Message 305 – 1 December 1990



What you have seen is a reflection of the Great Marriage to come between the Church and Myself; between the Church and My Most Holy Mother – The Wedding Feast is symbolic, not only for the Church, but also for you who are to be the Vicar of Christ – The Victory over Lucifer has been given to My Blessed Mother – Mankind will learn the greatness of My Mother; many will gnash their teeth in anger because they have lost their chances of being saved – Those who are preparing for war, think of the consequences of the many lives that will be lost.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Blessed Angels are already around the Altar, adoring Our Lord. Two beautiful Angels are to my right, prostrate. There are also four at the Altar railing – two to each side; they have the blue-tipped wings which I have mentioned before.

Since the moment I entered the Chapel there has been a luminous White Cross protruding from the Tabernacle and going right through the ceiling, very high. Also – during the third Mystery of the Rosary, the Descent of the Holy Ghost – three Crosses appeared in the sky alongside the Cross. One was white, with the word ‘prayer’ upon It; another was red – and the other black.

The Tabernacle has expanded to much larger dimensions. It’s like a building reaching back about thirty metres – a beautiful palace with doors plated in gold. There is a carpet of some sort which forms a ‘path’; it has stones of many colours through it, making it look very spectacular. It reaches right to the Tabernacle. Above this ‘building’ are many Angels, forming a dome and through doors which have opened I can see a huge Heart floating in mid-air. It moves over the pathway and suddenly becomes Our Lord – Who is not walking, but floating, about half a metre above the path.

He is dressed in magnificent white garments. Around the edge of His cloak is a rich-red trimming which looks truly majestic. Our Lord also wears a superb golden Crown; It comes to a major point, upon which there is a Cross with a beautiful ruby centred in It – but there are other points to the Crown, thirty-three, according to an Angel, and they all have stones embedded therein.

Our Lord is a magnificent sight to behold and He moves very slowly over the path, coming towards the Altar. All the Angels either follow Him or form a Guard of Honour. Some of them hold swords, others have palm fronds, the rest have Rosary beads. There are thousands of them forming what looks like a long aisle in a Church. As Our Lord glides along, a Cathedral forms in His right Hand!! I have the thought that Our Lord resembles a Groom on His way to a Wedding! The Angels who are situated on high are singing “Hosanna, in the Highest”!

Our Lord has arrived in the Chapel and stands upon the Altar; one of the Adoring Angels reaches-up to His right Hand and takes the Cathedral, placing it upon the Altar, which has changed somewhat: It is made from gold; there is a white cloth over it and in the centre of this yet another cloth – a square one upon which there are six unusual candles. They are very long and are shaped like flower vases. This is difficult for me to explain, but the candles have gold lettering and numerals on them. That to the left has the word ‘Alpha’; the one to the far right bears the word ‘Omega’. Second from the left has the number, ‘one’; the candle next to it has a ‘nine’ displayed thereon and the next, also a ‘nine’. However, the fifth candle shows a question-mark!!

The Altar is now very, very, large – but beautiful – and Our Lord’s robes are quite regal and simply hold one’s attention, if only because of the length of the ‘train’ and the sheer magnificence of it. Our Lord smiles at this as He looks about Him, taking His time, not seeming to be in a hurry tonight to begin speaking. He looks so handsome and when one looks into His beautiful and large blue Eyes, you could just melt away, but continue to desire to look into those Eyes!! He seems to read you and, also, your soul – instantaneously. Our Lord continues to watch everyone – seemingly to talk to them through their heart. I can see His Heart upon His Chest, all aglow with little darts of Light – little slivers, like in the ‘Mercy pictures’ – which now come forward to bathe all of us; Light from Our Lord’s Heart.

Far in the distance there is a Procession led by Our beautiful Blessed Mother, who is dressed in superb white garments and behind Her there are countless Angels and Saints. Yet more Angels hover above the procession. Our Lady comes swiftly towards Our Lord as the entire Heavens sing “Salve Regina”, in Latin – and there’s even an exquisite orchestra! There must be some reason for all this!!

