Message 314 – 1 May 1991


1ST MAY, 1991

Dear fellow believers of Our Lady of the Ark Mission, As promised, I would like to make a public statement about the situation which has startled the whole Church and souls of good will, so all may receive a true understanding of what God asked of me – and why and how it can be a lawful action, supported by Scripture and Church teachings.

I have asked Father M. Broussard – a Priest from the Order of Saint Charbel, and my Spiritual Director and Confessor – to assist me to write this lengthy letter.

The big question in the minds of many souls is: Is it possible to have a Mystical Marriage with a woman while still married to another?

At the present time I have been accused of infidelity to my marriage vows; that I have committed adultery, therefore breaking the Ten Commandments. I have been spoken against with calumny and vicious words. My Mystical wife and family and friends have been accused of sinful actions with consent. All of these accusations have been said and done in the name of charity and Christian duty and, furthermore, with brotherly love.

I have also been accused of wishing to murder my wife and children so Prophecy can be fulfilled. In most cases no-one had asked me for the facts, and secondly, all action against me was taken without proof, or giving it time to fulfil God’s Words. 


My dear, dear, people: read carefully.

The Mission of Our Lady of the Ark, like all true missions from Heaven, are not based upon Prophecies fulfilled or unfulfilled, but stand upon the foundation of Truth and its fruits. Christ said that you can tell a Prophet by his fruits. Can a good tree give bad fruits – or a bad tree good fruits?

These very words of Christ have been the `lever’ that the Church has used for centuries to proclaim the counsel of God through His Saints and Mystic Seers and Prophets. Today, where there are hundreds of claimed prophets and visionaries, the Church, too, professes the same standards to judge whether God is in action or otherwise.

The foundation-stone of Our Lady of the Ark’s Mission is Jesus Himself – and His Blessed Mother. Their Word has been confirmed not merely by active, Prophetic, fulfilment but by the fruit of God’s work – namely conversions, cures and the steadfastness and constancy of the Seer and the Mission itself.

So when judging a situation you must remember the substantive evidence which is available to prove that all must be from God. Let us, for example, take the Prophecy of the existence of Little Pebble’. How could it take effect if he went into serious sin? How could he govern a Church when his credibility was in question? Did not Our Lady tell the Little Pebble’ that in his Mission he would never go into error? People then say that St. Peter denied Our Lord, yet still became Pope. Is a denial the same as adultery? One is of morality; the other is about faith, or its lack.

The future Papacy of the `Little Pebble’ has been confirmed by most Seers of the world. The Mystical Marriage has also been confirmed by many Seers of the world.

It is not only the credibility of the `Little Pebble’ that would be at stake but those Seers as well. It is also illogical to deny the facts. So now we come to the issue. 

Is the Mystical marriage of the `Little Pebble’ a Truth?

Well, dear people, now I will explain to you how all things transpired.

In October 1990 – while I was in Germany – I met my future wife-to-be. At that time I did not know I was going to be remarried as I was happily married to a young and beautiful woman named [Name Withheld], with four young children aged 6, 4, 2 and 4 months. As always in my travels I meet thousands of people – including many young people. During my stay in Germany over a few days I met a family who worked for my mission – and in this family was a young girl named [Name Withheld] – a pleasant young woman who believed strongly in Our Lady’s Mission. I spent a few hours with the family and then left.

On the 14th October I went to a very big Apparition place called Altotting – “approved”. As I entered the Apparition Chapel Our Lady Appeared to me – carrying the Infant Jesus – and told me not to be alarmed, but that Her Divine Son, Jesus, had a Plan for me and the young girl [Name Withheld] whom I had met. I asked Our Lady, “What plan?”. She would say only that I would know later. I was very much puzzled by this.

A few days later I went to Rome, to see the Pope. Again Our Lady Appeared and told me the same, but in much more detail. I was very uneasy now and I began to contact other Seers about this. Two of these Seers are stigmatised and guided by the Church. One is called the `Catherine Emmerich’ of this century. I told the Seers nothing of what Our Lady had said. A week later I returned to Germany and spent a few more days with the family. I noticed an attraction had formed between [Name Withheld] and myself, yet only as friends. During this week Our Lady came and once again told me that Heaven had a Plan for us.

On November 1, 1990 – while in Church – I had a very wonderful Apparition. I saw Our Lady, on a Throne, and the Holy Spirit was as a very large Dove. The Dove then came to me – and in His beak He carried two wedding rings. [Name Withheld] was next to me at the time, with her family. I was trembling and afraid. I again ‘phoned the Seers and they said the same. I was deeply distressed, even though all was confirmed – and I did not know what it meant.

I returned to Australia very troubled and puzzled, thinking I was being tempted – yet I knew that it must be correct, as God confirmed it through so many Seers. I then prayed for fourteen days, to the Holy Spirit, for enlightenment.

