Message 293 – 13 July 1990



Concerning: There is much that is misunderstood; however immature in [Name withheld] her way of expression, her mind takes over her spirituality – Gorbachev is a good man by Earthly standards; a pawn in the plan of conspiracy to overthrow governments through subversions – Polish people to be punished by God, leaving one quarter to witness the Return of My Divine Son God is using Poland as a sacrifice to save the Nations who have persecuted it.

OUR LADY: “Concerning My daughter [Name withheld]: there is much that is misunderstood; first, by herself, and secondly by My children. She is a dear child of Mine, however immature [she may be] in her way of expression. Her mind takes over her spirituality, thus giving wrong impressions. Her Mission has already begun. However, she is rushing forward, not knowing where she is heading, for, in her anxiousness to please me, she forgets the purpose of the spiritual exercise.”

“You must pray for her, that her subconscious does not interfere with her directions, for some of her messages are mixed up with truths and falsehood. Remember, My son, it is by their fruits that you will know if they are My Son’s Disciples. It is only with time [that] one can discern messages of the claimed Prophets. Even the good Prophets are influenced by their surroundings and friends, or any adversity pertaining to themselves.”

“The messages you have recently studied are partly from God, yet some of them are from the influence of the Evil One, with information being fed into the mind of [Name withheld] from sources of knowledge obtained by reading literature she is acquainted with.”

“Remember, My son, the Evil One is very astute and knows all that is written and revealed at this present time, which he uses at times to confound the good and bad souls (those who deal with the occult); to use for his [own] ends of bringing disrepute to the true Seers who are sincerely following the path of truth.”

“[Name withheld] must seek the direction of a holy Priest and she must test the Spirits, constantly. As yet she does not see Us and only hears Our Voice. She must be on guard, for the Evil One works around her and many [other] Seers, trying to bring them into confusion. No Seer is free from the interference from the Evil One, for we allow this to strengthen Our Seers. The Seers must pray unceasingly and seek the help of Holy Mother Church, through the Sacraments and the assistance of Priests who are holy.”

“Needless to say, My son, [Name withheld] has been influenced. However, My son, she is a good child. She must be docile and not become defensive of self, for We will defend her.”

“The sequence mentioned in her messages parallel themselves with many events that are true. However, it must be understood, when dealing with events in their exactness, all are conditional to the prayers of the faithful.”

“At times, My son, the Seers can only understand Heavenly expressions in their Earthly meaning, not in the literal meanings. For this reason one must not place too much emphasis on events in [regard to] their actual nature and time. The main purpose of all messages is to call mankind to repentance. When Prophesies are given it is to edify man unto God’s Holy Will. Therefore, prayer is the main object towards fulfilling God’s Holy Plan and Will.”

“Any Seer who goes against My son, the ‘Little Pebble’ – especially through their public messages – are not receiving these directives from Heavenly sources, as he was chosen to direct Seers and give them light and understanding of their own experiences. He is the light for this time that will shine in the darkness as he reflects the Light from My Divine Son.”

“Concerning the sequence of events: Some of [the events] which are expressed in [Name withheld] messages are correct, My son. However, many events are changeable, dependent upon prayers.”

“The Earth, as you see it, will be totally destroyed – but not annihilated into nothing – for God will re-recreate the Earth, in as much as the surface of the Earth will be renewed and the Garden of Eden will be placed openly upon the Earth for Our children, who have earned their Victory in Christ. As for Gorbachev, he is a good man of [by] earthly standards. He is a pawn in the plan of the conspiracy to overthrow the Governments of the world through subversions. At this time, My child, the world is in great danger of capitulation to the Secret Societies. Gorbachev is not one of the ‘666’ but rather, manipulated by the forces of evil, without him being aware [of it].

“Yes, it is true that the Soviet Union has the means to cause natural disasters in the world, for this power has been given to them and others by the ‘Beast of the Apocalypse’.”

“The Polish people will be punished by God – leaving only one quarter to witness the return of My Divine Son – for God is using Poland as a sacrifice to save the nations who have persecuted it.”

“The Mystical City of God revealed to My Holy servant, Maria of Agreda, has not been falsified, My son, but rather contains deep Mystical Mysteries which God revealed through My Immaculate Heart; great secrets to the Human Race. [Name withheld] has been duped by Lucifer in this regard, to discredit this Holy Work. This also can be said with [of] the works of Catherine Emmerich, and Maria Valtorta’s revelations. These three Seraphic Angels, in flesh, brought forth great mysteries and works of God. If any revelations, are then, contrary to these, it can only be from Lucifer, who is very angry that these revelations are being spread throughout the world.”

“Regarding My son, Domanski: his messages have been influenced by self and the Evil One since May, 1989. He needs your prayers so that his imprisoned mind will be freed. My beloved son, Slipek of Ruda, remains true and continues to receive Messages from My Immaculate Heart. Pray for him.”

“Regarding [Name withheld] message claiming that certain Saints, who are canonized by Holy Mother Church, are not in Heaven: This is from the diabolic, My son, for he wishes to discredit Our Saints and bring confusion amongst Our children. By doing this, he will stop good children from praying to Our Saints.

My good son – so precious to My Immaculate Heart: be at peace. Do not disturb your soul on the account of My Seers who are giving-out messages and acting contrary to the Gospel of My Divine Son. This is allowed, My child, by God, to test our children and sift them out. The most secure path, My child, is to follow what is contained in the teaching of Holy Mother Church by the Fathers of the Church and by the long-standing Revelations that have been proven worthy of belief with time.”

“If any revelation seems contrary to dogmatic teaching, My child, place it aside. As for revelations that deal with details or events and places and times – keep an open mind on them for, in time, all will be understood as the progress of events will show what is authentic or not. What one mainly must be concerned for in messages is not the extraordinary, but rather that all messages must bring forth the salvation of souls.”

“All messages, My son, can be propagated provided they are not contrary to Catholic teaching.”

“So now, My child, remain at peace. If you wish to send these directives to My daughters, you may do so – and if you wish that these answers are to be shared with My children, you have My permission. I Bless you, My son, with My Mother’s affection: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”