Message 308 – 2 February 1991



The Great Feast of the Marriage of My Mystical Body is soon to come; you are to be prepared for this great union – Each day should be a preparation for passing over the veil into My Kingdom – Desiring the pleasures of the world and the flesh lead mankind to Hell – Many Christians are on the wide road, taking many with them because of their bad example – You are the Temple of My Spirit; keep that Temple clean – This is the ‘last hour’ of Mercy for mankind; when this hour passes, Justice will fall.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Whilst the past couple of decades of the Rosary have been recited a brilliant Light has been emanating from the Tabernacle, shooting into the sky in many rays, as the Sun does early or late in the day. Six beautiful Angels have been adoring Our Lord: two in front of the Altar rails and a pair at each side of the Altar. A magnificent gold-tinted White Cross also emerges from the Tabernacle – bending backwards, slightly – and reaches far into the sky. Saint Michael stands behind the Statue of Our Lady and each time his prayer is invoked his sword begins to glow quite brightly.

The door of the Tabernacle opens, revealing a blinding Light within and Our Lord steps out of It, less than half a metre tall, but now begins to grow to full size – then steps back. Our Lord’s garments are pure white and there is a golden sash across one Shoulder; a golden Priestly stole, with tiny embroidery at the end, is draped around His Neck. On one end is a Church and on the other Our Lord. In the ‘Flesh’ Our Lord himself is very Majestic, with a Crown of Thorns upon His Head – not the usual one, but something made of gold. He looks about the Chapel and coming from His Eyes are rays of warm Light – it seems as though He is being Transfigured! It is superb to behold.

Above Our Lord the Eternal Father has Appeared, sitting upon a Throne; this, too, is gold. An inscription on it reads: “The Most High God; the Omnipotent One; the Alpha and the Omega”. Just above Our Lord’s Head is the Holy Spirit, in the form of a Dove, within a Triangle of blue Light and from the Holy Spirit there emanates yet another ray of Light, towards us.

The Appearance of the Eternal Father is exactly that of Our Lord and so, except for the white and lengthy Beard and Hair, He does not look to be any older. The Eyes are the same colour in each instance: a piercing blue and they are magnetic. Our Lord raises His right Hand.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our sweet ‘Pebble’ of Love – light of Our children and guardian of the Faith: I greet you from My Most Sacred Heart, in the Triune God and wish to encourage you not to be afraid but to proceed with faith in the direction which My Most Holy and Beloved Mother has given you.”

“The great ‘Feast’ of the Marriage of My Mystical Body is soon to come! You, My dear child, are to be prepared for this great Union and great Mystery, which is soon to be unfolded. My Beloved Mother has given you full instructions as to what this is to pertain. Have confidence, dear child, and trust in the Will of the Eternal Father and His Plans. Not all is understood by Our children because there are great Mysteries yet to unfold before the Church. It is not for every child to understand these Mysteries – however, all pertain to the salvation of My children. Therefore, My dear son, you who have been given great Light and understanding, are to proceed as per instructions of My Most Holy Mother; all will proceed, as planned. In time, Holy Mother Church and all My children will understand part of these Mysteries, for their edification and sanctification.”

“I Bless you, My dear child, in the Triune God, through the Most Pure Heart of My Most Holy Mother: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet all My children, here present and throughout the world and wish to encourage them to follow the path of My Most Holy Mother with much sacrifice and many prayers, in these days of Tribulation, for all the children of the Light will be sifted and tested and purified so they may be prepared for My Second Coming amongst you!!”

“Time, My sweet children, is very short for the world. However, there is sufficient time to prepare yourselves, for each day should be a preparation for your travel over the Veil into My Kingdom. Do not waste your time! Be diligent! Be faithful to the Word that I have given you through the Gospels and through My Most Holy Mother over these many years. Each moment is precious, My sweet children. Utilize your time for your salvation and sanctification, to help save not only yourselves but all your brothers and sisters throughout the world. This is your vocation; this is your life; this is your path!”

“Do not waste your time in worldly pleasures, My sweet children, for time is too short; each day is a day for holiness. The time which the Eternal Father now grants you must be spent in sanctifying your souls and your lives. I Love you, dear children and I and My Most Holy Mother come frequently to the Earth to gather you into Our folds of Love. We seek no-one to be lost.”

“The Eternal Father is very angry with mankind, because mankind has placed aside the Son of God and His Beloved Mother. The Eternal Father has been very patient with the world, yet His patience is now running-out, for the world will not listen to Our Prophets but continue to go on the way – on the wide road – which leads away from My Father in Heaven. The world is now busy pursuing its own goals, desiring the pleasures of the world and the flesh, not realizing that when these gifts are used and abused by mankind, they lead them to Hell rather than to Heaven, because mankind does not live in moderation but in greed and empty desires and [other] pursuits! It is time for the world to awaken itself from its slumber, especially those children who call themselves My children; those who are called Catholic, and Christian. Many of these children are on the wide road, taking many with them because of their bad example.”

