Message 303 – 13 September 1990



Penance is needed as the world goes further into darkness; children are being sifted and tested – Through your sacrifices and prayers you will vanquish the Evil One and his enticements – One Hail Mary said with great faith is more powerful than all the weapons throughout the world – Lucifer will tell you he is God; Our children believe they are gods; there is one God and Three Divine Persons – Soon the Churches will close; only the catacombs and hidden places – The world will be chastised as the Eternal Father seeks no one to be lost.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Already there is a beautiful brilliant Light made by the Cross – which is very deep in the sky – and is of great length. The brilliance illuminates this whole place here and around the Shrine – a beautiful golden Light; circles of Light. There are many Angels around the Shrine now and they begin to form something like a ‘road’, or pathway, for Our Holy Mother to come along. All the Angels are dressed differently, in garments of pastel colours. It is really beautiful! The great Angel, Saint Michael – a beautiful Angel Warrior – stands behind the Cross. If only you were permitted to see him – he is enormous! He stands on the world, like a great giant and he holds his beautiful two-edged Sword of Justice and Truth! Upon his breastplate is the Face of our Lord. It is really a wonderful sight!

Now, coming through the centre beam of the Cross, like so many times before, is a brilliant ball of Light which is even more dazzling than can be explained – much brighter than the sun – and I can see, coming with it as it shoots from the Cross and heads towards the Shrine, many Angels who help to make the pathway, like a row of soldiers and to greet Our Holy Mother, for in this ball of Light I know the Blessed Mother travels; it is like a compact cloud. It is very hard to explain adequately. The Light is travelling very quickly towards the Shrine and is now here, only about six metres away from the exterior of the Shrine. Our Lady is standing upon this ball of beautiful pinkish-white Light – a fluffy cloud. Our Lady is dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’, but does not have the Infant Jesus with Her today – nor the Ark – and there is no Crown upon Her Head.

The Angels form a semi-circle around Our Blessed Mother and they are a multitude of sizes. There would be, I think, about a thousand or more Angels gathered around the Blessed Mother. Our Lady is very pretty and is smiling as She looks about Her. It is very wonderful when Our Lady looks about Her, because a profoundly Maternal Sign of Love and Affection for Her children is shown, as though She is communicating something of great importance to each soul here. Our Lady has a pearl Rosary on the right side of Her dress, one which I have seen many times; but it is not the usual white pearl, but has a pale pink tint. She takes-up the Rosary from Her side; the Cross is a beautiful golden Crucifix and each ‘Our Father’ bead is also beautiful gold. It shines in the shimmering Light that surrounds Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady kisses the Cross.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Blessed child, My sweet Pebble of Love; My beloved ‘Trumpeter of My Immaculate Heart’ and all My sweet children, here present, upon My Holy Grounds – Sanctified by the Eternal Father – and all My sweet children, throughout the world, I greet you from My Immaculate Heart and welcome you here today, this day of penance for many of our children. Penance is needed at this time, My sweet children, because the world goes further into darkness. The world follows the inspiration of Lucifer, our enemy. You must fight him, My sweet children, with your Holy Rosaries in your hands, for this is the weapon also of Our Beloved Saint Michael. His sword is the Rosary, My sweet children.”

“The Church is undergoing great trial! The children are being sifted and tested to purify them, for this is the time of purification – the time of Tribulation to the world! The Tribulation, My sweet children, is not only physical Chastisements that will come from the Eternal Father, but also, it is a purification of your Souls. For this reason, all of you will undergo heavy attack from the evil one, from the world and from the flesh! Be not afraid! Take courage, My sweet children, for what have you to fear?”

“My Divine Son, Jesus Christ and I, are your refuge. It is through your sacrifices and prayers, My sweet children, that you will vanquish the evil one and his enticements that he offers to mankind and, more so at this time, to the children who bear the name ‘Catholic’. Lucifer desires to destroy the Church and the world, however, this will not be granted to him, even though he believes that he has now won and has taken many souls from the path of My Divine Son! Take up the ‘Beads of Love’ and pray. This, My sweet children, is the greatest weapon on Earth.”

