From the Desk of the Little Pebble – 14 January 1993

I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, through the Most Pure and Immaculate Virgin Mary!

Over many years now, by the Grace of God, I have tried to unite all souls of goodwill, as this was the Command given to me by Our Most Gracious Queen.

Overall, the call to unity has been most successful, yet there are some who still insist upon autonomy, or are totally opposed to this intention – many of them being swayed by Superiors, Spiritual Directors, or even influential people around them. I well understand the test of credibility, the test of obedience – the test of faith – for this is the road that God leads me along too. However, regardless of the fact that I, the Little Pebble, am under many grey clouds [as it seems to some – more so by the Hierarchy], the light of truth prevails, for there is only one Truth, one Faith, one God and one Mother, Mary.

Once again, in spite of all the calumnies and treacherous actions of some of the believers in the various Apparitions – including Seers and Spiritual Directors – I am obliged, by pure conscience and obedience to Christ’s Call to Unity, to appeal to you all.

Unite for the common good – do not divide – for Lucifer is the one who will bring division. Judge not thy brother, especially when you do not know or understand God’s dealing with such a soul. Christ, in fact, says: “There is no sound tree that produces rotten fruit, nor again a rotten tree that produces sound fruit. For every tree can be recognised by its own fruit: people do not pick figs from thorns, nor gather grapes from brambles. A good man draws what is good from the store of goodness in his heart; a bad man draws what is bad from the store of badness. For a man’s words flow out of what fills his heart.” [Lk 6:43-45]

All Chosen and Privileged Souls have a grave responsibility to save souls and to be prudent in their dealings with souls. It astounds me to still find Seers, Privileged Souls, and souls of goodwill who promote God’s Work, yet denounce, with calumny, other Seers and good souls who have the same objective.

In the Acts of the Apostles, when the Apostles were arrested and then miraculously delivered, the respected Pharisee, Gamaliel, addressed the Sanhedrin: “Men of Israel, be careful how you deal with these people. What I suggest, therefore, is that you leave these men alone and let them go. If this enterprise – this movement of theirs – is of human origin it will break up of its own accord; but if it does, in fact, come from God, you will not only be unable to destroy them but you might find yourselves fighting against God.” [Acts 5:35,38-39]

The Blessed Mother Herself has asked me to make this appeal to you. Consider well your decisions, for much is at stake.

Many Seers around the world have received confirmation about the authenticity of God’s Work here in Nowra. Yet some Seers are persistent in their belief that it is not so – either because they have received a message contrary to this, or because their Spiritual Directors are the obstacles. As both of these statements are correct, I wish to elaborate.

The obvious conclusion is, that the Seer has been influenced by his Superior, the devil and his close workers, or by his own thoughts, as has been the case now for many Seers who once were with the Little Pebble, but withdrew when the Little Pebble advised a particular Seer of an error in a Message that Seer had received, or accepted wrong influences. Is it not the Teaching of Christ, that one must correct a brother if he is in error?

Secondly, a Superior or Spiritual Director becomes an obstacle, when they use their authority to suppress the Spirit of God and, therefore, the Truth – or do not take time to discern objectively, by referring to the main source and asking more explanation before judging. This has happened to several Seers. These Priests hold a grave responsibility before God and will be answerable for their treason against truth and the misleading of millions of good souls.

This also applies to those Priests in places of high influence, who have taken it upon themselves to judge Seers and influence them and the Church Authorities, without referring directly to all the sources – principally – using sometimes gossip or false interpretations.

“But anyone who is an obstacle to bring down one of these little ones who have faith, would be better thrown into the sea with a great millstone round his neck.” [Mk. 9:42]

To those souls and Seers who are in confusion over issues that they, or others, do not understand about myself or other souls – rely on God’s Love and Wisdom; judge not too hastily; be patient and wait, for God can never mislead His children when they are charitable and just, looking openly for the truth, and praying to understand.