Our Holy Mother is dressed sumptuously: as a Bride; with a Crown of many-coloured rosettes upon Her Head. There is a transparent veil, too. The Blessed Virgin acknowledges Our Lord by bowing Her Head and bending one Knee – then stands to His right. I note that the gown is silken and that the very long veil has superb fresh roses intertwined through it. How beautiful this all looks!!

The Cathedral now appears between Our Lord and Our Lady and He smiles at His Blessed Mother. Her Immaculate Heart can be seen, all aglow and radiating to the people the same sort of Lights as came from Our Lord’s – and Her Eyes are just as blue and as compelling as Our Lord’s as She stands there, looking at the people, taking Her time also! However, they are not simply looking at us, but far beyond our location – seemingly at the whole world.

In Our Lady’s right Hand is a set of Rosary beads, of beautiful pearls and as Our Lady kneels upon the Altar there seems to be great celebration in Heaven at this time, everyone showing great happiness. The Holy Spirit – in the form of a Dove – appears above both Jesus and Mary, with a circle of brilliant blue and white Light around It; Light which shoots-out towards us, too. Another tremendously bright Light springs from the Chest of the Holy Spirit and from Jesus and Mary, then onto the Cathedral and lastly, towards the people.

Jesus glides a little nearer to us; Our Lady stands a little apart from Him and takes the right Hand of Jesus into Her left and the Holy Spirit descends to rest upon the two Hands, from Which tremendous Light issues forth, shooting towards the Cathedral then rebounding upon all the Angels, Saints and us here. Our Lord raises his right Hand and Blesses us:

OUR LORD: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our holy son of Light and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you, from My Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother, in the Power of Our Spirit. My sweet child, what you have seen this evening is a reflection of the Great Marriage that is to come between the Church and Myself – between the Church and My Most Holy Mother, Who represents the Church. This, My dear child, is a great Mystery for the world and for Holy Mother Church. However, very soon this great joy will be given to the Church because the time of the ‘Wedding’ is now here!”

“My Beloved Mother gave you a ‘Mystery’, My dear child – a Secret – not so long ago. This Secret, My sweet child, which has been revealed to you, is for the triumph of the Church. It is not a small matter, dear child. All that We reveal to you and to the Church through Our many Voice-boxes, are for the Glory of God and His Church upon Earth; for the Honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary – My Mother – and for the salvation of the human race. Every Mystery, My dear child, has a great purpose – for everything that We give to you is for the salvation of Our children, not merely for your own understanding.”

“As Our children have not listened carefully to the Words of My Most Holy Mother, many of the events which We have given through Our Prophets and Our Voice-boxes, will now come to pass. However, sweet child, this also refers to the Secret which was given to you last month. Do not be afraid! All will be brought forward swiftly, as those concerned are not doing as We desire. We will reveal the time, the place and the hour that all must be fulfilled. This will be revealed, dear child, to Our ‘little’ one – the stigmatized one – and she will help you to understand this great Grace which We are giving to you and for the salvation of many souls.”

“The ‘Wedding Feast’, dear child, is symbolic. It has great meaning not only for Holy Mother Church, but also for you who are to be the Vicar of Christ – Myself – of the ‘end times’. The Victory over Lucifer has been given to My Blessed Mother – Queen and Mediatrix of All Graces. This Victory has also been reserved for Our last Pontiff and all those children who are marked with the ‘Sign of the Cross’ – united with my Most Holy Mother, My children of the Light will triumph over evil; over death; over the flesh; over sin and over the devil!”

“[I repeat] What you have witnessed this evening, dear child, is a sign to the Church that the great ‘Wedding Feast’ is now here. and soon My Immaculate Mother – who represents My Church upon Earth, My Mystical Body – will Triumph and the Secret which My Mother has given to you will resemble this and many shall become confounded, because [of] the Ways of God!! However, many children will come to understand the great Mystery of the Greatness of My Father in Heaven, who has Designed all of this for the greater Glory of His Name and the salvation of many children.”

