Message 356 – 25 August 1991

(PRIVATE HOME) – 25th AUGUST, 1991.


I wish to give special Graces to Germany and the world, to conquer Lucifer and cohorts from the underworld – Prayer and Sacrifice is your road; the Cross is your sign – Every person is being granted enough Grace to lead a good life. Prepare and always be there to rescue souls – I want your love, your worries, your pains and oppressions for with them I can save souls.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have been able to see Our Lord and Our Lady for ten to fifteen minutes and also, the tremendous Light in the sky, as is normal when Jesus and Mary come. This brilliant Light forms a shaft, which comes straight to this Chapel and becomes a pinpoint of Light right here, where the Crucifix is.

From the five wounds of Our Lord and also from His Wounded Heart came a sharp bright Light, to the front of the Altar and it formed a brilliant White Cross. From there came another tremendous Light, as we were saying the Rosary. Many Angels have gathered here in this room and around the building. Emerging from the shaft of Light are many Angels; they form a ‘road’, like a guard of honour, towards Heaven and I can now see our Blessed Mother coming down on the shaft of Light, holding the Baby Jesus in Her left Arm; coming very quickly.

Our Lady is dressed in a beautiful royal-blue garment, this time, with a white mantilla; on Her Head is a Crown with seven stars. In the middle of the Crown is the a larger star, with a Cross within it. Our Holy Mother is very close now, by the Crucifix here.

The Baby Jesus is about eighteen months old; He is wearing a yellow tunic and He too, has a Crown on His Head, a Crown set in a triangle which represents the Holy Trinity. He is laughing and smiling as he makes the Sign of the Cross over us;

BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Mother is really beautiful. I can see some of Her Hair flowing down over one Shoulder and She stands on a beautiful and very bright Light, as She always does, just looking around at the people. But She looks much further than just in this room; it’s as though looking at the whole world, for I can see the world underneath us. I can see the land mass of EuropeGermany, in particular – and our Blessed Mother places one Foot in Germany now. It’s really beautiful to see, for a brilliant Light comes from where She stands. Our Lady tells me something about the place where Her Foot is, but She says that it is not to be revealed publicly yet.

Our Lady holds a Rosary – a beautiful golden Rosary, this time, in Her right Hand. She kisses Jesus – the Little Infant – on the Head, then kisses the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dearly beloved son, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – the `Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart; My little daughter, the ‘Rose of Love’ (Flower of Love – Liebesblume) and all My sweet children of the world: I greet you all from My Immaculate Heart and greet you all from My Divine Son, the Living God and Tabernacle of the Heart of God.”

“Today I wish to give special Graces – not only to those gathered [here], but also to all of Germany and the world, Graces to be able to conquer Lucifer and the cohorts from the underworld. The great battle of souls has begun, from the 19th March until My Divine Son’s Return to the Earth. This battle, My sweet children, is fierce now because Lucifer desires to take away a great many of the dedicated souls who are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. However, I have sent the Angels of My Heart to the world to protect them, for they are selected ones of the elect (die Auserwahlten der Auserwahlten), who will do battle with Lucifer until he is driven back into the depths of the pit of damnation. This battle will intensify until the fulfilment of the Prophetic Word of My Divine Son, for the Antichrist must come and deliver his word.”

“All is in readiness now for the fulfilment of the Apocalyptic Word. These are precious times for Our children of the Light, to conquer darkness for all time. These are the times spoken of in Holy Writ, from the time of Abraham to you My dear son – the last Prophet of Holy Mother Church. Therefore, I send to you, My dear child and dear children, the Graces necessary to give you the courage and the strength to go forward in the Light of My Divine Son, to conquer Lucifer and the cohorts and all that is `anti’ My Divine Son.”

“Today is a special day for the Church for, through the Precious Blood of My Divine Son, a union has been bound through My Immaculate Heart – the ‘chain of unity’, which will go throughout the world to all the children who are to be signed [marked] with the Sign of the Cross of My Divine Son, for these children – who are the ‘elect’ – will fight Lucifer, the cohort and the Antichrist and bring them down to bring forth the Victory of My Divine Son in His second Coming.”

“It is with great joy that I come today among My children of the Light, because you are My children, the ‘elect’ – the pleasure of My Divine Son. Take courage, sweet children and be not afraid; the sword of Saint Michael is in your hands! Go forward in the Light of My Divine Son and fight the good fight, for I am always with you and will guide your steps.”

“That which proceeded as of yesterday must be discerned carefully, for already I’ve instilled in your heart, dear child, the knowledge. You will direct My daughter, My ‘Rose of Love’ (Flower of Love) on the path of knowledge and understanding, as you will direct all My ‘elect’ through this period of great darkness into the time of great Light, for this is your work given to you by the Eternal Father.”

“I seek unity among My children of the Light. It is through their prayers, through their sacrifices, that they will be strengthened and unified. All must pray My most Holy Rosary and receive My Divine Son often in the Blessed Eucharist and in Confession, so you will be strengthened for this great battle that is now engaged between Heaven and Hell, for the ‘playground’ is the Earth.”

