Message 288 – 13 June 1990



Feast of St Anthony of Padua

[Name Withheld]: Wonder child in time to come – My Divine Son’s House has slipped further into the Great Abyss. Sins Committed by many of the Hierarchy are of the intellect and pride – World undergoing great changes politically, economically and physically. The Eternal Father is removing His Hand of protection – Accidents that are not accidents will increase – The rains are only a glimpse of what is to come. Worse floods will bring greater devastation, then the heat will come and many lives will be lost – The Angel of death will soon sweep the world to gather the harvest for good and evil. Do not fall asleep.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is the White Cross that we see here so often and in the Chapel – the Shrine here – are two very tall Angels. They are dressed in white, but they have blue wings – it is really beautiful. There is a stream of light coming from very far away – from the Cross – and it is shining upon this Shrine and upon the property. This light grows as it gets nearer and it is really beautiful. Upon this light I can see another beautiful light and it is Our Holy Mother as She comes down, enveloped in this beautiful light. It is a very brilliant light – it is much brighter than the Sun. Our Lady is standing on a fluffy type of cloud. It is so very hard to describe – like cotton-balls, perhaps, but really fluffy. Our Lady is sliding down on this cloud towards the Shrine. She is now very close, because She moves very quickly. It is like lightning, but you are able to see it. The Angels present are kneeling down and they each hold a sword, pointed downwards, in front of them. They have turned around to greet Our Holy Mother. Also with our Holy Mother is the Little Infant Jesus.

It is Our Lady ‘Rosa Mystica’. I can see some of the roses on Her Chest and it is a whitish-cream cape and tunic that Our Lady wears, with beautiful golden embroidery around the edge. The Holy Angels now are standing up and they are placing their swords towards Our Lady. It’s as though they submit to Our Holy Mother. It is quite a touching sign.

The little Infant Jesus is about two and a half years old and He is dressed also in white, just like Our Lady. In His Right Hand the Little Infant is holding a Rosary and the Rosary is also a beautiful silvery colour. It is not silver, but something like that. It’s very unusual actually. It has a purplish twinkle in it as He moves His little Hand. Now He is making the Sign of the Cross:

INFANT JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is smiling and for some reason She is waiting. The Little Infant Jesus is turning His Head around, as though expecting someone to arrive. Now, coming very quickly – just sort of vaporizing there – is Saint Anthony of Padua. I have seen him a few times and he is a very handsome young man. The Little Infant Jesus is holding out his tiny Arms towards Saint Anthony and Saint Anthony is now taking the Infant in his arms. The Infant is really beautiful. He has beautiful curly Hair and big blue Eyes. Our Lady is looking about Her at the people here. She seems to be smiling at certain people and then is sad as She looks at others, seeming to read each soul individually; but She is very content – She looks content.

Coming behind Her now are many, many, Angels holding these Rose Bouquets – and many of them. The Angels are coming forward as Our Lady is directing them, with Her right Hand. The Angels are distributing these roses singularly to the people. They are all different colours; as a matter of fact they have colours that don’t exist in this world. I don’t know what to name them. I can see the normal colours, but there are other colours which are very unusual colours actually. Each rose has [the Angel is showing me] a little alphabet written on the petals and I assume it is the names. It’s really beautiful and there’s a beautiful scent of roses coming down from Our Lady. It gives the impression of being in a garden. Our Lady is smiling now. Saint Anthony’s not doing anything – just standing there – but he is also looking at the people. The little Infant Jesus is making the Sign of the Cross many times over the people, as these roses are falling down and being given to the people. There are a lot of Graces coming from the Little Infant. Our Lady now makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved and holy child, Our Little Pebble of Love and My sweet children, here present and throughout the whole world: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. I thank you, dear child, for coming today to be with Me, knowing very well of your heavy responsibilities that you have at this time. I congratulate you, My child and your good wife, on the child – the blessed child – that has been given to you by The Eternal Father, Our little [Name Withheld]. She, My dear child, is chosen by The Eternal Father – a wonder child in time to come. All will be understood, as time progresses through the world, in the final stages before My Divine Son returns to Earth. Time, My sweet children, is marching on swiftly. Now you can count the days in Heavenly time. The children who have received great Graces from The Eternal Father will understand its meaning. My Divine Son’s House upon Earth has slipped further away into the great Abyss – for many of Our children who should know better, have closed their hearts to My Divine Son and I. We have tried to reach all Our children throughout the world, begging them to listen to Our pleas.”

