MESSAGE 407 – 13 November 1993



Pray for the souls, because many are forgotten – Mankind goes further into darkness, preparing the way for the Antichrist who is amongst you, even in the House of God – All We have told you over many years will soon come to pass; prepare your household – Australia, the Land of the Holy Ghost: We have sent you Our Prophet of Light to guide you towards truth; and truth you have replaced with falsehood and evil – Many tribulations will come upon My children of the Rising Sun; Pray for them.

LITTLE PEBBLE: A White Cross has already formed, deep in the sky; Saint Michael has come and placed his sword on the Holy Grounds and Saint Barachiel has given me the signal from Our Lady that She is about to arrive. Many Angels have gathered around the Cross in the sky, and they also form-up along a ‘path’ of Light which comes towards the Shrine. Within the Cross itself it has become very brilliant and I can see Our Blessed Mother as She comes down, gliding on the Light towards us.

Our Lady has now come towards the Shrine – only about two metres outside it – and has come as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with the Baby Jesus in Her left Arm – dressed in creamy colours. Our Lady has on a Scapular; the Baby Jesus also holds a Scapular of Mount Carmel in His right Hand. He is about eighteen months old; has beautiful golden curls and is smiling as He leaves Our Lady’s Arms for a moment. He is very cute. I can see His Most Sacred Heart on His Chest.

The Baby Jesus now goes over to the Priest, Father Broussard and kisses him on his head. He does the same to many others. Our Lady smiles and She holds in Her Hands a Rosary made of wood, this time. I can see, underneath Our Blessed Mother the flames of Purgatory and, also, some of the Holy Souls – several hundreds of them. They are permitted to remain on the Holy Grounds at the moment in prayer to the Blessed Mother.

Saint Michael has come closer and so has Saint Barachiel. Behind the Cross I can see Saint Jerusalemaus – the Angel of Australia. The Baby Jesus returns to Our Holy Mother’s Arms. Our Blessed Mother kisses the Baby Jesus and, also, the Crucifix. She makes the Sign of the Cross, along with Our Lord:

BABY JESUS & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “My beloved son, My sweet ‘Pebble’ of Divine Love; My beloved ‘Rose’, My sweet Maria; My Chosen Apostle and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I greet you with My Maternal Love, as your Mother. I welcome you too, dear child, once again on My Most Sacred Grounds. I have brought with Me many souls who will be released today, to come with Me to Heaven once the prayers are completed. I wish, once again, to remind Our children throughout the world to pray for those souls who have departed, because many of them are forgotten once they pass over the Veil. Only at the moment of death do many remember Eternal Life and the responsibilities that man has before God. Many of Our children forget those who have passed away, quickly and remember them not with prayers, but only memories and these poor souls have been left to suffer many trials while in Purgatory, to make up for their sins and atone.”

“Forget them not, My sweet children, but pray often for these dear souls [who are] retained until they are cleansed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, for no one can enter the Kingdom of God until they are spotless, purified and cleansed. Very few children go straight to Heaven. Many in the Church and in the world believe that, when mankind dies, many enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, because they believe they have lived good lives. But this, My sweet children, is not true – very few go straight to Heaven. Many go to Purgatory, but most go to Hell, because so few people believe in My Divine Son, Jesus! Likewise, today, in Holy Mother Church, the teachings about Purgatory, Hell, and Heaven, are very rarely taught and [are] much watered down.”

“Mankind has denied My Divine Son, Jesus – even to the point where, in their lives, Jesus does not exist. Mankind does not wish to hear the Words of the Queen of Heaven, nor the Words of their God, My Divine Son, Jesus, nor the Words of the Angels and the Saints whom We have sent to Earth many times in these past one hundred years. Even now I come to the Earth every day; every hour I travel the world to give the Word of My Divine Son to mankind and to Holy Mother Church, yet My Words – My Words! – have been trampled down into the earth where no one cares for God, for His Church, or for mankind. Mankind goes further and further into darkness – preparing the way for the ‘Man of Perdition’ – the Iniquitous One, the Antichrist – who is now amongst My children, even in the House of God!”

