Message 378 – 2 January 1993



This year is to be dedicated to St Joseph and the Holy Angels – The Little Pebble will receive a Rosary from Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart; when he receives it the time will have come to resurrect many children from the dead – Many children are being raised to defend the Little Pebble’s Mission from Heaven – When Grant will be resurrected, the world will be astounded at the Power of God – To awaken Our children, all will be done through sorrow, penance and the Great Power of the Triune God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: In the Tabernacle there is a beautiful little Cross which has been shining for more than half an hour; it is a White Cross, about one foot high. There is a lot of Light coming out of the Tabernacle, towards all of us and far beyond. Behind the Tabernacle and at a very far distance in the sky, is the beautiful White Cross that comes with many of the Apparitions. Now I can see Jesus on the Cross, looking about Him as though looking at the whole world and from His five Wounds come rays of Light – white, blue, yellow and red.

Saint Michael is behind Our Lord, holding-up a sword and he again looks very tall – like a soldier as in the Roman times. His sword has a jagged blade and at the tip there is fire – like lightning. Saint Michael points his sword downwards, towards the Earth. The Earth, which is under Our Lord’s Feet, is opening-up as though suffering an earthquake and I can see fire coming out of the Earth; molten lava spurts-out. Saint Michael says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “This is what will come to the Earth, shortly, as one of the punishments from God”!

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Lord is still looking around – but now His Eyes are glancing towards me and He manages to smile a little. Jesus slowly says, “Feed My lambs”. Then: “I am thirsty”. He asks if someone will give Him something to drink, asking it from this Community.

I can see tiny roses floating from the Hearts here, towards Our Lord’s Lips. They are miniature roses of many different colours. Jesus kisses them and I can see drops of Blood from His Face and Head falling upon the roses. Jesus says: “I need sacrifices and offerings”.

St. Michael has withdrawn the sword. As far as the earth tremors are concerned, the Earth has closed up again. It looks as though green grasses are forming over the places where it has just erupted and flowers have begun to grow in these places.

Jesus has now gone. St. Michael remains; he comes closer and is waiting. He now turns to the side and looks up towards Heaven to the big Cross, because now he is before it. Through the centre beam of the White Cross I can see Our Blessed Mother, Who now comes gently towards the Altar, on this beam of Light – which resembles a road. It is very, very, beautiful to see but very hard to understand and describe. Our Lady glides down as though on a slippery-dip, but more gently. There are many other Angels both accompanying Our Blessed Mother and surrounding Saint Michael. Many of them are from the Cherubim choir, so they are little Angels; at least they look like that to me.

Our Lady has in Her Arms many flowers – roses; large bunches are held in both of Her Arms. I can see that at the bottom of the flowers – around the stems – a Rosary is holding them together and a little blue tag is hanging from it. The Angels are in various pastel colours this evening and they too, are holding many flowers. Our Lady has on a pink dress this evening – a pink tunic, I should say – and a very light-blue mantle reaches from the Head right down to Her Toes. Our Lady is very close to us, standing where the flowers are next to the Tabernacle, on the right. She is adorned with flowers and also, on the mantle there are little flowers along the edge. Upon Her Head She has a Crown which is formed by flowers. They are very much in contrast to what I have seen before.

There are more Angels coming around Our Blessed Mother, to take the flowers from Her Arms – and now that the flowers have been taken away from Our Blessed Mother’s Arms, I can see Her Chest and on part of the tunic I can see the Face of Our Divine Lord. It is very beautiful, and is very much like the painting of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’, but this time it is of Our Lord. It is very beautiful and very real.

Our Lady now takes a Rosary from behind Her mantle; I did not see the Rosary before. The Rosary, this time, is made of silver heart-shaped beads. The Crucifix is wooden – a light-brown colour – and Our Lord on the Crucifix, as usual, looks very real. Our Blessed Mother kisses Jesus on the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved and holy child, My ‘Little Rock’ and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you this evening as Mother of Hope and Mother of Love. I bring with Me today many Graces for Our children throughout the world. These Graces will be given to Our children this evening to strengthen them for this coming year of great trials upon the world, for Our children need to be strengthened and given courage to lighten the burdens of their hearts and to give Our children hope, because, My sweet children, as the Chastisements will fall, so must you be strengthened through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart for the salvation of your souls and the souls of many sinners.”

“I have brought with Me many of the Heavenly Hosts – the Holy Angels – and later this evening, many of the holy men, women and children who have been sanctified and glorified by Holy Mother Church. These holy souls will be given to Our children of the Light as intercessors, to help them in this dark hour. Many of Our children will be enlightened as to who these saints are and the Angels, whom We distribute amongst Our children.”

“Therefore, sweet children I, as your Mother of Love, encourage you now to open up your hearts and pray often My most Holy Rosary in thanksgiving to the Triune God for the Love, Mercy and Forgiveness that They give to Our children of the Earth. The Graces Which I give this evening, My sweet children, are various, Signal, Graces to each and every one of you, for all of your different needs. In the coming months you shall receive more Graces to enlighten your heart of all that is to come upon this generation; upon humanity; upon Holy Mother Church, for your edification and purification.”

“As you just heard from My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, desires sacrifice, for He thirsts for ‘little souls’ who are willing to offer themselves up for sinners; to atone for the sins of the world; to make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, My Immaculate Heart and the Pure Heart of My Spouse, Saint Joseph.”