“You, My sweet child, are to prepare for all and not be surprised if all moves faster than you have anticipated. The children of the world – especially those who are in My House upon Earth – do not yet realize the Greatness of My Father in Heaven; His Omnipotence; His Power and Glory; His great Love and Mercy that He has for mankind. It is true to say, My sweet children, that God is God and man is man. The Ways of God are far from the ways of men – and when My children understand this and learn to be like little children and have trust and confidence in My Father in Heaven and also My Sweet Mother, then My children will never fear again. Have confidence and trust in My Father, for He will allow no-one to be led astray – but, rather, He will do all things to bring mankind back to Him!”

“These are perilous times, dear children, where your souls are in grave danger – especially those who are in danger and seek-out the Light of My Most Holy Mother. It is these souls who are so far away from My Father that you must pray for them, for when the Divine Justice falls upon mankind Mercy will cease and only Justice will be seen! It is through the Intercession of My Immaculate Mother that abundant Graces have been poured-out to mankind in this time. It is through Her Intercession, My sweet child, to the Eternal Father that you, too, have been given very special Graces from God, for My Most Holy Mother knows your most intimate needs and all is given so you will bring many souls to My Father.”

“And to all My children, come to My Holy Mother and pray for your brothers and sisters for, within a short while, mankind will learn the greatness of My Mother and many will gnash their teeth in great anger and hatred, because they have lost their chances of being saved!! Time is short for Our children to amend their lives – but yet the Eternal Father gives you Mercy, through the Intercession of His Beloved Daughter – Mary the Immaculate – and through the Perpetual Sacrifice of My Blood, for humanity. So, sweet children, pray for this great ‘Wedding’ to come; that the Victory of Holy Mother Church will resound throughout the world.”

“Within a few years, My sweet children, all that My Sweet Mother revealed at Garabandal in Spain will be fulfilled, so pray for the sinners of the world, that they may repent before the great Cataclysm comes to mankind. Do not think, sweet children, that the Cataclysm will convert all Our sweet children! No, My sweet children, this great ‘sign’ will convert many – but not all – for so hardened are the hearts of Our children who have fallen asleep, because Lucifer has drugged their bodies and their souls with his wine! Therefore, We call to all Our beloved ones to offer-up sacrifices for sinners. Pray for them, that they may be released from the snares of the devil.”

“We Love you, sweet children and We seek no-one to be lost but all to be found and saved. Even now, My sweet children, the world prepares for war – but you can avert this war My dear children and bring peace, through your prayers. Prayers are very powerful, especially when you pray before Me in the Tabernacles of your Churches. Offer-up your Holy Communions, your Holy Masses, your Holy Rosaries and all your sufferings, that peace will come to the Earth.”

“The three Crosses which My sweet child has seen this evening are the Cross of Peace – and the consequence of lack of prayer will be war, which is punishment for sin [second Cross]; and if war comes, so will death and pestilence and great Chastisements upon humanity [third Cross]. But you will have the choice, dear children. For this reason I have allowed you to witness the three Crosses! It is your choice.”

“Even the situation in the Middle East – though critical – can be reversed, even for a short time. Eventually, it must come, but it can be averted for now to give more time to gather Our children who have gone astray. If Lucifer becomes victorious in this situation, dear children, many souls will die and go to Hell – for many are not prepared for death at this time. So, therefore, pray to the ‘Queen of Peace’ – My Sweet Mother – that She may place Her mantle over all these children, who are far away from the Bosom of My Father in Heaven.”

“You, My dear child, are to write immediately, sweet child, to the President of the United States. You are to tell him not to proceed with the war! He is to wait. He is to pray – and he is to seek counsel from My Heart. Yes, dear child, these directions may seem unusual to many who will hear them but, My dear son, all must be done to procure peace, for the stability of the world. Tell him, dear child, that he is to wait!! He is not to give a time or a deadline, but he is to wait and all arrangements must be made that he meet with the enemy and try to bring peace. If this is not possible, dear child, then war will come.”

“All of Our children who are involved and are preparing for war: Think of the consequences of the many lives that would be lost and how many families would be destroyed – all because of hatred and lust for power! Pray for your enemies that they also may be given Light from My Father in Heaven, for all are His children. No matter what Race, or Creed – all belong to My Father. No-one should seek the death of another, but rather, the conversion of Our children. Write, My child, for I Love them so and seek the salvation of all.”