“My Children of the Light must earnestly, pray harder and more, for Our children who are now captured in the darkness of sin and pride. The sins committed these days by many of the Hierarchy, are the sins of the intellect, My sweet children. This is the sin of pride, for they feel, through their authority, [that] they know all that is to be known and, because of their positions in life, they proceed accordingly. However, God reveals His Secrets and Truths to the ‘little’ of heart. For this reason, My children, My little ones must pray. Pray for the Hierarchy of My Divine Son’s Church upon earth that, they listen to Our Voice, for My Voice will not be drowned. My Voice will echo throughout the chambers of the Church, until My Divine Son returns in great Power and Glory. You, My sweet children, must take up your beads of love and pray for these souls and all the souls of the world, who have chosen to remain in darkness. It is by their free will that they choose this. However, it is by your prayers, that many souls are ransomed and taken away from the clutches of Lucifer.”

“Yes, My sweet children, the battle between good and evil is truly in earnest. For the Times of Times are here. The world is undergoing great changes politically, economically and physically. The Eternal Father is removing His Hand of protection for the world, so the world will go further and further into darkness and chaos. It is through sin, My sweet children, that the world goes into chaos, because chaos is disorder that comes from Lucifer. You must pray, My sweet children, to bring back the peace that is necessary for clear thinking for Holy Mother Church. As you know, My sweet children, I and My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – Son of the Living God – go throughout the world to counsel Our children with Love; with Directions, and with Our Hearts. My children must take up Our Words and feed upon them to nurture their souls.”

“It is not by coincidence, My sweet children, that many catastrophes and many accidents are now being caused throughout the world and are on the increase. It is because The Eternal Father has removed His Arm of protection towards you; because you seek not to follow His way, but to follow your own inclinations and own free will. The more you do this, the worse the world will find itself. The accidents that are not ‘accidents’ will increase – yes, even here in your Nation, Australia. I have told you before – you must pray and do penance. You must pray for each man, woman and child. You, My sweet children, are responsible to protect this Nation from debauchery; from calamities that will befall this Nation. Pray, for soon there will be a great disaster in the air. You must pray that this does not come to pass.”

“The [change in] weather patterns, My sweet children, you have seen. I warned you about this not so long ago. The weather patterns have changed because the protection of The Eternal Father has been removed. And, if My children continue on the road of ‘self’, you shall reap what you sow, for the rains that you saw are only but a glimpse, My sweet children, of what is yet to come. For far worse floods are yet to come to this Nation. Here, in the regions of the South Coast, in Queensland and in South Australia, will see greater devastation than ever before. And then, as I told you before, the heat will come and much will be burnt and many lives lost – all because Our children do not listen to what I tell you. All can be prevented. The Eternal Father sends you these chastisements to bring you down to your knees, to acknowledge His existence and so you will repent of your ways. The Eternal Father seeks conversion of hearts, not the loss of a soul.”

“I do not come with Words of delight, My sweet children, but Words of care. It is because I am your Mother that I come so often. I do not like having to repeat Myself so many times, with the same words of warnings and chastisements. These are not pleasing to My Immaculate Heart but, rather, it gives Me great pain to deliver these words to you from the Throne of The Eternal Father. But what else can I do to save Our children?”

“The many things that happen in the world today to the children and to the families – the very many sad events that occur in your lives, mostly caused by yourselves – are not pleasing to Us, dear children, but causes us heartaches. For this reason I come to help you, to console you, to help you to find the path of Truth and to follow My Divine Son, for I seek that all children will come to love My Divine Son. All of you will one day bear the Cross in your lives. Some of you have already experienced the great cross and crucifixion of life. But – know well – those that are crucified with My Divine Son and I, are reaping a great reward in the Kingdom of The Eternal Father and even in this life. Do not shirk the Cross; do not remove the Cross from your shoulders and cast it aside, sweet children, but bear the Cross patiently with endurance, with prayers and supplications to The Eternal Father, for We stand with you. Pick up your Cross, My sweet children and follow My Divine Son and I. You have nothing to fear. The warnings that We give throughout the world are especially for those souls who have closed their hearts to Us. It is for this reason The Eternal Father allows the chastisements to fall upon mankind, so the children of the world will turn back to Him while they still have time.”