“This year, My sweet children, is to be dedicated to My Beloved Spouse, Saint Joseph, as protector of Holy Mother Church and also dedicated to the Holy Angels, protectors of souls. Therefore, My sweet children, I beg of you, as your Loving Mother, to pray often and also to extend your prayers this coming year. Give a little extra time in meditating upon My Words; reading holy books and praying – especially as families, because in these moments of the hour of darkness there is great need for prayer and peace in your hearts to help you to understand the great gifts that God has given to each and every one of you; because the Eternal Father seeks to Chastise those whom He Loves and desires that no one be lost. But it is the efforts of the ‘little souls’ that My Divine Son thirsts for, that the world can be saved – even in this last hour for mankind!”

“I am your Most Holy Mother of Love and of Hope for the human race. Though the world is in great darkness now there is always a glimmer of Light and that is My Divine Son, Who once again is Nailed upon the Cross for Our sweet children. So remember well, My sweet children, all the gifts and Graces God has given to you and how much more He is willing to give you, in this coming year, to help you overcome yourselves, the temptations and to help you walk the road to Calvary with My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart.”

“Keep your eyes upon My Divine Son, My sweet children; never let them wander to seek those things that do not concern salvation, but let everything work for salvation in all that you do, whether it be work or play; whether it be prayer or enjoyment. Let everything work for the good and salvation of your souls and those of your brothers and sisters, who are in great need of your assistance right now.”

“Pray to your Holy Angels and to all the Choirs of Angels, who have been sent to assist you in this great battle of the Spirits, which all of you are now engaged in. Pray that no one will be lost, especially those of the Hierarchy who are blind and do not wish to know the Truth, that My Divine Son and I have revealed through the ‘little ones’ throughout the world.”

“Sacrifice is needed now, because the Chastisements are falling. Remember this, sweet children, that prayer, penance and sacrifice are the keys to sanctity. It is through these that you gain holiness and merit before the Triune God. And do all with love, My sweet children; everything! Let love rule your hearts this year – more than [at] any time before – because love will win in the end and sin, jealousy, envy and hatred will lose, for all this belongs to Lucifer and to those souls who do not seek salvation and union with the Triune God.”

“Pray, My sweet children, for each other, especially in the Communities that have been formed through My Immaculate Heart. You must be a shining example of the Life of Christ. You must bear witness for My Divine Son in all that you do, whether you work within or without. Remember well who your Master is, My sweet children!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I place My pure mantle over your little hearts and embrace you with My Immaculate Heart, from a Mother to Her children. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to you, My dear child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – victim for sinners: I have a gift for you – one that you have desired; but you will not receive it yet, dear child; it is the Rosary from My Immaculate Heart. When you receive this gift, dear child, the time will come to resurrect many of Our children from the dead! This Rosary is from My Heart and within this Rosary, dear child, is the Precious Blood of My Divine Son. It will be given to you at a time you do not expect.”

“My dear child: when you receive it you will understand, for now We are raising many children throughout the world to defend you; to defend the Missions from Heaven – because the `time of times’ has come and Our children – especially the Hierarchy – must understand the times that you are living in. It is for this reason that many more Seers will be raised and one such Seer, dear child, I will bring to you now.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother has brought a little girl about thirteen years of age to Her right side.

OUR LADY: “My dear child, this girl is My sweet child, pure of heart, whom I have raised since the time she was born. The Angels have instructed her for this time; her name is Veronica. Soon you will hear from her, dear child, for I have raised this child to show the Church the Wisdom of God. She will help you in your work, as My beloved ‘Thornbush’ and ‘Hedgerose’ are doing now, for all will be needed in the time, soon,! All these things the Eternal Father has reserved for this time, for the Victory of My Immaculate Heart – when Grant, My beloved child, will be resurrected and the world will be astounded at the Power of God – is near and victory for this Holy Place where I have come for so many years. I am going to use this child, Veronica, to assist you, My dear Son and you will understand the Plan of God in due time.”

“The Eternal Father has many wonderful plans for this coming year, to awaken Our children who have fallen asleep – but this will be done through sorrow, penance and also through the great Power of the Triune God; through the wonders that will be witnessed upon these Holy Grounds and other Holy Places throughout the world. This, My dear child, is a gift for you because of your obedience and your sacrifices that you offered to My Immaculate Heart. I Love you, dear child, and give you the Graces necessary to lead My `Mystic’ Church upon Earth; to guide My children to salvation and to prepare them for the Second Coming of My Divine Son. I Bless you, dear child – and I Bless all My Voice-boxes throughout the world to strengthen them for this great conflict that will soon come upon all My Seers. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels have manoeuvred themselves around Our Blessed Mother and are coming towards the members here in this Community, distributing the many different types of flowers. They also go throughout the world to distribute these beautiful flowers – which are Graces – from Our Blessed Mother.

OUR LADY: “Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers and remember that I am your Loving Mother. I Love you and I seek your salvation, to bring you to My Divine Son. Take up My ‘beads of Love’ now and continue to pray. Prayer is needed for the salvation of the world and to take it away from the dangers that now lurk upon humanity. I Bless you all, dear children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother sent a Blessing to many good souls, namely:


The Sacred Heart Community of Tyaak, Victoria; Bethlehem Community, Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada; Cana Community, New Brunswick, Canada; Infant Jesus Community of Nowra. Also, a special Blessing to the Order of the Imnmaculate Heart and the Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, of Father Blais.

Our Lady sent special Blessings to the Mystics: ‘Thornbush’, of Canada, ‘Hedgerose’ of Germany, ‘Trumpeter’, of Texas, U.S.A., ‘Rose of Croatia’, of Sydney, Australia and many other souls of good will.