Question & Answers – Little Pebble and Thornbush (1993) – 18 February thru 27 December 1993

18 February `93 – Question – `Thornbush’:

During the Apparition, through my Angels, I remember a question that I had forgotten about: what are the changes that will come into the Church that Mother had spoken about previously?

Answer – Our Lady:

“`Thornbush’: at the beginning these changes will be small and seem insignificant, but know that it is these changes which have blinded many of My sons and children. The small changes are the renovation of Churches – taking out Crucifixes, and replacing them with Crosses; placing the Tabernacles on the side, or in the back, replacing My Son with a throne for the Priest and lay people. But you should know that these changes are happening now, and have been for a long time. My Divine Son’s Home will be vandalised. His Divine Body will eventually be replaced by a medal. Many children will become devastated and leave the true Church through division.”

“The Sacrifice of the Mass will no longer exist as it is now. It will be completely altered and called the `Celebration of Love’, where there will be dancing and banquets. My children will forget Sacrifices and Sacraments. They will confess their sins, openly, and believe that they have received absolution. `Thornbush’: know, also, that Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will be replaced by women.”

“During the `Celebration of Love’, Sacrifices of love will be offered which will be adults, or little ones, who will replace My Divine Son’s Body and Blood. My Beloved Pilgrim Pope will flee from Rome and the Anti-Pope, under the power of the Antichrist. But before this happens, My `Thornbush’, you should know that there will be many attempts on My Pilgrim Pope’s life. Know, My `Thornbush’, that many sacrifices and prayers are needed, and many hours of Adoration, to prepare and to repair for all of these changes.”

24 February ’93 – question Little Pebble:

As God is all knowing – Past, Present, Future – how could evil come into existence when only good existed first? That would mean God Created evil – for before God there was nothing, for God was. So if God was, and He is only good, how can evil come, for Satan or Lucifer could not create? So how could Lucifer make a decision for evil if evil was not created? Our Lady knows that I love God and believe – it is not in question; it is to understand God’s Divine Essence?

Answer – Our Lady:

“I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that when God Created Lucifer in him was the spark of evil, and when he rejected God this ignited the evil, and it spread. Then evil was. God did this because He is jealous of every creature’s love for Him and He left them free, for He Loves them. He did this to see how much He was truly loved.”

25 February ’93 – Little Pebble:

Do you think Our Lady would give the part of the message that was lost to ‘Thornbush’ Could you ask Our Lady what happened?

At midnight I went to the Hospital with [name withheld] who had a baby boy at 7am after seven hours of labour. It was a most difficult one. During the labour I was very upset with God because [name withheld] had to suffer much. I reminded God and the Blessed Mother that They had promised a five hour light labour, through `Hedgerose’, and it was now seven hours. I was so upset with God. Around 6am Jesus and Mary came and only looked on. I prayed and asked for Their help. At 6.40am. [name withheld] went into extreme anxiety to the point of giving up; at this time she was begging for the injection to numb her lower parts. The doctor indicated that there was the possibility of having the baby sleeping when he is born – there is that risk. I was then very angry with God and said to Him: “As you haven’t kept Your Word already, I am giving you ten minutes to deliver this child, or I will demand the injection. If the child dies, You are responsible. Within ten minutes Jesus and Mary appeared and the baby was born at 6.50am.

I was still very upset with God as He could have made it easier. Later in the morning after no sleep since the morning before, I went to Mass and thanked Jesus and Mary and asked Their forgiveness because I was so upset. Both Jesus and Mary told me not to be disturbed, that all was good. However, I would like to ask Jesus why He did not keep His promise of five hours?

And why must women suffer so much at birth delivery, because He Redeemed man and made up for the sin of Adam, and restored the `Line of Grace’.

26 February ‘93 – Our Lady: 

“I desire My `Little Pebble’ of Love to know that sin is still committed now. Original Sin is always present; It is because of Eve’s sin that women must go through this suffering, to repair for their sins that they are committing. It is God’s Divine Will that wanted this for purifying [name withheld]. It was the anxiety that caused most of the pain. Our Love is with her.”

27 February `93 — Question – `Little Pebble’:

Mother, Father Blais desires to know about the changes to come in the Church, and if the message to `Thornbush’ re: the changes are correct?

Answer – Our Lady:

“Tell My beloved Priest-son that many changes are coming – changes that are an affront to God; an abomination in His sight. Yet, all must be fulfilled as I have declared to the Church at La Salette. The Mass, dear son, will receive the greatest change that you will not recognise it any more. The format and liturgy will be changed of the Mass; reference to the Real Presence will be taken out; the Mass will become a service led by laymen and Priests – the Mass itself will become a memorial only. The Mass liturgy will consist only of one page. The Matter will be removed – bread and wine. These changes will come in very soon.”