“Many people speak of the weapons of war as being the most powerful. However, My sweet children, one ‘Hail Mary’ said with great faith, is more powerful than all the weapons gathered throughout the world! God controls the Earth, My sweet children. Even though the Eternal Father has allowed His children to go along their own path He still controls the Earth! He is still your God and My God! No power is greater than God, My sweet children – even though Lucifer will tell you otherwise – for he feels that he is God – and even many of Our children believe they are Gods! There is only ONE GOD – AND THREE DIVINE PERSONS!!”

“Let no one deceive you, My sweet children, for Satan has always been a liar and a murderer!! He goes about the world to deceive Our children and entice them into many sins – not only of the flesh but also of the intellect!”

“Prayer, My sweet children – humble prayers – can cast out doubts; can overcome sins and temptations. You have the power, My sweet children, in prayer. We Love you, My sweet children. For this reason My Divine Son and I travel the Earth to gather Our little sheep, of whom many have gone astray because of bad leaders! You have but one leader, My sweet children and that is My Divine Son. He remains in the Tabernacles throughout the world, waiting for His children to come to Him. If you would but only pray you will receive the Light, you will understand what the Will of God is for you; you will understand the precious times that you are living in now! These are great days, My sweet children. The Victory of My Divine Son and I will shortly come and Lucifer and his cohorts and all those that were followers of Lucifer – shall be cast into Hell for all time!”

“This is the age of the Apocalypse. Read well the words of Saint John and understand the Mysteries that lie therein; and it is by prayer that the Holy Ghost will enlighten you, My sweet children. Do not sit down and rest – it is time to work and fight for God! Time is short, My sweet children. For this reason I come to tell you to pray and do penance while you have the time, for soon, My sweet children, the Churches will close and you will not be able to go to My Divine Son – only in the scattered districts; in the Catacombs; in the hidden places – the resemblance of Old! As it was in the beginning, it shall be at the end, My sweet children. For this reason you must take care. Go and help your brothers and sisters – all those who are in the darkness – and bring them into the Light with your prayers, with your love, your affection and forgiveness.”

“And to all My sweet children of the Religious -My sweet daughters and sweet sons: Do not lose heart! You are living in ‘special times’! Defend the Faith; fight for it! The vows that you have made before God will strengthen you! You have nothing to fear, for I and My Most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, are always with you.”

“And My Priest Sons, you who are the ‘salt of the Earth’: Go forward in the Light of My Divine Son and preach to every man, woman and child, that the time of My Divine Son’s ‘Second Coming’ is at hand and all must repent and be prepared!!”

“The Chastisements upon the world are now falling! My Divine Son’s Arm has now been loosed upon the world, for I can no longer hold it back! The world will be Chastised because the Eternal Father Chastises those children whom He Loves, because He seeks no-one to be lost – no-one! All souls are precious to the Eternal Father. They are worth more than all things on Earth, My sweet children.”

“Take courage, for in these days you have plentiful Graces and opportunities to gain much merit before the Triune God. Forget not the Souls in Purgatory and Limbo, for they need your prayers. Pray often for Our Holy Father, for he suffers much for the Church. This is the time to work night and day for the Kingdom of the Most High. I embrace you, My sweet children and I know many of you have sorrow in yours hearts. Many of you carry many heavy Crosses but, My sweet children, the road of My Divine Son is the Cross! All children of the Light will carry heavy Crosses, My sweet children – not only to save themselves, but to save mankind! A cross, My sweet children, is precious, because it was carved from the Heart of the Triune God, for you. Accept your cross! Bear it patiently and offer it up for poor sinners and yourselves. Some crosses will be removed and given to others – but every man, woman, and child must carry the cross on the road to Calvary – on the road with My Divine Son.”

“I know many of you seek relief from these crosses and burdens – but has not My Divine Son told you that He is Meek and Humble of Heart and He will never give to you more than you can carry? So fear not, sweet children! Trust! Have confidence in your God and your Heavenly Mother. Forget not your Angels who are constantly with you, seeking to help you at each moment of your day! All of Heaven Loves Our children on Earth and every day We come to the Earth to assist them. So pray often; be faithful to the Commandments of God and His Church.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children – especially those who are carrying heavy crosses at this time – that My Divine Son will help you to carry your cross and strengthen you on the way to Calvary: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And finally, My dear child – Our blessed son of My Immaculate Heart – you too, are bearing a heavy cross with My Divine Son. Be not afraid, for you will be strengthened each day to carry this cross so many souls will be saved and purified.”

