Message 284 – 13 May 1990



Feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

My Divine Son is offended much, especially by those in authority, the Shepherds and Pastors of the flock – The Words I gave at La Salette and Fatima and give at many places throughout the world, must be heeded – Our children’s ears are closed; they do not realize the importance of Our Words upon these Holy Grounds – Do not forget those who have passed away into Limbo and Purgatory – Once you leave this Earth you go only with what you have gained.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Already there are many great Angels around the Shrine and, in particular, there are two great Angels here within the Shrine, standing one on each side of the Statue of Our Lady. They are about eight feet tall, dressed in gold; the Angels of the Tabernacle. Our Lady has not arrived yet, but high in the sky I see a beautiful, brilliant, light – shaped like an egg – pure light – and it’s moving very fast, towards the Shrine. There’s a little cloud underneath it and it has now come to the back part of the Shrine. It’s about eight feet high and about three feet wide. The light is opening up, and although it’s very unusual, I have seen it before. The Angels within the Shrine are kneeling down, bowing their heads and there are many other Angels around it.

Out of this light emerges Our Holy Mother, standing on the beautiful luminous cloud. Our Holy Mother is dressed as Our Lady of the Ark this time and has the Baby Jesus in Her left Arm – but doesn’t have the Ark with Her. The Baby Jesus is holding a little Rosary and Scapular – very similar to the Statue – and He is about two years old. He is handing over this small Rosary, into Our Lady’s right Hand. Our Lady is very happy today. Behind Our Blessed Mother are many, many, Angels – and they have bouquets of flowers. They come into the Shrine here, which seems to expand to fit them all in, because there are so many of them. They are placing all these flowers at Our Lady’s Feet then hovering, in mid air – it’s really beautiful – and there’s a beautiful scent of flowers inside the Shrine. Our Blessed Mother acknowledges the Holy Angels’ gift and smiles – and She looks about Her, looking far into the distance from the Holy Grounds. The Baby Jesus now makes the sign of the Cross:

BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: A golden beam of Light came out from Our Lord’s Hands when He made the Sign of the Cross. Our Blessed Mother now raises Her right Hand:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child – Our sweet ‘Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I give you My Mother’s Blessing and Greetings. I thank you, My sweet children, for coming today to give homage to Me and to give adoration to My Divine Son. Your prayers have been heard by My Divine Son and I and We shall take these prayers to the Eternal Father as an offering, to grant you your petitions and needed Graces for the salvation of many souls.”

“It is good, My dear child, that you continue to bless Our children. It is through these blessings that many souls are cured – spiritually and bodily – and even today, many Graces have been given to Our children who have come with faith. Not all children who come to My Holy Sanctuaries throughout the world are cured bodily, My sweet children, but all are given Graces from the Eternal Father. My Divine Son, when He walked the earth, did not cure all souls because many children, if they were cured, would leave My Divine Son and I. Remember, My children, how many souls were cured of leprosy in the time when My Divine Son walked the earth, yet only a few returned to give Him thanks. Many of these souls who were cured of body, lost their souls. So you can see, My dear children, there are many reasons of the Eternal Father why He does not give a cure of the body to all souls. But, do not lose hope, for the most important part of your entity is your spirit; the cure of your soul.”

“It is for this reason, My sweet children, that I come as Your Heavenly Mother with My Divine Son, because I come to cure your souls – your innermost being. My Divine Son has given you the Priesthood to gain the Grace of forgiveness of sins. My Divine Son and I travel throughout the whole world to bring the good news of salvation to mankind. We bring to you the Sacramentals, the Holy Rosary, the Brown Scapular and many of the Sacramentals that are needed for your protection in these times.”

“My good Priest Son spoke well about the conflict between good and evil. To protect Our children from onslaughts of Hell we have given you the Sacramentals, but these Sacramentals, My sweet children, can do no good if you do not believe, if you do not have faith and if you do not pray. The Messages of My Immaculate Heart to My Divine Son’s Church upon earth, is to pray, offer penance, sacrifice and atone for the sins that are committed against the Sacred Body, Soul and Divinity of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, for He is offended much at this time, because of the sins of My children throughout the whole world – especially My children in authority: The Shepherds – the Pastors of the flock. The sheep are now scattered and divided.”

“You must pray, My sweet children; pray often My Most Holy Rosary, which I have given to you for many centuries. The Words that I gave to you at La Salette and Fatima and so many other places throughout the world today, must be heeded. Time, My sweet children, is very short in earthly calculations. It saddens My Immaculate Heart to see Our children walk away from the truth. For this reason, My sweet children, take up the beads of love and pray for your brothers and sisters, for many of them are on the road of perdition – and many of the hierarchy are also on this road, taking many souls with them. And, even now – while I speak to you – some of Our children’s ears are closed. They do not realize the importance of My Words, let alone My Presence here upon these Holy Grounds, with my Divine Son. Many souls are to be pitied, for they have no one to pray for them.”

