Message 377 – 31 December 1992



Prayer is the only way you will receive Graces, otherwise you will fall asleep and follow the wide road – Mankind will weep many tears in the New Year; many signs will be given to turn you away from sin – The last great war has already begun and will escalate – You will understand the Father’s Plan when you read My Messages – Many Seers will be raised up to replace those who fall, so that Heaven’s Voice will reach everyone before the Great Warning.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Since the beginning of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, there has been the usual shimmering Light, coming around the Altar and the Tabernacle. Just where the statue of Our Blessed Mother is, there is a blue tubular Light – a very large tube – which goes deep into the sky, revolving and shooting off sparks of various colours here and throughout the world. It resembles a tornado, but is very, very, fine.

There are many Angels surrounding the Altar and on my right side are the two adoring Angels. They are very beautiful, having wings of differing shades of the blue spectrum, grading from the top to the bottom of the wings. They are prostrate before Our Blessed Lord in the Tabernacle. There is a great deal of light coming out of the Tabernacle and a golden Cross shines inside the Tabernacle. The tube of Light becomes larger and larger and is now about five or six feet across. Although it is transparent it is like a wall; I find that it is very hard to explain adequately. Many Angels now come through the tunnel; as they arrive they position themselves around the Tabernacle, in a semi-circle.

The tunnel has disappeared and far into the sky a procession is led by Our Blessed Mother. Thousands of Angels accompany Our Lady as She comes, very quickly, towards this Holy place of Our Lord – here next to the Tabernacle. The Angels form a row of guards, dressed in very sombre colours. About a hundred or so of them, right near the Tabernacle, are dressed in black and each of them holds a Cross, which is about two feet in length. Behind those Angels are others, dressed in a very dark brown and more are dressed in a dark grey, very sombre colours; some of them have wreaths in their hands and all have little, white crosses just above their heads.

Our Lady now comes, very swiftly, into the Chapel; all the Angels surround Our Blessed Mother, forming part of the semi-circle which also takes-in the Tabernacle. Our Blessed Mother stands behind the statue of Our Lady which also looks very sombre and She looks very sad. She has on a beautifully bright, white, gown – but Her mantle is a very intense black; in Her Hands She holds a Cross. I do not know what it is made of, but it is red in colour. Our Lady has on a black head-covering, with a wreath as a Crown. Upon the top of the wreath there is a little Cross, white and shining.

Our Blessed Mother holds a black-pearl Rosary in Her right Hand; they seem to be pearls, but it’s hard to tell because of the colour. The Crucifix, however, is gold and there are red ‘Our Father’ beads, similar to the colour of the Cross that Our Blessed Mother is still holding.

The huge White Cross now shines in the sky behind Our Blessed Mother and the Angels. Saint Michael stands behind It. It is huge – about a mile in height. Our Blessed Mother looks around, with Teardrops coming from Her Eyes; one of the Angels holds a Chalice under Our Blessed Mother’s Chin. The Tears actually turn into Blood and it is not often that I have seen Our Lady Cry Blood. She still looks very sad. Our Lady has just explained to me about the tears.

Now the red Cross is given to one of the Angels and She takes-up the Crucifix upon the Holy Rosary and kisses Jesus. The Angels come around Our Blessed Mother to wipe Her Eyes.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My blessed son, My dear child of My Immaculate Heart – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world.”

“I come this evening, dear children, as a sorrowing Mother, because you are entering a time where great sorrow will come to your hearts. It has saddened My Immaculate Heart to see Our children of the world reaching this time, where mankind will be Chastised by the Triune God. What great sorrow is in My Immaculate Heart, My sweet children, this evening; even My Tears will not change the course of events that will come upon mankind.”

“However, My children must turn to prayer, for this is the only way My children will receive the Graces that are necessary in this time. Unless you pray, My sweet children, you will fall asleep and follow the path of the wide road. Prayer is essential now for the well-being of your souls and peace in your hearts, for the salvation of the human race.”

“This new year, My sweet children, will be one where mankind will weep many tears, because mankind, in general, has refused to heed My plea! However, My sweet children, do not lose faith, but trust in the Mercy of God and His Infinite Love for His children, for God Chastises those whom He Loves!”

“This year will be a year of victory too, for My Immaculate Heart, because many signs will be given by God for mankind to turn away from his sins. However, before these wondrous signs are given to man, man must first be cleansed with trials and tribulations, for it is only then that man will turn to God.”

“I, and the Heavenly Hosts,- have come this evening in clothes that depict sadness. It is to show the world that Heaven understands how mankind has drifted away from God and how Heaven is saddened by man’s ways. However, the Victory of My Divine Son over the devil, over the world and the flesh, will be seen very shortly by an unbelieving humanity. Christ Jesus, the Son of the Living God, is your Saviour. Repent of your sins, dear children, and turn to My Divine Son while you have the time.”

“The great war that will end all wars has already begun, My sweet children and will escalate in the coming months of your Earth time.”

“Read My Messages, My sweet children, and you will understand the Plans of the Eternal Father for mankind. This is no time for idleness, My sweet children, but serious thought, actions and prayers are necessary now, from all of My children of goodwill. And let those children who are still in darkness – in their sinful ways – listen to My Voice and repent, for now is the hour of salvation.”