“I am the Woman of the Apocalypse; the Mother of all Humanity; Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix of Grace for the world. I pray unceasingly for mankind, until the time that is allotted for the world. It is you, My children, who have the power in your hands and in your hearts to assist Me to save the world from its own damnation and destruction. This is left in your hands, My sweet children. Every soul has a price. My Eternal Son, Jesus Christ, died on the Cross and was Resurrected for you. However, all souls need to pay a price for this salvation. It is earned, My sweet children. You must work diligently for your salvation. Did not the Holy Spirit speak to the Church through Saint Paul, about prayer for the salvation of one’s soul? There is no time to rest, My sweet children. Yes, rest the body for the sake of physical health. However, there is no time to rest spiritually. Time is too short now; it is time to work for the Kingdom of Heaven each moment of your lives.”

“The Angel of Death will soon sweep the world, to gather the harvest for good and for evil. Remain awake. Do not fall asleep. Time is surely moving on, My sweet children. Be grateful that The Eternal Father allows Me to come to this Nation, Australia, upon these Holy Grounds and many of the Apparition places throughout the world. For slowly, My sweet children, the Messages are stopping throughout the world. When they do stop, My sweet children, the chastisements will fall.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and Bless you and Bless all your families and loved ones. Be assured that I stand with you, My sweet children, in this final hour for mankind. I Bless you all. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers and Saint Anthony, Our beloved son, will take these prayers this moment to The Eternal Father, to ransom the souls of sinners – those of whom you know and those far away. The Peace of the Triune God remain with you all, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now is taking the Little Infant Jesus back into Her Arms. The Little Infant Jesus Blesses all of us several times and Our Lady and the Infant are going towards Heaven again, showering many Graces upon the people. Saint Anthony too, is watching as Jesus and Mary go towards the White Cross, that is very far in the distance. And on the White Cross are three roses – similar to those which Our Lady wears on Her Chest – symbolic of The Holy Trinity. Our Lady and Jesus have now gone, but Saint Anthony is still here and he says:

SAINT ANTHONY: “Continue now with your prayers”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The fourth Mystery is the Assumption of Our Holy Mother into Heaven. Saint Anthony too is holding a Rosary. Prayers continued.

Saint Anthony wishes to say something. He is still holding His Holy Rosary.

SAINT ANTHONY: “I Bless you, My sweet child and dear children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“It is not often, my sweet child, that I am permitted to speak to our children throughout the world. However today, on this Feast Day of mine, our Heavenly Mother has asked me to tell the children of the world to take up the Holy Rosary, often now and pray. It is a great joy for me to be here amongst the children of God. However, dear children, as the Saints of old had a great devotion to the Mother of God, let this be a sign to all of you. Those who are to rise to perfection are to seek their love, their confidence and their trust in the Mother of God, for the whole Church has been given to Her. For this reason, dear children, She is truly the Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix of All Graces for the whole human race. These sweet titles are the greatest titles of a Mother so precious as Mary, our Holy Mother. It is through Her Mediation for you that the world still exists, even now. So help your Holy Mother to bring back to God those children who have deserted Her Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.”

“I beg of you as your brother: Please help me and the Saints of Heaven, to pray the Holy Rosary with our children on Earth, so we will be given the permission of The Eternal Father – all the Saints in Heaven – to help all souls on Earth, to fight this final battle with Lucifer and his cohorts. I ask all our children to turn to the Queen of Heaven, Who will guide the Armies of Truth and Saint Michael, the Prince of Heaven, will be its Leader under the Queen of all Hearts.”

“Thank you for listening to my words and on this day henceforth, of each year, I ask all the children of faith to bring forth the bread that is called the Saint Anthony Bread and I and the Queen of Heaven, will Bless this bread – not only for the poor, but for the whole world – that they may benefit through the many Graces that will be given to Mankind. For many cures and conversions and signs will be given through this humble bread, which has a great meaning for The Eternal Father. I Bless the bread that my children have brought on this day. May it bear much fruit. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I give my Blessing to my Priest-sons here present and the one who is to leave shortly. Remember that Christ, the Son of Light of the Loving God, is within your hearts. Your work is to reach souls – to bring them to the Feet of The Eternal God. It is through Mary, the Mother and Queen, that all souls will be brought to the Feet of the Triune God. I Bless you, my sons: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“With this last decade of the Rosary, my dear children, I will take your petitions to the Throne of God. Many petitions will be granted today. Be grateful to the Queen of all Hearts. It is through Her Intercession that you will be granted these gifts of love. Peace be with you, my brothers and sisters.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Dear Saint Francis, and Saint Magdalena, whom I haven’t seen for many, many months, are here too, with Saint Anthony. Also Saint Angelica, who is a special Angel of God. They are all here now and are Blessing us, waiting for us to say the Rosary. (Rosary continues………..)