Message 300 – 1 September 1990



The world is on the verge of destruction; mankind have forgotten the Commandments – The Angels will soon unleash plagues, pestilence and chastisements – The Red Horse of the Apocalypse shall ride through the Nations; Exterminatus will remove many souls – Moses will soon return with the Two Great Prophets to preach the Gospel – Soon the foundations of Earth and Heaven and Universe will tremble and you will stand before the Judgement Seat – Many Martyrs will come from the Great Wars – You are now in the final stages before the Antichrist takes over the world – Many supernatural manifestations will come from the diabolic, even UFO’s appearing in many nations.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the last decade of the Rosary the Tabernacle has opened. Inside is the Burning Bush which Moses once saw, and it is burning very brightly. Before the Burning Bush is a golden Cross and on each side of the Tabernacle is part of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, in stone, and they, too, seem to be aflame. There has been a lot of activity here in this Chapel in the past ten minutes – the Angels have been speaking to me.

There are many Angels in this Chapel now and two great Angels are laying prostrate beside me on my right and they are Adoring God. They are the same Angels that I have seen many times – the Angels with blue wings – and their wings stretch about five feet. There are other Angels around the Altar, also kneeling down with their heads bowed to the ground.

Far into the atmosphere, there seems to be like a revolving of stars. All the stars are revolving around (like watching a planetary exercise in science) and this whole area here, is like little bubbles of blue, yellow and white lights. They seem to be floating all around in front of me and around us. I think they are ‘Signal’ Lights of the Coming of Our Lord.

Now coming up from a high distance, with all the planetary movements all over the place, I can see a flash of light and this light is like a Comet and it is sort of pushing itself towards us here and yet, it is only very small. Now it has come here on the outside walls of the Chapel. It is like a little ball that would be about a metre in diameter and it is fiery! Now, I can see Our Lord. He is standing on this ball. I didn’t see Our Lord before. He is dressed in the usual clothes that we see Him so often in – His burgundy Cape and white tunic. Our Lord is holding a Sceptre in His right Hand and He is standing outside the room here on this ball and the Angels say, that this is the travelling Vehicle that Heaven uses. In time, man will understand the different ways of transport that we are not aware of. The Angels say:

ANGELS: “These Transports are of Heavenly Nature, to be used in the Reign of Peace.”

Our Lord looks at ease now and He is just looking around to the people here and He seems to be gazing through each person, as if He is communicating with each souls, individually. One of the Angels is now to His right and He hands over the Sceptre to the Angel. Now, I can see very far into the distance, some more balls of light and this time, as they come nearer, it is like watching a Comet taking off into the sky. It is very unusual and upon these illuminated lights, or whatever they are, I can see the Prophet, Moses.

First of all, he is coming to the right of Our Lord and also, the Great Leader Abraham, on the left of Our Lord and following that, are those little lights further back. Anne Catherine Emmerich has appeared once again and she is standing next to Moses holding some books in her hands. Also, Saint John the Evangelist, has moved to the left of Abraham. For some reason, these great men and women are with Our Lord.

Now I can see Glorious Saint Michael. He is standing behind Our Lord and the Saints, but he would be at least three times taller than all of them and he is holding up a two-edged sword. It is a very unusual sword; it has been cut in the middle and one part of the Sword has fire coming out of it and the other part of the sword has a type of ray coming out of it. Saint Michael is holding the Sword up very high as if to strike, as we see him so often in the pictures painted of him. Saint Michael is wearing a huge Medal around his neck and it has the imprint of Our Lord’s Face on it. He calls out in a loud voice, which is very, very heavy to the ears, because when Saint Michael speaks it is so strong. It is a wonder you can’t hear him.