“And to you, My dear ‘Trumpeter’: Take courage My Son. There is nothing to fear, for I know that you seek Spiritual help to discern. You will receive this in time and the request that you have made to Me will be granted to you. However, My dear son, all in the Time of God – for everything is planned by the Eternal Father for the purpose of the salvation of souls. I will instruct Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love to give you the direction that is needed, for I will place it in his heart and all that you need to know you will understand. Be assured, My dear son, that I and My Divine Son are always with you. Do not be concerned about the needs of your family and loved ones; do be not concerned about the Mission that My Divine Son has placed you upon. Have confidence and trust in Us, for We shall guide your path to the glorious Saint Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. I love you dear Son, and Bless you from My Immaculate Heart to strengthen you on your Mission of love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I do not know if Our Lady wants to talk to the ‘Trumpeter’, but as She is looking at him I will remain silent and see.

TRUMPETER: Our Holy Mother is coming just a little bit closer, holding-up Her Hands, about half-way – and is beginning to cry. Of all the things in Heaven that move me, more than anything is to have Our Holy Mother crying! She is looking at the whole world, which is at Her Feet and I see again the ‘sea of children’ which I saw long ago. She is standing at the end of a path, with all the children around Her and She holds-out Her Hands in want for Her children. As She looks at them She also looks at me, and again says the Words: “I Thirst for them”; She is speaking to whole world. “Feed My children. Please feed My children”. She speaks about the needs for their souls.

Our Holy Mother is looking-up, towards everyone here – She was looking down at these children – and is saying:

OUR LADY: “My children of the Light: You have been given much by your God and from My Immaculate Heart. I call to you now to return to God, what is God’s. Your heart must become pure so the Great Graces of God that pour into you may pour out upon many. These Graces, My children, are not for you; you are but their bearers and keepers, to give to others. Petition your Eternal Father to give you more, that you may give more to others.”

TRUMPETER: Our Holy Mother is smiling – the tears have gone away and She is looking over at Saint Michael. Saint Peter and Saint Paul are there to my left – Our Holy Mother’s right. Saint Michael’s sword is almost like crystal and inside it is encased a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Rosary! He holds it in his hands and the brilliance of this sword! It receives its brilliance from the Rosary within it. But now I can’t see the Rosary anymore – instead the blade of the sword is solid. He holds it in front of him and makes the ‘Sign of the Cross’, very slowly Blessing everyone. “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

He holds the sword at arm’s length, so that the Image of Our Lord upon his chest is always visible – it’s in relief, so it can be clearly seen – and the Angels give way to him. He was standing on the world, but he has now moved aside and the world is seemingly a few feet in front of him. He brings the sword downwards, very slowly and as it touches the Earth, the globe is split! He then elevates the sword once again and says: “I am the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts; the Prince of Angels. I am the right-hand of the Justice of God, let loose”.

He remains standing there and now directs attention back to Our Holy Mother. He has an extremely serious look on his face, as though there was something more in the words that he said – as if there were almost a hidden meaning – and, smiling, he says: “There is”.

Our Holy Mother is just looking around. There are many Saints who have just arrived – so many! There are also the Prophets of the Old Testament. I don’t see them very often. There are Henoch and Elijah, whom I saw weeks ago, in Belgium. I see Moses and he has the ‘Tablets’ with him; and there is Abraham and Isaac. Our Holy Mother is now looking at the ‘Little Pebble’, so I will not say any more.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Everything that the ‘Trumpeter’ saw I was permitted to see. Even when I close my eyes the Vision remains; and even if I turn the other way, the Vision will still remain, because it is a Supernatural Phenomenon which I cannot explain. But Our Holy Mother is now ready to leave, and the Blessed Angels and the Saints have many flowers in their hands; they are going to throw them towards the people, as Graces from Heaven.

Our Lady says to continue the Holy Rosary and to pray for Our Holy Father. “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Our Blessed Mother is now zooming, very quickly, back into the sky with Saint Michael and many of the Angels and Saints who have gathered around the Shrine. Other Angels are, however, going to remain to pray with us. The third Mystery of the Rosary – the Nativity – we will offer up for the Holy Father.