Message 304 – 13 November 1990



The Leaders of Countries have gone into darkness believing they have found peace, with compromise – Church partly in darkness through listening to the Deceiver and not following the Words of Jesus – Lucifer has succeeded in seducing those in Holy Mother Church promising them power – It is through My Beads of Love that the Church and the World will be saved from its own destruction – Many will gnash their teeth because they will have seen the One pierced.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The beautiful White Cross is already in the sky and has been there since the prayers began. Behind It is Saint Michael and the other six Archangels – three to each side of him; each holds a sword. From the centre of the beams of the Cross – which is very large – comes a beautiful stream of Light, towards the Holy Grounds. This shaft of Light resembles a road.

Upon the Light is Our Holy Mother, gliding down quite quickly, standing upon a beautiful cloud and She has now come to rest at the rear of the Shrine. Our Lady is dressed in beautiful white garments, with a blue mantle and a very sheer head-covering. It looks very lovely. Our Lady holds in Her right Hand a short, thick, rod of some kind. It don’t know what it is for. Our Lady says that it is a small pillar, made from stone.

The ‘pillar’ is what seems to be pink marble, which has a little Cross upon it. In Our Lady’s left Hand is a silver Rosary, which twinkles in the sun. Our Mother moves a little closer and comes into the Shrine, smiling and looking about Her at the people.

The Seven Great Archangels are also moving towards Our Holy Mother, but remain above – forming an arch over the Shrine. Saint Michael is still in the centre of them. Now he descends and his feet touch the ground behind the Shrine; he reaches upwards – it seems like three hundred metres into the air. He is very broad-shouldered; I understand why he is called ‘Protector of the Faithful’. A little Angel with pale-pink wings comes to the right of Our Lady and kneels, taking the stone pillar from Her and holding it beside Her. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix of Her Rosary and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, My beloved ‘Pebble’ of Love; My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I bring greetings to you from the Triune God – the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost – to bring Blessings of encouragement and strength, so My children will persevere in the coming days of Trial and Tribulation.”

“My sweet children of the Earth, so dear to My Immaculate Heart: Come under My mantle, My sweet children. You still have time! The world has gone into darkness – deep darkness – My sweet children. Even the leaders of the countries have gone into darkness, believing that they have found peace. Peace, with compromise!! Have I not told you, My sweet children, there can be no peace in the world without My Divine Son! The more you place Him aside, the more the world will go into darkness, for the Light of the world is My Divine Son and without Him the world has nothing!!”

“My children go here and go there, seeking to find the Truth and yet the Truth, My sweet children, is with My Divine Son and His Church upon Earth. The path has been laid down for His children; the ‘signposts’ are the Miracles of Love that My Divine Son has Wrought for all time. The proof of His Work is being fulfilled each day through the Sacrifice of Calvary; of His Divine Love and Infinite Mercy. Yet My children go to seek the False Prophets, to be able to place treasure in their homes; in their hearts; in their souls. They seek Eastern Mysticism to find the path; they look to the world to find the pleasures, the fulfillment of their needs; they look to themselves. All is for naught, My sweet children, for you will not find the Truth on any of these paths – only on that of My Divine Son and His Church upon Earth!!”

“Even My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth is partly in darkness because they, too, do not follow the Words of My Divine Son, but go forth with ‘itching’ ears, listening to the deceiver – the one who promises all things of the flesh – the one who promises that they will be ‘gods’. And who is the Deceiver? – the same one who deceived Adam and Eve!! Be careful, My sweet children; there are many snares laid-out for you to ensnare you in a web – like a spider weaves his web to catch its victims. Lucifer desires your souls, to take them to Hell with him – to take them away from My Divine Son. He entices Our children with many pleasures and desires. He gives them false security, hope and power. All these things, dear children, are to take you away from the path of Light and Truth, which is My Divine Son.”

“Lucifer has even succeeded in seducing those in Holy Mother Church – those with authority and knowledge – for he has promised them power and many of Our children have accepted his call. For this reason the Church and the world are nearly one!! I Weep many Tears, My sweet children, as a mother weeps for her children, because I see My children running away from Me, their Mother, and falling into the arms of the ‘wolves’. I am always there to rescue you – but you push Me aside! You have more confidence in yourselves than you have in Me. Trust Me, My sweet children, for I Love you. I gave you My Only Son, to be Crucified for you! If I did this for you, My sweet children, do you not think that I Love you? I see the world ready to destroy itself, but I come to you each hour, to bring My children under My mantle, to safety.”

“Listen to My Words and live them. Let your light shine above throughout the world, that all may know that My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, is the Redeemer of mankind and that He is the only one Who can bring peace to the world. It is by your example, My sweet children, that the light will shine in your souls; that all will learn to love and serve My Divine Son. Pray, often, your Holy Rosary. Wherever I appear I bring with Me the ‘Beads of Love’ as a sign to the Church that it is through this method that the Church and the world will be saved from its own destruction.”

“The Eternal father has given Me the Power to save you, but it must be with your help, for unless you help Me I cannot help you, My sweet children – this is the condition laid-down by the Eternal Father. It is for this reason that I come to the world so frequently, to ask Our children for prayer; for sacrifice and for penance for sinners, so that with your help We will save the Church and the world.”

“I Love you, sweet children and I give My Maternal Blessings to you all, to strengthen you and to help you on the road to My Divine Son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Soon, My sweet children, the world will know its God and many will gnash their teeth, because they will have seen the One Pierced [and it will be too late for them]!!”

“And you, My dear child, beloved of My Immaculate Heart: Continue to carry your cross, for you too, must follow the path of My Divine Son. Do not be afraid to take the steps that I have shown you; no-one can do you harm for you are in My Light and with this Light you will bring light to My children who are in darkness. You will travel a great deal, My child, so be prepared for this cross. There is no other way at this time, for many must hear the Word of God and hear It from your mouth. For this reason the Apostles were sent-out to the world to preach the Word of Divine Son – for it in this Word that salvation is brought to the many. You will have the strength and the courage and determination to fulfill the Will of the Eternal Father. And as in times gone by – when the Apostles walked the Earth – many were cured – many were brought to life and many saw the Truth of My Divine Son!”

“It is likewise with you, My dear child and those whom We will send throughout the world. Men will never comprehend the Will of God until they reach into the Bosom of the Eternal Father. So all must be obedient to the Will of God and follow the Truth that is laid in the heart. Continue, dear child and be at peace, for many trials will come into your path; but I and My Divine Son and the many Angels and Saints, will stand by your side and guide you.”

“We Love you and all Our children here present and all those who seek the Will of God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers and I will take these prayers to the Divine Throne of the Triune God. Many of your needs and requests that you have asked for, will be granted to you if it benefits your soul and salvation.”

“Never forget to pray. Pray unceasingly, My sweet children. When you have spare time – pray! The power of prayer is immense for the salvation of souls. I Love you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother looks to be very happy and She Blesses us, several times, as She moves back into the Light. I do not know what It is, but It seems to be a vehicle of some kind – in the form of a Light – which transports Her. It moves back into the sky, accompanied by the Angels. The small Angel who has charge of the stone pillar is still kneeling – but he has now been instructed by Our Lady to place it in the water of the Spring – to drive it into the rock. I do not know why!

We will sing the hymn “Salve Regina” as Our Lady goes further into the sky. (Hymn is sung and the Rosary continued.)