Message 283 – 5 May 1990



It is time for My Church to proclaim, dogmatically, the grandeur of My Holy Mother’s role as Mediatrix of All Graces – It is My Mother who dispenses all the Graces throughout the Church and the world – It is through the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that Satan will be cast into Hell for all time – Jesus suffers much in the Tabernacles; He bears that suffering in loneliness – Each hour the Angels and Saints descend from Heaven to help souls upon Earth and each hour souls are released from Purgatory to help those on Earth – Christ would have died had there been only one soul to be saved.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the past few minutes – behind the Tabernacle, very deep into the sky – a mountain has formed and on it there is a beautiful brilliant White Cross, with many rays coming out of it. Each ray is going to another part of the world and at the end of each ray is a Tabernacle; so many rays. Behind our Tabernacle there is a very brilliant Light and four Angels with blue wings are kneeling before the Tabernacle with their heads right down to the ground. I have been admiring them since the last decade of the Rosary.

On the mountain there are many other crosses, made of plain brown wood. Some of them are illuminated by the White Cross. The Angels have just told me that the crosses which are lower down the mountain – and there are many of them – have human beings on them and they are crosses which Our Lord has given them, but have not been accepted. Amongst these crosses are some which are a brilliant white – brilliant! They signify union with Our Lord.

There are more rays coming from the White Cross now, being sprayed all the way to this Holy Sanctuary, which is about a mile from the Cross! Our Blessed Lord steps out of these rays and stands where the Tabernacle is, on the little white cloth. He looks very beautiful, dressed in white with a golden mantle – a cape – which is tied at the front with golden straps. Our Lord also has on a beautiful golden Crown which has three points to it. On each point there is a symbol and on the two outer points there is also a word: on one, ‘Alpha’ and, on the other, ‘Omega’. In the middle of the centre point is a beautiful fine Cross.

Our Lord opens-up His Arms, as though to embrace all of us! and He is looking very deeply into everybody’s soul! I can tell when Our Lord or Our Lady is looking into a soul – for it is the same as when they are looking into my soul. It is a very unusual feeling as They look at you with Their big blue eyes – it’s just as though your whole life comes before God; like standing before God on Judgement Day!! I do not fear it, for Our Lord’s Love is there – to compliment His Judgements.

I can see a hand coming from behind Our Lord – a woman’s hand – emerging from a blue sleeve, holding a Rosary. I am certain that It is Our Lady’s Arm and Hand. Our Lord looks around at the Arm and smiles. The Angel says: “Supplication, on our behalf”! The Arm now disappears and, coming out of the Chest of Our Lord – as though passing through matter; from being invisible to becoming visible – is the Holy Ghost, in the form of a Dove. He is just outside Our Lord’s Chest and just rests there. From the Bosom of the Dove a little red Heart appears, then shoots out golden rays towards this Community and its members. It is really beautiful.

The Dove moves over towards me and I can feel it above me. There is a tremendous ray of golden Light shooting through my body and soul. Our Lord is holding up His Hands, as though about to bestow a Blessing and there are rays of Light coming from the Wounds, straight into my heart, forming a line between the Holy Spirit and me! It is very unusual. There is more Light emerging from the Holy Spirit now, going out towards the people here and, it seems, to the whole world. It is by an extraordinary Miracle that I am able to visualize – see – the entire world at a glance; in an instant! It is probably what they in Heaven can do – see in front, behind and through yourself and others – simultaneously!! Most unusual!

The Holy Spirit now returns to Our Lord to rest on His Head and I can now see the Face of the Eternal Father above the Holy Spirit. He is dressed in brilliant white and upon His Head is a blue triangle. It is really beautiful. It’s not often that I have seen Eternal Father, but He looks exactly like Our Lord – exactly! – and He does not look at all old, as some people make Him out to be. He smiles and I can see more than just His Face now – all His upper Chest and His Arms. It is truly beautiful! I can see the Holy Trinity; there is tremendous glow coming from the ‘Three Persons’. It is very hard to explain – I just wish that you could see what I see!

From within the Trinity a big triangle forms and the Holy Trinity now stands within it, but They have moved back behind the wall of the Chapel and have become much larger. It is really beautiful!

