Message 384 – 6 March 1993



The Eternal Father has many Graces planned for this Nation and the world through the Chapel of All Apparitions – A Sign will be given for the Jewish Nation, so all Will believe I am the Son of God, the Messiah – Enemy planning an attack on the Free Nations who are sound asleep – Three hundred millions babies have been aborted in the past twelve months – Two Great Prophets of Old will come to awaken Our children – My ‘Rock’ will renew My Church and lead My children into the New Era; He must carry the burden of this office.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the beginning of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary there appeared three great Pillars of Fire – one on the left side of the Tabernacle, one on the right side and one over the Altar in the new Chapel. Then there appeared in front of the Altar, on the little cloth, a Crown of Thorns, such as Jesus had, but with miniature white roses, coming from the thorns. Many years ago, the same Crown of Thorns was given to me by Our Lord and Brother Joseph Francis has often remarked about these Crowns of Thorns with white roses. My Guardian Angel spoke to me and said that this was for me, once again. Then, from the Tabernacle, five slivers of very fine Light came out, in the form of a cross and shot right into my forehead. The Angel said:

ANGEL:“This will become visible as a ‘sign’ later, as will the Crown of Thorns, also.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: My Guardian Angel has been telling me some extraordinary things to do with the Chapel.

Many Angels surround the Tabernacle and I can now see these grounds in the dark, as though it is Gethsemane. Jesus is in a white tunic, walking our streets and I can see that He is looking about Him as He walks to each home. He goes to each door, knocks upon it and waits! I can see this in the span of a few moments as He goes to the doors of all our homes, looking very tired. I can see that the Chapel is already built and Jesus walks into it as it lights up – not with an Earthly light but with a Light which is distinctly Heavenly; it is very bright. Jesus kneels at the Altar and stretches His Arms out, towards Heaven. I can see this tremendous fire – a Pillar of Fire – reaching from the Altar up to Heaven.

Now, coming from Heaven, very far away through the fire, I can see the old ‘Ark of the Covenant’, all in gold. It comes down upon the Altar and I can see the Face of the Eternal Father within the Ark, the Holy Ghost hovering above Him. It is like a Transfiguration, because Jesus now glows and He goes into the Ark where the Eternal Father and the Holy Ghost are. I can hear the Words of God and They are very loud!


LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angel of the Most High says:

ANGEL: “These Words are to be placed on the Altar – in the front”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Jesus comes out of the Ark, kneels and prays some more. The Angel, who is very thin-looking, is as tall as the inside of the Chapel and he stands to the right of the Ark, in prayer. There is another Angel to the left, holding a Scroll – opened for all to see. I can see only part of the Writings: “GREAT MYSTERIES ARE WITHIN THESE WALLS, TABERNACLE OF THE MOST HIGH; THIS CHAPEL IS GOD’S TABERNACLE ON EARTH”! I cannot read the rest.

Jesus now turns around and walks back, towards the front door. There is a rock outside the door; it is very similar to the one at Gethsemane. Jesus goes to it and kneels, bowing His Head, weeping! and beyond the roads at the back of the Community’s property, I can see a band of men coming, quickly over the horizon, on the little hill – a dozen or so of them, carrying clubs. They come up to Our Lord and seize Him.

I can now see that the Church has become much darker; the big Cross which is here on the Holy Ground is also located inside the Chapel and I see these men very roughly take Jesus into the very dark Chapel, to nail Him onto this Cross, which I carried many years ago. They now lay Jesus upon the Altar. The Ark has gone and so have the Angels. These men are cursing and spitting on Jesus.

Coming through the ceiling now is Saint Michael and many Angels, accompanied by the Blessed Virgin Mary. The men become very frightened, scattering out of the doors to quickly run away – back to where they came from. Some of them fall over and look very shocked.

Saint Michael lifts-up the Cross and Our Lord, who looks very bruised and wounded. Our Blessed Mother, dressed in white, hovers near Jesus, Who is still on the Cross. She takes-off Her mantle and wraps Jesus in it, covering Him. Saint Michael, Our Lady, and the Angels take Our Lord, with the Cross, into Heaven.

I can see that, moving very quickly within the Chapel, there are many Signs and Wonders; it is like a fast-running movie rapidly showing many scenes. I can see crowds of people coming. There are many buses of people outside the gates, backed-up right to Illaroo Road. There are throngs of people coming to see a ‘Wonder’; many children and sick people coming to see it – but Jesus will not permit me to see what it is, only a fraction of it, but it is coming from the Altar. As the people enter the Chapel, they fall on their knees in astonishment at something that is developing, or happening, upon the Altar.

Once more I can see Jesus on the Cross, above the Chapel and He is all aglow; Our Lady is with Our Lord. Both come nearer – Our Lady is still dressed in pure white with a new, light-blue, mantilla which reaches from Her Head down to Her Toes. Jesus has on a full white tunic. He is not bleeding now, although He is still nailed to the Cross. Our Lord now comes off the Cross and stands next to His Blessed Mother; the Cross – which is very brilliant – remains suspended. Our Blessed Mother kisses Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart and Jesus kisses His Mother on Her Immaculate Heart. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, My future Vicar for My Church upon Earth, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I, your Saviour, greet you with a Kiss of Life, through My Immaculate Mother.”