“You who are children of the Light must be the light! You who have been privileged to know of the Word of My Heart and those Words of My Most Holy Mother; you who practise them and live them – you are the light of the world, but even many of you who have received the Light still pursue those things of Earthliness, and worldly pleasures. You have heard the Words of My Most Holy Mother, but find it difficult to place them into practice, because you desire to be one with the other. You do not desire to be like one who is like a light; one at whom people can point a finger and say: “He is like a follower of Christ!”

“This is the hour, My sweet, sweet, children, when you must be seen and heard and displayed like a shining light of My Sacred Heart! You must not be afraid; you must walk in faith, trust and confidence, for you have been given great Graces from the Eternal Father to be the light for the world. You must live in the world, dear children, but be not of the world! You must use the world for your own needs, but do not profit by the world. You may enjoy those pleasures which are good for you, but be careful that you be a shining Light like My Virgin Mother – Mary, the Immaculate.”

“Be careful how you present yourselves to the world; be Marian-like in your attitudes; in your dress; in what you do and how you do it. Be not ashamed to be of the Light – for he who is ashamed of Me and My Most Holy Mother, in the time of Judgement, We too, shall be ashamed of you!!”

“Take courage, My children of the Light and be not afraid of the world, or mankind; for this reason We gave you the Light so that you may go out into the world and show yourselves as Christ-like; Marian-like and this also applies to My sweet children through all the Communities throughout the world. You, particularly, must be the light of Holy Mother Church in every respect, so they may see Me living within your hearts – for you are the temple of My Spirit. Keep that temple clean! Cover thy body – for it is the temple of My Spirit! Be the example – like My Most Holy Mother – so all may see that I and My Most Holy Mother live within you and within the Communities throughout the world. It is in this way that the world will be converted; that the world will seek the Truth. But many of My children who are of the Light compromise their lives and still feel that they are doing My Will.”

“Be strong, sweet children! Let not the world tempt you to follow in its path, for you have the strength of My Most Holy Mother to protect you. In this way you will convert many and bring them into the fold, under My Heavenly Father. To all the children who profess the faith: Go out into the world and bring all children who are in darkness the Light of My Heart. Pray for them; sacrifice for them, that they may see the Light.”

“This is the ‘last hour’ – the hour of Mercy – that My Father is granting to mankind, for when this hour passes Justice will fall and Mercy shall be no more!! So take advantage of this ‘hour’, My sweet children, to perform great acts of charity and mercy and love for all your brothers and sisters. Pray for my Vicar in Rome; pray for the hierarchy, that they may receive the Light of My Heart and understand the needs of My people so that they, too, will become humble and listen to My Most Holy Mother, Who pleads with them to correct the errors that are now in My House upon Earth.”

“Now is the time that all soldiers of My Heart are to stand forth and shout from the rooftops the truth of My teachings. This is no time for sleeping! It is time to re-awaken all My children who have ‘fallen asleep at the helm’.”

“To all the Religious of My Heart: Take-up the beads of my Most Holy Mother and pray earnestly that the Spirit of the Eternal Father and Mine, go out throughout the whole world to bring peace into the hearts of Our children, for the world now goes forth in the fulfilment of the Prophetic Word, where mankind will bring themselves to their own destruction unless the Eternal Father intervenes in man’s affairs.”

“Pray earnestly, My sweet children; take time! Better a prayer than regret! Better time spent in silent prayer, My sweet children, than before your television and in other amusements. Prayer is now needed for the safety and security of the world. Pray for the nations which are now in conflict; pray for their leaders, that the Holy Spirit will enlighten them and strengthen them to understand the Will of God, not their own selfish wills which dominate politics, governments and authorities at this time.”

“War is a punishment for man’s sins. If mankind would confess his sins and repent, praying earnestly, the war would stop!! This war, My sweet children, in the Middle East, is only the beginning of the great sorrows that My Mother has spoken to you about so many times. Much bloodshed will come upon the nations; however, if sufficient prayers are offered, this war will cease for some time before the great war is to begin.”

“So pray, My sweet children, that many of Our children now in conflict will be saved, purified and converted, for peace will come only with prayer, self-sacrifice and atonement for one’s sins. I am a God of Mercy and Compassion; I Love all My children, no matter what race or creed. You are all My children; however, if you place Me aside I cannot help you, but only allow the Eternal Father to bring-down the Justice that you deserve, for if you continue in your obstinate ways; in your prideful ways – taking no heed of the Words which My Most Holy Mother has given you – then you deserve what you are now receiving and even worse will come to the world unless mankind go down on their knees and beg the Eternal Father for Forgiveness and Mercy!”

“Pray, dear children of the Light, for the conversion of Russia; pray for the conversion of those leaders who are in darkness – who will be converted by your prayers. Great Miracles and Wonders are in store for Our children to behold – but only after much suffering comes to the world.”