On the 14th November, 1990 – during Holy Mass – three times Jesus came to me and said: “Son, your wife, [Name Withheld], is going to die and go to Heaven – and [Name Withheld], the young woman, will become your new wife”. As soon as I heard this I was in shock. I asked myself, “Why? Soon I will be the Pope. Why do I need to marry again – and what about my children? Why remarry? Why must I have another wife”? Our Lord answered me, saying that it is because it is His Holy Will. He told me that when Mass was finished to contact the stigmatised Seer and she would confirm for me what Our Lord had said. She did that – and also said that she was told the same a long time before I was. From that day until this very day I have been in deep mourning, knowing what God had Planned. [Name Withheld] accepted the marriage proposal without reservation, as she was in love with me from long before.

In December, Jesus and Mary told me that I was to be married to [Name Withheld], Mystically, in March; this, too, was confirmed by many Seers. Our Lady then told the Seers the time that [Name Withheld] was to die and go to Heaven. All of this was to do with a great Mystery of the Church. I did not understand it, but I accepted what God asked of me.

In December Jesus told me to tell several souls the secret: what had been told to me and other Seers. Two of these souls were Priests of the Order of Saint Charbel. All was to remain secret – in confidence – until the events were over, then all would be made public. Both Jesus and Mary, in fact, spoke publicly in all Messages from 1990 about a Mystical Marriage – however, none except myself understood what they were saying. The Mystical Marriage took place in March, with a Priest, the stigmatised Seer and family present.

In April, [Name Withheld] was to go to Heaven – but the event was delayed, and still is to this day. As that event did not occur on the day, one of the Priests lost faith and betrayed the `Little Pebble’. The way of the Cross began. [Name Withheld] found out – and, through the Priest, many around the world learned of it.

The agony caused to [Name Withheld] was enormous; however, within a few weeks, she received supernatural insight and became calm. [Name Withheld] has become a victim soul’ for Christ; a martyr of the modern age. [Name Withheld], too, has become a victim of faith’.

The cross and suffering that all have had to carry – including family and friends – is so great no words could explain it. It is to be understood that [Name Withheld] does not accept the marriage between [Name Withheld] and the `Little Pebble’, but yet believes in the Mission of Our Lady.

However, be as it may at this time, God has said all events will be fulfilled to the letter, even though all has been delayed, for Jesus wishes to test the people.

So the question now remains: If a prophet is asked to do something contrary to the Law of God and Church is he doing wrong? Is he in sin? Should he follow what has been asked? The answer is simple.

  • A Prophet must obey God first, even if it be contrary to God’s Law.
  • The Prophet does not commit sin when commanded to do so, as can be seen in the scriptures.
  • The proof of the mission of the `Little Pebble’ is the fruit of God’s work, which can be easily seen by the credibility of the mission.

Set below are the teaching of God’s Church – from Saint Thomas Aquinas – on the Law of God and the Moral issue. This will show you that what was done by the `Little Pebble’ was a lawful act of obedience to Truth, and in no way was it contrary to Moral or Natural Law or Supernatural Law – nor for any other member who was accused in this matter, as well.

Therefore, dear people of God, before you are tempted to pass judgement upon this very serious case, please pray – and pray again, then reflect seriously as to whether it is Truth that governs the mission of the `Little Pebble’, or moral decay. It is to be remembered, dear souls, that much suffering is at stake at this time, on all sides – and much prayer is requested for all concerned until this drama has come to its final conclusion for the greater Glory of God. Because the stakes are high such prayer is needed. Included in these writings are the Messages given to one of the stigmatised Seers about this situation.

And finally, it must be understood that before the `Little Pebble’ took such important steps in his life it was very carefully checked – and confirmed by Heaven – through Seers and Priests, and even an Archbishop, who confirmed to him that God can do such a thing and has done so in history.

It is claimed that the Little Pebble’ wanted a young woman for sexual fulfilment. However, if this were truly the devil’s work the Little Pebble’ could have had his new wife secretly – or any other young girl – without telling his wife, [Name Withheld]; yet the `Little Pebble’ knew what would be at stake when he was asked to marry another woman while still being legally married. He would lose his wife, children, family, friends, reputation, credibility – and the Mission. All this for sexual fulfilment! So, dear people, draw your own conclusion after reading the letter, Messages and teaching of the Church.

Please remember to pray for me and my family – and [Name Withheld] and her family.

May God be glorified in all that we do, now and forever; and may God’s Infinite Wisdom be a shining Light to all who seek the Truth.

It is consoling to know that eighty percent of the people, promoters and Seers have remained firmly behind the Mission of Our Lady of the Ark even after hearing about this.

Truly, God’s ways are not man’s ways!!

May God Bless you all.

The `Little Pebble’.


God’s ways are not man’s ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

The Prophet appointed by God is often made to be a living sign of a Mystery that God wishes to make known to His people. This is the case for both the Old and New Testaments of Sacred Scripture.

The Little Pebble’ is a Prophet appointed by God. Anyone who prayerfully and reflectively reads the Messages given to him – and, as well, tries to become familiar with the totality of the Apparition – can discern this fact. The purpose of this letter is to address the specific situation in which the Little Pebble’ finds himself – and to show his conformity with the Moral demands of the Gospel. Sacred Scripture is revealed by God; Sacred Tradition is guided by the Holy Spirit; and the Magisterium of the Church is the Office set up by Christ to teach in His Name. (DEI VERBUM, Vatican II Documents, article 10.) I leave it to the reader to study for himself the letter issued by the Little Pebble’, dated July 1, 1991, on the Mystical Marriage, wherein is stated the essential facts. In this letter I will answer for the reader the following questions:

  • Is the Mystical Marriage of the Little Pebble’ a lawful act?
  • What is the role of the Prophet for our generation?