“The Visions that you saw, My dear child, are the many Graces that My Father has planned for this nation and for the world through My Tabernacle on Earth – ‘THE CHAPEL OF ALL APPARITIONS’! There are many more Mysteries and Graces that will be revealed concerning this Chapel, My dear child, but these will be revealed later, when the ‘sign’ will be given for the world, because mankind has fallen asleep and it is the desire of the Eternal Father to awaken His children from their slumber. It is an act of Mercy from My Father, for humanity.”

“This ‘sign’ will also be for the Jewish nation, so all may believe that I am the Son of God – the Messiah! Let mankind listen to My Words and act upon them, for time is short for My children. My Mother and I have repeated these Words many times. The only reason that we repeat these Words, dear children, is because Our Words fall on deaf ears, cold hearts and blind souls. We are in hope that at least one soul will recognize the Voice of their God and repent and do penance!”

“Mankind now stands at the edge – the edge of perdition; if My children continue on this road they will fall and be lost, eternally, in a place that My Father prepared for the fallen angels and those souls who desire to go there – which is Hell! It is your choice, My sweet children.”

“I choose for all of My children to be saved. However, you have been given free will to choose, My sweet children. I will not force My children into Heaven – into Eternal Bliss – for if Our children rather seek the world, the flesh and the devil, then let it be! If the Sufferings of My Crucifixion and the Crucifixion of My Most Holy Mother and the Saints are not enough for Our children, then let it be!”

“You, My sweet children, have your free-wills. You have the Grace to reason the Truth; to acknowledge it and to understand it. These Graces have been given to you by Our Spirit, freely. Have I not said: “Ask, and you shall receive; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door will be opened to you, My sweet children? And the key to this door is My Most Holy Mother, Whom you have placed aside and replaced with yourselves – with pride and arrogance! What has become of this generation? Many of you are worse than the Pharisees of old! You hypocrites! How many of you, dear children, are on the road to Hell, unless you heed My Words now?”

“My Mother and I travel the world each day, calling mankind to repentance; asking Our children to pray, do penance and offer sacrifices so the world can be saved. Already now, as I speak to you, My dear children, the enemy is planning an attack upon the free nations, and yet those of the free nations are sound asleep, not realizing that the enemy is already there, within.”

“Also, in My House upon Earth, how many [are] traitors – Judases! All of you have received sufficient time to take account of your lives. Now, it is time. My Father watches carefully – but, soon, His Justice and Wrath will be felt by My children, who are unrepentant. My Father will Chastise those [whom] He Loves, to save their souls.”

“How many more abortions will I see? Already, three-hundred-million babies have been aborted in the past twelve months!! and how many more will come? O, foolish man! Degenerate vipers: As you mete out to the innocent, so will you be meted out by the Eternal Father, in Justice! Take My Words seriously, O foolish children!!”

“All My children in Holy Mother Church: Do penance for your brothers and sisters – especially My Priest-sons who have been blinded. Many of you are asleep and allow the innocent ones to be slaughtered in spirit, in truth and in body. Many of My Priest-sons walk with their heads ‘in the sand’, believing that all is well.”

“To those in authority – the authority that has been given to you by My Father in Heaven: What have you done with this authority? You have plundered the good-hearted souls who are dedicated to My Most Holy Mother! You have scattered the sheep and crucified the innocent! What will become of you? Take account, My dear sons for, soon, you will stand before My Father in Judgement! What then will you say to Me: That your Teachings have been pure in My Sight? I will say unto you: “I DO NOT KNOW YOU”! Defend My children of the Light, who are suffocating under the burden placed upon them by you who are in authority over them. Break the chains of sin that binds you now, for Lucifer is your King!”

“Pray the Most Holy Rosary, dear sons, the prayer that will cast Lucifer aside and bring back purity, piety and holiness into My House upon Earth. Soon My House upon Earth will be split – fragmented into little parts – all because of My foolish children. You have allowed Satan to enter My House! You have been warned, over a century ago, that this would come and yet you go about as if you did not know! Woe, unto you, O pastors of My House upon Earth, for many of you it would be better that you were not born!!”

“How cold are the hearts of many of Our children who know the truth. They see My Most Holy Mother weeping! How many Prodigies – how many Signs – have already been given to My Church upon Earth? Take the Jews of Old who had been given great Signs and yet were blind when I walked the Earth. Now, I walk the Earth through My Prophets and through My Seers. Soon, I will send the two great Prophets of Old to awaken Our children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus looks to be very disturbed; He has the Anger of God in His Eyes, which are like fire.

OUR LORD: “My beloved children who have been faithful to My Words and the Words of My Most Holy Mother: I give you the Kiss of Eternal Life. Blessed are you, for it is through you that many souls are rescued. Pray for those sons and daughters who are far away from Our Immaculate Hearts, that they be saved, for We seek no-one to be lost.”