“Many of the leaders of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth and those in Government, are listening to the words of Lucifer and his prophet, the Antichrist, rather than listening to the Words of Truth. The world is being enslaved by sin, My sweet children. I have told you many times: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, BUT USE IT WISELY, to gain merit before your God, for everything you say, or do, or think, is accountable before My Divine Son! Very few of My children are grateful for the Graces We offer you, not only for your salvation and sanctification, My sweet children, but for a life on this Earth, that will bring new happiness, peace and tranquility and also the gift to enter into the ‘New Era’ that is coming upon the world very swiftly – much faster than most of you believe. Although it has taken many years for the Prophesies to unfold, know this well, My sweet children, time is running out for the world! Therefore, all that My Divine Son and I have told you over these many years will soon come to pass; therefore, prepare your household!”

“Many trials will come upon the Church and the world in these coming months. Therefore, pray, do penance and prepare yourselves, My sweet children, or it will come upon you like a thief in the night and many of you will not be prepared, even though We have told you [to be] for many years. Pray for My Bishops; pray for My Priests, that all will be enlightened concerning the return of My Divine Son, Jesus, upon the Earth in a very short time. But as you know – as it is written in the Word: “Before My Divine Son Returns, the Iniquitous One will come first and rule the Earth and destroy what is left of Christianity, until it is reborn”.

“The world must be cleansed and purified, as must the Church upon Earth. And what is the Church, My sweet children, but the Mystical Body of My Divine Son, Jesus. You, My sweet children, must all be purified to prepare yourselves for the return of My Divine Son, Jesus, to the Earth in His glorious Second Coming – for his Triumphant Sacred Heart and that of My Immaculate Heart.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar in Rome, who is undergoing spiritual martyrdom for the Church. He suffers much because many are disobedient to him, as they are disobedient to their God.”

Australia, Australia! – the Land of the Holy Ghost: We have sent to you Our Prophet of Light and many chosen children, to guide you on the path towards truth and truth you have placed aside, to replace it with falsehood and evil! The path is very clear to My Divine Son, Jesus; it is the path of the Passion and the Cross. There is no other path that reaches Heaven, My sweet children. It is for this reason that I – as your Heavenly Mother – had to follow My Divine Son on the road to Calvary, to set the example. If I – as the Queen of Heaven – must follow this path, what must you do, My sweet children who are sinners?”

“As I helped My Divine Son to carry his Cross and consoled His Most Sacred Heart, so will I do that to My children, for I am your Mother Who cares for you. Why do you believe I come so often to the world? I cry bitter tears, My sweet children, as I see so many of Our children fall into Hell, daily – only because they desire to go there – like Judas – with free will! No-one is forced into Heaven; into Hell, My sweet children. No-one is forced to do anything, because you are free! This applies also to Our children who have been asked, and [have] chosen, to follow a certain path in their lives.”

“The Eternal Father Who Created you knows well what is good for you, for if He did not, would He be your Father? Why do so many of Our children deny the Truth but, rather follow their own will and, when they do this, fall into a deep crevice and then ask God to pull them out once again! And if Our children had followed what the Eternal Father had Willed for them they would not suffer so, because much of the sufferings that Our children have today are caused by themselves. That is why the world is as it is today. Most of it is caused by man’s folly and weaknesses. The devil assists – tempts – you to take you away from all that is good. Listen well, My sweet children, when I, your Heavenly Mother, or My Divine Son, Jesus – your God – asks of you a special request. Open your hearts and believe and trust in Our Holy Will for you. Be not afraid, for We Love you and desire only your salvation and true happiness on Earth and in Heaven.”

“Many of you here now are destined to live through the trials and tribulations that will soon come upon you, so you may live in the New Era, that is being prepared for you now by My Divine Son. Let not fear reach your hearts, nor anxiety, for who is greater than God? Who knows more than the Father in Heaven? My children, My children, follow the path destined for you; do not run away from the Cross, but take it into your arms and follow My Divine Son, Jesus, for your reward is great, even while you are upon Earth and in the time to come.”

