Message 326 – 13 August 1991


13TH AUGUST, 1991


These are the days spoken of in the Book of Revelations; a Great Battle of spirits in under way for the salvation of souls and separation of the good and bad – Trust in the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart will guide you through the turbulent waters – The Church has withstood the test of time because it is founded upon Christ – It is through the great test that the Church will be perfected in its members; the Mystical Marriage – World to be devastated with all types of pestilence and diseases – Do not try to understand the Mysteries of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Description of the Vision began at 3.15 p.m. The room started to fill with little balls of Light from Heaven – a beautiful stream of white Light which also covers the whole building. Very far away is the beautiful brilliant White Cross and from its centre-beam a beautiful Star with rays emanating from it, very sharply, comes down. There are two very large Angels standing in prayer, next to the Altar and many more come around, forming a type of path going towards the Cross. There are several hundred Angels, along with the seven Archangels – including Gabriel, Raphael and Michael and Uriel. They stand there with staffs, but Saint Michael holds a spear, waiting for Our Holy Mother, who now passes through the Cross – as though coming out of It, which I have seen many times. She comes down on the road of Light; gliding as though on a slippery dip, with a lot of speed. Our Blessed Mother is dressed in a milky-white coloured tunic, with a red velvet mantilla draped around Her shoulders. Along its edge is a wide golden ring with letters forming the words ‘Ave Maria’: on the bottom of Her dress are the words: ‘Pax Domini’. Our Lady’s Hair is visible, over Her Shoulders – beautiful golden-brown hair. A pale blue head-covering is in place and in Her right hand She holds a wooden Crucifix. Our Lord on the Crucifix is real – Our Lord Himself!

Our Lady is only about three metres from the building, very close to us and She looks about Her as many Angels circle around, Angels dressed in different ways and colours and with wings of differing sizes. Saint Michael is the tallest Angel of all. Our Lady comes even closer. The Angels have beautiful flowers in their hands and are throwing them down to all of us. I can see the world and the flowers fall to the Earth, to various countries. Our Lady now kisses the Crucifix and makes the Sign of the Cross, speaking in Latin +.

OUR LADY: “In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

“My Blessed child, Our beloved Pebble of Love – the Rock for Holy Mother Church in this age – My son who will guide My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth in these days, where there will be many trials and tribulations upon the whole world – upon all Our children now alive: I greet you, My son, as I greet all My children throughout the world. I come today as ‘Mother Pure and Fair’, Mother of all hearts dedicated to My Divine Son – especially these times where all Our children are under difficult trials.”

“These are the days, My children, spoken of in the Book of Revelations – the Apocalypse – where all Our children are being sealed by the Angels of Light and also, by the angels of darkness! All those written in the Book of Light are a Sign now to the Church of this great battle of the Spirits that is under way for the salvation of souls and the separation of the good from the bad.”

“These are truly difficult times, My dear children; only your faith and your trust in the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and in My Immaculate Heart, will guide you through the turbulent waters of these times. Yes, My sweet children, it is the obedience with faith that one must follow now. It is not enough, My sweet children, to know the great Words written down by the Prophets and the Apostles, for even these Words – though they come from on High – are insufficient for Our children at these times, if there is no faith. For the Word is [as] true today as it was in generations gone; as it will be in future times to come. But unless these Words are practiced by Our children with faith and obedience, through love, then these Words will not assist Our children to enter the Kingdom of Paradise – though the Word is God, the Word was God and the Word will be God for all time. But this Word must bear fruit in their soul to reap the harvest of Paradise and this can only be achieved, My dear children, with faith, with love, with sacrifice and self-giving. It is by your faith and your good works that you enter the Kingdom of My Father, and yours. The Church at this time – the Mystical Body of My Divine Son – is undergoing great trial. It was through the testing times that the Church – its members – were purified and made holy.”

“The Church has withstood the test of time because the Church is founded upon Christ, My Divine Son; the Eternal Rock. It is upon the Apostles that followed – it is upon the Bishops, the Holy Magisterium and upon the Divine Word of God – that the Church today still stands and will continue to stand for all time. But God the Eternal Father tests His children through the times to perfect them and make them holy and it is obedience in faith, with good words, that makes man holy. It is for this reason, My holy child – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – that We have placed a great burden upon your shoulders; but this burden is sweet, because it is the burden of Christ, My Divine Son. It is through this great test that We have placed upon you and upon the whole Church that the Church will be perfected in its members and only those who are to enter the Kingdom of Paradise will get through this trial!! Be not afraid, My sweet children, for this great trial will soon come to an end, and joy will flood the souls of the many who had to undergo this trial for the salvation of Holy Mother Church, its members and for the future plans of the Eternal Father for those that will enter into the Reign of Peace.”