“O My sons and daughters who have been faithful: Many Graces are in store for you. Many of you will see the Son of Man in His Glorious Second Coming, very soon! You are My beloved children – children born of My Most Holy Mother – innocent, pure and holy. I offer you the greatest gift of all, My sweet children – MY CROSS and MY MOST HOLY MOTHER!”

“Take up your crosses, sweet children and follow My Holy Mother. She will take you to Calvary and, together, We will be Married in the Crucifixion of Redemption for the world. This is symbolic, My sweet children, of the ‘Marriage’ of the Church with God. In time you will understand this great Mystery. I Bless you, My sweet children, from My Most Sacred Heart. Take courage! Be not afraid – for I and My Most Holy Mother will always be with you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now takes the Crown of Thorns from the Altar and comes over to me.

OUR LORD: “My dear child, My ‘rock’ who will renew My Church upon Earth and lead My children into the new era: Like all predecessors, you must carry the burden of this office. Within a short while it will be given to you at the Martyrdom of My present Vicar on Earth – My beloved son, John Paul II. Like your Master had to go to Calvary, so must you, My dear child. This Crown is for you – It comes from My Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Beloved Mother.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus places the Crown of Thorns upon my head, as He has done before. I do not feel any pain at this time. Now, Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross upon my forehead, then places His Hands over my head and prays. He returns to His Holy Mother and kisses Her on the Forehead, then blows a kiss to all of us. Jesus has now gone.

Our Blessed Mother comes a little closer. Upon Her Chest I can see that seven red roses have formed – real roses. I do not know what they mean. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “They are seven Virtues”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady holds Her blue Rosary, takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children throughout the world: I, your Immaculate Mother, greet you with a kiss from My Immaculate Heart. I will not speak long, dear child, as I know that you are tired due to the burdens placed upon your soul. However, all crosses are necessary to purify the souls – to make them holy – so your soul and the souls of others will become as ‘lightning rods’ for the Word, so Our children will recognize the Truth and follow the good example that My good children give.”

“I only wish to say to My children to please listen to the Words of My Divine Son and act upon them, swiftly, because My Divine Son suffers very much for mankind at this time and I, as His Heavenly Mother, do not wish to see Him suffer any more. My Divine Son has already suffered much for an unrepentant generation and it grieves My Heart to see this continue day after day, week after week, and year after year. It cannot go on, My sweet children! There must come a time when all must end – except the Word of God, for God’s Word is eternal and all that My Divine Son and I, the Saints and the Angels, have delivered to mankind over many centuries, now must – and will be – fulfilled to the last letter.”

“There will be more Seers raised throughout the world, until the world is saturated with the Word of God. Then will come the heavy Hand of God! Here, in My Community of My Immaculate Heart, we are also going to raise another child – My daughter, Cathy – whom We shall name the little ‘Rose’ of Italy. My Divine Son and I will raise this child to bring forth more directions for Our children, to save sinners and to bring more children to My Holy Ground, which is so neglected by an ungrateful humanity.”

“The Eternal Father has poured out His Heart upon this world through many channels of Graces – especially through My Apparition Site here, in Nowra. As mankind becomes more selfish and more ungrateful the time for the Chastisements will come nearer. Already now, the world has been Chastised in so many ways – not only through the natural disturbances, but also through spiritual disturbances, My sweet children! Chastisements through the economies! Chastisements through hunger and thirst for the Word of God; through many hardships; many plagues, pestilences and diseases! These are also Chastisements from the Eternal Father – but many do not recognize these as ‘Chastisements’, My dear children.”

“Even the lack of leadership in the Church and in the world is a Chastisement to mankind for, as you elect, so shall you receive; as you elect in sin, so shall you receive those who will lead you astray and away from God.”

“Pray, My sweet children, for good and holy leaders to lead the kingdoms on the Earth and also [for] My Divine Son’s House upon Earth – for very few leaders have wisdom, because too many of them are ‘of the Earth’, rather than of the spirit. For this reason the world is being punished with evil men and Lucifer believes that he has already won! It would seem so, dear children. However, in the blink of an eye, My Divine Son will snatch many of the children who are now in sin, away from Lucifer.”

“The time is coming, My sweet children, when the cry of Victory will be heard throughout the whole world – the Victory of Truth; the Victory of My Divine Son’s Most Sacred Heart and My Immaculate Heart. So take-up the cross given to you freely by My Divine Son and be thankful that you can share in the redemption of the world. Take-up My ‘beads of Love’, dear children and pray My Most Holy Rosary with your hearts.”

“I thank you that you have come this evening and made the effort and sacrifice, that is needed at this time. I Bless you all, sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray, dear children, for My Priest-sons – for the Religious. Pray for vocations; pray for the families and pray for your children. Have confidence and trust in My Immaculate Heart, for I will never abandon you – those of you who have recourse to Me.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers. These prayers, this evening, I wish [to be] offered-up for children and mothers – children who will be aborted and the mothers who may lose their souls. Pray, dear children, pray! I will speak to you privately now, dear child.”