The answer to these questions will require some precision. There are necessary distinctions in order to safeguard the truth and as well to proscribe certain false notions and calumnies being spread from various circles in order to discredit the Apparition and the Little Pebble’ himself. The Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas, O. P., will provide most of the required Theological precision.

God’s Commands are always valid and lawful. This is the case even when there is a seeming contradiction of the Natural Law. Saint Thomas explains these extraordinary Commands of God given to the Prophets of the Old Testament. He asks:

Whether God ought to be obeyed in all things?

“God can command nothing contrary to virtue, since virtue and rectitude of humans will consist chiefly in conformity with God’s Will and obedience to His command, although it be contrary to the wonted mode of virtue. Accordingly, then, the command given to Abraham to slay his innocent son was not contrary to justice, since God is the Author of life and death. Nor, again, was it contrary to justice that He commanded the Jews to take things belonging to the Egyptians, because all things are his – and He gives them to whom He will. Nor was it contrary to chastity that Osee (Hosea) was commanded to take an adulteress, because God Himself is the Ordainer of human generation and the right manner of intercourse with women is that which He appoints. Hence it is evident that the persons aforesaid did not sin, either by obeying God or by being willing to obey Him.” (Summa Theologica Part II-II, Q.104, article 4, reply objection 2

It is always an act of virtue to obey God’s commands. Saint Thomas speaks again, in several places, about these same three incidents in the Old Testament – Abraham, Osee (Hosea), and the taking away of the spoils of the Egyptians. Each time Saint Thomas clearly distinguishes the Sovereignty of God over all His Creation. In Part II-II, Q. 100, article 8, reply objection 3, he asks:


[i.e, the Ten Commandments].

He comments further on the incident of “theft” from the Egyptians, saying that it was not theft because it was the “Sentence of God”. Again in regard to Abraham Saint Thomas further explains: “…he did not consent to murder, because his son was due to be slain by the command of God, who is Lord of life and death… and if a man be the executor of that sentence by Divine authority, he will be no murderer any more than God would be”.

In regard to Osee (Hosea), Saint Thomas says: “…[He] was not guilty of adultery or of fornication, because he took unto himself one who was his by command of God, Who is the author of the institution of marriage”.

Saint Thomas declares: “Accordingly, therefore, the precepts of the Decalogue, as to the essence of justice which they contain, are unchangeable; but as to any determination by application to individual actions – for instance: that this or that be of murder, theft or adultery, or not – in this point they admit of change…”.

Already from the above references we can see that God can suspend or dispense His Own Laws for individuals when by His command the person is ordered to perform an action that is normally unlawful. These occurrences are usually rare and only required of certain persons who are given a special mission from God for the sake of the people as a whole. This is true of the above Prophets – Abraham and Osee (Hosea). Yet all of the Prophets of the Old Testament were commanded by God to perform mysterious actions that were symbolic of other meanings – in order to teach the people of God and to govern their actions. We have only to consider the Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel – to name a few. 

Saint Thomas explains a major role of Prophesy in this regard: “… Prophesy is directed to the knowledge of Divine Truth, by the contemplation of which we are not only instructed in faith, but also guided in our actions….. Wherefore at all times men were Divinely instructed about what they were to do, according as it was expedient for the spiritual welfare of the elect”. (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica Part II-II, Q. 174, article 6.) In this same context of directing the actions of men, Saint Thomas carries on his point in asking the further questions:

  • Whether it is ever lawful to kill the innocent?
  • Whether the natural law can be changed?
  • Whether simple fornication is mortal sin?

He will again refer to the precedent in sacred Scripture concerning Abraham and Osee (Hosea) – two Prophets who were given most extraordinary commands by God. To all outward appearances these proposed actions required by God were unlawful. 

Saint Thomas explains that God’s commands were not unlawful – and not sinful, either. In reference to Abraham: “God is Lord of death and life, for by His decree both the sinful and the righteous die. Wherefore that which a man does by God’s Will and in obedience to His command, is not contrary to nature, though it seem contrary to the general order of reason. Even so, that which is done Miraculously by Divine Power is not contrary to nature, though it be contrary to usual course of nature. Therefore just as Abraham did not sin in being willing to slay his innocent son, because he obeyed God – although, considered in itself it was contrary to right human reason in general – so, too, Osee (Hosea) sinned not in committing fornication by God’s command…”. Then, quoting Saint Augustine: “When God commands a thing to be done against the customs or agreement of any people, though it were never done by them heretofore, it is to be done”. And, afterwards, he adds: “… For as among the powers of human society the greater authority is obeyed in preference to the lesser, so must God – in preference to all”. (Saint Augustine, Confessions, III, 8.)