SAINT MICHAEL: “Woe! Woe! Woe! To the inhabitants of the Earth. Prayer, Atonement and Penance are required of all at this time. Woe to this generation of vipers, who have cast down the “Law of God”! They shall soon reap what they have sown! The world is on the verge of destruction, because mankind have forgotten the Commandments of the Most High. I, the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, under the Command of the Queen of Heaven, will soon cast many souls into Hell, if mankind refuses to hearken to the Word of the Living God and the Queen, Mary the Immaculate. I, Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, Command all souls to be obedient to the Living God! This Command is for all souls – whatever faith they may believe in – for all must render to God what belongs to God. The world has little time left to make amends. Turn back, O foolish man, for you are on the road of perdition – eternal damnation.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael is very angry. Our Lord turns around and speaks to Saint Michael and says:

OUR LORD: “Wait a little while longer!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Out of the Sword of Saint Michael (which is a two-edged Sword) the fire is coming out with very long flames and these rays are shooting out of this Sword. I do not know its meaning. My Angel has said that the meaning of the Sword is revealed in Scripture.

I can also see Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel – they are not quite so tall as Saint Michael. There are also another four Great Angels that are standing now with Saint Michael, in the middle – three on each side. It is really wonderful to see the Heavenly Hosts of Spirits.

SAINT MICHAEL: “The Angels, My dear son, will soon unleash the Plagues, the Pestilence, the Chastisements and the ‘Bowl’ shall be turned over the emptied upon the world, for the Wrath of God is near. Let all the children of the Earth hearken now to my voice and be prepared, for the times of tribulation upon mankind. War is a punishment for man’s sins. If mankind do not pray and do not heed the Words of the King of Heaven and the Queen of Heaven and Earth, then the Great War shall take over mankind swiftly and many shall die, because the Red Horse of the Apocalypse shall ride through Nations and the Angel, Exterminatus, will remove many souls from this Earth. You have been warned.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels are now discussing something with Our Lord. It seems to me (if I am permitted to understand) that they are discussing about time and places, because I am aware through other Revelations of recent times, that some of the Plagues are going to be unleashed throughout the world, very shortly. Now the Angels bow down to Our Lord. It is really wonderful what reverence the Great Prince of Heaven has towards Our Lord – even towards the Prophets and Saints to each other. They bow down and now they go with Saint Michael. They seem to go very swiftly towards Heaven.

The two Tablets here – of the Ten Commandments – are really on fire. It seems to me that it has something to do with the nature of the Commandments, that they can burn into your souls. It has a meaning.

Now Moses steps off this unusual ball. Moses is a very handsome man. He is a very tall and very solidly built man. He has a beard that would be about a metre long and it is all white. He looks to me nearly like God the Father. He is a wonderful looking man and he smiles; he is actually on the Altar, picking up the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments. He is standing on the Altar now, here in between Our Lady and Our Lord on – what looks to me like a plate – and it is a plate with slivers of light. It is very unusual. Heavenly things are very unusual and even hard to describe, but it is a ‘Power’. Moses really looks like one of the Ancients and he just looks around this little Chapel and seems to look beyond here, as if he is looking upon the whole world.

MOSES: “My beloved child, Our Little Pebble of Love: I greet you, My son, from the Triune God, that loves you. I have been sent to Earth once more, My dear child and dear children, to preach to the world the Commandments of God, which He gave to me to give to the Chosen People of Old, so many centuries ago. Once again, I must say to the Church of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and to all of Our children throughout the world: Follow the Commandments that have been written within your hearts. You must follow them precisely.”

“It is difficult for the Christians of the world to follow Christ. Many centuries ago, when the Chosen Race of God sinned grievously, the Ten Commandments were handed to me, to be handed to them. Many of the Chosen People sinned and I cast these tablets against the Golden Calf, to chastise those who had sinned. Now, if mankind will not heed the Words of the Most High and the Queen of all Prophets, I will come down to Earth to cast these stones upon the world and bring forth a great calamity to mankind – for I too, will return with the two Great Prophets, that will preach to mankind the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will come with them to preach the Word of the Most High, so mankind will know that he has offended Him.”