“So pray, My sweet children and do sacrifice for your brothers and sisters and forget not those who have passed away into Purgatory and Limbo. These souls need your prayers for they cannot help themselves. Only you, My sweet children – through the merits of My Divine son, Jesus Christ, in His Church upon earth – can gain the Graces and Indulgences that are needed to bring these souls into Heaven. And these souls, My sweet children, will never forget you; they love you too. But, in most cases, when a person dies, he is remembered only on that day and is then forgotten – sometimes for many, many, years. This must not be. While you yet live, My sweet children, you must pray for the living and also for the dead – because, My sweet children, this is the time that you can gain merit. Once you leave this earth you go only with what you have gained. If you have gained little, you will pay a heavy price after your death. So, while you have the words of everlasting life, live this life in God.”

“Serve My Divine Son faithfully and love His Mystical Body, which is the Church – which is you, My sweet children. Serve each other as My Divine Son serves the Church. Pray for each other, that all may be saved, especially in the Great Chastisements that are hanging over the entire world. Mankind believes that peace has been reached. Do not believe this, sweet children, for the louder they cry ‘Peace’, the closer you are towards war. For the Words that I spoke at Fatima and La Salette have not yet been fulfilled and, until they are fulfilled, there will be no peace upon this earth, for there can be no peace while there is still sin upon the world and in the hearts of men – and, more so, inside My Divine Son’s House upon earth. Peace is a Gift from the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of God. Where there is sin, there is no peace. Understand this well, My sweet children. The world moves closer to the abyss. The evil one is now entrenched in My Divine Son’s House upon earth and in the hearts of Our children. Even the youth are now encumbered by the evil one, who entices them with all types of temptation forgotten by the old and yet, they too, fell into the same temptation before and during the Second World War and the First World War.”

“Many of the adults believe they were good in the early part of this century, but this was not so. Do you believe that I came in vain? Why do you think, My sweet children, I came to the earth at the end of the last century and early this century, to warn our children of the coming days of tribulation upon the Church and upon the world? It was because Our children were in grave sin! And again My Divine Son and I came before the Second World War, to warn Our children of the calamities that would come upon the Church and the world and still Our children have not heeded Our Words! Now I come again with the same Words: There is no peace in the world while there is sin!”

“So pray much, do penance and offer up sacrifices for your brothers and sisters. Do not blame the youth for these times, for the youth are the product of society and the parents that bore them. You are responsible, dear children, for the world as it is. Look to yourselves and you’ll find the reason and the cause. But these sinful times can be overcome by prayer.”

“Return all things to the traditional ways. The Church has become modern and ‘modernism’ was condemned by the Holy Fathers of the Church. Heresy is rampant in the Church, yet is camouflaged very well by Lucifer, who is within the Church – in the very bosom and heart. But the Church remains Holy and One, because of Christ, My Divine Son – in the stone; the foundation. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II – pray that he be strengthened to cast out Lucifer, who is entrenched within the Church. My children must bring back Saint Michael! He is the Warrior and Prince and Defender of Holy Mother Church.”

“Time is pressing, My sweet children. The battle of the Spirits will intensify each day, so protect yourselves with the Mantle of My Immaculate Heart – the Brown Scapular. Go and feed on my Divine Son in the Blessed Eucharist, for He is the Spring of Eternal Life. He is the Light of the World. I Love you, My sweet, children and I offer you My Immaculate Heart, where all sinners can come and seek refuge. For what do you find in My Immaculate Heart but My Divine Son and He will forgive you of all your sins and help you on the road to Paradise. Pick up your crosses. My sweet children and follow My Beloved Jesus to your Calvary, for the Church is now on the point of being crucified, and you, My sweet children are the Church.”

“So remember well, My Words and remember that I stood beneath the Cross and I stand beneath the Cross of the Church, to hold each and every one of you in My Arms – to offer you to the Eternal Father, for the ransom of sinners.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children and in a special way, I bless My Priest Sons and My Daughters here present: those who are in the religious vocation. I encourage you, My sweet children, to follow the Light of My Divine Son. Never fear, for He who Died on the Cross will guide your paths. He will lead you to His Heavenly Father and His Heavenly Mother.”

“I Bless all children throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. May the Peace of the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – remain in your hearts, sweet children. Remain at peace.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Little Infant Jesus is asking for these religious articles.

OUR LADY: “Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for they are sorely needed in this time, for the salvation of humanity.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now steps back – She doesn’t really walk, but glides and the Little Infant Jesus is making the Sign of the Cross several times. +++ They are moving back now into the sky and the Holy Angels – there are many there still – are following Jesus and Mary back toward Heaven. We shall sing ‘Salve Regina’ in thanksgiving to Our Lady and also to give her a gift from our hearts, on Mother’s Day.