Message 299 – 15 August 1990



Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption

I am going to offer you three Gifts.. You, My dear child, are to choose. Whatever you ask will be granted to you. Pray For 9 consecutive days and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you – The closer you get to God, the more trials you will receive and must endure – You must love, not hate, not judge, not criticize, but love. The power of love is immeasurable. It can conquer all fears and all anxieties and all threats – My Assumption is a Day of Obligation because it represents the Glory of God and the Power of His Great Love for mankind.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Before we had started the prayers the Light was already shining through the walls. The symbol of the White Cross was very far in the distance and the rays of light were pouring into this office.

The Holy Angels are here, waiting for Our Holy Mother; some of them incensing the office – some placing roses, as though making a path in a garden.

Our Holy Mother is coming now from a far distance, accompanied by myriads of Angels. The whole sky is filled with Angels – it’s as though all the “Heavenly Hosts” are coming forward. The roof of the office has disappeared and I can see well into the sky – beyond the clouds. Behind the sky full of Angels I see the Holy Saints; they are singing “Hail Queen of Heaven”, in Latin – it’s really beautiful. The Angels are carrying different types of flowers in their arms and are throwing them upon the Holy Grounds and the office.

I can see the whole world now and the flowers are falling through the earth, hitting other places. There is an extremely powerful light coming down from Heaven and our Holy Mother is coming forward very swiftly, with the Angels. It seems as though the Angels are carrying our Holy Mother.

Now She is standing here in the office, near the painting of Our Lady. The Angels are all kneeling down (they are Guardian Angels) in front of the Holy Mother. There are many, many, Angels here. It looks a bit crowded, actually. The Angel of the office is also coming forward from his special corner to kneel at the feet of the Queen of Heaven. Our Holy Mother is wearing a very brilliant white gown embroidered in gold, with a beautiful blue mantle, which looks as though it is made of silk. This reaches down to Her Feet and encloses Her Body. Our Lady is also wearing a beautiful Crown of roses with other flowers intermingled, all of which form a very large Crown. It seems as though a ‘proper’ Crown has been adorned with all these flowers. Consequently, it resembles the Fatima Crown, but without the top. At the top is a golden Cross, which shines. It is really beautiful.

I have only just noticed, because I was absorbed with everything else, that the Blessed Eucharist is coming out of the Heart of our Holy Mother. It is suspended in front of Her. There is a brilliant Light in the Eucharist which also has a Cross embedded in it. Now the Cross emanates from the Eucharist and comes towards us – goes through us – and comes out again, just as I see it do at Mass sometimes!

Our Holy Mother is very pretty as She looks about Her now. I can see streams of light of various dimensions falling upon the tables and the papers and work on them, also on the medals and pictures. I haven’t seen that before – it’s very unusual. There’s some type of light coming out of the papers, Sacramentals and pictures. It seems to be ascending to Heaven, like a prayer. Most unusual.

The Angel of the office is praying to our Holy Mother, asking for assistance and Graces. Our Blessed Mother is just looking about Her, taking Her time, standing exactly where Her painting is resting. There is a little cloud there too, which is about a metre or so in width and half a metre deep. It is very, very, unusual. The cloud looks like very fluffy wool which seems to bounce slightly. It’s in the shape of a pin-cushion and also has a light emanating from it. Our Lady says to continue describing what I see because it is important.

Behind our Blessed Mother I can see…. it’s like looking at the universe as you see it in a space movie. It’s as though I am looking very deep into the sky and there are many different colours, giving the impression that there is a big celebration going on in Heaven; that the celebration is coming to Earth momentarily.

Very far in the distance is the White Cross. It is so large, yet it is still so far away. It’s probably hundreds of miles across and in length because it seems to stretch outside the universe. I can see a Figure sitting on a Throne – it is God the Father dressed in beautiful white and He is sitting just under the Cross. Sitting next to the Eternal Father, at His Right Hand, is Our Lord, also dressed in white, with a red cape. Above the Father and the Son is the Holy Spirit – forming the Blessed Trinity. There is a tremendous Light pouring out from the Holy Trinity towards the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There are many Saints here – some of whom I recognize. They are behind the Angels and it’s only by the Grace of God that I am able to see them all, in a moment of time. This is a miracle in itself!!