Finally, Saint Thomas carefully distinguishes how the Natural Law is changeable in its Secondary Principles [but not in its First Principles]. He explains: “But it may be changed in some particular cases of rare occurrence, through some special causes hindering the observance of such precepts”. (Part I-II, Q. 94, article 5)

He then gives examples of exception: “Consequently, by the command of God, death can be inflicted on any man – guilty or innocent – without any injustice whatever. In like manner…intercourse with any woman, by the command of God, is neither adultery nor fornication”. (Part I-II, q. 94, article 5, reply objection 2)

If we consider the case of the Little Pebble’ and the Mystical Marriage, we must do justice to God’s command that has ordered His Prophet – the Little Pebble’ – to marry. From all that has been written above it is easy to see that the Little Pebble’ has not committed sin through his obedience to the command of God. It is because of this command, alone, that the Little Pebble’ entered into Mystical Marriage. The Marriage is real – and according to the Will of God! Furthermore, this Mystical Marriage is symbolic of other meanings that apply to the whole Church. The prophetic elements will be apparent to the Church as time goes on; it belongs to God to justify His Own Works – and His Prophet. There has been no violation of Natural Law, nor any of the Ten Commandments. There has been no adultery, because of the reasons stated above by Saint Thomas.

This angelic Doctor of the Church explains further, concerning a plurality of wives. There are some important distinctions here that will help the reader to understand the consistency of God’s Wisdom in action. He comments on the nature of marriage in relation to the Natural Law, asking:

Whether it is against the Natural Law to have several wives”?

His answer is informative: Now, marriage has for its principle end the begetting and rearing of children … and thus it is that the offspring is a assigned as a marriage good’… But for its secondary end … they owe one another [their spouses] fidelity which is one of the goods’ of marriage. (Part: Supplement Q. 65, article 1)

For the Baptised, marriage is also a Sacrament – and is therefore a `good’ of marriage. He explains that it is not against the Natural Law to have several wives: “Hence it is evident that by taking several wives a man does not bind himself to the impossible, considering the principle end of marriage; and therefore plurality of wives is not against the first principles of Natural Law. Consequently, a dispensation in this matter could be granted by God alone through an inward inspiration, vouchsafed originally to the holy patriarchs – and by their example continued to others, at a time when it behoved the aforesaid precept not to be observed, in order to ensure the multiplication of the offspring to be brought-up in the worship of God. For the principle end is ever to be borne in mind before the secondary end. Wherefore, since the good of the offspring is the principle end of marriage, it behoved to disregard for a time the impediment that might arise to the secondary ends, when it was necessary for the offspring to be multiplied…”. (Part: Supplement Q. 65, article 2)

The Mystical Marriage of the Little Pebble’ to [Name Withheld] does not violate the Natural Law regarding a second wife because God has commanded it of him, precisely, as he is a Prophet of God and a public Seer of an internationally known Apparition. God has dispensed the secondary ends of marriage concerning marital fidelity for the Prophet, in order to signify a prophetic sign for the Church of this generation. This is reason why the Mystical Marriage of the Little Pebble’ to [Name Withheld] is both valid and lawful. God has commanded it for a reason which He will disclose in due time. This Mystical Marriage is foreseen by God in His Infinite Wisdom, which Ordains all causes and their effects in the order of both Nature and of Grace.

Consequently, when God dispenses His Prophet from the observance of the secondary precepts of the Natural Law it is already known in the Divine Mind of God – and, therefore, providential. Saint Thomas points-out that God can act outside the created order of things if He so chooses: “Therefore, since the order of nature is given to things by God – if He does anything outside this order it is not against nature”…and, furthermore… “God fixed a certain order in things in such a way that, at the same time, He reserved to Himself whatever He intended to do otherwise than by a particular cause. So, when He acts outside this order, He does not change”. (Part I, Q. 105, article 6, reply objs. 1 & 3)

I would like to address the second question I posed for the reader of this letter, namely:

What is the role of a Prophet for our generation?

More specifically: what is the role of the `Little Pebble’ as the Prophet appointed by God through the Apparition at Nowra, Australia? It is necessary to consider the nature of faith as a theological virtue. However, it is beyond the scope of this letter to give a treatise on such virtues. The traditional Catholic Teaching is presumed.

Let us consider the Mystery of the Annunciation – and its implications for Mary and Joseph. For my purpose, Pope John Paul II sheds much light on the subject of faith. Consider the dilemma that Joseph was placed in by God: “In these circumstances, Her husband, being a just man and unwilling to put Her to shame, resolved to send Her away quietly’ (Matt. 1:19). He did not know how to deal with Mary’s astonishing motherhood. He certainly sought an answer to this unsettling question, but above all he sought a way out of what was for him a difficult situation”. (John Paul II, Redemptoris Custos, article 3) Saint Thomas explains that Mary and Saint Joseph were actually married at the betrothal, although the marriage had not been solemnised when she was discovered to be with child: “Now the form of matrimony consists in a certain inseparable union of souls, by which husband and wife are pledged by a bond of mutual affection that cannot be sundered… Thus we may say, as to the first perfection [i.e, its Form], that the marriage of the Virgin Mother of God and Joseph was absolutely true: because both consented to the nuptial bond… For this reason the Angel calls Mary the wife of Joseph’, saying to him (Matt. 1:20) Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife’, on which words Augustine says (De Nup. Concup. 1) She is called his wife from the first promise of Her espousals…”. (Part III, Q. 29, article 2)