The challenge to unity is the everlasting Call of Christ to His Bride the Church, and you, dear souls and Brides of Christ, are all called to unite for the common good and salvation of Holy Mother Church and the evangelisation of the whole world. Let us find ways to unite rather than divide, for to fight our common enemy, Lucifer, we must band together in prayer, defending each other; defending the truth and Holy Mother Church. We must be dispensers of God’s Infinite Word to mankind If we do this, good will triumph over evil and the Reign of the Two Triumphant Hearts of Jesus and Mary will begin under the leadership of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.

Please, dear people of God, hear my humble supplication, and more so, Our Holy Mother’s Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. United we will stand – divided we will fall.

To reiterate Our Heavenly Mother’s invitation, set out below are some of those which have echoed throughout the world with regard to the call to unity, especially in reference to the Seers. Our Blessed Mother has shown Her desire that this letter be sent to all Seers and people of goodwill.

Direction of Our Holy Mother regarding this letter through Thornbush, Mystic of Canada: These Messages are given due to the question of the Little Pebble to the Seers. They are private Messages though some contexts are mentioned in Public Messages – especially as most questions were related to the Unity of the Seers.

26th October 1992:

OUR LADY: “Yes, Thornbush, I desire My Little Pebble to do this. It is very important for all of My Mystic children to unite and become strong through My Immaculate Heart.”

7th November 1992:

OUR LADY: “Pray, pray for the Mystic Church [Seers], for Satan is very powerful and is confusing many of My Mystic children. These Privileged children must be very careful. Those children who do not follow My Little Pebble, will eventually become confused and some may lose their Missions and Graces. For now, Heaven is asking for your blind obedience, because obedience with guidance is necessary now, for they [the Seers] are confusing My children. Pray, pray unceasingly.”

19th November 1992:

OUR LADY: “I desire you to pray for all My Mystic and Privileged children. Some of them are not being obedient to Heaven’s directions and are receiving false messages, which are being given to My children and causing much confusion. Satan is powerful and is trying to destroy the Missions that Heaven has given. My children must be prudent now, and obedience is necessary. Pray, pray, pray. Know that when these children will fall many more will be raised. Have peace in your hearts always, for I am with you.”

29th February 1992:

Message from Our Lord to Thornbush concerning a question the Little Pebble asked regarding a Seer who had been united with him and then turned against him – how was this possible?

OUR LORD: “My child of Love, all who follow the Little Pebble will receive Graces and Love from Me, because they are obeying My Divine Will blindly. They are children of Faith. What this Seer in question had received was a false vision. It is Satan who wishes My dear children to turn against the Little Pebble whom I Love with all My Heart, and I Bless Him.”

24th April 1992:

Then again Our Lord spoke through Thornbush in regard to the action of another Seer against the Little Pebble:

OUR LORD: “This Seer, My Thornbush, has lost many of His Graces because he lost faith in My Little Pebble. As I have said before, all those of My Mystic souls who follow under My Little Pebble will receive many Graces, but those who do not, risk losing their Missions. It is very important.”

Thornbush is a Public Seer and Mystic and has been united for two years. She has a Priest as Spiritual Director. Thornbush has been very instrumental in answering questions presented to Our Lady for the Little Pebble and others.

Dear people, to elaborate the facts just mentioned: Set below are Messages from many Seers from every country of the world, who have confirmed the authenticity of the Little Pebble’s Mission.

1) Maribel: Public Seer – Home: Asturien, Spain on 4th February 1992 – Priest as Spiritual Director; currently united two years.

OUR LORD: “My little one, on one occasion I told you, through My son, Pietrechita, the Little Pebble – stone he is and stone he will be, even though faced with the slanders, he will continue being stone and rock.”

2) Little Brother in Christ – Public Seer – Home: Poland on 25th May 1992 – Priest as Spiritual Director; currently united four years.

OUR LADY: “The beginning of the end has begun; the martyrdom of the Holy Vicar Pope John Paul II has begun. Both Pope John Paul II and our beloved son, the Little Pebble, carry at this moment, the Church.”

10th February 1991:

OUR LADY: “Pray for Our dear rock, the Little Pebble of Light – Our child whom we have chosen in the service and leadership of My Divine Son’s Church. His Mission is difficult, as Satan does everything to destroy him. I have favoured him with My Love towards all people.”