Emerging from within the Trinity I can see the Blessed Virgin Mary – as though the Trinity is ‘giving birth’ to Her – and She is standing within the Trinity; it’s very hard to explain. Our Lady is dressed in white, with a beautiful long blue mantilla, which reaches right down to Her Toes. Our Lady opens Her Hands as She comes out of the Holy Trinity. I do not know how to explain it properly, but Our Lady is now standing on a Light which also has come out of the Holy Trinity – standing right in front of the Blessed Trinity and I can see the ‘Three Persons’ sending out different-coloured rays, which come through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart – visible on Her Chest – and from Her Heart disperse other rays, which are spread all over us! The Voice of the Triune God – as one Voice – says: “MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES; CO-REDEMPTRIX”!

These words are also formed on the blue triangle, where there is a fine gold vertical centre line – and on the left is the word ‘Mediatrix’; to the right, ‘Co-Redemptrix’. God – His Word – says that these Doctrines must be proclaimed as ‘dogmatic’ for Holy Mother Church. Now the Holy Trinity is not speaking with Their Mouths – the Words are transmitted to me in a manner different from when Our Lord or Our Lady speak to me directly. It is really beautiful.

Saint Michael is now standing behind the triangle, with his wings outstretched – a magnificent apparition! One doesn’t need a Message when there is something like that to be seen!! All that has now disappeared, and Our Lord is again standing here before us.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My sweet son; Our holy child of predilection and My sweet children throughout the whole world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child and sweet children: The vision which I have given you this evening, My child, is for Holy Mother Church. This vision is to show the ‘Great Intercessor’ for mankind – My Most Holy Mother. It is time for My Church upon Earth to proclaim, dogmatically, the grandeur of My Most Holy Mother’s Role – in union with My Most Sacred Heart – in the salvation of humanity! She is the Mediatrix of All Graces for mankind, for all Grace given by the Triune God goes through Her Immaculate Heart to mankind and all prayers and supplications which come from those on Earth – and from Purgatory and from Heaven – come through Her Immaculate Heart to Us! It is My Mother Who dispenses all the Graces throughout the whole Church and the world! It is by Her Power and Her Intercession, My sweet children, that Grace is given to the Church and especially at this time, when the Church is going through great turmoil and struggle. For this reason mankind must never cease to implore My Most Holy Mother at this crucial hour, because the salvation of the Church has been placed in Her Immaculate Hands. For this reason, My sweet children, I call all children of the ‘Latter Day Saints’ at this time to proclaim the Glory of My Virginal Mother, by dedicating to Her the sanctity of their lives.”

“Many of the great Saints of past times have desired to live in these days, because these days are those spoken of about My Most Holy Mother and with My Most Holy Mother, My beloved ‘son’ and Foster-Father – the Pure Heart of Saint Joseph – is now to prevail throughout the whole world to assist Our children to fight against the evil one in these last days. The Pure Heart of Saint Joseph, My sweet children, is very important at this time. So you can see now [the necessity of] the devotion of the Three Immaculate Hearts for the ‘end times’. It is through the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that Satan will be cast into Hell for all time – with the help of Our ‘little’ ones on Earth – for you, My sweet children, are the ‘light bearers’ of truth. You must defend the Purity of the Hearts of Mary, My Sweet Mother and Joseph, My sweet Foster-Father.”

“Remember well: it is through Their Sufferings and Their Prayers that the Church is being saved – united with all the ‘little’ souls scattered throughout the globe, with their sufferings and prayers and many souls shall learn of the Goodness and Mercy of My Father in Heaven. The battle rages on now, My sweet children – the battle between good and evil.”

“Time is very short, in the reckoning of Earth’s time. So, as time progresses and goes towards My Second Coming, know that the battle will increase – and even become violent! – among the spirits. Fear not, My sweet children, because victory is in your hands. We have given this victory to you, for the Glory of My Father and My Mother and My Church upon Earth. However, My sweet children, before this great victory comes to Mother Church, all children of the Faith – and those yet to be converted – will need to carry their cross and follow Me, for I am ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’! There is no other path but through My Cross and through My Immaculate Mother. Tell the whole world, My sweet children, that I – the Son of the Living God – shall soon descend upon the world with great Power and Majesty and I shall crush all that is evil and bring peace to the hearts of My children.”