The penalty for Mary under the law was drastic: She had to be stoned to death (Deut. 22:20). This is how things appeared to be on the surface; a profound mystery for Joseph to fathom – to say the least – because he loved the Blessed Virgin so very much, and most of all because he loved God so much. God would not allow the Blessed Virgin to tell Her secret to him. God’s ways are not man’s ways! The Holy Spirit answered Mary’s prayer: “Be silent. Entrust Me with the task of justifying you with your spouse” (Poem of the Man-God, Vol. 1, p. 93). Joseph agonised terribly in this trial, yet he was a man of great faith, great charity and deep humility. God hears the cry of the poor and the Angel of the Lord is sent: “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in Her is of the Holy Spirit; She will bear a son and you shall call His Name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1.20-21). He did what the Angel of the Lord commanded; he obeyed in faith. John Paul explains that: “The Divine Messenger introduces Joseph to the Mystery of Mary’s Motherhood” – and, speaking of his obedience in faith to what was asked of him, His Holiness continues: “One can say that what Joseph did united him in an altogether special way to the faith of Mary. He accepted as a Truth coming from God the very thing that She had already accepted at the Annunciation. The Council teaches: `The obedience of faith must be given to God as He reveals Himself. By this obedience of faith man freely commits himself entirely to God, making the full submission of his intellect and will to God Who reveals, and willingly assenting to the Revelation given by Him’. This statement, which touches the very essence of faith, is perfectly applicable to Joseph of Nazareth” (John Paul II, Redemptoris Custos, article 4).

The command that God has given to the Little Pebble’, requiring his obedience in faith, is analogous to the faith of Saint Joseph. The Mystery surrounding Mystical Marriage to [Name Withheld] is part of a great Plan of God for this generation in preparation for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (foretold at Fatima) and the Second Coming of Jesus. This Mystical Marriage bears many prophetic elements which God has chosen to veil in secrecy for the time being. However, various aspects of its significance are being revealed by God to certain Seers and Mystics throughout the world. By this God confirms His own Will and edifies His children by uniting the various Seers in conformity with His Plan for both the Little Pebble’ and the Apparition in Australia. By his obedience in faith to the command of God the Little Pebble’ knows that his faith in God will not be in vain. He knows from experience that God will never abandon him, especially when He is the One who appointed him to be a Prophet with a special mission: the future Papacy. The Little Pebble’ consecrated his life to God through Mary’s Immaculate Heart; he has given Her all! She will justify Her little son in the eyes of the Church. On many occasions now, Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother have spoken about the `secret’ of the Mystical Marriage. The following are pointers to some of the public Messages which will help the reader to grasp the profundity of this revelation:

November 3, 1990: received in the company of two other Seers;

December 1, 1990: speaking of the great Marriage that is to come: “What you have witnessed this evening, dear child, is as sign to the Church…and a secret, My sweet child, that My Mother has given to you will resemble this – and many shall be confounded because of the ways of God”!

December 31, 1990: “Therefore you will be tested and tried – but be not afraid….”.

February, 1991: “A great prodigy…”.

February 13, 1991: “All that We have told you will be fulfilled…”.

March 2, 1991: “Eternal Father…must suspend His Own Laws…”.

In conclusion, I would like the reader to realise that one could never be worthy to be chosen as a Seer or Prophet. God has to choose whom He wants for His purpose. Further. God must grant to His child the necessary Graces to accomplish His Will. This is imminently a work of Love from God to His child and – as well – a response in faith and ardent love in return, to God. Our Lord Himself was a `Sign of Contradiction’ (Luke 2:34-35); consequently, so is every real Christian – and especially the Prophet of God! I ask the reader of this letter to pray earnestly – and trust in God, as did the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph. It is love which will see you through the trials; love for God and each other.

We must become like little children in the face of the Mysteries of God. If we are poor in spirit we will hunger for God’s Truth and Love. There is so much more to be said, but it cannot all go into this letter. Pray; do not judge – and be silent! – is good advice to follow. There has been too much rash judgement, little prayer and a terrible catalogue of gossip, slander and calumny against the `Little Pebble’ in past days. To say the least: it is un-Christian! God will justify His Works, in time.

Finally, as the `Little Pebble’s’ confessor, I would like to defend – at some length – his dignity and credibility as a morally upright, married, Catholic layman. He attends Mass daily – and frequently comes to Confession. He edifies our little Community of the Order of Saint Charbel by his simple piety. In my opinion he is a humble man who always has time for the members of the Community, as well as for the many pilgrims who come to visit on the Atonement days. He is not lazy – rather the reverse, for he is an extremely hard worker for the Mission of Our Lady. He has many friends, both here and around the world; he does not try to hide his faults; he is loyal to his friends and never refuses to forgive – nor does he harbour a grudge. He sees Jesus and Mary daily, in Visions and Locutions, wherein he receives directions for many important matters.