“My Divine Son will no longer reside in His House. This will be the time of desolation for the Mystical Body. Many of the Teachings of Christ will be changed to suit the Masses. The Tabernacle will be taken out and replaced by a cross – not a Crucifix. All will resemble a Pagan Temple rather than God’s House.”

“A new Catechism will be introduced, with many changes – even heresies. The Dogmas will be looked upon with disdain, and some will be removed as myths – like My Assumption. Statues and any image representing a likeness, will continue to be removed, and replaced by modern, natural artefacts.”

“The Liturgy and Rites of Baptism and Holy Orders will change where infants will no longer be Baptised. More power will be given to the Hierarchy, making the Vicar of Christ only a puppet. Ecumenism will be fostered, very strongly, to bring in all heretics and sects. The Church will seem totally renewed with brotherly love, yet it will have been secularised and modernised. the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church will bare this name no more, but a more Ecumenical name will be chosen to show the world the old has gone and the new has come. It will not be long, My son, before all of this takes place. However, My Divine Son and I will have built the Renewed Church through Our chosen children, like yourself, and many others like you….”

Question – `Little Pebble’:

Mother, Father Blais asks one more question; he desires to know more about the Hierarchy of the New Church?

Answer – Our Lady:

“Tell My beloved Priest-son, Fr. Blais that the new Hierarchy will consist of the Temporal and the Spiritual Hierarchy – both governed by the last Pope – Peter Romanus – Our son, the `Little Pebble’. The Hierarchy will have two ladders that will govern the stone of Authority, plus the third stone which is the Royal House. The Vicar of Christ will have full Authority over these stones. Under the Pope will come the Holy Monarch of France, who will govern the temporal side of the Church and its States. There will be 72 Kingdoms and 7 Tribes. The other 5 Tribes are those who will come through the Great Chastisements.”

“The Hierarchy of the Church will consist of the Hierarchy of Chastity and those of the Married State, yet, also have Holy Orders. You will have in Order from the Pope: the Cardinals, the Archbishops, Bishops, and Abbots, who are not married, governing the Church in its appropriate designated places. These Cardinals will be governing Countries, States and Provinces. Then you have the Married range who will be governing the New Orders such as the Order that you and the `Little Pebble’ have founded. Most of the Religious Governing these new Foundations will be married as they will have the experience that is necessary to Govern Orders with families attached to them. As for those of the Hierarchy not married, they will continue to govern the Religious bodies of the different Religious Orders.”

“The Church will be much different then, My child. There will be no large Cities other than the New Jerusalem, and the New Vatican that will be built in the New Era. This Vatican will not be like it is now. The Church in general will be like small Communities scattered around the world. It is for this reason God is raising up new Religious Orders where Married and unmarried men, women and children live together.”

“On the temporal side you will have the Great Monarch, and under him some Kings who will govern the New Kingdoms. The 72 Kingdoms will have a Royal to govern their provinces. Within the Hierarchy of the  Religious – married and unmarried – will be the 24 Apostles: the 12 Priest Apostles, and 12 Lay Apostles. Thus, you have the completion of the New Hierarchy and New Church. There is much more, My child, and this will be revealed in time, as much is yet to be done to make this realised…..”

17 March ’93 – Question Little Pebble

  1. Mother, there must be a way of losing weight for health sake other than losing weight through less eating and exercise. Is there a herb?
  2. If a woman takes the pill re: no conception does the pill abort a being, or has the seed not germinated yet? If there is germination, then it would be abortion?
  3. When is a soul placed in a body? At the moment or conception, or days after?
  4. Have all souls been Created, or does God still Create?
  5. Why do different Seers and Saints see Our Lord’s Wounds and Cross differently – even see Him differently, and You differently?

Answer – Our Lady

  1. “I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that drinking water helps – also mint leaves.”
  2. “Yes, the pill aborts; it is the reason why all contraceptives are not wanted by Heaven because they kill, It is evil and should not be used at all.”
  3. “I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that the soul is given at the moment of conception because, when there is a miscarriage there is still life, and this little one, if not yet baptised, is taken to Limbo by the Angels. All of the Mothers who have desired their little ones to be baptised and did this in their hearts, have been taken to Heaven. All of My sweet little ones who are aborted are taken to Heaven because they are Martyrs.”
  4. “My `Little Pebble’ is to know that souls are still being Created.”
  5. “I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that God’s Plan is not completely revealed to one Mystic or Privileged Soul. It is given in different parts so these sweet children are shown, or revealed, a different part. This is the reason why unity among My Mystic and privileged children is so important so that this will complete God’s Plan. Each Seer and Mystic is important and needed. Also, I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that Heaven will appear in the ways that will attract the Seers and Mystics, so that they would understand.”

