Message 267 – 3 March 1990



Many believe all hatred has gone that the world will not go to war! This is not so – The Communists are souls deep in darkness who follow an ideology of atheism; Anti-God – Communism cannot change for it is intrinsically evil; it is a doctrine from the very depths of Hell – The Evil One has placed prayer groups around each Holy Site to honour Lucifer and destroy these Holy Places – Use Holy Water and the Oil of St Charbel to protect you.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Angels have been bowing, down to the ground, as a beautiful tremendous Light has been coming out of the Tabernacle. The Angels have been present there since the beginning of our prayers. There are two Angels, one on each side – very large Angels with very beautiful wings – prostrating themselves and worshipping Our Lord. They began to do that at the beginning of the Stations of the Cross Rosary, in expectation of Our Blessed Mother’s arrival. I have been observing them for some time, instead of concentrating on my prayers; but I was entranced by their beautiful colours: they have blue and white wings. One of the Angels – before he bowed – looked over towards me, smiled and told me when Our holy Mother was going to come.

It is very unusual, but the sky is very dark; the brilliant White Cross is very far in the distance, on a hill. There are two other Crosses on the hill and underneath the Cross, coming towards this building, as though in a very long, long, valley, there are many small Crosses – wooden Crosses – planted in the sky. I do not know the reason for this! There has been a tremendous fan of Light coming from the Tabernacle since the beginning of our prayers tonight – going out towards the Heavens. Now, coming from the cross-beam of the Cross is a brilliant shaft of Light, shaped like a platform. It shoots towards the Tabernacle here in the Chapel. I can also see the Figure of Our Holy Mother in the very far distance, accompanied by many Angels. She is standing on what looks like a slippery-dip, gliding down on some Light – a cloud of Light. Every time I see Our Lady She is on a cloud of some sort of Light – not the sort of clouds that we know, but a Heavenly Light – although they are very fluffy.

Our Lady has almost arrived here in the Chapel; She is just outside and there are many Angels around Our Holy Mother, as though they are protecting Her. Our Lady is very sombre-looking this evening, wearing a purple mantle which is placed upon Her Head, hanging right down to Her Feet. She also has on a white tunic; a purple sash is around Her Waist. Our Lady is in prayer and looks very serious.

The Angels who were adoring Our Lord are now kneeling in prayer with Our Holy Mother. The Light in the Tabernacle, has become very, very, bright and has also become a beautiful red; it is spraying all over us, as though we are being bathed in it. I find this very hard to explain and I wish you could see it.

Our Lady is now motioning to indicate that She is about to speak. There is a Rosary wrapped around Her Hands – it is made of purple beads. On the black Crucifix the Body of Our Lord – Our Lady is showing me the Crucifix – looks real. It is not like metal, but looks fleshy; it is tiny. Our Lady says that the Body of Our Lord on this Crucifix is real! She Kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Beloved child, Our sweet ‘rock’ of Salvation for Holy Mother Church: I greet you and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world. I come this evening, My child – very late! It is because I have travelled the world and spoken to many Seers this night. The Message that I wish to give to the world lays heavy upon My Immaculate Heart. This Message will confound many of Our children; but yet, I must give it, to enlighten the children – those who are close to My Immaculate Heart.”

“My sweet child and dear children throughout the world: As I have told you, the world is in great danger! Many believe now – due to the changes in Europe, with many Governments – that all hatred has gone; that the world will not go to war! This, My sweet children, is not so! This is the time of the “false peace” that I spoke about at LA-SALETTE so many years ago. The enemies of Holy Mother Church are still the same – they have not changed their intentions. But to the world they [seem to] have changed and the world believes in what Satan has given to mankind, for he has come as an ‘angel of light’. This “false peace”, My sweet children, will be of a short duration – and then will come the great trials upon the nations!!”

“For this reason, My sweet children, you must turn to My Divine Son. Pray unceasingly for the salvation of souls – especially those who are the enemies of Holy Mother Church. The Communists, My sweet child and dear children, are souls who are deep in darkness!! They follow an ideology of atheism – anti-God! For this reason My sweet children must pray, for these souls – although in darkness – are also My children, but yet [are] far away from Truth.”