3) Rose of Croatia: Public Seer – Home: Sydney, Australia 13th July 1992: Priest as Spiritual “Director; currently united seven years: Nowra, Australia, Apparition Place:

OUR LADY: “My dear Rose of Croatia, make it known that I greet My son, the Little Pebble – I, and the whole of Heaven.”

1st September 1992:

OUR LADY: “My child knows much, but she must not tell you [people] for she has to tell My son the Little Pebble who leads her – who leads you – and who will be Shepherd.”

4) Agnes: Public Seer – Home: Budapest, Hungary – 13th November 1989 – Priest as Spiritual Director; currently united four years.

OUR LADY: “My beloved Little Pebble, My son, I thank you for walking the difficult road, for through this, many souls have come to Me.”

5) Liebesblume: Private Seer – Home: Germany – 2nd June 1991; Priest as Spiritual Director. United with the Little Pebble from 1986 – 1992; became disunited in mid-1992 due to Little Pebble’s counsel to the Seer to be careful.

OUR LADY: “All those who stand against the Little Pebble will drink the chalice of judgement, because they then go against God’s Will.”

6) Hedgerose: Public Seer, Mystic and Stigmatist: Home: Germany. Priest as Spiritual Director – 2nd December 1991 – Currently united four years.

OUR LADY: “Tell My little Darling, My Little Pebble, that I Love him very much.”

7) Little Dove: Public Seer – Home: France. 21st June 1991 – Priest as Spiritual Director – Seer currently united seven years.

OUR LADY: “I ask you to offer your sufferings, your prayers, your days, your Masses, for the one and only shepherd, [Leader of the Mystics] Our Little Pebble of Love, Our beloved son, outraged, calumniated, deserted, nailed on the Cross on account of ignominies. Remain faithful to him.”

27th October 1992:

JESUS: “I have sent you Our Little Pebble of Love. What have you done with him? He suffers a lot – he is tremendously persecuted by your Bishops, by your Priests, by your Consecrated. He is your shepherd.”

8) Fleur-de-printemps: Public Seer – Home: Montreal, Canada. Priest as Spiritual Director. 20th May 1987 – united six years until 1991. No contact since.

OUR LADY: “Our son, the Little Pebble – he will be like Our Flag for the Universal Church. My Little Pebble will be your path on Earth and I will be your path in Heaven.”

9) Andjelka Loborel: Private Seer – Home: Zagreb, Croatia. Seer currently united six months.

10) Theresa Guibas: Seer, Public Visionary and Stigmatist. Home: France. Receives monthly visions. Currently united seven years. Priest as Spiritual Director, but not known if this still applies.

11th March 1988:

Received a letter from her saying: “Know, little brother, that I am very united with you.”

11) Rosario: One of three Seers – Public Apparition, place named: The White Cross. 10th May 1987 – currently united for seven years (Spiritual Director against the Little Pebble since 1990).​

OUR LORD: (On the occasion of the Little Pebble’s visit) “My children, My brothers: I want love to be seen among men in these moments, because I have sent someone very important to this Sacred Place, although men will not understand. But one day they will realise that this, My son, the Little Pebble, has been sent by the Father’s Will. He has been sent to many places on the Earth. He comes like a flying bird, selecting the good seed, to present it one day to the Father.”

SEER: “I am to unite with him, where he is?” (the Seer was in ecstasy at the time – the Little Pebble was five metres away).

Our Lord then addressed the Little Pebble through the Seer.

OUR LORD: “My Son, My little son, My little son: What a most profound wound you have healed in My Heart!”

12) Franz Keiler: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. Has Priest as Spiritual Director. 27th February 1987 – currently united for seven years.

OUR LADY: “Send My Blessings to all My Voice-boxes, especially My son in Australia, (the Little Pebble)”.

13) Father Gobbi: Public Seer – Home: Milan, Italy

United with the Little Pebble in 1987 – visited Australia in November 1987. Received private Message confirming Little Pebble’s Mission. Went against the Little Pebble in 1988 through influence of Priests. Has Priests as Spiritual Directors, and the Little Pebble directed him to reverse his stand.