He does not divulge all the many insights and understandings of the mystery of our Faith unless it will edify – and is appropriate to so speak. He tries to live the things he has come to understand over these years, without references to himself (which could centre people’s attention upon himself). He is not scrupulous, nor legalistic; he a lot of commonsense – and always relies on this first in solving a problem. In matters of injustice he is not over-awed by persons of title. He strongly believes in adequate health care and proper hygiene. He has a high tolerance for pain, especially the mental pain brought about by the many problems with which he has to deal, on a daily basis, in the office. Because the Apparition has such a strong following overseas he is involved in counselling souls who telephone, or correspond with him via fax or mail. He is in contact with private and public Seers, Mystics and Privileged souls, daily – so is, therefore, fairly well informed about most of the current Apparition sites in the world.

God has given him the ability to deal with a complexity of human problems, all at the same time, without losing patience or peace of mind. God has also given him the gift of reading souls, when God Wills it; has the gift of healing, as God desires; has the gift of discernment, concerning the supernatural experiences of others who seek counsel, because an Angel tells him what he needs to know, when God desires this. He suffers for others without complaining or rebellion. Our Lord allows him to suffer certain aspects of His Passion, when necessary for God’s purpose. The `Little Pebble’ has a tremendous amount of genuine love for souls – and in my opinion he radiates something of the Love of the Immaculate Heart Mary to those whom he spiritually assists with their various problems.

I close on this final note. In reading John Paul’s recent Apostolic Letter on Saint John of the Cross (December 14, 1990), I could not help thinking that a certain passage of that document applied comparatively to the Little Pebble’, as a Prophet of God. I leave the reader with this thought: 

“John of the Cross is a man in love with God. He treated familiarly with Him and spoke constantly of him. He carried God in his heart and on his lips. God was his true treasure; his most real world. Even before opening his mouth to proclaim or sing the Divine Mystery, he is God’s witness. That is why he speaks of Him so passionately and so uncommonly convincingly. They pondered that which they heard, that he spoke thus of the things of God – and of the Mysteries of our Faith, as if he had seen them with his bodily eyes’. The gift of faith brings alive for the believer what he knows is Mystery. It comes to form his real world. The witness proclaims what he has seen and heard; what he has contemplated – after the fashion of the Prophets and Apostles’” (1 John 1:1-2) (John Paul II, Apostolic Letter on Saint John of the Cross – December 14, 1990).

Saint John of the Cross was a holy man who suffered very much from the very ones who ought to have loved him. Pope John Paul II rightly appraises the Saint’s depth of personal faith. If, after much prayer and reflection, you find that you cannot accept this still-unfolding Mystery, then please pray for us – but do not attack the Mission of Our Lady; this would be unjust. Leave it to God to judge.

May God Bless all who read this series of letters from the `Little Pebble’ – and may Our Lady caress you tenderly, held against Her immaculate Heart.

Respectfully, in Christ, Fr. Malcolm Broussard.


JULY 1, 1991

This part deals with Messages received regarding the Marriage – and a letter of defence from Mr. Franz Krinner.

Message given by Our Lady to a stigmatised Seer – who is known as the Catherine Emmerich of our time’ – regarding the Little Pebble’, which was addressed to Priest.

“It is true; the Holy Catherina Emmerich had seen the new Pope in the renewed world – and she described that he looks exactly like the Little Pebble’: a little man, with glowing, shining, eyes; with childlike trust and happiness. So it is written. He will be known as the Little Stone’ because he is not well-known and is uninteresting’, so that people kick him around. But his day will come, when the stone’ so disregarded will be the `stone’ of the New Church, which dared to refuse him!

But some of those who said they believed in him will speak against him, even openly, and will do a lot of damage. They will realise, later, that they fell for an error, but it will be too late. When you read these manifestations given to Catherina Emmerich then you know that even people who believe are in restriction: how far they can believe or not believe; and how far to refute him, and how openly. And – how they attack and abuse!! The worst will be for the Priest, especially even the `good’ Priest who refuses the new Pope – for by that they refuse God’s Wishes. He decided to build the new and clean Church on a person who is not a theologian but just an average person.

Everything has a symbolic character; for instance, the marriage of the Pope who will sit at the head of the new Church. God knows exactly what he has done; it is [therefore] idle to judge if this man is fit, or not. The circumstances which an un-compassionate person could quote to avoid a vote for the Papacy – such as his family’, and no formal appointment as a Priest’ – is uninteresting to God, as God can make changes; but changes are not necessary! Only the thoughtless and unbelieving people have to be changed. So it would be better only to believe without thinking and go your way, with faith; it is better for your own soul. At the end, everything will be revealed – and those who still believe, in this dark time, with trust in God will be saved, and Our Lord will say: “Your trust in Me has saved you”.

[In the past] Well known holy men were there all the time – and those who had a lot of followers. They thought they were holy, but went the wrong way! Be prepared when a Priest, during Mass, calls a person by name and condemns him; beware of that Priest if he takes Holy Communion after the condemnation: he will drink himself unto condemnation! But if he recognises the lie in time – and is convinced that what was slandered was not sinful – he can be forgiven; he can still look-after people. But he, himself, can be lost if he doesn’t confess openly – and, especially, within a big group of people, and through a religious paper. Please pray for these Priests before it is too late.