“This is no time for games, my sweet children. Time is running out for mankind. Within a few short years of your earthly time, the world as you know it, will be no more. The very foundations of Earth and Heaven and the Universe, will tremble at the Majesty of the Most High in His Power and Glory and you – every man, woman and child – will stand before the Judgement Seat!”

“Do you think, my sweet children, that you can fool God? That you can hide your sins from Him? You are very gravely mistaken. God knows all things! You cannot hide from Him. He is a God of Great Mercy and Compassion. However, His Justice must also prevail, for mankind have affronted God – even unto the Vault of Heaven the sins of the world have ascended. It can no longer remain thus.”

“The Triune God and the Queen of the Most High have sent many Prophets to the world, to bring mankind back into the Bosom of God and yet, these Prophets have also been cast aside. This generation is far worse than any previous generation that existed, even in my time and, if the Eternal One chastised those before you with severity – how will He chastise you?”

“Sin is serious, my children – even Venial Sin! Each sin burrows into your soul. For this reason, the Eternal One – the Omnipotent One – gave you these Commandments, to guide your paths unto righteousness. Therefore, dear children, hearken unto the Words that are delivered to you. I Bless you with these Tablets of the Image of the Living God, through His Word: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “

“You, my beloved son, also known by God as ‘Little Moselecus” – one who bears my name – you are the Prophet of the Most High. Continue to stand forth for the Word of God, no matter who may turn against you, my son. No matter how they slander you, or bring calumny against you, let Christ be your Shield. I too, am by your side, by the Command of the Most High. Many times when you speak, you speak from my own heart because, as the Eternal One taught me, I am permitted to teach you.”

“The fight has begun! The Evil One is now raging throughout the entire Universe, to bring this work unto capitulation! You must stand firm with Christ and His Cross and His Blessed Mother and fight for Justice. No man will overcome you, my child. No power on Earth or from the Underworld will overtake this Mission, or yourself, for Christ has placed His Sign upon you, that you may gather all the sheep unto One Fold, for the Glory of God.”

“The Staff that was given to me by the Eternal Father, is mysteriously placed within your own. In time, My dear child, you will understand this. Be on guard, for many will come to try to deceive you, but with the Gifts that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of All Hearts, has given to you, discern and you will understand all that is necessary for your protection.”

“I love you, my son, as I love all the children dedicated to God’s Kingdom. Many of the children of the world have forgotten the Prophets of Old and very few of mankind; pray to us for help. We, though long ago, were Great Prophets for the Triune God, still stand beside Him in the Kingdom of Heaven for mankind and plead with God for the salvation of all. May God’s Peace always remain with our children and pray for the Chosen Race, my sweet children, who are longing for the Coming of the Messiah and soon, the false One shall enter their court and many shall be taken away from the True God. A few, however, will convert to Christianity. This is the time that was spoken of in the Old Testament and through the New. You are living in great times, my sweet children. Be thankful to God for this privilege, for many of the Great Prophets and Saints, even of these times, would have loved to be where you are now. Many Martyrs will come from the Great Wars that will afflict the world and after some time the King of the Universe shall Reign in all hearts. Peace be with you!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Moses now takes the Commandments with him and he kneels down before Our Lord. Our Lord loves Moses very much and He Blesses Moses and Moses now seems to move away as if he is going back into the sky – back to Heaven. Catherine Emmerich hasn’t said a word yet. She is only holding the books and she says:

CATHERINE EMMERICH: “These books are for these times. They are all the private revelations to be given out now, throughout the world. They must be read and the directions must be followed – especially the Hierarchy, who do not wish to follow these directions.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint John the Evangelist too, is holding a book and he turns the cover around and it says: “The Book of the Apocalypse.”

SAINT JOHN: “The pages are unfolding rapidly now.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint John says that soon he shall enter the Earth’s realm to preach the Word of Jesus Christ, once again. He says also that the two Prophets – he calls them his brothers – Henoch and Elijah – have recently spoken with the ‘Trumpeter’ and revealed a great deal about this time. Saint John always looks very young to me, even though I know he is old.

