Message 386 – 19 March 1993



Feast Day of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph has been given authority and power to protect Holy Mother Church – You have but a few short years before the Son of Man comes to bring Judgement – Come to me so I can shield you from the enemy – Pray the Litanies, Rosaries and all beautiful prayers that Heaven has given you – Saint Patrick asks that you pray for Ireland; pray for Australia and the world – Saint Francis asks we listen to the Words of the Queen of Heaven and live the Gospel.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Two Angels have been here for a little while; both are dressed as Monks, in dark habits and have the hood over their head. There is a sickle in hand, raised above their heads, as a staff. Behind them is a White Cross, shining and sending streams of beautiful Light towards us. They are like the ‘grim reaper’. They now stand further away and the Angels are preparing for a harvest.

I can see Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick as they come through the White Cross of Light swiftly, towards the Altar in another beautiful Light, in which they travel. Both Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick stand near the Crucifix and now kneel before Our Lord.

Saint Patrick has a white beard – it is reasonably long – and has on a Bishop’s Mitre, but is not dressed in green, as he is traditionally seen. At this time he is in Lenten Priestly garments, which are purple in colour. He has a golden Staff with him – it’s like a Shepherd’s Staff – and in the curve at the top there is the Gaelic Cross.

Saint Joseph is close to the statue of himself, where it stands here in the Chapel and he does not have on the usual brown clothing, but rather, a light green-coloured tunic. He also holds a Staff which is gold, but it has white lilies growing out of it. The lilies are real – not made out of material. I can even smell the scent from these flowers.

Now, both the Saints are standing and the Angels have formed a semi-circle around them; Saint Michael and the other two dark Angels are very far in the distance. Both Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick make the Sign of the Cross with their Staff: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Saint Joseph moves a little closer to where the Tabernacle is and places his feet on the Altar; Saint Patrick does the same on the right side, where Our Lady’s statue is, to my left. Saint Joseph produces a Rosary. It is the first time that I have seen Saint Joseph with a Rosary – or perhaps I have not noticed it before. This Rosary is the Irish-style of Rosary, with the little block-stones and the Gaelic Cross. Saint Joseph takes-up the Cross and kisses it, then makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT JOSEPH: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all my sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I greet you on behalf of your Mother and mine – my Immaculate Spouse, Mary the Immaculate and Our Divine Son, Jesus Christ, that many Blessings and Graces come to you this evening. I have been sent today by my Spouse to encourage Our children of Holy Mother Church, to go forward, day by day, with the Cross of the Risen Lord in your hearts and the Rosary beads of your Immaculate Mother in your hands.”

“I – as the Spouse of the Queen of Heaven – have been given the Authority and Power to protect Holy Mother Church. It is for this reason that I am invoked as Patron and Protector of God’s House upon Earth. However, not enough children take notice of my Power that the Triune God has given to me for you – not enough children pray to me to intercede for you.”

“It is necessary now, my dear children, to invoke me; to seek my protection – for all the evil spirits have been released from Hell, to tempt you and take you away from the path of Truth. It is for this reason that Holy Mother Church is in deep trouble, because many of my sons and daughters – especially those of the Religious – have abandoned Jesus Christ, my Immaculate Spouse, Mary and myself and have placed us aside, but then still [expect] to be protected from the influence and power of the Devil!!”

“This is not possible, my sweet children. The Devil and his cohorts have great power over mankind; they influence nature; they influence the body, your mind and spirit. They have power over the world and the universe at this time – allowed by the Eternal Father for your sanctification. However, this need not be in this manner. Because of the weakness of man you have allowed Lucifer and his army to enter the House of God and enter the world, with great power and authority, to subdue man, so man can no longer do the things that he ought to, unless he prays and seeks the help of Heaven.”

“It is for this reason that Holy Mother Church has proclaimed me – Saint Joseph – as Patron and Protector of the Mystical Body. You are in great danger now, dear children – not only in Holy Mother Church but, rather, throughout the whole world – because mankind has abandoned his God and would rather follow Lucifer and his snares which are laid open for all of you.”

“Prayer, My sweet children, is the only recourse that is left for mankind to change the course of the world, before mankind destroys themselves in a blood-bath. Take up the Holy Rosary that my Holy Spouse – Mary the Immaculate – gave to you. My Beloved Spouse has travelled the Earth, calling all Her ‘little’ ones to give sacrifice, to pray and do penance.”

“I and many Saints have come down from Heaven – by the Command of the Queen of Heaven – to beg all the children of the world to turn to your God now, and turn away from your sins. Time is very short for the world, even though Heaven has repeated this so many times; but many of Our children become lethargic, believing that there is still very much time. But I say unto you, as Saint Joseph the Carpenter and Protector of Holy Mother Church: You have but a few short years before the Son of Man comes to Earth to bring Judgement upon the world. This is not the Final Judgement, but the Judgement for all of mankind that now exists and will exist in the near future.”