Our Lady has in Her Right Hand a Rosary with beads made of little rosettes – tiny sparkling rosettes of different colours. The ‘Our Father’ beads are rose-shaped, but in the middle of them is a little Cross. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “It is the Rosary of the Queen of the Universe and each bead represents a nation”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Saints are holding up what seem to be palms and coming out of the palms are different coloured flowers. The Saints now form a row behind the Angels with the palms, creating a kind of tunnel through which I can see the Blessed Trinity, Who now move, on the Throne, towards our Holy Mother.

Our Lady turns to the side and kneels down. The Blessed Trinity comes forward and travels down a path formed by the Angels. It is really extraordinary! Our Blessed Mother has Her Head bowed, right to the ground, while the Blessed Trinity make the Sign of the Cross over us all:

THE BLESSED TRINITY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and Of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can hear a Voice from the Throne of God, saying:

THE BLESSED TRINITY: “This is Our Beloved Daughter: Queen, Mother and Spouse for the human race – the Queen of the Apocalypse – Mother of humanity – Co-Redemptrix – Mediatrix of all Graces. Listen to Her, for the world is in Her Hands”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is one Voice, coming from the three.

The Holy Trinity go back and disappear. The Blessed Mother stands up and turns towards us again:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Beloved child – witness of My Immaculate Heart – Light of God for mankind: I Greet you and Bless you from My Immaculate Heart on this great Feast-Day of My Assumption – Body and Soul and Spirit – into the Arms of My Divine Son. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost”. Amen.”

“My dear child, as I promised you that on this ‘day’ – which is a great ‘day’ for Earth as well as for the Souls who are detained and, more so, in the Kingdom of Paradise – I come to give you My Love and Encouragement. Today, My sweet child, I am going to offer you, as a Gift from My Immaculate Heart, three Gifts. You, My dear child, are to choose. Whatever you ask will be granted to you. You are to pray, My dear child, for nine consecutive days and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you – for these Gifts, My dear child, are very important.”

“It gives Me great joy to be with you again, My sweet child and dear children, because a Mother yearns to be with Her children. For this reason I come today and many other days, to help Our prodigal children to come back to My Divine Son; but also to encourage the children who have never left My Divine Son and I to continue to go forward with fortitude, because the trials now are more difficult, as it was in My time, My sweet children. My sweet children, the closer you get to God, the more trials you will receive and must endure, because these are exceptional Graces from the Triune God, for He seeks that you become holier each moment of your lives. The holier you become, My sweet children, the closer you come to God. And the closer you come, My sweet children, to the Triune God, the more you will realize how imperfect you are. For this reason, your time must be spent in prayer, in meditation and in acceptance of God’s Holy Will for your lives.”

“Many times, My Beloved Son Who died on the Cross for you, offers each and every one of you a part and share of His Crucifixion. Do not shun the cross when it is offered, but rather turn to My Divine Son and I and ask Us to help you. For all crosses that you have, My sweet children – if accepted by your free will – can become a great flood of grace, not only for yourselves, but for all of humanity. A simple ‘yes’ by Our children can flood the world with [the] grace of love and acceptance.”

“Many of Our children do not accept the Cross of My Divine Son in their lives but rather, go against the Will of The Eternal Father. And in this way the Cross becomes unbearable and, therefore, Our children become over-burdened with their own wills. Learn from the patience of My Divine Son in the Garden of Gethsemane, My sweet children, in the patience that He had with many of His children who [had] done such harm to Him and to the people around Him.”

“Read the good Words that We have given to mankind in these past two thousand years, for there are many wonderful revelations available for mankind to read – to meditate upon – so you can learn of the Wisdom and Love and Mercy and Patience of My Divine Son. In this way, My sweet children, you will learn how to live as Christians, so you will love one another as My Divine Son has Loved you and still Loves you and will always Love you.”