Now Abraham doesn’t appear to be doing anything, but he also is a sturdy looking man and he smiles. Abraham is now moving from where he was standing – off that little ball – and he is coming now towards the Tabernacle and he is now kneeling down at the right of the Tabernacle and kissing the little cloth. I do not know why, but he is and there is a great Light coming out of the tabernacle, but Jesus is still standing there. It seems as if His Prophets are doing all the work. Abraham is also very tall and he is standing next to the cloth and he is just looking around. Everyone that comes seems to spend a bit of time looking around. They seem to want to be able to communicate with us.

ABRAHAM: “ I Bless you, my dear son – our Rock of Light for Holy Mother Church – and all our sweet children here present: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Dear children of the Earth, it has been some time since I have been permitted to speak to the world, on behalf of the Lord, the Most High. We Prophets and Leaders of Old, are now coming more frequently to the Earth, from the Realm of the Most High, to deliver the Directions of the Word, so mankind will have every opportunity to follow these Directions with Love, with Hope and with Patience.”

“We, of Heaven, have already received our Reward, while you now – the Militant Church on Earth – must undergo the purifications and trials. All men of good will at this time, are undergoing heavy trials and purifications. The reason for this, my sweet children, is because you are engaged in a Great Conflict between the Good Spirits and the Evil Spirits. Both of these Spirits are now on Earth doing battle. Each battle is fought with your will, my sweet children – the will to do good, or to give in to the weaknesses of the flesh and the temptations of the intellect. You must now fight the good fight. You have the ‘Weapons – you have our Armour – you have your Leadership!”

“Pray, My sweet children, for this Battle of the Spirits will get far worse – even to the point where many will see visibly, the Demons and the Good Spirits. The Good Spirits will come to assist you – even visibly – because you are now in the final stages before the Antichrist takes over the world and humanity.”

“The Eternal Father has Decreed that you receive many Signs and Wonders, to help you to fight this Great Battle – to give you assurance that God is on your side. You must not fear the Evil One, my sweet children. You must fight him with your will, with your conscience, with your flesh – overcoming the temptations that assail you.”

“You must fight him with your Spirit – this Spirit, which has the Grace of the Most High implanted within it. You are not in an ordinary warfare, my sweet children. Times will be difficult for all that are to attain salvation and their names to be written in the Book of Life for Eternity. Time is serious. Do not take life in an easy manner, my sweet children. If you believe that you have already achieved all that you need to achieve, then you are far from the Truth. Many of our children believe it is time to retire, because they have worked endlessly for the Kingdom of God. This is not so, My sweet children. You will retire on your death bed and then, if you are still not cleansed, you will go to Purgatory to suffer even further, until you have become white as snow. So do not sit back now, My sweet children and say: ‘Let the others fight the good fight, for I have done my part.’ No, you must continue to fight for God and the salvation of souls. God does not only want to see you saved – the good saved – He wants to see even those that are far from God at this time, to reach the Kingdom of His Heart. For this reason, this evening, I have been sent by the Triune God to tell you these important facts of life.”

“Look at the Saints of past generations and ask yourselves: ‘Did they sleep? Did they rest?’ No, my sweet children, they worked day and night – endlessly – for their salvation and the salvation of their fellow man. Saint Paul, the great Apostle of Christ, inspired by the Spirit of God, warned all of mankind, to work diligently for their salvation.”

“So, My sweet children, take up the ‘Beads of Love’ given to you by the Queen of Heaven and Earth – our Mother and yours – and pray for the salvation of sinners and that the chastisements will be mitigated – or even removed – for should only one of the chastisements prophesied by many of the Prophets, fall on mankind, many of our children will be lost – not only for this world, but also for Heaven.”

“Take courage, my beloved son! We of Heaven are often praying for you so you will be strengthened to carry the Church, as prophesied by our beloved friend and Sister, Catherine Emmerich. Take courage and continue to carry the cross that has been given to you for the salvation of Holy Mother Church.’