“Come to me all of you, so I can place you under my protective mantle and shield you from the enemy, who desires to destroy you. Come to your Mother – my Mother and Spouse, Mary the Virgin Immaculate – for She is the Queen and Mother of all Hearts. She is the refuge of sinners and the hope for the world. It is Her hour now, my sweet children and, as it is Hers, so it is mine for, like your Holy Mother, I too, Reign with Her over Our children and seek the salvation of all.”

“So pray earnestly now, my sweet children. Pray the Litanies; pray the Rosaries and all the beautiful prayers that Heaven has given to you, so you may gain merit and bring salvation to many souls. Help me, my sweet children, to gather the ‘little’ ones and bring them to my Holy Spouse – for She Weeps every day, because so many children refuse Graces and yet, these Graces are the life-line to many souls, for if it were not through the intercession of Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, mankind would have been destroyed many years ago – like in the time of Noah. It is only [through] Her intercession for the children of the world, that you still have time to repent. But even Her intercession now cannot help you if you refuse Graces, because many of the hearts of Our children are like stone and, instead of converting to the Love and Mercy of the Triune God, their hearts become harder and harder, to the point of no return. So, my sweet children, please listen to me, your brother and hear my words and act upon them.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar in Rome, because he is undergoing the spiritual martyrdom for Holy Mother Church. Pray for Our Prophet, the ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and Light, because he too, is under the same burden as the Vicar of Christ. Pray for all the Seers and Voice-boxes scattered throughout the world, that they receive the strength to follow the Command of Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God.”

“And to all my beloved children who have been faithful to me over these many years: Today, I give you all, the gift of my Pure Heart and, with this gift, many of you will receive my ‘Lily of Purity and Holy Innocence’, so you can continue to give Glory to God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, through my beloved Spouse – Mary the Immaculate. I Bless you all, my sweet children, from the three Pure and Immaculate Hearts: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To my beloved children here in this Community – the Community of the Immaculate Heart of My Spouse, Mary: I greet you in a special way today and thank you for your singular devotion. Continue to spread my love to all that you meet for, through you, many people will come to believe in the Mercy of God.”

“In the new Chapel I desire a Statue of my ‘Pure Heart’, because through the veneration of this Holy Image I will pour out the perfume of the ‘Lilies of Holy Innocence’ and through this Oil, many children will be cured and, also, the Grace of innocence restored in many souls.”

“I love you, dear children, and bless you from my Pure Heart and may the Purity of the Lily remain in your hearts: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Joseph looks at the roses, first of all, beside him. He is about six feet two or three inches – rather tall. Saint Patrick is about five feet five inches. When you compare their stature Saint Patrick is more stocky and he also, is a very handsome man. He looks about and smiles. I think that this is probably the second time that I have seen Saint Patrick. Many Angels come to his side; he is instructing them in some matter. I do not know what he is saying. He is giving the Angels something that he has taken from his tunic, but I do not know what it is that he is giving them.

Saint Patrick looks straight at me, smiling. He too, has a Rosary like Saint Joseph had: The Irish-style. The beads are green block-stones and they are glittering, as does gold – it is very beautiful. He takes-up the Crucifix – which is also Gaelic – and he kisses Jesus.

SAINT PATRICK: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
“My beloved son, the Shepherd of Our children of the Mystical Realm, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children in Australia, in Ireland and in the whole world: I, Saint Patrick, greet you all from the three Immaculate Hearts. It has pleased me to come this evening. It is not often that I am permitted to come to the world to speak to Our children – not only of the Irish tongue – but also to humanity.”

“I come mainly to tell Our children of all nations – no matter what language, what creed or what race – [that] you are all God’s children, My dear sons and daughters. All of you will be accountable one day for your actions; for your thoughts; for your words. One day your life will end and you will be called before your Heavenly Father, to account for all that you have done during your life-time – whether it be short or whether it be long – and what do you think will count, dear children, when you stand before the Judgement Seat? Love, my dear children – only love!”

“The world is tearing itself apart due to lack of love, because mankind hate one another and are destroying one another through vengeance, jealousy and envy. These are not the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost, but are the ‘spittle’ that comes from the ‘dragon’. Like, by the Power of God, I was able to cast out the demons from Ireland, so can you, My sweet children, cast out the demons from your lives. Satan now rules the Earth and the Church; no nation is free from his tyranny. So what are you doing to cast out Lucifer and all the Demons, dear children? What are you doing to save the Church, your families, your loved ones? From where I stand it would seem very little that mankind is doing right now.”

“The Queen of Heaven and Earth has travelled through all the nations, begging mankind for prayer and penance and these words cannot be repeated often enough, because mankind does not realize how close they are, before the Chastisements and punishments come down from the Eternal Father.”