“Saint John the Apostle, was one who followed the Will of My Divine Son very well. He learnt of the Words and Meaning of Divine Love and practiced it. You too, My sweet children, can learn of the sweet yoke of My Divine Son. You must love, My sweet children, not hate – not judge – not criticize, but love. The power of love is immeasurable. It can conquer all fears and all anxieties and all threats.”

“It is not enough for Our children just merely to read the Lives of the Saints and then do not practice what they themselves have taught, through their examples. Put into practice, My sweet children, the Gift of Love and you will overcome all. The Evil One rages now throughout the world to capture the little souls like yourselves. Sometimes he is able to take you away by enticing you with the weakness of the flesh and also by the temptations that are offered to you by the world. And, many times, the Evil One sows seeds of discord, disunity, selfishness, into your hearts – then you are trapped, My sweet children, because he knows that man is made out of flesh and bone. Therefore, he entices you, for he knows your weaknesses. But, do not let him interfere with your lives, for you have My Divine Son and I. You have the Divine Sacraments and the many Gifts that The Eternal Father has given to Mankind, through the Merit of His Divine Son – the Sacramentals, Indulgences and Graces offered to Our children every day of your lives.”

“Even though Mankind is weak, it can yet be strong, because, My sweet children, you have a soul; you have a conscience; you have free will and you have your Guardian Angels as the Spirit of Light that enlightens your soul in moments of temptation. Seek the guidance of your Angels – constantly. You have nothing to fear in this world, My sweet children. The Devil, although he tempts Mankind, is only permitted to tempt you in the Will of The Eternal Father – no more, no less. If you are tempted, My sweet children, fight the temptations with good thoughts; with holy actions and prayerfulness and you can overcome yourselves – you can overcome the Devil and all temptations that exist. But you must remain steadfast – consistently praying – and turn often to My Divine Son in the Blessed Eucharist. And come to Me, often, My sweet children – with your Beads of Love – for I come in great haste to your side. You must conquer all, My sweet children, with Love – and more love – until your hearts burst with joy and affection for your fellow man. It is for this reason I have come today, My sweet children, for the world is bent on destroying itself and taking all of humanity with it. But you can stem this evil tide with your prayers, sacrifices and love.”

“Yes, My sweet children, it was [because of] the Love that God emplaced upon My Heart and Soul and Will that, through the mercies of God, I was raised on this day of the Assumption. This Feast is to be celebrated throughout the world. It is a Day of Obligation because it represents the Glory of God and the Power of His Great Love for mankind. My Assumption into Heaven and the Resurrection of My Divine Son, are a great Witness to the Promise, made by The Eternal Father for mankind, of the Resurrection of the body on the Last Day. Let this remind you, sweet children, of the importance of the Assumption, because it signifies the greatness of the Triune God.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and I give My choicest Blessings and Graces to you to encourage you to follow the path of My Divine Son on the Road to Calvary, carrying your Cross patiently with Him. I, too, will accompany you, My sweet children, on this road for soon, the time for the Crucifixion for the Mystical Body of Christ will be at hand. Therefore, remember well that after the Crucifixion and Death comes the Resurrection. The Church, too, will Resurrect one day to its Glory in the Triune God and My Immaculate Heart.”

“I Bless the Mystical Body of My Divine Son – its members – to give them the Fruit of Love to conquer all that is evil: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Thank you, My sweet children, for being attentive to My Words. May all the world hear the Voice of My Immaculate Heart as I seek the salvation of all humanity before the time of Justice comes upon mankind. May Jesus, My Divine Son, The Eternal Father of Light and the Spirit of the Loving God, be ever Praised, Honoured and Glorified – also the Triune God be Glorified in you, the Mystical Body of My Divine Son.”

“I will speak to you now, My dear child, on a private note. Continue to say the Prayers now, sweet children.” (The Chaplet of Mercy is now recited)