14) Ancilla: Private Seer – Home: Brussels, Belgium.

Has been receiving Public Messages for nearly ten years and has been united with the Little Pebble since 1987. Priest as Spiritual Director.

15) Janina Chemielakowa: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Sredloach, Poland.

Has been receiving Apparitions for fifty-four years – 1988 was the 40th Anniversary. Has been united with the Little Pebble for many years, since 1987. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

16) Domanski: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Olawa, Poland. Has Priest as Spiritual Director

On 13th April 1989 (during his visit to Australia):

OUR LORD: “My son, this Mission here will now confirm the Messages of the Little Pebble throughout the whole world. Your Missions are united. In America there are many who persecute the Little Pebble. They will have their eyes opened and will apologise to him for the persecution they caused My Chosen One.”

Was united from 1986 until 1989, then the Little Pebble advised him of an error he had in his Messages, and he then went against the Little Pebble.

17) Michael: Public Seer. Home: U.S.A. Has been united with the Little Pebble for seven years. Has not been in contact with the Little Pebble since 1990. 13th March 1985:

OUR LADY: “The voice you have heard, My child, is Saint Michael’s to you, to listen to the advice from Australia (The Little Pebble). You will use the advice from him as it is the truth.”

14th February 1985:

OUR LADY: “You are to stay in contact with My Little Pebble.”

18) Georgette Harb: Seer, Mystic and Visionary. Home: Sydney, Australia.

Was united from 1984 – 1986, then disunited with the Little Pebble when he advised that some Messages were not correct.

19) Brother Joseph Francis: Public Seer, Mystic and Visionary. Home: St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Had Priests as Spiritual Directors.

Had been united with the Little Pebble from 1984 – 1988, then disunited until 1991 and then reunited in 1992. Disunited because the Little Pebble told him to correct his ways. Now strongly united after giving a public apology.

20) Nora Arthurs: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Canvey Island, England. 27th June 1985:

OUR LADY: “My children, do you see why your Mother pleads and insists that the new Plan that We are giving to the Little Pebble, is to be made known throughout the world.”

21) Genevieve: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Knotted Cord of Love Rosary Mission, Sunset, Louisiana U.S.A. 8th December 1984.

OUR LADY: “Not long ago I again made reference of My Precious Knotted Cord of Love Rosary to My precious Little Pebble of Australia.”

22nd August, 1984:

OUR LADY: “Continue, My daughter, to unite your prayers with others, but especially with those of My precious son in Australia, known to many as the Little Pebble, for so great a Mission God has entrusted to this humble soul.”

Was united with the Little Pebble from 1984 – 1988, then disunited when the Little Pebble advised her of an error in her Mission.

22) Leslie Garay: Public Seer – Home: U.S.A. 11th November 1985:

OUR LORD: “Yes, tell My Little Pebble to meditate on these words”

Was united with the Little Pebble from 1985 until 1987, then disunited due to the Little Pebble’s counsel.

23) Marianne: Public Seer. Home: U.S.A. 14th February 1986:

OUR LADY: “I sent My son, the Little Pebble, on this journey (to the U.S.A.) to Bless you and to shower Graces on you through the Eternal Father.”

Was united with the Little Pebble from 1985 until l988 – since then no contact.

24) Little Lucy: Public Seer and Visionary. Home: Tokyo, Japan. 13th December, 1992:

OUR LADY: “Get the Little Pebble to confirm this Message. As soon as you get his signature send out the Message.”

Had been united with the Little Pebble for one year, 1992. Has a Priest as Spiritual Director.

25) Anna: Seer, Mystic and Visionary. Home: Adelaide, South Australia. Mystic for forty years. Polish born. Has not slept in ten years. Says seventy-six Rosaries a day; eats very little. 1988:

OUR LADY: “The Little Pebble has achieved more through the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer, than many Popes have previously during their reign as Vicars of Christ.”