“God is raising up many souls – like Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – as he did in the time when I lived. Many souls were raised to travel the Earth and bring Truth into the hearts of Our children and cast out Lucifer and his power over mankind. As it was in my time, so it is now. Only through prayer can peace and love be achieved, my sweet children.”

“And to my children in Ireland – a nation torn asunder by hate: Pray for Ireland, dear children, for soon, bloodshed will be given to this nation, all because Our children do not pray sufficiently. The Queen of Heaven has come to this nation, Ireland, many times and will shortly send a Prophet to this nation from the Irish people themselves, to convert all those who are to be saved, before the full power and reign of the Antichrist comes. Ireland, my beloved Ireland, will be protected during his reign, for he shall not set foot upon this Sacred land; but much suffering will come to this nation – civil war, the same that will occur in many nations of the world.”

“Mankind believes that the Prophets have gone insane, because they speak the Word of God. They laugh and scorn at the Prophesies, but I tell you solemnly, from the Heart of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, that all that has been said will be fulfilled to the letter. So pray for my Ireland; for Australia. Pray for the world, dear children. I too, love you – not only the children of Ireland but all the children of every nation – for you all belong to the same God.”

“I bless you all this evening with a special blessing to my Irish children throughout the world and this is a ‘Singular Blessing’ granted to me from the Queen of Heaven, for all of you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Patrick smiles as he takes-off his stole – it is quite beautiful and made of gold material – and places it in the new Chapel. Saint Patrick says that it is Heaven’s desire that a small statue of himself be placed in the Chapel, because many Irish people will come here.

He takes the stole over to where the Tabernacle will be sited and now blesses the Chapel. Saint Patrick goes over to James and places the Crucifix of his Rosary Beads upon his head, then returns to where he was.

Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick look at us with a lot of joy. I still do not know the meaning of the two other Angels in black, but it is probably something to do with the Message as far as the ‘reaping’ is concerned.

I can see through the Light of the cross that Saint Francis of Assisi is coming very swiftly, dressed in his Franciscan Habit. He arrives here and stands in the middle, behind the Tabernacle, then kneels and kisses the Tabernacle. It is not often that I see Saint Francis. He is a little bit shorter than Saint Patrick and is a very beautiful-looking soul. He is very happy. The wounds in his hands and feet are apparent. Saint Francis produces a Rosary out of his garment; it looks like an old-style design, which is well-worn – as though it has been used for a long time. He smiles and blesses us:

SAINT FRANCIS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved brother, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – the help for Holy Mother Church. I greet all my beloved brothers and sisters throughout the world – especially my Franciscan brothers and sisters. I have been sent here by the Queen of Heaven only to give you a few words of Counsel and Love.”

“Please, My dear children, listen to the Words of the Queen of Heaven! Listen to the Words of the Saints and the Angels. Listen to the Word; live the Gospel each moment of your lives. Follow the good example of the Angels and Saints – because you too, must become Saints. At the time when I lived, there were many great Saints upon Earth and, it was through them, that Holy Mother Church was saved, because the Church in my time was corrupt; was power-hungry. There were many poor in my time. Today, the Church is very much the same – full of corruption.”

“The poor are those souls who are thirsting for the Word of God, yet cannot be filled, because there are no leaders; very few have good example to show Our wandering children, the path of Truth. Of course, today the Church and the world are far worse than in my time – but I too, had to do penance and offer up sacrifice, not only for the salvation of others but also, my salvation.”

“So dear brothers and sisters, live with love and all else will be given to you. I Bless you, from the three Most Pure Hearts – Jesus, Mary and Joseph: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Francis takes off his hood and comes over to me and places it upon my shoulders and head. He kisses my forehead, then returns to where he was. The three Saints move over to the side where Saint Joseph is and kneel. Jesus now comes out of the Tabernacle; it is really extraordinary, for He just grows from within the Tabernacle. He just stands and goes straight through it – it is very hard to explain. Jesus looks very beautiful, dressed in all white – very brilliant and dazzling.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you all, My sweet children and especially you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I have not come to deliver a Message, My sweet children, only to tell you that I Love you and have sent to you My beloved ‘instruments’, to help you to follow the path – the path of Calvary. Continue with your prayers now and I will take these prayers, personally, to My Father, where He will look at these prayers and be delighted and lavish you with more Graces, because of your obedience and love. Of course, I will go to My Mother first, because I did all things through My Mother, as you should do. Offer all through the Queen; through the Purest of the Pure and you can be certain that your petitions and needs will be met, swiftly.”

“I kiss you all from My Most Sacred Heart and the Holy Wounds, that I Bore for you – through My Most Holy Mother and My Beloved Foster Father, Saint Joseph: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now takes the three Saints into the Tabernacle – into the Light. It is hard to explain adequately. The brilliant Cross is still shooting-off its Light towards us. The two Angels in dark clothing have gone and only Saint Michael remains. He says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “Continue to pray the Rosary now.”