Message 310 – 2 March 1991



Through prayers this war that began not so long ago has been mitigated – It is sad to see how Our children will turn to God only in dire need – Great conflict between forces of good and evil – The world will continue to close its ears to Our supplications, the world will continue to be chastised – If an action has been taken unjustly, this action is nullified by the Triune God – Each request of the Eternal father has a reason, even to the point where he must suspend His Own Laws, because He knows what is best for mankind at a certain time.

LITTLE PEBBLE: In the Tabernacle there is a brilliant White Cross, which has been there for some time. Nine great Angels are before the Throne of God, here at the Tabernacle. Three of them lay prostrate beside me, to my right and the other six are near the Altar. All are the Angels of the Sanctuary of God. There has been a lot of activity since the prayers began.

There are a lot of little bubbles of Light, of various colours, floating through the Chapel and Saint Michael stands very far behind the Tabernacle, very tall. Today he doesn’t have on the Warrior’s uniform, but a long white gown with gold embroidery; nor does he hold a sword – instead, a bow and arrow, which I have not seen him carry before. The bow is gold; the arrow is silver. Saint Michael moves to his right, waiting for someone.

Now I can see, in the distance, an egg-shaped and beautiful Light which is spinning with great speed, shooting-off sparks. It has arrived here and is about a metre outside the walls of the Chapel, in between the statue of Our Lady of the Ark and the Tabernacle.

Many small Angels have accompanied the Light – little Cherubim; baby Angels – about one hundred or so of them. They surround the beacon of Light which opens up now, like a shell and Our Blessed Mother glides out of it and comes towards, then into, the Chapel, looking really beautiful. Our Lady is standing just a little above the candles and is looking around Her. She has on a beautiful white Gown – and over Her Head there is something like a shawl, which is very sheer. Through it I can see Her Hair quite easily. Also, the very silky-looking light brown coloured Hair comes down over a Shoulder. I do not see this very often; it is beautiful to behold.

Our Lady just looks at everyone here, taking Her time. The very beautiful gown hangs very loosely, and is hanging over the cloud of Light upon which Our Lady usually stands. I do not know what it is. All the Angels in the Chapel kneel before Our Holy Mother. The three Angels on my right are also kneeling now. The White Cross is still inside the Tabernacle, glowing very strongly! Our Lady holds a Rosary which has beads very similar to my own: red in colour, with little hearts on them. It is the first time that I have seen Her with Rosary beads similar to my own.

Coming to the left of Our Lady is an orange-coloured Light, but it doesn’t seem to be coming from Heaven for it is following the curvature of the Earth’s surface. This is very unusual. It shoots towards us here – a very large Light, egg-shaped, as is Our Lady’s ‘vehicle’. Emerging from it is Grant Duffy, whom I haven’t seen for some time. He stands to the left of Our Holy Mother – is somewhat taller than Her – wearing a yellowish-coloured gown which is embroidered with gold. Grant looks very happy as he smiles towards Our Lady and the Community.

Our Lady now takes up the Rosary and Kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Grant knelt down as Our Lady made the sign of the Cross, and has remained so.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you My dear child, Our child of Light and Wisdom for Holy Mother Church. I give greetings to all My children, here present and throughout the world. My sweet children of the Earth: The world now feels that peace has come in the Middle East. This, My sweet children, is not the fact; it is only a temporary halt of the war. However, a greater battle shall come in the not too distant future.”

“It was through the prayers of all Our beloved children of the Light that this war that began not so long ago, has been mitigated. It is to show Our children of the Light the great power of prayer. However, My sweet children, even so, this ‘peace’ – this ‘human peace’’- is only of a temporary nature, as the Prophetic Word of the Divine Wisdom must be fulfilled to the letter. Therefore, My sweet children, I beg of you to continue to pray well. Offer your sacrifices to the Eternal Father for the ransom of sinners and for world peace.”

“The world, My sweet children, has not changed much since the beginning of that dreadful day in January! Many of Our children ran to the Churches to pray for peace. It is sad to see how Our children will turn to God only in dire needs and when they are in sorrow – but when they have plenty and they have ‘peace’ they think no more of the Good God! This saddens Our Hearts.”