“The great war Prophesied by My Most Holy Mother – and through countless Seers throughout the world – will soon come! It is a sad fact, My sweet child and dear children, that mankind continues to proceed towards their own death, not caring about their lives, but proceeding towards the abyss – with their lives of leisure and pleasure and great sinfulness. Wake-up, My sweet children, while you have the time.”

“Soon you shall see great destruction in many lands and many shall perish by the sword. This saddens Our Hearts, very deeply. However, with your prayers, My sweet children, all may be mitigated – some can even be prevented – but, will Our children pray?? So many times – even during the time when I Walked upon the Earth – I have called mankind to pray and do penance! Now this has been My call for nearly two thousand years and yet mankind continues to disbelieve in Me as being Saviour of the world – for I am truly, the Son of the Living God! I and My Father are One and Our Spirit is One with Us and We have sent to the world the ‘Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix of All Graces’ – Our Most Holy Mother – to save the world from its own destruction. Listen well to Her Words, My sweet children – and pray often!”

“I ask all the people of God – all those who are faithful to My Word – to plead with the Holy Father to bring forth the ‘dogmatic statement’ of My Most Holy Mother, so the world can be saved in this hour!” “All the Priests of the world should ‘herald’ their voice on behalf of My Most Holy Mother and plead with the Holy Vicar for the ‘Holy Year’ of the Priesthood and for the request I have just made.”

“This is all, My dear children, for this evening. My Most Holy Mother will come shortly to give you Her Blessing. Be assured, My sweet child and dear children, that We are with you and We will guide you, to the very end – regardless of those who may not believe, for many did not believe in Me either, My sweet child, to their folly! However, they have now paid the price of disbelief!”

“Pray for all those who persecute you and calumniate against you, My sweet child, for your reward shall be great in the Kingdom of Heaven, with My Most Holy Mother – so proceed on your journey towards Calvary. Pray for all who ask for prayers and pray for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, for his martyrdom is very near, as time is short.”

“I Bless you, My child; My predilected son and all My children here present and throughout the world. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, My child and dear children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Holy Spirit again, Who is moving towards us as though to give us His Peace – which is the Holy Spirit. It is really beautiful.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are now shrinking – going into the Tabernacle, the door of which is open. It is full of brilliant Light and, although I cannot see Jesus any more, the Holy Spirit is standing inside the Tabernacle. The door now closes. In the distance I can see another Light – a blue Light – and I think it is Our Lady. Yes! – Our Lady is already emerging from the Light, next to the Tabernacle, between the statue of Our Lady of the Ark and the Crucifix – standing outside the blue Light, on a golden cloud, which I haven’t seen before. It is really beautiful. I can see Our Lady’s Feet and She is standing as though on a cushion. There are three little roses on each of Her Feet, in between Her Toes – roses of different colours – one blue – and I have never seen a blue rose before – one golden and the other white. Beautiful!! Our Lady is dressed in white – I have seen Her so many times in white – and again She has on a beautiful and very long, royal blue, mantilla. The appearance is that of Our Lady of Fatima, but in a different colour. I do not see Her Immaculate Heart this time, but She holds a beautiful golden Rosary in Her right Hand and She kisses Our Lord on the Crucifix of the Rosary.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet child and sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“See, My dear child and dear children, how My Divine Son Loves you. He cares for each and every one of you, so very much – especially in this hour of trial for My Divine Son’s Church – His Mystical Body on Earth. Yes, My sweet children, this is a time of trial, however, it is also a time of rejoicing for Our children of the Light because they have the Light and they have the Word of God implanted within their souls. May this Word, My sweet children – Which is My Divine Son – be given birth in your souls, so you may bear much ‘fruit’ for the Kingdom of My Father and your Father in Heaven, for each child on Earth must give birth to the Word of God in his soul and this birth emanates from My Immaculate Heart.”

“If you unite yourselves with Me, My sweet children, you shall bear much ‘fruit’ and bring many souls to My Divine Son. For this reason We have chosen you, My sweet children, because all those who follow the path of righteousness and Truth – and follow the Messages [given] throughout the whole world, in their Truth – are given the Grace to bear much ‘fruit’, for there are many souls who are lingering in the darkness! All they need is your hand and – with My Help – you can bring all these souls to My Divine Son. So – take heart, My sweet children.”