“Pray for My children of the Rising Sun, because heavy tribulations will come upon them soon, for I – their Mother – have chosen this land to convert the world. I Love you, My sweet children and today the Angels will place My Holy Scapular over all of you. This Scapular is from My Immaculate Heart. It will protect you from many dangers that will come into your lives, because Lucifer does not sleep; he desires the destruction of every one of Our children – not because he loves the souls – but [because] he hates the soul; because the soul is the Image of God, to bring Glory to the Triune God. Forget this not, My sweet children.”

“Pray My Most Holy Rosary; wear My Scapular and go often to visit My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Tabernacles, because soon He will be removed and many of you will weep many bitter tears, because the Church will become desolate and abandoned by many.”

To My ………….: Listen well, My dear daughters: Lucifer is very powerful now. He desires to remove you from the path given to you by God, for He knows the Plan of God. Remain strong and firm in your convictions to follow the Plan of My Divine Son with faith, trust and confidence. Love each other; serve each other, for My Divine Son. You have all been placed in My Immaculate Heart, but you have free will. Remember that!”

“To My twelve Apostles – the Apostles of My Immaculate Heart: Your time is now coming for the world to hear your voices; to preach the Word of My Divine Son, Jesus; to bring back mankind to the Truth; to be the strength of the Vicar of Christ and to bring ‘light’ to the world.”

“And to all My Voice-Boxes: Remain firm, for trials will come upon Holy Mother Church now to divide the Church more than it is, for the schism is near! You must be the voice of My Divine Son and the Light of the world. Remain united under My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, who will soon be the Vicar of Christ for Holy Mother Church. Pray for each other; support each other. Let the Church bring forth the Word of My Divine Son in Truth, for the Antichrist is near to take over the world and the Church. Pray unceasingly, My sweet children and have confidence and trust in your Heavenly Mother. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Behind Our Blessed Mother I can see the twelve Apostles…. Our Lady is coming a little bit closer and She lifts Her Scapular and places it over ‘Rose of Croatia’. Our Lady looks at her and speaks. (Message now given to ‘Rose’ of Croatia’, in Croatian.) Our Lady has been Crying but now smiles a little. She turns to look at individual souls.

OUR LADY: “My child: I would ask My children to pray now, for I desire to speak to you privately. I will Bless all those articles that you have brought to Me. Prayers are very important now, My sweet children; forget not to pray for your country, Australia. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (The Rosary is continued.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother has now taken many souls from the Fires of Purgatory – and they are under Her mantle – all are dressed in white – and are smiling. I do not recognize, personally, any of the souls, but I do recognize one as being a Bishop, by the Staff he carries. He is next to Our Lady, smiling, like the others. Most of them are women and Our Lady is about to take them to Heaven, as soon as we have completed our prayers.

Coming from Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart are three crowns – beautiful crowns made out of gold – each has a different stone, of a particular colour, on the front. Each stone represents a particular Tribe – and there are smaller stones embedded around the sides. They are the three crowns for the three Mary’s – with their names written there. Our Lady now places them around Her Immaculate Heart.

OUR LADY: “I seek unity of heart from My daughters; prayer and self giving – so My Divine Son’s Plans will be fulfilled, for soon I will come, for many of My children throughout the world must still hear My Words so many will be converted to find the path of My Divine Son. It is for this reason [that] We are raising many more souls – many Mystics, Seers and Privileged children – to bring forth the Word, so many children will find the path of Divine Truth. I Bless you all, My sweet children, with My Immaculate Heart: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue with your prayers, for I desire to take My children, now, to Heaven so they may receive their reward – as all of My faithful children will one day. I Love you, My children and place you all under My mantle. Trust in your Immaculate Mother, for She desires your salvation and happiness.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady blows us a kiss – and asks us to continue to pray.