Had been united with the Little Pebble from 1985 until 1991 when she disunited after she was given correction.

26) Marietta: Seer, private Mystic for forty years; Stigmatist and Visionary. Home: Ascoli, Italy. Has weeping statues and is well-known and loved throughout Italy. Sometimes receives Public Messages. 16th March 1988:

OUR LADY: “Even My Little Pebble will have a lot to suffer, but his suffering will become a lot of joy. I made him fisherman of men.”

Currently united – since 1985. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

27) Trumpeter: Public Seer. Home: Texas U.S.A. 5th October 1991:

OUR LADY: “Stay faithful with your brothers and sisters who have been united with My Little Pebble, for many will think he, the Little Pebble, has been destroyed. They do not realise the test that has been placed upon his shoulders.”

Currently united with the Little Pebble since 1985.

28) Mother Elena Leonardi: Public Seer and Mystic. Home: Rome, Italy.

I met her many times, from 1986 until her death. Jesus and Mary, and Padre Pió, told her that I am the Seer to unite all Seers and will be the future Vicar of Christ. In her letter to me dated 21st November 1987, she says: “Let us unite in prayer. I will be pleased to receive you any time while you are in Rome.”

Had been united with the Little Pebble since 1986. Had a Priest for Spiritual Director.

29) Anna Islvame Tharz: Public Seer. Home: Hungary. Seer of the Flame of Love Rosary, after the original Seer, Elizabeth died. 19th March 1990:

OUR LORD: “I am going to present a particular love of My Heart to the Little Pebble on the 21st May”

Currently united from 1987. Has a Priest as Spiritual Director

30) Luisa: Public Seer. Home: Pen-a-blanca, Chile – private home. Receives Visions and Messages. 21st April 1991:

OUR LADY: “I, Myself, have asked My dear son, the Little Pebble, to unify all Seers.”

3rd February 1987:

SAINT MICHAEL: “The Little Pebble from Australia calls all Seers and mouthpieces of God, and Marian Workers, to unite in One Body, in One Spirit, to hasten the Triumph of your Mother.”

Currently united since 1986 until 1993. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

31) Sister Ma: Seer – Public Apparition in Convent. Home: Convent Oratorio Festivo, Trinidad, Costa Rica. 13th August, 1989:

OUR LADY: [addressing the Little Pebble] “My son: Peace! Peace! Heaven and Earth join to congratulate thee for the preference thou hast received from the Father.”

Currently united for four years. Has Priests as Spiritual Directors.

32) Sister Guadalupe: Public Seer. Home: Guatemala. Has received Messages since 1981. On 6th February 1987 Our Lady told her to unite with the Little Pebble and that he was to be her Spiritual Adviser. 1983:

OUR LORD: “My dearest daughter, the time has come that you make this known to My Seer, the Little Pebble, My dearest child from Australia. Tell him that he is the Rock – he is the true Successor of Pope John Paul II. Soon he will lead My Church. He is to continue with the Mission of uniting all Seers – all Seers will obey him.”

Remained united from 1983 until 1989, then disunited after the Little Pebble counselled her regarding errors in the Messages.

33) Francis Muaonge: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Moasrara, Uganda. Currently under investigation. Has seen the Little Pebble in many visions.

Vision: “Then the Pope, John Paul II, placed a very beautiful ring on the Little Pebble’s finger.”

34) Walenty: Public Seer. Home: Gdanya, Poland. 24th November 1989:

“During Mass I received a Message from God the Father concerning the Little Pebble – that the Holy Trinity gave him Their Blessings.”

Currently united since 1987. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

35) Anna and Clemente: Public Seers – Apparition Site. Home: Aviles, Spain, Province Austurus.

In January 1987 the Seer asked a question about the Little Pebble through the Spiritual Director. Jesus answered Anna:

OUR LORD: “The Little Pebble is of Heaven, like you, bringing to the world Messages of the Lord.”

Then to Clemente December 1987:

OUR LORD: “My son: he, the Little Pebble is one of Our Chosen. He is an instrument for Us, but he has many enemies and you must pray very much for him.”

