Message 307 – 13 December 1990



The Eternal Father is angry with mankind for disobeying the Commandments; a Sign will be given – Many or Our sheep are scattered throughout the world because they have no Shepherds to lead them – All of Heaven weeps because mankind continues to walk on the road to perdition – There is no need for any soul to fear; only the fear that he need to have is that he will fall into Hell! – Many changes will occur in your life; the world will be astounded at the Greatness of God and His Love. All that We have told you in secret will be fulfilled, very swiftly.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Miracle Cross which always appears, is very deep into the sky and there are two other Crosses next to It. The White Cross is aflame at the moment. To the right of It is a Red Cross and that to the left is Black; the Seven Archangels are behind them. The Great Saint Michael is in the middle, holding his sword very high and he also has a spear this time. He moves as though to throw it towards the world. The other Six Great Angels have prostrated themselves, praying to the Eternal Father, begging for mercy.

Behind Saint Michael I now see a ball of fire – a Comet – which shoots from behind him, heading towards the world. There is a thin blue, veil in between the Comet and the world and the Comet cannot seem to pass through it.

The prostrate Great Angels now stand and praise the Immaculate Heart of Mary and from the flames of the beautiful White Cross yet more flames – narrow ones – emerge, flashing-out to hit the Earth, causing it to burn in several places. These words appear in red above the Angels: “SOON THIS WILL BE UPON THE EARTH.”

The Comet has become motionless and it now explodes in a great flash of light. I’m permitted to see the Earth from a much closer viewpoint; there are people panicking. Coming from the East, from far away, is Our Holy Mother, on a beautiful cloud of Light, zooming towards this property, accompanied by many Angels. She comes forward and stands just a little away from the Shrine – a metre or so outside it.

Our Lady is dressed in beautiful white garments and has a blue sheer, mantle over Her Head and Shoulders. I can see Our Lady’s beautiful golden Hair through it and as It comes to the front of Her. Our Lady is smiling, just looking about Her. Around Her Neck there is a golden chain with a Crucifix hanging from it. Our Lady acknowledges my observations and She is taking Her time, but seems to be very happy. The Angels surround Her, in a semi-circle. I am looking at the world, still and the Great Angels and the Crosses remain. Nothing has changed.

Our Holy Mother holds in Her right Hand a beautiful red Rosary with beads like red diamonds – maybe rubies – and it is really beautiful. The Our Father beads are golden; the Crucifix is red – is of some type of stone – and the figure on the Crucifix appears to be alive. It is very unusual.

On the Shoulders of Our Lady – on each side – there is a little golden Cross; I don’t know the significance of that. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Ghost. My beloved child, Our holy son of light; My beloved children here present and throughout the world: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart and welcome you with My Maternal Love.”

“My sweet children of the Earth: It is important at this time – your time; the Earthly time of your century – to consider what My Divine Son, Jesus Christ and I, your Heavenly Mother, have delivered to mankind over many years now. Our Words of Prophetic nature, Our Words of counselling, Our Words of Love for Our children over these many years, have not been taken seriously. For this reason we have allowed Our son to witness the many signs that the Eternal Father has planned for the cleansing of the world. Even now the Angels are waiting on the Command of the Eternal Father. Soon dear children, a sign will be given to the whole world, that all may know that the Eternal Father is angry with mankind for disobeying the Commandments that He gave; for disobeying the Words of My Divine Son and finally, the Words from My Immaculate Heart – in these past decades of your Earth time.”

“The Mercy of the Eternal Father is Infinite – yet Mercy must also give way to the Justice of God, as Our children persist in their pursuit of their Earthly ways, seeking pleasures of the flesh and committing all types of atrocities and abominations before the Triune God. This cannot remain.”

