Message 287 – 2 June 1990



The Holy Ghost operates through My Immaculate Heart for it is the Will of the Triune God that I became Mediatrix of All Graces – It was by the overpowering Power of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost that the Apostles became wise and prudent teachers of the Word of God – Take heed of the Prophets, wise men and little ones that we send you – The Evil One is well entrenched in the Church, through all Governments and all Faiths – You are either with Christ or against Him. You cannot sit on the fence or serve two Masters.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a strange Light in the sky; it’s like a collection of silvery slivers and from the Tabernacle there comes another very brilliant shining Light. Very far in the distance I can see, what seems to be, a man who is dressed in white and he too, is like a bright light; is zooming towards us, coming much closer. The figure of the man enclosed within this light is very unusual – but it is now much clearer that it is Our Lord, although it seems to be only the Soul, not the Body. On His Chest is the Holy Ghost – in the form of a Dove – and I can hear a Voice coming from within saying:

HOLY GHOST: “I am the Light that cometh from within. I proceed from the Father and the Son”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see, above this, God the Father and God the Son – but this Being, according to my understanding is the Spirit of the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son; the same Image of God the Father and God the Son in a Spirit-Form of Our Lord. It is very unusual. My Angel tells me that I am seeing the Spirit of God.

Sitting right in the centre of this Triangle of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I can see the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is very hard to explain properly, but She is sitting on a Throne. Our Lady is also dressed in beautiful white and has on a beautiful royal blue robe.

There are many, many, thousands of Angels now surrounding the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I seem to be looking very far into the distance, through a circle. Within the circle is the Triangle of God and within the Triangle is the Blessed Mother. It is like seeing the many Spheres of Heaven, where all of the Angels are in array. It is really extraordinary. There is a tremendous amount of Light now covering the entire sky.

The Holy Spirit, as the Dove, now comes towards us and He is not very far from the Tabernacle. It is a beautiful Dove and a tremendous Light is coming from this Bird. However, it is not truly a `bird’ – even though it looks like a Dove – but the Representation of the Spirit of God. It is very hard to explain because, even in the Representation, you can feel the Power and Presence of God. A tremendous amount of Light is falling on all of us, from the Holy Spirit and tiny Flames form on our heads, turning this room into a blaze of Light. These Flames are `Wisdom and Truth’.

There is a beautiful warm feeling which comes from the Holy Ghost and now the Dove – the Holy Spirit – is standing on a little piece of cloth. A tremendous beam of Light is coming from the Tabernacle, forming a white Cross over the Dove.

I can see Our Holy Mother is now coming from Heaven on a cloud – a brilliant white cloud and She just zooms onto this Holy property, into the Sanctuary. The Holy Spirit rises gently from the cloth and goes towards the Mother of God, to stand just under Her Chin, near Her Chest – in mid-air. It is really beautiful.

Our Lady Kisses the Dove and propels It into the air. It’s very unusual. The Dove is positioned now a little above Our Lady’s Head and a Cross has been formed from the Dove – a brilliant gold-tinged white Cross. It is very hard to describe, but this gold colour is coming out of the brilliance of the white and the Cross is shooting, like an arrow, straight through our bodies. My Guardian Angel says:

GUARDIAN ANGEL: “It is the Operation of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I notice that Our Lady also has a light-blue veil on Her Head. She has beautiful pink Rosary beads in Her right Hand and now kisses Jesus on the Cross.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet child, Our holy son of Light and Our sweet children, here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, this evening We permitted that Our children bear witness to the Majesty of the Triune God and, in a special way, the Majesty of the Holy Ghost – the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. The Operation of the Holy Ghost upon Our children is to inspire them to love and serve the Triune God. It is the Holy Ghost, My sweet children, that gives strength to the Church. It is by the Power of the Holy Ghost that the Church remains One and Holy. Therefore, My children throughout the whole world must learn to give honour and worship and love to the Holy Ghost – the Spirit that comes from the Father and Son.”

“The Holy Ghost, My sweet children, operates through My Immaculate Heart to the world and especially to the Holy Mother Church. For it was the Will of the Triune God that I became the Mediatrix of all Graces to all children. For this reason I became the Mother of My Divine Son – the Son of God the Most High and, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I gave Birth to the Living God, for the world. Likewise, My sweet children, I too am your Mother – Mediating for your souls – to ‘give birth’ to you for the salvation of your souls. It is a great Mystery, My sweet children – the Mystery of the Triune God – and how the Mother of the Divine Redeemer works together, in Union with the Holy Ghost – My Spouse – to bring salvation to the Church and to humanity.”