Currently united since 1987. Seers have Priest as Spiritual Director.

36) Amparo: Seer – Public Apparition Place – very well known and under investigation. Home: Escorial, Spain.

Father Jose Aleson, Spiritual Director of other Seers. He asked the Seer, Amparo on the 18th April 1988 regarding the Little Pebble. She advised him the Little Pebble was a true Seer.

Also, Padre Alfonso, Spiritual Director of Amparo, advised Judith Molan, a worker of the Little Pebble, that Amparo received a Message that the Little Pebble was true. However, it is to be pointed out that the Spiritual Director has made no attempt to bring unity between the two Seers, due to the investigation by the Archbishop of the Apparition in his Diocese.

37) Hermi Jakobs: Public Seer. Home: Kevelaer, Germany. 16th May 1990:

OUR LORD: “You have to unite with him. This is My Temple. He is the one of whom the Mother Speaks. You must believe that he is My little one – he will protect you. With this little one, I will build the New Church.”

Was united from 1989 until 1991 – disunited when the Little Pebble corrected her because of a false Message. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

38) Jose Casasamipere: Public Seer – Apparition Site: Home: Mountain of El Remei, Barcelona, Spain.

Seer united with the Little Pebble in 1986. Received a Public Message from Heaven about the Little Pebble in 1987. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

39) Renate Urban: Public Seer. Home: Poching, Germany. 4th September 1986:

OUR LADY: “My dearest son, My Little Pebble: Pray as the Most High Father Jesus inspires your soul. Spread your love. My Blessings stay with you and the land of Australia.”

Was united from 1986 until 1990. Disunited after correction by the Little Pebble.

40) Margarete Grabner: Private Seer; has many visions. Home: Germany. 19th October 1989:

OUR LORD: “Blessings over the Little Pebble. He is My true son.”

41) Helen Barto: Seer and Public Visionary in home – Darwsar, Croatia. 20th June 1990 – Letter from Seer: “You are on His Sacred Palm and He, Jesus, Loves you very much.”

Currently united since 1987. Priest as Spiritual Director.

42) Terezija Hrgarak: Public Mystic and Seer. Home: Pitomaca, Croatia. Well-known in Yugoslavia as “The Grandma” Is a personal friend of Julia, famous Mystic of Croatia. Has been a Mystic for seventy years.

In contact with the Little Pebble every month with details of her Visions; most deal with the Little Pebble. United since 1986. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

43) Jadwidze Bartel: Public Seer – Apparition Site; Stigmatist and Mystic. Home: Rodominie, Poland. Very well-known over all Poland and especially by the Church. Now eighty years old. 1st December, 1988:

OUR LADY: “I Bless all the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer.”

Easter 1991:

OUR LORD: “A Blessing from the Risen Lord, Jesus, to the Little Pebble.”

23rd July, 1991:

​OUR LADY: “I Love the Little Pebble. Today I am telling him these Words: ‘let him be at peace’.”

Currently united since 1987. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

44) Ivan Lepinski: Public Seer and Healer. Home: Zagreb, Croatia. Receives Messages at home and at Church. Has Bishop’s support. 1990:

OUR LORD: “Comfort your brother, the Little Pebble, because I Love him very, very much. My Mother Loves him very much too.”

Has been united since 1987. However, in 1991 turned against the Little Pebble due to his situation at the time.

45) Goran Marijanovic: Public Seer, Apparition Site on mountain and Church. Home: Split, Croatia – one of two Seers. Adriana is the other Seer.

United with the Little Pebble in 1989, Disunited, due to the Little Pebble’s counselling regarding error. Adriana remains united with the Little Pebble till now.

46) Anne Bennet: Public Seer, U.S.A. Receives Messages at home. United with the Little Pebble from 1986 until corrected by him for false Messages.

47) Little Lamb: Public Seer. Home: U.S.A. Received Messages for many years. Was instructed by Jesus to be obedient to the Little Pebble. Had three Priests as Spiritual Directors.

Was united from 1987 to 1990. Disunited when the Little Pebble corrected her due to false Messages.