“It is precisely this very test, of the Mystical Marriage between yourself, dear child and your Mystical Body and all will be laden with trials ’til God sees it fit to lift this yoke; to bring forth the Light to many hearts. The Victory will strike with a great blow and all may understand the Plans of the Eternal Father. The world too, at this time is undergoing trial and tribulations and many more are yet to come.”

“The Vicar of Christ – Pope John Paul II – will undergo such trial in these coming months, as he tries to lead the Church through its dark hours; to bring back the faith as it was, for many of the Bishops are far from the Light of My Divine Son and will oppose him, as they oppose you, My child. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, dear children of the Earth, that he be strengthened to carry the Cross of My Divine Son, for soon it will be his hour, as now it is your hour, My dear child and when this hour is complete Our Holy Vicar will give up his spirit and his very life, for the Church.”

“The times are very near for all that We have Prophesied to be fulfilled, because time is short – even by earthly calculations, My dear children. Let all those who have ears hear; all those who have eyes, to see, for the ‘time of times’ is upon you. The end is not so far, as you can see, for soon there shall be divisions upon divisions upon Holy Mother Church and wars upon wars; through all the lands much confusion, much carnage, much hatred shall enter the hearts of man, all because they have denied My Divine Son His Right as Ruler and Creator and King over humanity, to govern the hearts of men. For this reason the seven great Angels who stand with Me shall blow the Horns of Tribulation upon the world.”

“The world shall be devastated with all types of pestilence, diseases and unearthly manner of punishments from the Eternal Father, until mankind have opened up their hearts and bend their knees to the Eternal God – the Triune One. My Words have gone unnoticed by the majority of the Mystical Body throughout the world; it is therefore necessary for the Eternal Father to place a heavy Hand upon His children, until those who are in slumber awaken themselves and come to the foot of the Cross of My Divine Son. It is for those who will persist in their way of persecuting the Mission of Our Holy Child, the ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. They too, will receive a rude awakening from the Eternal Father because it is not love that now governs their hearts and [makes them] claim that it is for the love of God and their brother, that they wish to admonish him, but rather it is of envy and lack of understanding for God’s Holy Will. These children are to remain silent and pray; for as they have judged, they also will be judged in the same degree.”

“So beware, dear children throughout the world; do not try to understand the Mysteries of God but rather, place them in your heart, as I did when I received the Mystery of the Incarnation and pondered these Mysteries for many years. It will be through the Power of the Holy Ghost that you, My sweet children – with faith, seek to follow Christ, My Divine Son – will receive the knowledge of this Mystery now enveloped in your world.”

“There are many more Mysteries the Eternal Father wishes to share with His children upon the Earth; these will be revealed within these years before the Son of Man returns to the Earth to claim His Own.”

“Do not try to work-out with your intellect, which is only human, the great Mysteries of God, but pray, be humble and simple of heart. The Divine Dew will enlighten you and send forth the Angels of Light to guide and assist you. I – as your Heavenly Mother – Love all My children throughout the world. I have given you all that I have; I have given you My Heart; I have given you My love and the sacrifice of My Divine Son. More I cannot give you, but to ask you to listen to My Words and be faithful to the Teachings of My Divine Son. I Bless you all, My sweet children, through the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and through the Pure Heart of Our Beloved Saint Joseph, and through My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to you, my dear child: I will speak to you further while the children pray on. You are to take courage, dear child, and to go forward with the Light of My Divine Son. Be not concerned over those who persist in their ways, but pray for them that God be Merciful; that they receive Light at the last moment. All that I and My Divine Son have told you over these many months will be fulfilled. Great days are coming, dear child – for you, for your wife and for all those who have believed with faith, with obedience and trust – for God can never be outdone by offering of man. However, God is pleased when mankind is obedient with Faith and Trust in His Way.”

“I Bless you dear child; I Bless your wife and all those who are united with you throughout the world, especially those near to you at this time: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I give a Blessing for the child – the little one who will be born this year (your child) and also the one that is to come. My Blessings descend upon this child from My Immaculate Heart and upon the Mother. In the Name, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My children, with your prayers. I will take these prayers to My Divine Son.”