Message 315 – 31 March 1991



Feast of the Resurrection

The Marriage between Myself and the Bride. the Church, has been completed. The Victory over evil has begun in its total form. This mystery will be known in future times – The Victory of the Two Hearts is imminent; the time of the cleansing is near – Many signs and wonders will be given before the cleansing begins – Take up your cross and follow Me and My Most Holy Mother on the road that will lead you to happiness for eternity. For this reason I rose from the dead.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Beyond this wall here – for They will not come inside the hotel when They arrive – there is a tremendously bright Light which has come from Heaven; the beautiful White Cross can be seen, standing about a kilometre high – it looks wonderful. Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary are coming together with many Angels, which follow them in Procession, singing ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ and ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord’. Jesus and Mary come Hand in Hand, like a married couple – Our Lady holding Our Lord’s right Hand and They are just a little outside the wall now. Thousands of Angels are there too, all dressed in pure white, as are Jesus and Mary – Our Blessed Mother as a Bride, with roses all down Her tunic and mantle; Her veil, which is very long, is held by Angels and is full of roses. This is really beautiful. Jesus too, is very beautiful, dressed all in pure white; around His Neck is a superb golden stole – on one side of it is the Alpha symbol – on the other the Omega. Angels form a semi-circle around Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother – each of them hold a single rose of a different colour.

The Holy Ghost Appears above and between – Jesus and Mary, as the Dove; there is a blue circle around Him. Behind the Holy Ghost the Father sits on a beautiful golden Throne. Our Lord now raises His right Hand:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, My son – with My children of the Light, and all My children who belong to the fold of My Immaculate Mother. I give you greetings on this Feast day of My Victory over Death. It is through this victory the Church lives. Today we do not only celebrate the victory over death, but also we celebrate the new birth of My Mystical Body, the Church.”

“The Most Holy Mother…. (words lost) …. this new Church, the Bride, this year is most significant for the whole world; a Mystery that has unfolded, but yet not revealed in its full context. The Marriage between Myself and the Bride – the Church – has been completed. The victory over evil has begun in its total form. This Mystery will be known to the Church in future times. The Evil One now rages throughout the world to bring down all that is Holy and Good. For a time and a time and half again, he will have this time – so all that is rotten will fall and all that is to be saved will be strengthened and purified. Let the Church hear My Voice and let them understand the Words of My Heart as to what time the Church is in now.”

“The Victory of the Two Hearts is imminent; the time of the Cleansing is near and the Reign of Our two Hearts will come to completion in the fullness of Our Spirit, which will be soon. Many signs and wonders will be given to the world before the Cleansing begins, so that mankind will know that the end of time is now.”

“Before I return as Judge and Ruler of all mankind, with Me will come My Most Holy Mother – the Bride; the Immaculate Bride of My Heart. It is through Her that I bring Peace and joy to My Mystical Body, the Church.”

“My beloved children of Our Immaculate Hearts: Take up your Cross and follow Me and My Most Holy Mother, on the road that will lead you to happiness, for eternity. For this reason I Rose from the Dead on this day for My children to bear witness to Our Hearts. Take courage, for the trials that you will undergo will be severe. You must have confidence and trust in Our Immaculate Hearts and have no fear, for all of you who believe and have confidence and trust will go through these sufferings with peace and joy. For I am the Risen Lord, the King of kings; the Messiah – your God – and I Love you. And I am a jealous God who watches over all who are faithful to Our Words. I Bless My children, here and throughout the world. Keep My Word in your hearts and love My Mother and all will be given to you a hundred-fold. My Peace I give to you – a Peace that no man can give – and this Peace will remain with you until you come to My Kingdom. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Blessed Mother comes forward and kneels before Jesus, Who places His Hands over Her, while the Holy Ghost stands upon the Hands of Our Lord; the Eternal Father opens-up His Arms. Our Lady now stands, turns to me and smiles.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I give greetings to you, My dear son and to all My children. I – the Eternal Bride of Christ – give you My Peace, the Peace that comes from the Triune God. Place yourselves under My mantle and trust in Me. The times will be difficult, but have confidence in My Immaculate Heart, for I will bring you to safe harbour – to My Divine Son.”

“The promise, My dear child, that I have given to you and the Church – the Bride – is forever. Keep this in your heart and [tell it] to those it concerns. I Bless the Bride – the Church: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Now, My dear children, continue with your prayers, for in this great Feast of Eastertide, many souls will be saved through your prayers.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother and Jesus now go back together, into the sky, with the Angels and the Holy Spirit is flying around a little bit; there seems to be a lot of red fire coming from Him – little flames – and they float over us and then rest upon your heads. It is really powerful. Jesus and Mary smile and then go further back into the sky.

We are to continue the Rosary now. (Rosary is continued.)