Message 375 – 13 December 1992



Feast of Saint Lucy

Time is short, not only in celestial time, but also earthly time – Parents, watch over your children; consecrate your families to the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph – Lucifer reigns within Holy Mother Church, Governments and all Groups and Powers upon Earth – Read My Messages, the Holy bible, Book of Revelation and Teachings of the Saints – my Words at La-Salette, Fatima and Garabandal will be fulfilled to the very letter – The Great War will soon come, suddenly; this is the time for intensive prayer, particularly for Australia.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross appeared at the beginning of the Rosary and within It there is a little tree. There are two great Angels – one each side of the Cross. Saint Michael is behind it. Now there are myriads of Angels, consisting of the nine Choirs of Heaven, surrounding the property. They go up, towards God the Father, reaching very deep into the sky. There is a shaft of Light which comes from the Cross, reaching down here to the Holy Grounds. I can see the Blessed Virgin Mary; She stands upon the little tree, which is now sliding down the Light, towards the Shrine.

The tree – which is more like a large shrub – is about seven or eight feet tall and is very beautiful. It has come to rest on the outside of the Shrine, behind us. It is apparent now that it is on a cloud – a white fluffy cloud. Our Blessed Mother is dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’, but the Baby Jesus is not with Her this time.

The tree has small fruit on it, which look like figs to me, but are of a golden colour. An Angel takes one of the fruits off the tree and comes towards me. He breaks it open and inside there is what looks like a red stone. The Angel says: “This is the Seed of Wisdom”. He places the ‘Seed’ within my brain. I don’t know how, but he does.

The Blessed Mother is smiling, and in Her right Hand She holds a Rosary – not the Ark. This Rosary is made up of these ‘Seeds’. The Crucifix is made out of wood, but Our Lord on the Crucifix always looks very much alive. Our Blessed Mother takes the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My Beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet daughters: My two ‘Roses’ of Croatia and My Little ‘Shamrock’; I greet all My children, here present and throughout the world. I come today, dear children, to encourage you to lead good lives; to prepare your way for the Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world – not only at Christmas but rather, for the Second, Coming that will be soon – much sooner than mankind believe.”

“I am the ‘Herald’ of Christ, the Saviour; as Jesus was Born through Me to mankind in the First Coming, so will He be Born again in the Second Coming for mankind, through My Immaculate Heart – for the triumph over evil, Satan, the flesh and the world. For this reason I have been sent to the world to prepare Our children to meet the Saviour.”

“My sweet children, many times I have told you: The road that you must walk, it is a narrow road, My sweet children. Though this is symbolic yet, it has full meaning for Our children.”

“Time is short – very short – My sweet children; not only in the celestial time but also Earthly time. Mankind remains on the wide road that leads to perdition and, eventually, eternal damnation. But yet, the Eternal Father is Merciful and grants mankind time to repent of its sinful ways and come back into His Arms, which are full of mercy and compassion. It is not the Will of the Eternal Father that mankind be chastised but rather, it is the free-will of man that brings upon the human race misery, chastisements, natural and supernatural calamities and great suffering. Freewill of man brings forth all that is not of God – yet freewill can bring goodness when you listen and obey the Triune God with your hearts, your souls and your wills.”

“For this reason I have come to the world as your Immaculate Mother, to help you to find your way to God. Live pure and holy lives, My sweet children Remain away from sin; be faithful to the Commandments of God and His Church upon Earth; listen to the Voice-boxes whom I have sent throughout the world for your salvation – you still have time. Take-up My ‘Beads of Love’ and wear My Scapular – for these two weapons are your protection and all the Sacramentals that I and My Divine Son have offered you over these many centuries.”

“My dear parents: Watch over your children! Watch where they go! Protect them from the enemy who does not sleep! You, dear parents, are responsible before God to save the souls of your children and to guide them on the path of righteousness and truth. I know, dear parents, that the temptations of the world and the flesh are great – especially now, where the world has sunk low into the depths of Hell with impurities. However, all of you have the Graces from the Triune God, through My Immaculate Heart, to save all your children and guide them on the path of truth, love and forgiveness.”