23 March `93 – Question, `Little Pebble’:

When we enter into the New Era will we receive our immortal body like we will at the Last Judgement? If so, if we were 50 say, will we go back to 33 years of age? If we do that, will we be perfect in height, weight and size – e.g. if we are short, will we be as tall as Jesus – Adam – perfection. And women 5’2″ as Our Lady and Eve – because that was perfection?

Answer – Our Lady:

“I desire My `Little Pebble’ to know that the immortal body will only be received before entering into Heaven; entering into the New Era it will be a reconstructed body where it will return to 33 years of age; but Original Sin will always exist.”

14 September ’93 – Question Sr. Marie Danielle (through `Little Pebble’):

Dear Mother, there is much sadness in my heart and I am very much troubled. You have promised many people to be healed, and yet they have all died, why? It is causing many people to be confused and unsure. I love You, Mother, and I will continue to do God’s Will. I ask that You please reassure and comfort the families that are involved? And Mother, could You please explain what You mean by a perfect healing? Have we, or I, misinterpreted? I do not want to mislead your children, Mother; please advise us and take them all to Heaven. And those you have promised to heal, perfectly, will they die also? Please help, Mother, as I no longer understand?

15 September `93 Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved `Thornbush’, daughter of My Immaculate Heart: remain at peace, dear child, for you are the bearer of good news to mankind, and it is not for you to justify Our Words to Our children who may question Heaven’s Will. However, My sweet `Rose of Delight’: place your cares into My Immaculate Heart and trouble not your soul with anxieties. I will tell you something of the Mysteries of God’s Infinite Word regarding a Prophetic word, so you can explain to Our sweet children its meaning.”

“God is all knowing and caring. Sometimes He gives Prophets Words announcing an event that will take place; there is a cause and an effect dependent upon man’s response, yet all is fulfilled in the end. Remember, we are now dealing with mysteries. The souls that died were cured, dear child – cured of the ailment of body through death, to save their soul and give merit for their faith. These dear ones, though momentarily gone, will rise again perfect in body and soul, and give edification to their loved ones. God’s ways are truly not mans’ ways. It is the reason, child, when prophecy is given, time must pass to understand their real purpose and meaning. However, some of Our children will be cured while others, not yet. When God says a person will be cured it is up to that soul to believe and trust and have faith, for God never forsakes those who love Him.”

“Each Prophecy is a test of true and holy obedience and hope and faith. In this way man is purified and perfected. Some of those whom I have promised will be healed, but others will be taken to Paradise to return to Earth, perfect to edify those that have been left behind. Child, ask My chosen Priest-son to read to you the Teachings of Our Holy Saint Thomas Aquinas who, guided by the Holy Ghost, will help you to understand this great Mystery of God. Be at peace, child, and do not be concerned at what man will say, but rather pray for all…”

3 October `93 – Question, `Little Pebble’

Is there a difference between the New Jerusalem and the future Vatican?  Will the future Vatican be inside the New Jerusalem, because I will be in the New Jerusalem, and I will work close to You?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved and cherished Priest-son `Little John’ is to know that the New Jerusalem and the New Vatican are two different places, yet belong together. The New Jerusalem will be the largest city ever known to man; in comparison somewhat 30 times larger than Yew York as you know it now. Within the walls of the New Jerusalem will be a place of the New Vatican, which will be governed by Peter II. The New Vatican will be built on the Hill of Calvary and its size will be some 50 square miles. The Twelve New Apostles will also reign in the New Jerusalem and govern the world from there. Each of the Twelve Apostles will be given a part of the New Jerusalem to govern. Around the New Jerusalem will be the many thousands of different Communities of different Orders and Congregations. Be assured, My beloved son, My `Little John’ you and My other Apostles and Disciples will be working closely with Me, your Queen – and Peter II. The Angels, too, will be …. and working with Our children.”

22 November ’93 – Question Little Pebble:

Mother, You mentioned to `Thornbush’ about cosmetics being used by Satan as he uses human aborted babies. Can You please tell me the brands and products so I can warn the people?

Answer – Our Lady:

“Yes, My `Little Pebble’: I have told My daughter, your Spiritual spouse, this, but I will tell you which ones. Most of them are not to be used, especially all that women use to cover their lips and eyes. What you need to know, My sweet `Little Rock’ is that make-up altogether is not Willed by Heaven at all because it is artificial and the money that comes from these products is given to the Freemasons, and all of their Organisations. You are to know: Mary Kay, Avon, Covergirl, Maybeline – all of these are associated directly with these organisations.”