48) Pilgrim Soul: Public Seer. Receives Messages at home – U.S.A. Has been united to the Little Pebble since 1986. Disunited in 1989.

She felt the Little Pebble was going on the wrong path – no contact since. Priest as Spiritual Director.

49) Andre: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Brussels, Belgium.

Was united from 1986 to 1988, then disunited. Again united in 1990 to July 1991, then disunited again. Seer is very unstable. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

50) Elsie: Mystic – receives mostly visions. Home: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Was instructed by Jesus to unite with the Little Pebble in 1989.

51) Jeanne D’Arc Faraj: Public Seer – receives Stigmata. Home: Lebanon. Supported by the Church.

Has been united with the Little Pebble since 1987. Was advised by Our Lady to join the Little Pebble’s Order of Saint Charbel.

52) Christine Lee: Public Seer. Home: Singapore. Receives Messages at home; many Messages about the Little Pebble. United since 1986.

53) Magdalena: Public Seer. Receives Messages at home – Hiroshima, Japan.

United with the Little Pebble for three years prior to disunity in 1991, due to directions from him. Currently uncertain. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

54) Theresa – Little Flower of Japan: Public Seer – Apparition Site, and at home – Japan. Has received Messages about the Little Pebble since 1986. Has been united seven years. Priest as Spiritual Director.

55) Catherine Szymon: Mystic – Public visionary – Stigmatist. Well-known throughout Poland for forty years. Died a few years ago.

Was united to the Little Pebble in 1985. Received many Messages about him. 2015 – going for Sainthood.

56) Stanislaw Slipek: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Ruda, Poland. Has been united with the Little Pebble since 1987.

57) Manuel Pitta: Public Seer – receives Messages in Church. Home: Thornton, U.S.A. Has been united with the Little Pebble since 1989.

58) Oliveto Citra: Public Seer – Apparition Site. There are many Seers there. Home: near Naples, Italy.

Has been united with the Little Pebble since 12th September, 1987. Received a Public Message about him. Has Priests as Spiritual Directors. Has not been in contact since 1988.

59) Wjadyslaw Biernacki: Public Seer – receives Messages at home. He is a healer and supported by his Bishop. Home: Poland.

United with the Little Pebble since 1984. Letter to the Little Pebble in May, 1984: “I thank you most dearly, Little Pebble, for your letters and remembrances of me.”

3rd January, 1986: “I send Blessings from above!”

3rd September, 1986: I am passing onto you words of Padre Pió, who appears to a Franciscan Priest, Albin Snoka: “The Little Pebble is chosen as a Servant of God, through Christ and Mary. Listen to him.”

60) Rose Petal: Public Seer; receives Messages at home – Kenya, Africa. Known throughout Africa. 21st July, 1990:

OUR LORD: (Seers) … who have ears to hear – hear now. Unite with one another, and unite with the Little Pebble.”

Currently united since 1987.

61) Sylvia: Public Seer – Apparition Site on mountain. One of three Seers (girls). Home: Mwanza, Africa. 6th July, 1988:

OUR LADY: “My child: let Me speak to this one first and I will go and bring the Little Pebble here (in bilocation) that he will tell you, yourself, with Saint Gabriel. My child, the Little Pebble – all his prophecies will soon come true. The Little Pebble will be Pope.”

62) Theresa Calarco: Public Seer; receives Messages at home – Sydney, Australia.

Was united with the Little Pebble from 1985 to 1989. Disunited after direction to her regarding a false Message.

63) Sergio Musoke: Public Seer – Apparition Site. Home: Kizza, Kampala, Uganda. 20th March 1992:

OUR LADY: “Write to My child, the Little Pebble, and ask him to provide plans for the Church.”

Currently united since 1989. Priest as Spiritual Director.

64) Francis Muwonge: Public Seer; receives Messages at home – Mbarara, Uganda.

United with the Little Pebble since 1989.

65) Dominic Bete: Public Seer, Visionary and Healer. Has the support of Bishop. Receives Messages in the Church and at home – Soroti, Uganda.