“Pray often, My sweet children, to the Spirit of Love – the Spirit of God – that lives within you. You were made in His Likeness, for the spirit of your soul is in the Likeness of the Spirit of God. For this reason, My sweet children, it is important to feed your spirit with truth, with prayers, with sacrifices and, especially, with My Divine Son in the Eucharist.”

“Too many of My children forget the Intercessory Power of the Holy Ghost for your souls. It is He Who Prays for you before the Eternal Throne of the Father. And in the Son and with the Spirit of God, My sweet children, I, your Heavenly Mother, became Mediatrix before God, for mankind.”

“I give these directions this evening, especially for My children of the high intellect, to make them understand the Wisdom of God, the beauty of the Eternal Spirit and how the Holy Ghost works through My Immaculate Heart, to renew the Church, for it was within My Womb that I carried the ‘Fruit’ of the Spirit of God, which was the ‘Word’ and became Flesh. It is the same Spirit that spoke through the Prophets of old and now of new. Cast not aside the Spirit of God, My sweet children, but pray for the Counsel of God, that His Wisdom may enlighten your hearts and your minds to the depth of the Wisdom and Power of the Holy Ghost. The Apostles of old, My sweet children, were simple men, like yourselves. Simple of heart; humble of heart; generous of heart. It was by the overpowering Power of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost that the Apostles became wise; became prudent; became teachers of the Word of God. It is likewise today. The Holy Ghost is Descending upon many children, making new Apostles and Disciples of My Divine Son – and they speak with the Power of the Holy Ghost. And through His Power do they preach and teach. And they bring forth the Words of My Divine Son and I to the Church – because many in My Divine Son’s House on Earth have lost the path of Truth!”

“When the Holy Ghost Descended upon the Apostles of old, He gave them the power to preach in the Name of the Triune God. Many souls believed in the Son of God because of the extraordinary Intervention of the Holy Ghost upon humanity. Likewise, My sweet children, the Holy Ghost is once again Intervening in man’s affairs and He is Descending upon souls – giving them Words of Prophesy; Words of Wisdom; Words of Counselling; Words of Conversion; Words to save souls and turn them to the path of Righteousness and Truth – which is My Divine Son.”

“O, teachers and leaders and shepherds in My Divine Son’s House on Earth: Take heed of the Prophets and Wise men and the ‘little ones’ whom We send you. Listen to the Word that has been preached and taught to you by the Spirit of God, for these times. Do not extinguish the Spirit, for if you do this, you cast out the Spirit of the Living God and His Word. Learn by the mistakes of the past, for many of Our children do not learn by the mistakes that they have done in the past, but rather continue to do [make] the same mistakes over and over again, bringing mankind to the brink of the Abyss – bringing the entire world to war – where many of Our children will be lost forever.”

“The Holy Spirit, My sweet children, is Descending upon mankind giving Dreams of Dreams, Prophecy, Visions and all wonderful Graces from the Triune God, for the salvation of Holy Mother Church. Listen to the Words that We give you; do not trample Our Words into the ground, or throw them before swine – that they may trample upon them – but be grateful to the Triune God Who has given you salvation, and Light and Love.”

“The trials are now heavy upon the Church and upon the world. It is because the Gift and Light of the Holy Ghost has been cast out of many of the hearts of Our children. Therefore, if the Spirit of God has been cast out, what spirit do you think has replaced Him? If there is a void, My sweet children; if there is no love, no charity, no humility, what spirit takes over the soul? It is the spirit of the adversary – the one who comes to claim souls, to take them down with him into the Abyss – into Hell-fire.”

“I come, My sweet children, as Mother and Mediatrix of All Graces, to the world that now needs prayer. If Our children do not listen and take up the Beads of Love that I have given you for many centuries now, the Spirit of Life and Love will remove Himself from the hearts of many of Our children and allow you to be claimed by the Evil One, to do with you as he desires!”

“There must be, now, a constant vigilance of prayer throughout the whole world; even those who do belong to the Faith that is called ‘Roman Catholic, Apostolic, Faith’; even those who are of other denominations, must also pray, for the Evil One is now well entrenched in Holy Mother Church – through all governments and all faiths. The only way to Victory, My sweet children, is to call upon the Holy Ghost – the Power and Wisdom of God – to crush the Serpent and his pride. For mankind now believes that he does not need God – for he has made himself an idol and that is himself. What happens to idols? Idols fall – they get destroyed by the Breath of God.”