“And to this nation, Australia – beloved of My Most Holy Mother’s Heart: You too, will be Chastised further unless you heed Her Words. You have had the great floods, great heat and earth tremors – but soon you shall receive great cold, until you bend your knees. These are but small Chastisements to your nation; greater ones will come, unless you repent! Pray for your leaders of this nation, that they be enlightened by My Spirit to lead the people to peace.”

“Soon, My sweet children, a great Prodigy shall come upon these Holy, Beloved, Grounds of My Immaculate Mother, to gather the flock and assistance will come from Holy Mother Church, so my Holy Mother’s Work will be completed – but you must pray for these gifts and Graces. I Bless the people of the world and especially the people of this nation, Australia: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child: This evening I have spoken at length with My children. My Most Holy Mother will shortly accompany Me and She too, wishes to speak to Our children, for it is important that Our little ones listen carefully, for every moment of your lives is a moment for holiness. Remember this, My sweet children, for I have called all of you to great sanctity. All of you are called to become Saints, for the greater Glory of My Father in Heaven and for My Church upon Earth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord is looking to His right and as I look upwards I can see Our Holy Mother descending, on a beautiful blue cloud, towards the Chapel. She arrives between the statue of Our Lady of the Ark and the Crucifix on the wall, gliding down to be beside Our Lord, looking very sweet in Her beautiful white gown with a blue cape over the Shoulders. Something unusual is the blue stole which is also worn by Our Lady; I cannot recall ever seeing this before and I do not know what meaning it may have. Our Lady says that it is a secret at this time.

There is a beautiful Rosary in Her right Hand and She takes-up the Crucifix and kisses the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved and holy son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart. Be at peace, My dear child and know that what I have told you will soon come to pass. Do not be anxious, dear child, for all will follow through – as I have said – in the rightful time. I know, dear child, that with the Mysteries of God it is very difficult to understand how God deals with His children but, My sweet son, just be patient and all will be done according to My Word. For those concerned: I give them My Love and to My Son’s Church upon Earth, I give them – the children – My Heart.”

“To all the children of the Earth: My Divine Son has spoken to you. Listen to His Word. I – as His Mother – come pleading with Him too, begging My Divine Son to be Merciful to humanity and to give them time. Together with My Divine Son I plead to the Eternal Father to be patient, for there are many children in darkness who need to be saved. The Triune God is very patient with humanity and it is only through the many prayers that My children offer to Me that I – through My Immaculate Heart’s Intercession – can help Our children.”

“However, sweet children, you are My ‘hands’; you are My ‘mouthpiece’, My ‘heart’, My `love’. It is through you, dear children – through your prayers of intercession – that I am able to help Our children. Without you, I cannot help them!! This is the ‘condition’, sweet children, that is at your feet, before you: Prayer is the condition that the Eternal Father has laid before you, for the power of prayer is tremendous, My sweet children – far greater than any weapons that you can build upon the Earth.”

“With one ‘Hail Mary’ – said properly, My sweet children – you can save a nation! You may think that this is impossible – but, My sweet children – prayer is the Power of God. It is for this reason that I come to the Earth so frequently, to beg Our children for prayer. It does not take long to say a prayer, My sweet children and yet through this beautiful action of love you melt the Heart of My Divine Son and, with this Kiss of Love, Mercy is then granted to a sinful world.”

“One day, My sweet children, when you enter the Kingdom of Paradise, you will understand the Power of prayer. Many of you have already experienced how powerful prayer can be; so take-up the ‘beads of Love’ which I have given to you, and offer these sweet prayers to My Divine Son. These prayers will be converted to Mercy and Forgiveness.”

“Be not concerned if your petitions are not granted as you wished. All prayers and petitions are heard, My sweet children – but not all are granted according to your own desires – for the Eternal Father knows what is best for you. If He granted what you asked, in many cases, it would be bad for you – however, the Eternal Father never stops giving you Love and Mercy; and in return for your faith and trust in Him He grants you many requests – even those things which you have not asked for. He is a God of Mercy and Compassion. I Love you, My sweet children and I offer you My Immaculate Heart as a refuge, for all of you.”

“Listen to My Divine Son and be attentive to His Words and obey Them with sacrificial love, for you are His children; His ‘little lambs’. He is the Shepherd and shall watch over you and I am the Shepherdess – the Mother of all My children. I Bless you, My sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart of Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue, My dear children, with your prayers for they are needed very dearly now and pray for peace – that peace may be restored in the Middle East before the situation deteriorates. I Love you all, dear children. Have faith, trust and confidence in My Immaculate Heart and in the Heart of the Triune God, Who Loves you. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother kisses Jesus on the cheek and He returns the kiss, upon Her Forehead. Both glide away from the Chapel on the beautiful Light.

Continue with the prayers, please.