“With your help, dear children, you can still change many things, [which are] currently within the Church of My Divine Son, for the good. It is up to you, My sweet children, for I, as your Heavenly Mother, have done all I can to reach Our children through the many Voice-boxes who are now within the world speaking the Words that come from God for the salvation of Holy Mother Church and humanity.”

“In this year many of My Seers will be tested and some will fall; however, I will raise up many more to replace them, because My Voice must reach every man, woman and child, before the Great Warning comes to mankind.”

“So continue, My sweet children of the Light, to spread My Words of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy to all Our children. Let us make this year a year of peace for mankind through your efforts of prayer, penance and sacrifice. The Graces are all there in the Heart of My Divine Son, ready to be given out to all of Our loving children upon Earth. You only need to ask, My sweet children, and it shall be given to you.”

“Live the words of the Gospel, My sweet children. Let this year be a year of love, forgiveness and prayerfulness. Let Christ shine within your hearts that all may know He is the Saviour of the world – through your actions, prayers and words. Be not like the Pharisees, My sweet children, but be children as Christ, My Divine Son, has told you to be.”

“Conquer all your weaknesses with love; let love be the guiding hand of your hearts. It is only through love, My sweet children, that you can conquer yourselves, conquer the sins of the world and conquer the devil, for it is through love that peace comes into your hearts and into the world. Love rules all virtues, My sweet children, for without it you have nothing and you are empty. Remember this well, for time is short for mankind to turn away from his sinful life and to be followers, in truth, of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar, My beloved son, Pope John Paul II, because he is the ‘martyr’ of the Mystical Body. Pray for Our future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, because he is the ‘martyr’ for the Mystics. Pray for all My Mystic children and Privileged souls throughout the world, because they hold a grave responsibility before God for the salvation of many of Our children throughout the world.”

“Pray earnestly, My sweet children, for the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who bring to you the Word of God and the saving Grace, through the Sacraments. Pray, My sweet children; take-up My ‘beads of Love’ and offer up sacrifices that, at least a portion of the Hierarchy will be saved, and [that] many will [again become] the ‘living emblems’ of My Divine Son.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and give to you the Promise of My Immaculate Heart that I will place all of you therein, so you may rest there for all eternity in the Glory of the Triune God. This Promise I give to all of My children who are faithful to My Words. I Bless you now and with this Blessing I Bless your loved ones throughout the whole world. I Bless the Church of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and all the leaders of the world. Let us pray that peace will soon come for the Glory of the Triune God. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for I wish to speak to My little son privately now.” (The prayers now continue.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our dear Lord has arrived, next to Our Lady. He is standing on the cloth before the Tabernacle. Jesus is dressed very majestically – a scarlet cloak is over a beautiful white tunic. I can see the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, dripping Blood. Our Blessed Mother, to the right side of Jesus, kneels on the edge of the Altar. Jesus kisses Our Blessed Mother and lifts Her up, to stand next to Him. Jesus places His right Arm around Our Blessed Mother and draws Her to Him, placing Her Head near His Heart. It is very beautiful.

Jesus whispers to Our Lady and says, “Do not worry Mother. All will be well.” Jesus now takes His Arm away from Our Lady and makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son; pure son of My Sacred Heart, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet children throughout the world: I greet you in this New Year of salvation for the human race. I will not speak at length this evening as My Immaculate Mother has already told you all that is necessary for your salvation. However, I wish to reiterate the Words of My Beloved Mother to mankind; so be prepared, My sweet children, for this coming year of tribulation upon the Church and mankind. I – as your God and Saviour – ask you to heed the Words of My Immaculate Mother, or receive the consequences of My Father, who shall place the [His] Wrath upon mankind.”

“To the children of My Most Sacred Heart: I Bless you to strengthen you to take-up your cross and follow me, for you must walk the path of redemption – the path of Calvary – because you are all ‘sacrificial lambs’ to be offered up to the Eternal Father, for the salvation of this sinful world. Be not afraid, dear children, but trust in My Immaculate Mother, Who has given the world Her Immaculate Heart.”

“Pray unceasingly, My sweet children and do sacrifices, for atonement must be done, because this generation will see the Son of Man come with great power and glory at His Second Coming; will see the Power of the Most High throughout the universe. So let mankind repent of his sins and come to Me, for I am thirsty – thirsty for the salvation of My children and their love. Pray for My little son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, for he will carry a heavy burden and My Cross, in this coming year, because it is the Will of My Most Sacred Heart, for the salvation of My Mystical Body, the Church.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and embrace you with My Most Sacred Heart, through My Most Holy Mother – because it is through Her that I act. It is through Her that all Graces are given to mankind. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Forget not, My sweet children, My Foster Father – glorious Saint Joseph. Pray to him often in this coming year, for this is his year. It is through his powerful intercession that Holy Mother Church is protected. So I, as your God, ask you to pray to him to protect the Church, because the Church will be Chastised and many divisions will occur. I Bless you, My children, through the Pure Heart of My Immaculate Mother and the Pure Heart of My Foster Father, Saint Joseph.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Heart of Saint Joseph, but not Saint Joseph himself; it is there next to the Heart of Our Lord.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, My sweet children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus and Mary now go back into the sky, very swiftly, with the Angels. Our Blessed Mother told me this evening that, as a special gift to all of us, Father is to give us Holy Communion for the beginning of this New Year and we are to have Benediction to finish off the prayers.