you asked for a loaf of bread? My children, My children: It is now time for this Community of My Immaculate Heart to place all fears aside and hold each other’s hands in trust and confidence and give yourselves over to total abandonment to Me Your Heavenly Mother. I, by My Spirit, have inspired My little son to guide this Community so you will reach the perfection that I desire from you. You must pray privately and as a Community.”

“Do not place these holy moments aside because of laziness and excuses, for in doing this you will lose many needed Graces and benefits, for yourselves and the Community welfare. The time for real change is now. Should you not accommodate what will be requested of you, then you are truly not ready for My Intimate Union with you in the heart of My Community. Community living is self-giving. Let My Divine Son, Jesus, be the Light of example. Love one another as I have loved you. Was this not My Divine Son’s Command?! Look deep into the real meaning of ‘love’ My children. Love one another, as I have Loved you! And how did My Divine Son Love you and still does? Let the lives of the Holy Saints be an example to follow.”

“You, my children are to be a Light to the world. You cannot be that light if you have mistrust in each other and are there only for self-interest. Your first and foremost goal is to sanctify yourselves, then each other, by good example. Then the light of My Immaculate Heart will shine brightly in your hearts and this will then be a light to the whole world. Not all children are called to the same height of sanctity, but are called to be Holy. Do not count the cost as to what you have given, or are giving, or are about to give; it must be a gift of total unselfishness. Let every giving be from the heart. Your treasure is where your heart is. As a Community you live not for yourself but for others and it is only in this way will you reach the perfection of the Saints. I, as your Heavenly Mother, have great designs upon you – it, however, depends upon your response. I do not want a half-hearted response, nor by merely words – but by the degree of your self-giving. Make some plans, but live each day at a time and live in total trust of God’s Providence – and trust in each other’s good intentions. It is not the plan of God that all members live on the farm at this time, for there is much planning to be done, and this has to be done steadily, with much prayer to the Holy Spirit. Some of my children will remain in the city while others will be called to other areas to form new Communities – while yet others will be called to other works of God. “

“Turn your hearts now more to prayer, then God can enlighten your minds. The time now, My children, is to sift. Your intentions must be pure in God’s sight, for if you have other intentions which are based on self the Call of My Spirit will not be there, so pray much and listen well as to what the Spirit is telling you. You are all My sweet children, Loved by My Immaculate Heart. I have confidence in you, so now you must show confidence in each other.”

“With this, My sweet children, I give My Maternal Blessing and encourage you to follow the precepts of the Beatitudes”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: St. Barachiel blessed me then with the White Cross and said that he, too, sends his love to the Community and reminds us all to pray to him also, as he can be an advocate for all. St. Barachiel then bowed towards me and disappeared.