Message 277 – 8 April 1990



Palm Sunday

My Mother was Crucified with Me; She too, suffered the pain of My Pain – You too, must bear, patiently, the cross that the Eternal Father has fashioned for you – My Most Holy Mother died with Me in spirit – Those in authority have cast aside My Words, just as the members of the Sanhedrin of old – My children wish to Crucify Me again; they trample upon My Sacred body; what abomination in My Own House upon Earth – Many of My children in My Divine Son’s House live in Mortal Sin.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The whole Shrine is imbued in a golden Light, which is shaped like a pyramid and beautiful sparkles are falling from the peak, like confetti onto the Shrine. They are Graces which, as they fall upon your body, are absorbed and each soul within shines-out with Light.

Very high in the sky I have seen the beautiful Cross, with Saint Michael standing to the left of It with his sword raised aloft. Beneath him there are four horses galloping across the sky – one is a reddish colour; another is black; of the others, one is white – and last one is green!

Coming through the brilliance of the Cross is Our Saviour, descending towards the Shrine. It seems that He is floating down within a beam of Light, but His Presence excludes both light and darkness. It is though an invisible force pushes everything away from Him as He moves through the firmament. Our Lady arrived here a little earlier and Our Lord stands about a metre or so above and behind the Shrine – a little away from Her, His Hair flowing neatly over the front of His Shoulders and down His Back. Our Lord is clad in a beautiful pale-cream-coloured tunic which is embroidered around the neck, and the cuffs of the sleeves.

Saint Michael now descends and, as makes his way down, his size decreases. He kneels before Our Lord and places the sword at His Feet, in Honour of Our Saviour, Who extends a Hand, with Fingers pointing upwards – almost as though He is indicating a ‘stop’ sign. I can see right through the hole in the Palm and from It there comes an extraordinary red Light which pierces my soul and is also bringing Light to everyone else here. Saint Michael say that I will understand the meaning later.

I wish all of you could see Our Lord, because He is very Beautiful. He does not seem to be disturbed about anything, but to be very, very, content.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child and My sweet children here present and throughout the whole world: I address you today as the ‘King of kings’; the ‘King of All Souls’ – Created, and yet to be Created! My sweet children, this is the time of My Passion; all My children who bear the sign of Redemption become part of this Passion. The road to the Cross, My sweet children, was bitter and tortuous and with much pain, but yet each blow of the hammer, each stroke of the whip, each drop of spittle, each curse, brought Me joy, because it was through this that I was able to open Heaven for My children! My Most Holy Mother was united with Me, totally, Physically, Spiritually and Mentally, in every aspect!! Your Mother – and Mine – was Crucified with Me, My sweet children. She too, Suffered the Pain of My Pain! All those who bear My Name must be born [again] through My Most Holy Mother – uniting yourselves with Her, because it was through Her that I came into the world to Redeem mankind and it is through Her – My Mother, Mary the Immaculate – that I will come again to Reign over all hearts and souls, living and dead!!”

“My children of the Light: Bear in mind that you must become ‘Christ-like’ and ‘Mary-like’ before you reach the summit of perfection. This is the time of Passion; this is an event for each man, woman and child. You too, My sweet children, must bear, patiently, the cross that the Eternal Father has fashioned for you. Carry your cross!! My Mother – My Most Holy Mother – shall stand beside you, to bear your cross with you. You need only ask and it shall be given to you, for this I have Promised and My Promises stand forever!!”

“The Church – My Mystical Body – is undergoing the Passion and the Passion will increase as the time of My Second Coming draws near. As I Died on the Cross, so did My Most Holy Mother with Me – in Spirit. So will My Church upon Earth! As is said in Scripture: “The shepherd was struck and the sheep were scattered”. So will it be to My shepherd on Earth: Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, will soon be struck and the sheep will be scattered and there shall be a ‘desert’ within Holy Mother Church, for some time!! Just as I was laid in the Tomb, so [will] My Mystical Body. Everything that is relevant in Holy Scripture concerning Myself also concerns each and every one of you. So therefore, My sweet children, bear patiently with one another and with one another’s burdens. Be like My Most Holy Mother Who Bore all Her Sufferings, patiently, within Her Immaculate Body and Heart. She Suffered silently! Only those very close to Her know of Her deep Pains. The Angels stood in awe as they watched My Most Holy Mother carry the Cross with Me, in Her Heart.”

