MESSAGE 405 – 31 AUGUST 1993

KENYA – 31ST AUGUST, 1993.


Soon Justice will be felt throughout the world; the Truth of the Word of God will pierce the hearts and souls, like a sword – The world stands in need of Grace and Conversion; I have offered you My Holy Rosary to bring back those in sin and darkness – Great trial will soon come upon you; you must be strengthened with faith, hope and obedience to God’s Truth.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It has been a busy scene in the sky because many Angels have come. A great Angel, Saint Durantus, signaled to me, on my right; he was preparing the way for the other Angels as they came. There are Lights coming down, in `V’ shapes and a beautiful, brilliant and very White, Cross has been in the sky for some time. Saint Michael has been behind the Cross to my left and he threw-down his sword – as one would throw a knife; it landed in front of me and became stuck in the ground. A brilliant Light of many different, colours is coming from Heaven.

Through the Light of the Cross I can see Our Blessed Mother now as She comes, accompanied by many Angels and some Saints. Saint John, the Apostle and Saint Bernadette accompany Our Lady today. Our Lady has come as ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ and stands in a small niche in the side of a mountain – just like at Lourdes. Under Her Feet I can see water gushing down.

The sword of Saint Michael is very brilliantly aflame. Saint Bernadette moves over towards ‘Thornbush’ and I can see an exchange of souls takes place. ‘Thornbush’ and Saint Bernadette are now next to Our Lady, kneeling, facing Her in prayer. Our Lady smiles and in Her right Hand there is a beautiful Rosary; She takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; the ‘rock’ of My Immaculate Heart, My beloved Mystic souls and sweet children here present and My children, of Africa and throughout the world. I greet you, My sweet children, with My Immaculate Heart. I have come today to give My children many Graces from My Divine Son – Jesus – to strengthen you all so you may follow the path of Justice and Truth. Soon, the Justice of My Divine Son will be felt amongst My children throughout the world, because the Truth of the Word of God will pierce the hearts and souls of Our children, like a sword – for it is now time for Our children to know and understand the Truth of the Word of God – My Divine Son, Jesus – as the Saviour and Messiah of mankind.”

“Already I have told you how the world stands in need of Grace and conversion. I have offered you the ‘precious pearl’ of My Holy Rosary, to bring back the children who are in sin and in darkness. The time of Light and Truth is now upon you, My sweet children. Many of you will understand great Mysteries that God has given through Our Mystics throughout the world, to prepare you all for the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus. Be attentive to My Words. The Holy Ghost – My Divine Spouse – will enlighten your hearts if you pray; but forget not to receive the Sacraments, My sweet children – My Divine Son – often, in the Eucharist of Love. Go to Confession to cleanse yourselves.”

“The time of ‘great trial’ will come upon you soon and you must be strengthened with faith, with hope and with obedience to God’s Truth. I have sent to the world many ‘stars of light’ – My Mystics and My Seers – to enlighten Our children to follow the path of My Divine Son, Jesus. The only road of Truth is the Cross; without the Cross there is no resurrection, My sweet children – so carry your cross and be faithful, in obedience, to the Word of My Divine Son, Jesus. I Bless you all, My sweet children, with Graces from My Divine Son, Jesus: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

THE TRUMPETER: I observed the things the ‘Little Pebble’ was describing during Our Lady’s coming. I saw very many little Cherub Angels – so many that they seemed to be like clouds. Saint Michael was most brilliant – the surrounding Light so brilliant that it was difficult for me to even see him. I asked for his sign – the Seal and Crest of Our Lady – and I asked these of the Angels and Our Blessed Mother, also.

Saint Michael held in front of me a cloak, which made it possible for me to see things clearly, very similar to the times when he would hold up the ‘orb of Light’, which he would display while revealing Prophetic Revelations of events to come in the future – sometimes in their practical and literal sense and sometimes in the Mystical sense. But as I saw through this cloak – which seemed to be of both red and purple colouring – and gazed upon Our Lady I became overwhelmed with sorrow. I saw – standing to the sides of Our Lady – Saint Bernadette and ‘Thornbush’ and there was an explosion of Light which came from Our Lady’s Heart; both were consumed, completely, in this light. Our Lady held-out Her Hands to me and Tears began to stream from Her Eyes, like little pearls but also as Tears. She extended Her right Hand to me and to the ‘Little Pebble’ Her left Hand, as I was kneeling to his left.