“I Bless all souls of good will and give greetings to you all. I, your good friend, Abraham of Old: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Abraham is now moving up towards Our Lord again and he is kneeling down and bowing his head. Our Lord is also very, very pleased with Abraham and has given him a Blessing and now Abraham goes. Catherine and Saint John have also gone and only Our Lord is now left with the many Angels around here. Our Lord moves closer towards the Tabernacle and He is now standing on top of the Tabernacle. Our Lord is very handsome; He is very beautiful. I wish you were able to see Him. Our Lord says:

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My dear child and My sweet children and all the children of My Heart throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I know this evening, there is a long discourse for the welfare of mankind. It is because mankind are in a sorrowful state. How can We of Heaven, emphasize the great need for mankind to do penance?”

“It sorrows My Most Sacred Heart to see the world in the state it is in now. Even now, mankind are preparing for the Great War that will take many souls from Me. My Cry from the Cross: ‘I Thirst!’ is still echoing throughout the hearts of men, because I still Thirst for souls to receive love – to receive affection and consolation from My children. I do not receive these gifts very often, but rather receive all abuses, blasphemies and so many tragedies heaped upon My weary Soul.”

“What more can I offer to mankind at this time? The Eternal Father has given you His Divine Son. He has given you the continuation of His Mystical Suffering, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and I have given you My Most Holy Mother – the Purest of all. I have sent to you the Saints and the Angels and many Prophets throughout the world. I have given you Signs and Wonders, Miracles, Cures and Conversions and all degree of Graces, overflowing from My Sacred Heart, through My Mother’s Heart to you and yet, with only a few that will listen to Me, what am I to do?”

“O wretched, wretched world – do you not know that I hold you in the Palm of My Hand? Why do you not listen? Must I chastise the world before you will listen?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord is actually crying. I haven’t seen Our Lord cry often. He is just taking His Hands and putting them over His face – like He did when He cried over the City of Jerusalem. He is sighing and says:

OUR LORD: “O children! O children! How I would love to gather you into My Heart and keep you there, to give you the Love that only I can give to you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is very sad.

OUR LORD: “Soon, My sweet children, the Devil will have his way with you, as I permitted him to have his way with Me, during the time of My Passion. You too, must follow the same path. You will all be handed over, My sweet children – spiritually, mystically and physically – because you must carry your cross. I will help you – My Most Holy Mother will help you and so many Saints and Angels will help you. Do not be afraid. However, remember My Passion, My sweet children. Those were sad moments. They are now to be repeated through My Mystical Body, but joy shall come, My sweet children, once again and this will be your hope.”

“Satan – Our enemy and yours – wishes to take away many souls from My Hands, but I shall surprise him – for in a moment of time, I shall clutch all the little souls away from him.”

“Soon! My sweet children, the time is approaching for the Great Signs and Wonders that will astound mankind. These will be wrought for the world, because these Signs will be their judgement on Judgement Day – for no one who will come before Me can say: ‘I did not know!’ So take courage, My sweet children and remember that I am always with you.”

“There will be many supernatural manifestations in the world shortly, dear children, but these manifestations – many of them – will come from the diabolic, even to the point of U.F.O.’s appearing in many nations, to confound Our children. This, My sweet children, is to prepare the way for the Man of Iniquity. You will then know that you have reached that time, when My Adversary shall seat himself upon the Throne and shall rule the world for a short time. But in the hearts of all My children will be the Standard and Flame of the Living God, which will never be extinguished – no matter, even by death, by persecution, by imprisonment, by torture, or by sin and temptation – for you only need to come to Me and I will forgive you.”

‘I Love you, My children, and give you My Most Sacred Heart. It is in this Heart that you will find comfort and rest – where you will find hope – where all your sorrows will be made joyful – where your tears will be wiped, for I will comfort you and not leave you orphans.”

I Bless you all, My dear children, from My Mother’s Heart and Mine: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, dear children, with your prayers.”

(Prayers continued)