“My children, My children: Can I say “Why hast thou forsaken Me? What have I not done for you”? To those in authority: What has God not done for you? He has given all!! You have cast aside My Words, just as the members of the Sanhedrin of old – the leaders of My Father’s House. They passed judgement upon Me, their God, and this judgement was in vain, because they condemned the Holy Innocent; and now the leaders of My House upon Earth are repeating the same judgement upon the holy innocence of My sweet children, who defend the Word of God. I am the Judge of the world and My Judgement will be Just and Fair – but woe to the reprobates who judge Our children of the Light with injustices! Their fate will be [like that of] those souls who have been lost to Us, unless they repent!!”

“This time given to mankind by My Holy Mercy – the time of Holy Week – is a time for Our children to remember the Mercies of God, by sending His only Begotten to ransom sinners from the enslavement of Lucifer, the world and the flesh! Remember the Price that was Paid for your salvation, dear children, by the Sacrifice of the Blood! Each Drop of Blood was for you – and now My children wish to Crucify Me again!! They trample upon My Sacred Body. What sacrilege; what abomination in My Own House upon Earth!! They dance around the Altars, as demons do – as the demons did two thousand years ago, when I hung on the Cross! They laughed and they jeered, as they believed that they were victorious. But to their shame they learned that I was the Son of God and they were thrust down into Hell. These same demons which were there at the Crucifixion are now released upon Earth to bring forth the same Crucifixion – and My children are being misled by them, for you, My children, have allowed the evil one to enter My House to destroy all that is Holy!!”

“My children of old had done the same thing and you know, My sweet children, what I did to them in My Father’s House! I am soon Coming again to do the same – to clean My Father’s House upon Earth – and only those who are My sweet children, simple of heart and dedicated to My Most Holy Mother, will be permitted to enter this Realm of My Heart – My Sanctuary. As time progresses, My sweet children, the cross will become heavier, because all of you must reach Calvary. So do not be surprised to hear of sorrows, of great calamities, of sicknesses and disappointments! All of these will be there for your sanctification and purification, so all of you will become ‘living symbols’ of My Heart, so that no man will have the excuse to say that he did not know.”

“All of Our children will be given the opportunity in their lifetime to become ‘living saints’ on Earth and then in Heaven for all time! There is no soul on this Earth who does not have this opportunity, for all of you were Created in Our Likeness to become like Us – to be holy, sanctified, pure – symbols of God’s Grace and Love to the world. Take your lives seriously, My sweet children. Be not afraid – you should fear no man. The only fear that your should have in your heart is sin against the Holy One!! My sweet children: I offer you My Cross!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus has a very large and heavy-looking Cross beside Him, leaning towards one Shoulder. It resembles the cross on the Holy Grounds here. Now He makes the top of the Cross lean towards us.

OUR LORD: “Will you, My children, accept this Cross and follow Me? Yes, even unto the Crucifixion!? I want to hear your words, now – from your hearts!! You see, My sweet children, with the Cross comes joy and peace – the peace of Our Spirit. So, be not afraid, for my Most Holy Mother and I and the Holy Angels and Saints, will assist you each day and, through your sufferings and Mine and My Most Holy Mother, We will ransom many souls. I thank you, My sweet children – each and every one of you – for hearing My call; each, in different degrees of perfection and will. I will give you the ‘Crown of Glory’ in the Kingdom of My Father. Come – follow Me, and I will take your hand.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael takes the big Cross – it seems to be very light when he handles it – and goes up to the big White Cross high in the sky. He places it inside the large Cross and the brown wood brightens greatly, so much so, that it becomes a magnificent golden colour!”

OUR LORD: “See, My child and dear children, the Body is the Cross and the Soul is the Spirit – and it is through My Spirit and your suffering, that you will be purified and made into ‘gold of pure offering’ to the Eternal Father, for the ransom of sinners. Pray often now, My sweet children and offer-up each little deed to the Eternal Father, through My Most Holy Mother for Holy Mother Church, that all will be fulfilled according to God’s Plan for mankind. I Bless you all, My sweet children, for you shall reap a great reward for your faithfulness. As the women of Jerusalem were faithful to Me, you shall also be. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue with your prayers to save souls. I Love you, sweet children, and give My Spirit.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Fluttering from Our Lord’s Most Holy Chest is the Holy Spirit, in the form of a Dove; from the open Wings and the Chest come beautiful rays which fall over us. It is very beautiful to see.

OUR LORD: “Peace be with you, My son and My sweet children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now goes back into the depths of the sky, towards the Cross and the Holy Spirit is fluttering along too, with Jesus and Saint Michael.