“God is Good and Generous to every man, woman, and child whether they believe in God or not, for God allows the sunshine to shine upon good and evil – yet even the good do not appreciate what God has given to them. As for those who are evil: They do not think of God at these moments. It is only in the time of stress and tribulation that mankind heeds the Word of God and in most cases, My sweet children, it is then too late to repent and turn away from your sins!”

“The war that you witnessed in the Middle East is a physical war! However, a greater war is being waged between the spirits, My sweet children and this war has been forgotten by most. It is a battle between good and evil; there is a great conflict between the forces of good and the forces of evil in your world, dear children and these battles are for your souls!!”

“My Divine Son and I go throughout the kingdoms of the world, to tell Our children how to prepare for such a battle with the spiritual world. You have the means to overcome all that is evil, My sweet children, for the Good God – the Eternal Father – has given you all! Even though you are made of flesh and bone you have the Grace to overcome them – the temptations – that come your way; and if you should fall, My sweet children, then you have the great Grace of Confession – given to you by My Divine Son – to assist you to overcome the temptations that assail you! The war between the spirits will increase and accelerate, dear children, until the final battle at the moment of your death. It is in this moment that the greatest battle begins for your soul, so remember well the Sacraments that Holy Mother Church has given for your welfare and the Sacramentals that My Divine Son and I given you for your soul.”

“As time progresses the battle with the evil spirits will increase. This is so you will by purified and also gain great Merit before the Triune God by practicing the virtues of your Christian Faith and by the Power of God the Holy Ghost, you will receive the gifts from Him so you will become ‘living ciboria’ of My Divine Son, as witnesses of the Light of God in this time.”

“The Church and the world are going further into darkness because the Church is becoming part of the world, rather than the Church converting the world. It is for this reason that We are raising-up the Remnant Church that will go [on] in great suffering and trial, but will be victorious with the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart, until the Reign of Peace that will come to the world after the Tribulation.”

“These are precious moments, My sweet children, to gather the Merits and the Graces – not only for yourselves but for all your brothers and sisters, of whom many at this moment are in darkness. But by your prayers and sacrifices they can also be saved and brought into the Light of My Divine Son.”

“Soon, My sweet children, the Church will undergo a great change. This change will bring about a division within the Church. This is not the schism that I am speaking of but rather, a great heresy that will cloud the minds of many of Our intellectual souls, not residing within the Bosom of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. The Eternal Father permits these situations for the purpose of cleansing the Church, so therefore be on guard. Pray to My Divine Spouse, God the Holy Ghost, that you will be enlightened and be not swept away by this heresy. I will give Light to those children who give themselves over to My Immaculate Heart, for it is through My Heart that all souls are given Wisdom and Light from God the Holy Ghost.”

“As for the world: the world will continue to close its ears to Our supplications and, as they do this, the world will continue to be Chastised by the Eternal Father, Who has Decreed it.”

“I love you, My sweet children – all My children of the Light who bear the sign of Redemption. Take courage and continue to go forward in the Love of My Divine Son; and be not afraid, for you will see many atrocities and many sad and ugly things in your lives, before Our Lord returns to the Earth. But all of you will shine like the stars in the Heavens, as glorious as the souls that are destined for Eternal Beatitude. So, My sweet children, continue with your prayers; be faithful to My Words and have faith in what My Divine Son and I have given to you. There is nothing for either of you to fear, but be consoled that My Divine Son and I Love you! I Bless you all now sweet, children, from My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child, tell My Priest-son to be at peace. I will answer all the questions shortly and place them in your sub-conscious; but tell My son that all Priests who Love My Divine Son and follow Him with their hearts, are justifiable before the Triune God; and all that they do from the heart is justifiable before the Triune God, even though the Law may remove them and the Law remove their power; but this Law, My sweet child and dear son – and all Priest-sons – is not lawful before the Triune God, because for any Law to be lawful, it must be justifiable. Therefore, if an action has been taken unjustly, this action is nullified by the Triune God; therefore, cannot be effective upon the individual, or collectively. This I say for all My Priest-sons – for those who are dedicated to My Divine Son: take courage, for many of you will be cast out – ‘lawfully, it will seem – by the Church, but before God it will be unlawful! Therefore, the action is null and void!”