Your Mother – Maria – Blesses you.”


In respect of the question about God’s Law we have received many queries, in letters and through telephone calls. The main question is: “Is there a breaking of God’s Law in this matter”? There is not, because God has suspended His Law for one reason – and one reason only: so that the marriage of the `Little Pebble’ to his first wife can be suspended.

Next question: “Is this done under God’s Will or that of the Little Pebble”? As we are very close to the Little Pebble’, we know his responsibilities towards the work of Our Lady in our German-speaking community. We asked ourselves that question over and over again, because our Saint Charbel Prayer Houses could suffer because of this. Our resolution is as follows; of course, it is your option to think otherwise.

Can God change the Law?

The answer is “Yes” – otherwise it wouldn’t be God’s Law. God is Master over nature and the world. The question “Why” will not be answered. If God did not allow that His Law be suspended then the Church would not have any Miracles of body and soul. When we see signs that are clearly God’s Will we – as faithful – can only say “Yes”, and thank the Lord. It is not for us to question God’s Plan, nor to criticise or ask for explanations from the Almighty.

In the case of the Little Pebble’, has God suspended the Sixth Commandment – or is it just the wish of a Seer to have a younger wife? At this point God has suspended the first marriage of the Little Pebble’, not His Commandment. We know this from the many manifestations to the Little Pebble’ and from Messages to other Seers, in which the Blessed Virgin Mary and God the Father gave proof. There were a few blessed Seers who were told to tell the Little Pebble’, early enough, of what was going to happen – despite what many of his enemies have thought. The Australian Seer has four lovely children – whom he loves dearly – and an apostolate, as his life’s work, which he would not want to put into jeopardy.

When the Message about the second marriage became known, we were afraid that a lot of the faithful would show us their backs – and that many would believe that the future Pope was like a lot of other people these days, with thoughts only of sex and having no regard for God’s Commandments – as is the case with the enemies of the Church! Even the beautiful chain of prayers through the Saint Charbel Houses would break apart. The double marriage, so we thought, was the Prophesied cross, and would bring ruin to the, up-to-now, faultless Seer – along with unbelievable humiliation to him and to all his followers, who wouldn’t know him any more, for they would think that the `Little Pebble’ had fallen into Satan’s trap.

But the cross and the sacrifice – and any other tests – can come only from God. The shock and the humiliation had to be endured so that God would know the true faithful. If the Little Pebble’ was really sex-crazy, or a hypocrite, he could have a woman in every big city without anyone ever knowing about it – except Heaven!! We know that the Little Pebble’ obeys the Ten Commandments, fully. He is the example of humiliation and sacrifice for Our Heavenly Mother, Whom he loves over everything else!

No-one in his right mind should believe that the information which is detracting from the Little Pebble’s’ integrity could be in jeopardy of God’s Work unless he truly believes that it is not God’s Will! Is God’s Will really only a test and humiliation for the Seer – or are there other factors involved? We ask ourselves this question especially, since we live in the apocalyptical end of time’ – and our Seer, as the last Pope, will bring together all the lost sheep. God doesn’t have to order a second marriage to test the obedience of the Little Pebble’, but through this event comes the sign of the new Church and the proclamation of the end of time’.

It was not said openly on the 13th of May because we felt that we didn’t have the right to explain what the symbolic double marriage meant regarding the Church. The sign of the two marriages has a very great meaning which our Holy Mother describes in this manner: The first marriage (of the Little Pebble) is the reflection of John Paul II and the old Church, which falling into ruins. The second marriage (of the Little Pebble’) is the reflection of the New Church which will be built in the renewed world. Like the soul of a young man going through a tunnel of death and coming into the new world healthy and well, that is how the New Church will develop in the renewed world. The new Pope whom God has chosen will reign over the renewed and healthy Church. God Loves symbolism – and those who believe know that the `Little Stone’ is the chosen one.

Those who still believe the Masons and the sectarians have gone against the Truth – and they oppose God and the future Pope of the renewed world. Jesus said to the Apostles: “What about you – do you want to go away. too”? This will happen again – and that is why God revealed the future, so that everyone could make-up his or her own mind. Those who don’t believe in the Truth should not speak in hateful and derogatory manner, because it could cost them everlasting life. The Judge of all this can only be the Eternal Father, who said: “My Ways are not your ways – and My Thoughts are not your thoughts”.

The new Church shall destroy the anti-Christ – and the New Church, with the `Little Pebble’ at its head, will go out of the old Church, just like the Apostles, who went out of the old law. This is the reason why the old Church will stay alive until the New Church becomes established and her soldiers engage in war against the anti-Christ. Both women of these marriages are special signs for the Church; the second marriage had to be performed while the wife of the first marriage was still alive. This marriage will end in Heaven when God takes her to Himself.

The heavy cross which the `Little Pebble’, as a layman, has to carry is unbelievably large. Anne Catherine Emmerich saw this cross in a vision on the 4th October, 1820. She says: “Last night I had a vision of the Pope. I saw Saint Francis carrying the Church – and the Basilica of Saint Peter’s borne on the shoulders of a little man who had something of the Jew in his countenance. It looked very perilous. Mary stood at the north side of the Church, with Her mantle extended over it. The little man was almost bent double…just as he was about to fall…”.