(The third sorrowful Mystery is recited.)

There are many Angels here; it seems that Our Holy Mother may be coming because there are thousands of Angels all around the Shrine. I believe that Our Lord came early for a special reason. The Angels sing a hymn to Our Holy Mother – ‘Hail Holy Queen’; the sky rolls back, like a scroll and all the blue that makes-up the sky has been pushed aside. It’s a truly wonderful sight. The Angels hold the scroll as though, should they let go, it might unroll again. It is very unusual.

Far in the distance I can see a blue, egg-shaped, Light, zigzagging across the sky. The Angels are singing quite loudly now, but it is very beautiful – much more so than any massed human voices that I have heard. There is an orchestra, too; it consists of harps and other stringed instruments – all being played by Angels. Our Holy Mother emerges from the ball of Light, quite close to us – about three metres away from the statue here. Angels form around Our Lady, all of them dressed in a great variety of pastel colours. Our Lady has stepped onto a flat, horizontal, star – right into the middle of it – but it is spinning! As it does so many different-coloured lights spray-out from it.

Our Holy Mother is dressed in a beautiful burgundy-coloured tunic; I have never seen Her in that colour before. Over Her Shoulders is a white cape; on Her Head is a diamond-shaped Crown, which sparkles – and she looks to be very, very, happy. Our Lady raises Her beautiful, golden, Rosary and Kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

“My beloved child and sweet children: I have come today to give you My Blessings, to strengthen all My children of the Light. My Divine Son had to speak to you first, My sweet children, to help Our children to understand the great Mystery surrounding the Passion of the Church and I am the Mother of this Church – the Mother of the Mystical Body of My Divine Son. As I took care of My Divine Son whilst on Earth, I am taking care of you, My sweet children. For this reason I come so often to the Church. The Church is in need of My Immaculate Heart to Heal its many wounds. The evil one has inflicted the Church with many deep wounds – wounds of heresy, of corruption, of sin – Mortal Sin!! What does Mortal Sin do, My sweet children? – it wrenches the Heart from God!!”

“Many of Our children in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth live in Mortal Sin! This wounds the Heart of My Divine Son, therefore, He sends Me to the Church that He Loves, which He Suffered for, and Died on the Cross for, to heal the wounds and to cast-out the evil one who has caused these sufferings. However, My sweet children, you are at fault – especially the leaders of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. You have not wanted to listen to the Good Counsel of your Most Holy Mother and, as in the case of doctors, if you do not listen to your physicians, who have the gift of medicines and abilities to heal the body, then the body grows sick and may even die! Likewise I, your Heavenly Mother – as the Physician for Holy Mother Church – have all the remedies, My sweet children, to Heal this ailing body of the Church. But you have cast the Physician and the Medicine aside, believing in your ‘high position’, that you have a better path and a better way to heal yourselves.”

“The children of the world do this too. They go from one person to another place – to different types of ‘physicians’ who are not lawful and, instead of becoming healed, Our children are dragged further into the mire of sin, debauchery and ugliness! My children of the Mystical Body of My Divine Son: The remedy for your ailments is simple – pray My Most Holy Rosary!! Go often to My Divine Son in the Eucharist; He awaits you! Receive the Holy Sacrament of Penance, to cleanse yourselves. This is the remedy of all that is within Holy Mother Church today.”

“The Messages of My Divine Son and I are like milk to a child. If you cast this ‘milk’ aside and give the child wine, what happens? The child loses its balance and loses its free-will. Holy Mother Church is drunk with the wine of sin! If mankind will not listen to My Words, My Divine Son will ask Me to withdraw from the world and nurture only those who are obedient to My Words.”

“Time is short, My sweet children. The Eternal Father has already Decreed what must come to pass, to Holy Mother Church and the world at large. The only thing that Our children can now do is to mitigate these Decrees, for should the Eternal Father put into action the fullness of these Decrees then the world will be destroyed, and all of its inhabitants – bar a few souls who will be left!! It is time for Our children to think carefully of the situation that you find yourself in now. Those who have the Truth must defend the Truth and fight for It – and your weapon, My sweet children, is My Most Holy Rosary.”

“I Bless you all and give you a special Blessing of perseverance in this time of the Passion of My Divine Son and His Holy Church upon Earth. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, dear children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother steps back into the ball of Light and She is moving, very rapidly, far into the sky. The Angels follow Her just as quickly, in train, across the sky.

(The Rosary is resumed.)