“In this case, My sweet sons, take courage, for before the Triune God all that you do is validated and when the injustice has been corrected then all will be corrected, in your case, by Holy Mother Church and those in high authority. So be not afraid and follow My Divine Son with your hearts and with your souls and have faith and trust in His Will. I Bless you, My dear Priest-son and all My Priest-sons throughout the world, who are in great agony over this very problem that exists within Holy Mother Church. In the Name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And one more thing, dear child: At times the Eternal Father Decrees that a certain event is to take place. Many times the dates that are given are delayed and it is for God’s reason – not for man’s – to understand. However, concerning the ‘great Mystery’ that We have spoken of so many times in these past months: This, My dear child and My sweet children, will not be delayed, for it is in the Plan of the Eternal Father that all must be done hastily, because time is short for mankind and each action has a consequence.”

“If there were delays there would be grave consequences that would follow. Therefore, be at peace – and for those who need reassurance: Tell them also to remain at peace, for each request of the Eternal Father has a reason, even to the point where He must suspend His Own Laws!! – because the Eternal Father knows what is best for mankind, at a certain time!!! All is mystery to man. It is for this reason they are called ‘mysteries’. All We ask from Our sons and daughters is trust, faith and confidence. So be at peace and know that what My Divine Son and I have told you will be fulfilled to the very letter – according to God’s Plan.”

“I Bless you and all concerned, especially those [the people] of the events that will soon come: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And finally, My sweet son, as you have been told to bring the [particular] Rosary this evening, I Bless this Rosary, sweet child, as a special Gift to My beloved daughter – the ‘Hedgerose’. She is a special child of Mine and the child of My Divine Son gifted with many Graces. She is known and will be known throughout the world, as the second Catherine Emmerich! It is through her many great revelations – which have not yet been revealed because of the Mysteries they contain – will become open and public to the Church, in a short while. You, My dear son, are to work with this soul, for through her you will be enlightened concerning your life and for the Church.”

“This Rosary, My dear Son, is for her. I Bless it from the Triune God and place upon it a great Indulgence – that whenever she says this Rosary, one hundred souls will be released from the deepest part of Purgatory!! This is a Signal Grace for her, as she is a special child of My Immaculate Heart. I Bless her and I Bless you, My dear Son and may you work together for the greater Glory of God and His Church: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Grant is now standing up; he kisses Our Lady’s left Hand, then glides forward to stand on top of the Tabernacle. He has a very short beard; is smiling as he comes a little bit closer. He makes the sign of the Cross – as does Our Lady:

OUR LADY & HOLY GRANT: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

GRANT DUFFY: “My dear brother in Christ: It has been some time since I have been permitted to come here and speak to you and to the people of God. I have been requested by the Queen of Heaven to speak to you for a short time – especially to encourage you, My brother, to continue to work diligently for the Glory of God and not to be concerned about those who will try to bring you down.”

“You are the one known as the ‘Prophet of this time’. No harm will ever come to you – physically, spiritually or mentally – because you have the protection of the Triune God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael, Saint Joseph and countless Angels and Saints; and I too, My dear brother, am constantly by your side to strengthen you and to lift you up, especially when the Cross of the Divine Lord becomes very heavy! Take courage, my brother. The world will continue to calumniate against you because you represent the Mother of God. Take no notice, My dear brother, but continue – continue! – to spread the Word that will bring salvation to many souls.”

“The time for my Resurrection is not far off. When I return to the Earth, which will be after the Great Sign promised by Our Holy Mother, then I will walk the Earth and, by the Power of the Triune God, I will bear witness to the Truth! It is in this time, dear brother, that the Greatest Prodigies will occur upon this land and, also, throughout the world, through all the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not long after My Resurrection the Great Prophets of Old will return to the Earth to give witness to the Son of God, for the final days.”

“I thank all the dear souls throughout the world who have prayed for me and to me. Be assured that I pray for you before the Triune God and before the Throne of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is by your faith that what you have asked for will be granted, in God’s Time.”

“And to my parents and to my brother and sister: I give you my love and remember, I am also always there. And to all my brothers and sisters here present: I give you my love, too and pray for you.”

“Blessed be Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God; Blessed be the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most High. I greet you all and Bless you, from Our Holy Mother’s Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Grant steps back into the orange ball of Light and disappears. Our Lady, too, steps back just a little.

OUR LADY: “Continue, My dear children to pray, for I wish to speak to My son, privately.”

(The Rosary is continued.)