Message 394 – 29 May 1993


Message NO. 394

An Angel of Courage given to My children from My Immaculate Heart; a gift to strengthen them – My children must be obedient to the Vicar of Christ – Pray for My Vicar for he will now be nailed upon the cross; My Little Pebble must carry the burden of Holy Mother Church – Soon Rome will be destroyed physically and spiritually – The journey for the Seers of this world will be much harder; their lives will be disrupted with the Spiritual battle.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has appeared already, going through the building, straight up to Heaven – a very large, white and beautiful, Cross which gives-off tremendous Light, not only here but to the whole of Singapore and the rest of Asia. There are two great Angels on each side of the Cross and through the White Cross I can see the Blessed Virgin Mary, as She comes towards us, very swiftly, in the usual Light, dressed in pure white. Many Angels accompany her. Upon Our Lady’s Head is a Crown of roses and on Her Chest I can see the three roses of the Rosa Mystica; it is all very brilliant. Our Lady is very close to the building now, smiling and looking at us all – at the hearts of Her children. In Her right Hand there is a beautiful golden rose, which She offers to me in thanks for my coming here. In Her left Hand Our Lady is holding a beautiful Rosary, made of pink-tinged yellow pearls. She takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My sweet daughters, Christina, Julia and My two ‘roses and My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I come today to bring many Graces from My Divine Son, to help My children carry their crosses to follow My Divine Son to Calvary, so My children will have the strength and the courage they need. Today, all My faithful children will receive as a gift from My Immaculate Heart an Angel, to strengthen them. This Angel is the Angel of courage. Soon, My sweet children, you will all be asked to follow My Divine Son with faith, trust and confidence, for a decision will have to be made by you, for My Holy Vicar in Rome will bring out a declaration to the Church. All my children must follow him and be obedient to the Vicar of Christ. All those who are disobedient to him will separate from Me and My Divine Son. The world will go through great trials soon and fear will grip the hearts of Our children. Therefore, be prepared, my sweet children and be faithful to My Words. Pray My most Holy Rosary often, for it is through prayer that you will be strengthened.”

“Pray for your Holy Vicar for he, now, will be nailed upon the cross to suffer with My Divine Son. Pray for My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, for he must carry the burden of the Holy Mother Church. Pray for My Bishops and Priests, that they will be enlightened and follow the Truth and not follow the weaknesses of their hearts. My children must pray together and be strengthened by one another to fortify themselves. Together you will be strong and your prayers are powerful before My Divine Son. I Love you, My sweet children. Unite as one heart and one soul in the Mystical Body of My Divine Son, Jesus. Support one another with your sufferings and prayers. I Love you, My sweet children and place My Immaculate Heart in your hearts. I Bless you all from My Divine Son, Jesus, who will strengthen you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet child, Christine: take courage, My dear daughter, and walk with faith and trust in My Divine Son’s plans for you. What has been revealed to you, dear child, is from my Divine Son. Do not be afraid, for God’s ways are not man’s ways. Do not try to work-out the way God does things with His children. Walk in faith, and trust in My Immaculate Heart – and you will have the strength and the courage to follow God’s plan and understand it in time – but only with prayers and faithfulness can this be fulfilled. I Love you, dear child, and Bless you from my Immaculate Heart. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And My sweet daughter, Julia: Be at peace, dear child. My Divine Son, Jesus, will guide your steps. Pray, offer and open your heart to the wishes of My Divine Son and be patient, for My Divine Son will show you the path that you must walk. I Love you, dear child and Bless you with My Immaculate Heart. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And now, My sweet children, My Divine Son will raise many Seers and Mystics in the nations of Singapore and Malaysia, and your neighbouring countries, because the Word of My Divine Son must reach all of Our children, before the day of Justice arrives for the world. So be united in prayers and unite in suffering for the Glory of My Divine Son, Jesus and the salvation of Holy Mother the Church.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now smiles and looks over at Christina. I will leave it at that for now.

CHRISTINA: At the bottom of Our Lord’s Feet there are two rosettes – one in gold and one in white. The gold represents the golden age that is to come and the white rose is for the purification of Holy Mother Church.

OUR LORD: “The Church of today must be cleansed – that is why many nations in this world have to be purified. Too many people in this world are following the directions of the Evil One – but soon it will pass, and the golden age will reign in this world for all eternity. All children must first go through the Passion; Spiritual passion will increase day by day. Unite your hearts with the Mission in Nowra. Pray for the Mission in Nowra, for it will be the key to all the seven nations that are to come.”

CHRISTINA: I can see seven Lights on Our Lord’s Chest. He said that these will be the seven nations – but He will reveal the seven nations only when it is closer to the ‘end of time’.

OUR LORD: “Listen to the Voice of Our Holy Mother, through the voice of the ‘Little Pebble’, who is the heart and soul of the Mission of Heaven’s fulfilment of this age. Many children in this world will be deceived by the prosperity and peacefulness of this world. It is a false peace – only those who [have] prayed to My Holy Mother will have true peace. All those who suffer have no need to fear, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Unite your hearts in one key of love. The key of love is the Weapon of Our Holy Mother – the ‘cord of love’: the Holy Rosary.”

“Soon, Rome will be destroyed – spiritually and then physically. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul; Our hidden Vicar, the ‘Little Pebble’; for all Our Priests, Bishops, Deacons, Brothers and Sisters, for the very true ones are very few. Take courage and be not disturbed by the surroundings, but have faith and trust in the Mercy of God. Soon it will come to pass and you will see the fruits of your labour.”

“James Duffy will be like John, the Baptist.”

CHRISTINA: I do not understand what is meant by that.

OUR LORD: “He will herald the coming of the New Church – the Church that will be built in the Holy Grounds of Nowra. The ‘Trumpeter’ will help all the nations of this world and he will be of direct assistance to this New Church, which the ‘Little Pebble’ must fulfill”.”

“The children who do not believe in this Message: soon you will see it will happen – not in man’s time but in Heaven’s time. All those children who do not believe – pray often to the Blessed Mother for She will reveal it to you, in your heart.”

“The journey for the Seers in this world will be much harder, for their lives will all be disrupted with the spiritual battle. Satan has a very short time and his time will come to an end very soon.”

“The very Sacrament with which you can fight off Satan is your daily Communion, the Rosary – but more so, the obedience to the Will of God.”

CHRISTINA: He is now leaving, sliding back into this vehicle which is like a huge part of a cross – the centre of a cross.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”