Has been united since 1987. Has received many Messages about the Little Pebble. Disunited on personal grounds, but united on others. Has Priest as Spiritual Director.

66) Seers of Kibeho: Public Apparition Site. Home: Rwanda, Africa. Approved by the Church in 1987. Seers currently receiving Messages.

All Seers have been united with the Little Pebble since 1986. Most have received Messages about the Little Pebble.

Letter from Marian Worker of Little Pebble in Rwanda who has close ties with all the united Seers.

6th September 1986 – the Seers of Kibeho: Elizabeth, Bernadette, Francesca, Shumbusho and others, have received Messages about the Little Pebble.

Seer Elizabeth: Summoned to Bishop about the Message regarding the Little Pebble. Seer replied: “If you admit that it is truly the Most Blessed Virgin who appears to me as well as the other Seers of Kibeho, then it is She, also, who appears to the Little Pebble, for he is the Privileged child of Our Lady. If you think it is false for him, then it is false for us also.”

Seer Shumbusho: 19th November, 1989:

OUR LORD: “After the current Pope there shall come a Pope who has a woman and children. All that Jesus has told the Little Pebble will be fulfilled.”

The Apparition place, Kibeho, is called the Medjugorje of Africa. They receive approximately 15,000 people at each Apparition. Currently united since 1986.

These extracts of Messages from Seers and Privileged Souls that I have given to you to read are but some of those on file in my office. There are hundreds more, as there are four hundred Seers currently united, and three hundred more yet to unite. I will continue to call all souls of goodwill.

The response of these Seers and their Messages should be a sign sufficient enough to prove to you that the Mission of the Little Pebble is authentic. This will be the last time I will appeal for unity among all the Seers and Workers of Heaven. Should the Seers, Priests and Workers deny this calling to truth and unity, they will fall and be replaced by others.

Finally, I end this long letter with a few Messages from Thornbush:

26th October 1992:

OUR LADY: “You should know that some Mystic children may sometimes receive a false Message, and this can confuse them. Many also do not have aid from a Spiritual Director to help discern Messages. Thornbush, all of My Mystic children have been told with regard to the Little Pebble – it is the Spiritual Directors who are opposing and causing confusion, which is Satan’s tool now. I leave all of My children free, but they must know that there are going to be consequences for those who do not listen. Thornbush, I send a special Blessing to My Little Pebble and Graces from My Immaculate Heart. He is to know I am with him and I Love all of My children.”

22nd October 1992:

OUR LADY: “I send you My Blessing, My Little Pebble. Continue to spread My Love through My Messages, and guide My Privileged and Mystic children.”

These are but some of the more recent Messages. There are countless Messages, which are familiar to those given by numerous Seers from all over the world. Even those Seers who are now against the Little Pebble. Many of them received Messages saying that all Seers must unite with the Little Pebble – yet, because some of these Seers were advised by the Little Pebble about serious matters, these same Seers turned against him.

To those who have always been courageous and faithful to the call of unity among the Seers and souls of goodwill: May Jesus ever reward your vigilance. May His Face ever shine upon you and may you all have the Grace to remain vigilant until Christ the Saviour returns to give to you all that you have earned through your faithfulness. And I, myself, thank you as my sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church. Continue diligently with faith on the path of Divine Redemption and walk with love and mercy in your hearts with the praise of Jesus and Mary forever on your lips.

10th March 2015:

Since this letter was issued to the world in 1993 through the direction of the Mother of God, many more Seers united with the Little Pebble. However, most Seers mentioned in these pages have passed away. God rest their souls.

One notable Seer who united with me was Bishop Maria Juliano Verbard of the Island of Reunion, in the nineties – but over the years was placed in prison and moved to France by the authorities, and there is no way of contacting him, or knowing of his whereabouts.

Our Lady’s call to unity remains as fresh today as it did in the 80’s and 90’s – with the recent support – since 2012 – of the Last Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, of Ireland.

In the upcoming months a more detailed letter regarding the unity of Seers will be made available.

Wishing God’s Blessings to you.

The Little Pebble