If God’s test is a special sign then we should be humbly grateful. We thank our Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary for the perfume which has been coming from the Rosa Mystica statue in our Saint Charbel Prayer House since the wedding on the 19th March, 1991 – the Blessing from our Heavenly Mother to Her children. This is the answer to your questions – and we hope that you still pray for our souls.

(The Messages referred to in this letter come from the stigmatised Seer, `Hedgerose’. 15th May, 1991)


“Concerning the situation of the Little Pebble’: this is more important than anybody may think, as it so happens he is the chosen one for the new Church. That is why God has tested him over and over again. And yet, it is not he who makes the scandal – it is the Lord himself; and those who smear and ridicule the Little Pebble’ – and those who call him adulterer’, or even murderer’ – they [are like them] who called Our Lord the same. Remember, Jesus was also Crucified for a crime that He did not commit – but the `little Pebble’ will go the way of the Cross, to divide the good and the bad.

“Even some of the Seers won’t be able to stand-up for their beliefs, because Our Lord Himself attended the Mystical Marriage of the Little Pebble’ and his young wife! All slander about the marriage will also be against God Himself. God said; “Do not judge – and you will not be Judged”. As a result, God’s Judgement is that of the people themselves. Shouldn’t we be thankful for that: that He doesn’t force anybody? Anything which comes from pressure comes from Satan. Jesus said that to His Apostles as they began to mistrust him: “Do you want to go away, too”. This is what He says today: “I made My choice – the Little Pebble’ is My tool” – and He will say the same Words: “Do you want to go away, too”? [adding], “Then go”! To Judas, Jesus said: “What you have to do – do quickly”. [Do it soon, to make a clean break.] Now is the time when We pull out the weed and burn it, so that the good plants can grow big and strong, and bear fruit. God is the Lord over Heaven and Earth; He doesn’t have to explain why He is doing this and not the other, because He is the Law!

“All know, from the Bible, of the woman (Elizabeth) who couldn’t bear children; all of a sudden she became pregnant. So why shouldn’t God divide marriage partners and end marriages. Only those who really believe in what is happening know it is God’s doing. What fits-in with the old Law is not believed in faith, because it is so easy to understand. But faith is believing in what sounds believable – and following it. That is why the action of the `Little Pebble’ is the best way of finding the true faithful.

“There is not much time left for this test, because God Himself will reveal the happenings to the world so that everybody will see. But to show your faith then is too late, because one can see that you are not a true believer. So I beg of you – as your caring Mother: take the advice from your Lord, so that you won’t judge yourself, due to your unbelief.

I Bless you all, Your Mother, Mary”.

The preceding Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary gives the background for the time of the Little Pebble’s’ tumult and uproar: people accusing him of adultery; of obsessions; of idiocy – and of destroying the Mission of our Loving Mother in Australia. To clear-up misunderstandings – and to prevent future slander, herewith are the following statements: God the Son and His Holy Mother told the Little Pebble’ and other Seers – a long time ago – that the `Little Pebble’s’ wife was to die; that his present marriage was to be suspended – and the new marriage would be performed on the 19th March, 1991. This is the sign for the New Church – so even this will be a Mystery for a few years to come.

The old and the new marriages of the Little Pebble’ are according to the Will of the Eternal Father, as a sign of the old Church (under John Paul II) and a sign for the New Church (under the Little Pebble’). The bond of God with the New Church should have taken place at a time when the old Church (first wife as a symbol) was still alive.

The Little Pebble’ followed the Will of God into the new marriage, which was performed on Our Lady’s instructions in God’s Name – and on His Authority. We were witnesses at the marriage ceremony. Jesus – in the presence of His Holy Mother and Saint Joseph – Blessed this marriage, which has to be manifested. According to the law of the Church, a lawful marriage remains lawful until one of the partners passes away. The deliberate offence against God’s Law by marrying another female whilst still being married to his fist wife would be the heaviest cross put upon the Little Pebble’, and the most humiliating – for him and for those who believe in his Mission. God expects a sacrifice which is even harsher than was expected of Abraham as, according to the Will of the Eternal Father, the Seer – with this second marriage – will risk the belief in and reputation of his work.

The Eternal Father has already begun to prepare the first wife of the `Little Pebble’ ([Name Withheld]) to go to Heaven. She voluntarily spoke “Yes” to God the Father – and promised to help the Mission of the Blessed Virgin Mary; that she will be truthful and will pray.

The new wife of the Little Pebble’ ([Name Withheld]) is not – as some people claim, falsely – a prostitute; instead, she is an innocent woman who will look after the four children of the Little Pebble’. She has been chosen from a lot of other women by Our holy Mother and the Eternal Father. All this must shock a lot of people and make them suspicious of the `Little Pebble’ and his true intentions. But you have to believe – and do not try to test God’s Will. Let us keep on praying – and trusting in the Words of our Mother. Through this test we will become stronger.

(Translated from the German original.)