“Trust in My Immaculate Heart; consecrate your families to the Hearts of My Divine Son and I and Saint Joseph – My Chaste Spouse – and you can be certain that We shall protect you and your loved ones, even though the world will go further into darkness and sin, for this is the time of the reign of Satan upon Earth. Lucifer reigns within the bosom of Holy Mother Church; within the governments; within all groups and powers upon Earth. {It is] The Reign of the Antichrist and the many Antichrists who roam throughout the world, as false Prophets. You, My sweet children, have been forewarned!”

“Read My Messages that I give throughout the world; read the Holy Bible, especially the Book of Revelation – the Apocalypse. Read the teachings of the Saints and you will understand that you live in the last days for humanity, as you understand it, for My Words given to you at La-Salette, Fatima and Garabandal, will be fulfilled to the very letter! So listen carefully, sweet children and go forward in the peace of My Immaculate Heart and pray for peace for the world.”

“The world stands in need of prayers for soon, the great war that I have told you about for many years, will come upon the world, suddenly. Many children shall weep because they will lose their mothers and fathers, their sons and daughters, sisters, brothers and little children – all because mankind refuses to listen to My Voice!”

“The shepherds have fallen asleep and have misled Our children and scattered the flock; the leaders of the world seek only power and riches. Many of the children are misled and left to themselves – all because mankind refuses to listen to My Voice and even to the point where mankind wishes to suffocate My Voice. But this will not be, for the Eternal Father will continue to raise more souls throughout the world, until the world listens and obeys!”

“Therefore, My sweet children, trust in My Immaculate Heart and be certain that I will bring you to My Divine Son – Who awaits you in the many Tabernacles throughout the world. Pray for Our Holy Vicar who is now in his martyrdom of soul; pray for the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious, that they may lead the flock into the Arms of the Triune God.”

“The Peace of the Holy Ghost I give to each and every one of you, who listens to My Voice. I Bless you from My Immaculate Heart and thank all My sweet children who have been faithful to My calling. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now moves Her Eyes towards Maria – the ‘Rose’ of Croatia. I do not know if Our Lady is going to speak to the other Seers, but I know She is going to speak to Maria now. (Message is now given to the ‘Rose’ of Croatia, in Croatian.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see a map of Australia and there is a very big Cross – maybe a few miles high, or more – standing approximately where Darwin is. The Cross falls-down upon Australia and the cross-beam has landed in the middle of Central Australia. I do not know the meaning of this. I can see another White Cross, again, over Australia – right at the bottom part, where Nowra is. It is shedding Light on Australia and also to other parts of the world.

I can see both the northern part of Australia and the eastern coast receiving heavy bombardment – not only from rain, but small pellets, which hit the Earth very heavily, washing away sections of the eastern coast and bring a tremendous lot of water upon Central Australia, forming a very large lake.

It is raining torrential rain up near Darwin and also near Cairns – the northern parts – as though these places were to be flooded. Now the floods are coming down the eastern coast towards Sydney, and further down. It is as though they are washing the whole of this section of the landmass – taking towns and shifting the earth a little, into the sea. I can see a huge split in New South Wales – on the eastern coast; through Wollongong, going right up through Sydney, Newcastle, and further up. It seems as though there is a great movement of the earth which opens-up a split right along the mountain range.

Our Lady shows me the year! Our Blessed Mother is weeping a great deal right now and it is very hard to console the Mother of God at this time. Her Teardrops are falling right here – right over our heads – as if we are being washed by the Mother’s Tears. It seems very unusual because there are so many tears – you would think that at least a dozen people or so were crying. There are a lot of Tears coming down from the Mother of God.

Saint Michael now comes closer, placing his Sword before Our Lady as if to protect Her. He places one of his wings around the Mother of God and slowly moves Our Lady, Who has ceased Crying, into a slightly more elevated position. Our Lady is smiling once again.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray, My children; pray! This is the time for intensive prayer for this nation, Australia, in particular, because the next great Chastisement will come to this nation, very soon. So pray, dear children, for the salvation of your children and the protection of this nation.”

“Continue now with your prayers, for I wish to speak to My little son, momentarily and today, dear children, the Angels will come to you and bring you special Graces from My Immaculate Heart, for this Christmas tide, to give you the necessary graces – not only for your salvation – but for perseverance and strengthening of your souls, to be able to combat what is to come upon you and upon the world.”

“I give you, My sweet children, the kiss of My Immaculate Heart, for peace and tranquility of soul: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”