“Be prayerful. Prayer, My sweet children, is like music to the ears of My Beloved Son, Jesus. He suffers much in the Tabernacles throughout the world; He bears that suffering in loneliness, as I know many other souls do too, throughout the world. However, if you come to comfort Him, He shall give you the strength to carry your cross; to bring other souls to Him. In this way you also become co-redeemers with My Immaculate Heart in the Redemptive Work of My Divine Son. It is in this way, My sweet children, that you gain merits.”

“Offer-up the many Indulgences which are freely given to you by the Bounty of My Divine Son. These Indulgences, My sweet children, can be offered for the poor souls who are in Purgatory; for the poor sinners who have no-one to pray for them.”

“At this time, My sweet children, it is a battle to save souls. Every hour – every minute of the day – is spent in saving souls and fighting for their salvation. Each hour, the Angels and the Saints descend from Heaven to help the souls upon Earth. Each hour, My sweet children, souls are released from Purgatory to help their brothers and sisters on Earth! This is the ‘hour’ spoken of in Holy Scripture – the final ‘hour’ for mankind! The battle is intense and the price is high! For this reason there will be many martyrs – martyrs of the body; martyrs of the soul; martyrs of the spirit! There are many types of martyrs, My sweet children: emotional; physical; spiritual – comprising those who work hard for the redemption of mankind.”

“The scales are uneven – as Saint Michael, the great Warrior of Heaven, has shown you, many times – because much prayer is needed, My sweet children; so much prayer! To convert a sinner, My sweet children, how much sacrifice must be given by mankind to ransom the soul? Think carefully on this. Even though My Divine Son Died on the Cross, it is through Him – united with all souls on this Earth – that salvation is wrought for sinners; it is through the Merit of My Divine Son and also, [through] My Immaculate Heart, United with Him – that redemption is wrought and merit is given to Our children to ransom sinners.”

“So you can see, My sweet children, it is not a light matter. Think of the price of a soul. Think carefully of Eternity and of time, as it is and you will understand, My sweet children, how difficult it is to save sinners, because there must be free-will; because God will not force a soul into the Kingdom of Heaven. He has given free-will to every living being – so, therefore, through your sacrifices, penance and prayerfulness, Grace is then sent to each soul for him to decide whether he accepts it, or rejects it! So – remember well the price of a soul, My sweet children. Christ – the Son of the Living God – would have Died [on the Cross] had there been only one soul to be saved, My sweet children – and remember the great Price that My Divine Son Wrought upon the Cross!!”

“My beloved child: Some of My sweet daughters have asked you a question concerning why some of My sweet children do not wear their head cover. To answer this, My sweet daughters, you must reflect – for everyone has free will. Some children are open to much Light, while others are not. Even those chosen by Me and who have the privilege of seeing Me, still do not understand My Most Holy Will, which is the Will of My Divine Son. It is written in Holy Scripture that all women must wear a head covering in the Presence of God – therefore, My sweet children, this must be taught by My Priest-sons. However, this has not been taught at great length [widely] at this time; but this does not take away from the fact that those who see Me and yet do not wear the right clothing – should! It does not take away from their dignity, for they are merely human and – in many cases – do not understand the full precepts of the Teachings of Holy Mother Church. It is not their simple hearts which cause this but, rather, the lack of Teachings by Holy Mother Church. But, even so, I still Appear to these souls, and in each case – at each Apparition site – I give directions, in varied ways. In each case the Messages are different – and yet the same! – but, when My children have understood the whole Plan of God, then they, too, will understand the need to wear their head-covering and `proper’ women’s clothes.”

“It is sad, however, that many of Our good children do not understand the reasons why Heaven requests this – but in time, all will understand Heaven’s Ways. So be not perplexed, My sweet daughters, but learn to pray for them, that God will instill into their hearts a deeper understanding of God’s Will for them.”

“I Bless you, My sweet daughters, and encourage you to follow My Word, which I have given here and many other places throughout the world. I Bless all My children present: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers and I will take them to the Eternal Father for the ransom of sinners. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is moving back into the sky at a very, very, fast pace and has now gone. The four Angels with blue wings are still kneeling here before us – before the Tabernacle. We will continue with our prayers.

(The Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary is recited.)