“The Season of Advent, My sweet children, is a time also to prepare your souls for the coming of My Divine Son in your midst. Not only in the time of Christmas, My sweet children, but also in the time when He will Return with great Power and Majesty and Glory, in the clouds. It is for this reason that My Divine Son sent me – your Heavenly Mother – to the Earth to gather the sheep, for many of Our sheep are scattered throughout the world because they have no shepherds to lead them. It is in the Mercy of the Eternal Father that He offers you His Divine Son and Me, His Daughter, for the salvation of sinners. Yet, even now when I speak throughout the world most of Our children will close their ears, not wishing to hear the Words of Truth and Love and Mercy, that have been offered to them by the Eternal Father. My Words so often fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts. This should be a time of rejoicing for the remembrance of the Birth of King of Kings. Yet, instead of rejoicing, all of Heaven Weeps, because mankind continues to walk on the road to perdition, rather than on the road of Light, Wisdom and Love. The road is narrow, My sweet children, that leads to the Eternal Kingdom; however, it is a joyful road, even though there are many thorns, because on these thorns are the roses of pure perfume that comes from Our Immaculate Hearts.”

“Many of Our children do not wish to remain on the road of Truth, for they find it is easier to follow the world and its enticements; the temptations that are offered to mankind. All come from the Evil One, dear children. Do not be tricked. My Divine Son and I wish only the best for you, for We know what it good for you, like a parent knows what’s good for its child. You must take courage; have hope; have confidence, even though the world is in a most pitiful state. It need not be so, for you have the Graces and the power, through prayer, to overcome all that is evil and turn it into good. Pray My most Holy Rosary. This Rosary is your ‘Weapon of Love’ and through this weapon, My sweet children, you will overcome all obstacles.”

“There is no need for any soul to fear and the only fear that he need to have is that he will fall into Hell! For God – the Eternal Father – is Merciful and Forgives and Forgets and seeks only the joy of your hearts. So let this Christmas, My sweet children, be a joyful one, where you will gather your children, your loved ones, by the Crib of My Divine Son and offer yourselves to Him for the salvation of sinners throughout the world, and all that is evil can be changed into good. However, should My children disregard My Words, what My little son has seen today will come upon the world. The world is now entering a critical stage, My sweet children; it is for this reason I come so often to the world not only to prepare My children, but also to help them to overcome themselves and to prepare them for the coming days of Tribulation upon mankind.”

“Remember, My sweet children, the Words that I spoke so many years ago. The Church and the world are entering this stage of the Apocalypse. So make your path clear: Clean your souls with frequent Confession and receive My Divine Son frequently in Holy Communion, to strengthen your souls. It is only through the spiritual way that you will defeat your human weaknesses; that you will defeat the temptations of the world and defeat the Evil One. I love you, My sweet children, as your Heavenly Mother and I embrace you with My Immaculate Heart.”

“This very veil and mantle that I wear is for you, so I may gather you under this mantle to protect you from the evil one and those who desire your destruction. May the Peace of My Infant Son – Jesus Christ – ever remain in your Hearts and remember that My Divine Son and I are always with you, especially for those who love Us and seek Our Love and comfort and protection. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

“And finally – to you My dear son: take courage, dear child, for you are embarking upon a very important road that My Divine Son and I have placed you upon. In this coming year, My sweet child, many changes will occur in your life and the world will be astounded at the greatness of God and His love. All that My Divine Son and I have told you in secret will be fulfilled, very swiftly. So be not anxious, dear child, for remember – We can read your heart. You must walk the path day by day and not be afraid, for My Divine Son and I will always be with you; and you need not fear, for all We have said will take place, and these events will bring great Glory to the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost and My Immaculate Heart. I give My Blessing to you, dear child, for the coming year and also for those concerned who will be involved in this great Mystery. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Peace be with you, dear children and may Christ, My beloved Son, ever shine in your hearts and in your souls.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels have many flowers in their arms – bunches of them. I didn’t actually see that before, but they are coming forward now, throwing the flowers all over the people and it seems, all over the world. There are many, many, flowers.

OUR LADY: “Continue now, dear child and dear children, with your prayers. I will take these prayers to My Divine Son Who, at this time, is contemplating as to what to do with Our children of this Earth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady goes back into the sky. The Angels have come forward and they are everywhere, all over the property. It seems that they are going throughout the whole world, distributing the flowers of Grace, because all these flowers symbolize Grace.

Our Holy Mother smiles and goes further into the sky. It is very beautiful. I have been praying to Our Lady, that maybe, some of you will have the privilege of seeing Her today. Our Lady just smiles.