“The free world will soon be enslaved by the same principles – atheistic Communism – and ultimate enslavement of mankind is brought forth by Lucifer, My sweet children. Atheism is the doctrine that comes from Lucifer, for his cry is that he “will not serve”! This is, My sweet child and dear children, the same cry as [that of] the Communists. Forget these children of darkness who work diligently and faithfully for the cause of evil, while Our children of the Light work slowly; where many of the children who ought to know better do not care; pay very little attention to the Truth! Communism, My sweet children, cannot change for it is intrinsically evil; it is a Doctrine that comes from the very depths of Hell. Therefore, My sweet children, remember well – especially Our children of the nations which are poor: do not turn your eyes to those who will bring you harm; but, rather, turn to My Divine Son, Who can give you all.”

“The poorer nations are poor due to [the] lack of charity of the richer nations; due to the lack of prayers and self-sacrifices of many of the children who have much! It must be understood, My sweet children, that the evil one has a great plan which he [has] set upon the world since the fall of Adam and Eve. This plan is to take all souls with him into Hell!! Lucifer, the fallen angel, will use all of his intelligence – which he still retains – to gather the souls. The final plan that he has given to the world is now in action, for he desires the destruction of all living creatures upon this earth. The sole purpose for this, My sweet children, is to draw all of you – even the elect – away from God! Satan, in his cunningness, has brought about many devious plans to ensnare Our children. To counteract him, I and My Divine Son have also set a plan to save Our children. The weapons that We have given you, My sweet children, are the Holy Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Saint Benedict Medal, the Saint Charbel Scapular and the many Sacramentals that We have offered Our children for their protection!”

“Holy Mother Church is now engaged in a great Spiritual warfare!! Do not take these words lightly, sweet children; for you are now engaged in the ‘final battle’ with the evil spirits!! All of the evil spirits are now released out of Hell; they are now on earth and every soul has attached to them many demons, many lost souls, to take your souls away from God. Therefore, My sweet children, I and My Divine Son have chosen many souls throughout the world to deliver special Directions to be followed carefully. It is like a great war – the General gives the command and there are steps taken to safeguard the soldiers who are in his care. Likewise, My sweet children, We of Heaven are doing the same thing: every Direction that My Divine Son and I give to the world is for the salvation of souls and the safe keeping of Our children – to keep them safe from the dangers of Lucifer!!”

“Many people laugh and believe that many of the “Spiritualisms” throughout the world are not true – but I tell you, My sweet children, they are true! Satan has given the world many devious plans and methods to ensnare Our children. Be careful – especially the young!”

“Pray often, My sweet children; it is in this way that you will counteract the influences of the evil one. The evil one has five points on this Earth as entry to this Earth, My sweet children; it is important for you to know this. The ‘Bermuda Triangle’, My sweet children is one of those entries!! There is another south of Australia, between [the mainland and] Tasmania!! These five points, My sweet children, form a star [-shape]. These have great meaning to Lucifer for he can give energy to the evil spirits that now roam the Earth. In like manner We of Heaven have also points – very important points – of ‘Apparitions’ throughout the world, to counteract the power of Lucifer. Think carefully on this, My sweet children, for in each place of ‘Apparition’ the evil one also lurks! He has great plans to destroy these places which have become Holy due to My Divine Son’s Presence.”

“Surrounding each Holy Site, My sweet children, the evil one has placed prayer-groups, but their prayers are not for God – nor in His Honour – but they are prayers in honour of Lucifer, to destroy these Holy Places. But these [Holy] points on the world also form a pattern, My sweet child and dear children, to save mankind, for each action that the Eternal Father takes is for reason. It is not merely by chance that I come here with My Divine Son and the Saints and the Angels: it is in the Divine Plan of the Eternal Father for the salvation and the protection of the world that We come to these places destined by God the Eternal Father.”