16 December `93 Answer – Our Lady (Bilocation – `Thornbush’):

After the Apparition I wrote questions for `Little Pebble’. My hands where the wounds are were throbbing and I could hardly hold the pen in my hand. My head, where the thorns are, made me dizzy with the pain. I offered this, unceasingly, and I focused my attention to Jesus on the Cross, interiorly. After the questions were answered, from what Mother had told me, I saw Saint Timothy look at me (he had the `Sign’) after he dictated. I understood that this meant that we were going somewhere. I took hold of his wing – it was so soft and fluffy; my hand entered into his wing – then in a Light. I found myself beside a very large cross. I saw Our Holy Father kneeling on a kneeler his head down. The `Sign’ came; Saint Timothy told me to pray, unceasingly; I did.

Our Holy father was crying and in front of him I saw a gold Chalice that was overflowing Blood. I saw his wounds. Through Our Holy Father I saw Our Lord. This part is difficult to explain: for a while he just prayed then, in a black cloud, I saw the face of the Maitreya and through this face I saw Cardinal Casaroli, who had a whip and chains. I saw Msg. [name withheld] and another, who took the Holy Father and they persecuted him – throwing him on the ground. from behind him people were holding knives and on these knives was written: jealousy, envy, mistrust, vengeance, power, disobedience – then, each one in turn put his sword into the back of the Holy Father. They looked like monsters, or demons, at this time. I felt much pain, but I prayed, unceasingly.

They took the Holy Father, and I continued to see Our Lord, through him, going through the Agony. I don’t think I was seen because there was so much Light around me and Saint Timothy stayed with me. I saw the Holy Father Crucified, but not with nails – with the knives that I saw go into his back. This was horrible. From the sky came a beautiful Light that went into the Holy Father – I smelt roses. Then the sky grew very, very, dark and heavy. Lightning came and struck the Monument in Saint Peter’s Square and from there Saint Michael appeared with the Scales of Justice. His sword was lightning and it struck in all directions. All that I could see in the dense darkness was Saint Michael in the Light of the bolts of lightning and cracks in the Earth, with pillars of fire going through Saint Peter’s Basilica. All of the statues outside and all of the sleeping bodies inside the basilica had white Light around them; they awoke and went with Saint Michael. This was horrible; it is hard to explain.

Saint Peter’s was falling apart around Our Holy Father. Then Saint Timothy and I left; I found myself back in my room. I continued to pray. I saw the `Little Pebble’ with the Crown of Thorns, which had tiny white roses on the tips. He had the `Sign’. He Blessed me, kissed me on the forehead and knelt before Our Lord in Adoration and prayed his blue Rosary. Then he disappeared.

27 December ’93 – Answer Our Lady:

“My sweetest `Rose’ of My Immaculate Heart, `Thornbush’: I thank you for your love and prayers. I well understand your confusion regarding dates of events as this is a very big test of faith and obedience, for all of the Seers and those children that follow God’s Word. Be not troubled in spirit, child, for as I have told your Spiritual spouse, the `Little Rock’ that the Seers are not accountable for the Word of God delivered to mankind; they are only the messengers of God, therefore, when a prophecy is given it is given in the Will and Mind of God Who knows past, present and future in one moment. It is up to Our sweet children to listen to the Command, and obey. Child, I will give you an example: when a General gives an order to an Officer, the Officer obeys without question. Sometimes those orders do not make entire sense to the Officers or the soldiers, yet they are carried out. If, however, something seems to go wrong, the soldiers and Officers cannot take the responsibility of that decision from the General. However, it must be understood that the General knew of the whole plan and layout for that command to be given, whereas, those under him did not, for they only understood part of that overall plan. Likewise it is with God, the Seers are the Officers and Messengers of God; they do not know the whole Plan of God, yet they deliver God’s Command. With time Our children will understand as to why God delayed His Wrath, or Warnings. So remain at peace, My child, for every Word that has come out of the Mouth of God will be fulfilled. I now only ask of you and My `Little Rock’, and all sweet children, to remain at peace and continue to be faithful and obedient children of My Immaculate Heart, which you have been – and are – and continue on the Path that you have been placed upon, for evil is very strong now and desires to bring to ruin all that is faithful and true. Be assured, sweet daughter, it was through the Mercy of God that all has been delayed, but very, very shortly, all will be fulfilled and the time of victory for all of Our loyal soldiers will come. My child, the victory for My Home will come when My `Little Rock’ has received recognition…”