“Lucifer understands well that his time is short; it is for this reason that his greatest rage is now upon those who are My children, the children that are clad with My Immaculate Heart, for it is upon their souls that I’ve placed My seal and his rage is against them!”
“Therefore take notice, dear children of the Light and be watchful! Prayer and sacrifice is your road; the Cross is your sign. Carry it well, for I will help you. There is no need for fear, but only [have] trust in the Divine Providence of God, for We Love you. You are all My special children and many souls will come to love My Divine Son through you. Also, many of the hierarchies throughout the world will soon be given the Sign from the Eternal Father, that all the Missions that We have given to Our humble children on Earth, come from Us.”

“It is then that the time of times will be fulfilled. I Love you all, sweet children and give you My Maternal Benediction of Love from My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Peace of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God – be with you always, My sweet children. And be not afraid, for I am your Mother and I Love you.”

“And you, My dear child, will soon return to your homeland. Many events will soon unfold for the greater glory of My Divine Son and joys shall flood your souls, for the Victory of My Immaculate Heart is near – especially for My Apparition Site in Nowra. The whole world will understand the great works that I have given for Holy Mother Church and the world, so go forth in courage and be at peace. I Bless your families and loved ones and all the Voice-boxes throughout the world. Remain strongly united under My mantle of pure Love, for it is only through love that you will be victorious over the evil one, over the world and over the flesh. I Bless you, dear child – the ‘rock’ of My Immaculate Heart: In Nomini Patri et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Infant Jesus also Blesses us and Our Lady now looks to the ‘Flower of Love’. I do not know if She wishes to speak to her, but I will remain silent for now.

OUR LADY: (Through the Flower of Love; translated from the German Language): “My beloved daughter and My children: You who are living in this world – live for the Glory of God – live the Gospel – live love. We want your love and desire it. We take you into Our United, Most Sacred Hearts and I have, in this very moment, united you with [name withheld] and the ‘Little Pebble’ in all Eternity. The Blood does not only flow at this time, but forever.”

“After this time, that which you and the ‘Little Pebble’ have begun, is being continued. Work continues in the other world; there are still many souls to be converted in this time, because it will never stop! It will only become more beautiful, more perfect and more glorious. And the child which [name withheld] is expecting is pure from the Holy Spirit and will contribute to the glorification of Jesus and Mary. Give free course to your love and you will see – the souls will convert! Some will find their way back to the ‘Little Pebble’, but some will also seek your house for protection from Lucifer and the demons. Most of all, the Church will persecute Our children – as absurd as this may seem to you – but she will persecute you! Don’t pay attention to this, but go on the road to which Our Hearts are directing you.”

“Always stay quiet and relaxed, like your brother the ‘Little Pebble’ and do not worry. I am the Mother of My children and I shall care – I shall care for your children and for those still to come, with the ‘Little Pebble’ and those already there. Your request has been granted. For the sake of the ‘Little Pebble’s’ beautiful love, the Father will grant what you have requested!”

“This love of the ‘Little Pebble’ is such a beautiful love, which pleases the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and which They take as nectar for the many souls who do not love Them; who repudiate Them; who work against Them. But those doing this are of evil spirit and they shall find a bad end if they do not convert.”

“Every person is being granted enough Grace to be able to lead a good life. Prepare yourselves to always be there for the rescue of souls; to accept all in love; to exchange with one another [thoughts, ideas]. Take upon yourselves the trouble of writing to each other, at least once a month. Tell the ‘Little Pebble’ how things progress – or send your Guardian Angel. He will also tell him. Only he has much work and won’t be able to write – but you must not worry about that because I, your Mother, will always be the communication between you, because I am the Mediatrix of All Graces.”

“My Jesus will accompany you in your hearts; in your thinking; in your actions and you will be free of all who oppress and abuse you. I will give you courage, because the crosses are coming; the Father is choosing them very well for each of Our children, because these crosses will be the glorification in another world – for Us and for you. This union, through the cross, you must learn to love.”

“That you may convert your lives, contemplate the Lives of Jesus and Mary, because I have lived it before you and live it within you. You are Our ‘living tabernacles’ – Our ‘flames of love’ – which are shining in this dark world, as you were allowed to see on a photo from the ‘Little Pebble’. That is how it looks supernaturally and only a small flame was to be seen. Meanwhile, you have turned into great flames, replacing what Lucifer and his followers have lost and will never be able to reach! That is why the more he is attacking souls – because he cannot reach that which he once had – therefore he will try to prevent people from coming to this beautiful Light. Do not let yourselves be led astray, but walk this road upon which We guide you – even though you do not know what will be tomorrow, or the day after that.”

“Only care for today, because today I want your love and want your worries, your pains and your oppressions. With them I can save souls; with them I can replace the love which is lacking in people who are foolish and leading wasted lives – but I shall not permit that these ones will be able to trouble My ‘last’ children and communities, or destroy them. I shall keep them in these United Hearts and Lucifer knows very well what yesterday’s Consecration (Note: the Community – at the request of the Lord Jesus – was dedicated, through the Priest, to the United Hearts) means for him – namely, the greatest downfall of all his army!”

“Our Two Hearts shall destroy his evilness, but still some time is to pass, little sweet souls – you who are accepting My Love. Only this We wish; that Our Love bears fruit in souls, so that by this you may be able to nourish many souls, because that is the idea of a community: to nourish oneself for Eternal Life – not for this life, but for Eternal Life! Stay in My Love and keep loving Me, your Mother. I wish to Bless you with Our United Hearts and all of Heaven: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”