“It is through these Holy Places, My sweet children, that many Graces flow out to the world and to the Church and to souls. It is from these places that even Gifts and Graces are given to the natural world, to sustain you, for everything is now tainted with sin!! For this reason, My sweet children, I told you to use the Oil of Saint Charbel and Holy Water – to protect you! These Instructions that I have given over many years now must be used! The evil one pollutes the waters; pollutes the foods; contaminates the air – not only with his stench, My sweet children, but also using fallen human nature to be his tools to destroy mankind!!”

“The Church at this time is going through a great spiritual crisis and it is only the beginning, My sweet children! The divisions are increasing by the day and many souls are breaking away from the ‘rock’ into ‘splinter’ groups. Those of the Light must remain with Peter, the ‘Rock’. As time progresses, My sweet children – especially those of the Light – you will understand each and every Prophecy that We have Given; you will understand the situation in the Church and what must be done. We of Heaven will not abandon you!”

“Have We of Heaven taken so long to teach you the Truth and then let you go? No! My sweet children. I, your Heavenly Mother, Love you greatly; for this reason I come to you as a Mother. Today, I come as a sorrowing Mother, because I see so many souls that are lost; who are in darkness and confused! My children must take up My Holy Rosary and pray – pray unceasingly – for all souls. You must not abandon prayer, My sweet children. Prayer pushes Lucifer and Satan and the fallen angels away from such Holy Places as here.”

“Pray, My sweet children; pray for Holy Mother Church – the Mystical Body which is undergoing the Passion of My Divine Son. But the pinnacle has not been reached yet, My sweet children! Therefore – with your prayers – you will take up your Cross and follow My Divine Son, slowly, step by step, on the Road to Calvary and in time, you will be crucified, My sweet children, with My Divine Son, on the Cross! It is through your sufferings and your agony – as that of My Divine Son – that the world will be saved – even at the last moment of time!!”

“I Love you, My dear children and I Bless you with this Holy Rosary of the ‘Living’ God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Finally, My dear child, concerning the Order of Saint Charbel, beloved of My Immaculate Heart: My children must not be discouraged! Discouragement is a tool of the Devil! You must have hope – have confidence and trust – in the Divine Plan of the Eternal Father! Soon, My sweet child and dear children, this Holy Order will receive the sanction from Holy Mother Church and then, My sweet child, joy will flood your souls, for many Priests and Religious will come, and you must teach them and send them out throughout the world to preach the Good News of the salvation of souls and the Mercies of My Divine Son. This great Order, which will spread throughout the whole world, will bring souls back to My Divine Son, for you, My sweet children, are the saints of the “Latter Days” and you must bear the cross, patiently, upon your hearts, so many souls will come to love and worship My Divine Son.”

“Be assured that I, your Heavenly Mother, am always with you and will guide this Order to the completion of God’s Plan. But each and every one of you, must be an example like My Divine Son. And as My Divine Son has told you: “Be ye perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect.” You must be the ‘light’ My sweet children. Let love rule your hearts – not envy! I love you, sweet children and I Bless you from My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.Concerning your questions, dear child; I will answer them while the prayers are being said.”

“Tell My children to love one another, as My Divine Son Loves you. It is only through love, self-giving – sacrificial giving of your hearts – that you will triumph, My sweet children. For this reason, My Divine Son spoke often about Love. It is a simple word My sweet children – a word often misunderstood and misused. Each child here must love to the capacity where his heart breaks. When you have done this, My sweet children, then you are following in the footsteps of My Divine Son! My Love and Peace I Give to you this evening: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (Prayers are continued.)

Message from Our Lady to the Little Pebble – 3rd March 1990

Question: On the subject about the Eucharistic Water – or Roedewiess Water – which comes from the U.S.A.

Answer from Our Lady: “This is Holy Water, my son; it is especially efficacious for the soul. However, it cannot be the Holy Eucharist, or another form where the Blessed Sacrament can be present in the form of water. The Holy Priesthood and consecrated hands of the Priests only, can consecrate, bringing forth My Divine Son.”