“Continue, My sweet child, on the road that My Mother and I have placed you upon; be not afraid. Have confidence and trust in Our care. The road will always remain very bumpy; but know this, dear child, that My Mother and I are with you on this road that leads to Paradise. So continue with your prayers and follow the directions which My Most Holy Mother has given thee. You know, dear child, of what I mean. I give My Blessing to all concerned, to all My children here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus steps back a little. Our Holy Mother comes forward, smiling beautifully. Our Lord has taken two golden roses out of His Heart – I do not know how – they just seemed to be there, suddenly. He is showing me the inner petals of them: two names are there and in each rose a droplet of water, which resembles a diamond. It is so pretty. Our Lord hands the roses to Our Holy Mother. The gold is not metallic in appearance, but – very unusually – soft in texture. The flowers also have a perfume, because I can smell it. Our Lady kisses both blooms then presses them to her Heart. This is a truly beautiful sight. Our Blessed Mother is still smiling.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet child: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet child, you know what these roses mean; it is locked away in your heart. We of Heaven, dear child, have many Secrets – and many purposes for giving roses and gifts to Our children. When you come ‘over the veil’ you will understand the full meaning of how God deals with His children. He smothers them with Affection and Love – great gifts of infinite value. The Eternal Father has granted you, My dear child, a great gift and this gift will confound many of Our children as time progresses. But this is a joy for you and for Heaven; it is a joy that the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost – and My Immaculate Heart – are joyful of; and this gift We give to you.”

“Dear child and dear children: God gives many Graces to mankind. He can give them and He can take them away!! No man is indispensable, My sweet children, for if God has an Eternal Plan with a soul He knows beforehand – and after – whether this soul fulfils what God desires. At times Our children will see the depth of only one part of their lives – but God sees and knows all! Sometimes Our sweet little children think that they understand God’s Ways, but yet God is God, My sweet children, and His Ways are definitely not yours!! All We ask of Our sweet children is trust and confidence in the Maternal Love of Our Hearts. Once you have this, My sweet children, you will never fear again. for We Love you and all that God does for you, sweet children, is to bring you to His Bosom, for out of God were you Made and in God you must return, for you were Made purely from the Love of the Eternal Father in the Son and through the Spirit of Love. Therefore be not afraid. The Eternal Father knows all, even the very number of hairs upon your head are counted by Him! The Eternal Father cares for all your needs, whether they are bodily or spiritual. If you seek the Truth and seek His Way He will never let you go nor lead you astray.”

“Remember this, My sweet children – especially at the times your spirit is low – when you feel that you can go no further – come to Him!! He Abides here in the Tabernacle and throughout the world – only awaiting your footsteps and your heart. The Eternal Father seeks your trust, My sweet children and when you have that trust the Eternal Father will reward you and grant you all the needs that you have, especially those which will attain your salvation- and for this reason the Eternal Father sends His Only Begotten Son and His Beloved Daughter, Mary the Immaculate, to the world, to gather His little children. These are difficult times, dear children, but be not afraid. Come – hold My Hand – and I will take you on the road which leads to Paradise and joy.”

“Soon, My sweet children, the world will be divided and many of Our children will be lost. But after the great cleansing, joy will flood the souls of Our children and then peace will come and the world will be full of Joy and happiness, that will last forever; but before this comes, My sweet children, you and I must do great battle with those who follow the evil one and will take souls away from the Eternal Father. You and I must rescue the sinners and bring them to the Eternal Father, forever!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and you, My sweet child and give to you My Immaculate Heart – this Heart which is the ‘harbour’ of your souls. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And I Bless you, My dear child and those whom you know: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, dear children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady steps back to rejoin Our Lord. Jesus and Mary move towards the big Tabernacle and enter It. All the Angels and Saints gather around, making it look like a Feast Day in Heaven. The door to the Tabernacle closes and the Angels rise above It. Saint Michael appears, carrying his sword. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. He says to continue with the Rosary.

(The fifth Glorious Mystery – the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven – is recited.)