In each of Our Lady’s Hands there was a golden ring; upon it a seal – an emblem – that appeared to be like a flame of light, but also within that flame was both Her Seal and Her Crest which She reveals to me as a sign to know the things that I am seeing are truly from Heaven. As She held out Her Hands She said:

OUR LADY: “My little boy – My little sons: My ‘Trumpeter’ of My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart; My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – for you are brothers as you are My sons; for you are My two great Prophets of these times: Defend, My child, My ‘Trumpeter’, the Divine Mercy of Our Divine Lord. Defend, in all dignity, the Divine Plan of the Eternal Father in Heaven. Yet I say to you, My child: My Love cannot be sustained through all these times, for in the Divine Justice My Immaculate Heart must be withdrawn from the world. My child, it is from My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart that I feed My children who starve for the Divine Mercy of God.”

“My child, My son: My time is becoming short, for soon I must withdraw [so] that souls should then choose between good and evil. My child, My Prophet: Feed My little ones, for they starve for the Love of their Mother; feed My little ones who starve for the Love of their Lord. Come and continue upon the path I have asked you [to tread]. Continue in your courage, yet remember in your heart [that] this is the Love of your Mother and I shall never, My child, withdraw this Love from you, My Prophets. But, My child, it grieves My Heart – beyond words – and only in the crown of sorrow that I share in your heart; as I [also] share in the heart of My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; as I have sent to you both the great Prince of Heaven; as I have sent and given to you both, the great teacher of the Angels, Saint Uriel.”

“As I share with you both the Wounds of My Heart I share also with you, My child, the grief that I must bear for the loss of My children. I share with you both, My child, an imitation of My Heart, united with the Most Sacred Heart of My Divine Son. My child; My two sons – My two sons of courage: I Bless you from the Flame of My Divine Love and from My Sorrowful Heart. I Bless you: In the Name of the Eternal Father Almighty; in the Name of the Son of God, the Living Word; and in the Name of the Most Holy Ghost, the gift of Life of the Presence of God.”

“My child: As Saint Michael holds before you the veil of sorrow, I have chosen at this time that you should see this in My Heart, for by no Word could I teach you – not even in the dreams that are given by My Love and by the Divine Plan of Our Lord, Jesus Christ – but [only] through the veil of Sorrow, My child. I bestow a singular Grace of hope that, in your courage, My undying Love for souls shall burn in your heart as a great ‘beacon of Light’ to the world.”

“Be not disturbed, My child, as I hear your petitions; as you question that these things that I show you are true and I shall, in time, My child, reveal the sign that [by which] you shall know that the Divine Mercy of My Son, Our Lord, has consumed My Heart in sorrow for the loss of souls. I share with you, My child, My grief – as I share with you My Love that you should be with Me, My child; as I shed My Tears upon this stone of sorrow.”

“My child: I call you to greatness, My son: I call you to courage; My Prophet: I call you to heroism – for I place, much – My trust in your love for My Love for all of My children. And I reaffirm to you, My child, that I shall make your heart become an ocean that is overflowing in the Love of the Most Sacred Heart and from the Divine Flame of Love the Most Holy Ghost shall inflame your heart and within your spirit He shall fill you with the knowledge and fortitude to reach to the heights that I am calling you to, My little one – My little boy. Depend upon My Immaculate Heart and retreat to My Holy Angels, for they shall be the protection and the outward sign of God’s Power over all evil. And retreat, My child, to the Brides of Christ, as they shall enlighten your heart with the Wisdom of the Divine Will. Be consoled, My child, as I Bless you; as I Bless you with your brother, to whom you shall always be united. I Bless you both, My sons: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

THE TRUMPETER: I have just seen Our Lord standing in front of Our Lady and a great multitude of Angels came to Earth and removed the many Eucharists from so many Tabernacles throughout the world. As Our Lord was being retrieved by His Angels, so also was He going to the great Love of Our Lady, Who is the co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of His Love for us.

I cannot completely put into words the things that I saw, yet I want to try to describe it in such a way that it illustrates what I felt by this removal of Our Lord and Our Lady: that all hope had been taken from my heart. I felt as though I was consumed by despair and hopelessness. Yet still, inside, I continue to cry that hope of Mercy must maintain faith in the hearts of those who truly believe, so that in this faith never can Our Lord truly be removed or separated from us.

I conclude at this time, because I shall keep other things to myself for my own consolation and for Our Lady. I ask that you please pray that the Love Which Our Lady and Our Lord are giving to the world can truly remain in the hearts and souls of Our Lady’s children.