“Yes, My sweet children, life is very serious. It is not a game, My children of the Light. You are now in great conflict – and this conflict, My sweet children, is between the good Spirits and the bad spirits. There is no in-between – you are either with Christ or you are against Him. You are either with Me or you are against Me. You cannot sit on the fence and take both sides. You cannot serve two Masters, My sweet children. Think of the cost that My Divine Son wrought for you on the Cross. Think well of the Love of the Triune God, in the Spirit of God, for you. Yes, My sweet children, time is very short. Your Heavenly Mother goes throughout the whole world each day, reaching out to the children who are lost; to the children who are scattered – and also, to the children that are of the elect – begging all children to come under My mantle, so I may protect them from the claws of the Evil One, who roams around the world seeking souls to devour.”

“Life on Earth, My sweet children, is not easy, because mankind have sinned and grievously have offended the Triune God. They have offended the Spirit of God that lives within them, for you are the Temple of God, My sweet children. Keep this Temple holy. When you sin, My sweet children, you defile the Temple of the Most High. It is not merely a building, My sweet children, it is your body – and more so – your soul.”

“I know, My sweet children, that I speak many times and I speak even for long periods here, in this Chapel. It is because I Love you as a Mother and I care for you, for I seek that each and every one of you will come with Me, one day, to the Kingdom of Paradise and I seek all souls to be saved and none to be lost. There are so many children who need your help. Won’t you help them, My sweet children? A little smile; a little word of encouragement; a little act of charity and unselfishness and prayer can gather the many children that have fallen away.”

“You, My sweet children, are My Hands, My Heart, My Mouth-piece. It is through you that I can reach the children of the world. So do not rest, but work, diligently – by day and by night – to gather the lost sheep, for many sheep are scattered and are far away from My Divine Son. Let the Spirit of God inflame your hearts as He did to the Apostles and Disciples – for you, My sweet children, must be the Apostles and Disciples now, in this time. Be not afraid – My Divine Son and I are always there beside you.”

“Remember your Guardian Angels, for they are in the Image of the Eternal Father – they will guide you. They love you, My sweet children, in a perfect love; return that love to them. You should never fear, My sweet children, for you always have your Guardian Angels beside you. I beg of you, My sweet children, to pray. Pray unceasingly. We Love you.”

“I know many of Our children are carrying many difficult crosses, but remember, Jesus, My Divine Son, is there within that Cross. Carry the cross [you have been given] with patience. Remember the Countenance of My Divine Son’s Face, for His Face is marked within each cross, My sweet children. Offer it up for souls – for sinners – and for consolation to My Divine Son and then you will gain much merit. Do all with love, My sweet children and learn of the Patience of God. And you, My sweet child: You are carrying, now, a heavy cross. Be at peace because, My sweet child, through your illness, those that are persecuting you and this Mission, will be converted. For this reason sometimes We give crosses because they are necessary, to bring light and understanding to souls that are in darkness. It is through your cross, My sweet child, that this Prelate that I have spoken to you about, will be converted and believe in My Words. You have nothing to fear. Shortly, your health will return and you shall continue with the Mission that We have given you. Offer all for the Love of My Divine Son. We Love you, dear child and no harm will ever come to you. Now, My sweet child, I have a few gifts I wish to give to some children here present.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see that many Angels are here – but there are also four beautiful Angels with blue wings, who are before the Tabernacle. One of them has moved towards Our Blessed Mother Who carries three beautiful red roses. In the centre of each rose – something I have never seen before – is a gold cross, which is sparkling, really brilliantly; it is really beautiful. The Angel now takes these roses and, as I watch what he does, he takes one to [Name Withheld]; the second one is given to someone behind me – [Name Withheld]; it is really beautiful. The third one is for [Name Withheld].

OUR LADY: “These roses, My sweet child and dear children, are a gift from My Immaculate Heart, to encourage those [people] – to thank them for their devotion and love. This does not mean, My sweet child and dear children, that those who have not received do not receive the same Graces. Each receives according to God’s Plan and Wishes.”

“I give special Blessing to My daughter, [Name Withheld]. You shall receive more light, dear child, to understand the Wisdom of God in the Revelations that He is giving to you through the Dreams. You shall receive more important Dreams in the very near future. Continue to go forward in the Light of My Divine Son and be not afraid, for He will guide you through the Mystery of the night Visions. And you, too, My dear child, will soon receive many Visions in the night, for this is a Mystery that shall be revealed at a later time. I Bless all of Our children here present. Remember that I Love you and I caress you all with My Immaculate Heart. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, because they are sorely needed for the Church and for Mankind.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes back into the sky, very swiftly. The Holy Spirit was hovering over Our Lady and He, too, is gone. The Light from the Tabernacle has gone, but the Angels are still visible. Now they, too, go back into Heaven, except for the Angels before the Tabernacle, who are there all the time.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”